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Ok, so my hair stylist told me I shouldn't use baby shampoo on my kids. She claims that tear-free soaps and shampoos contain Novocaine or something similar.

Now, I'm no fool. I go home, first thing I do is read the ingredients listed on the bottle of shampoo. Nowhere do I find Novocaine, or any other "caine" type of ingredient.

So I tried looking it up online. Someone asked it on Yahoo Answers and said it also contains formaldehyde.
What the...? Come on! Give me a break, already, ok?

I'm not very internet savvy, so that's the best I could come up with. So please don't tell me to Google.

I don't need to have this concern about the soap that goes into the eyes, noses, ears, and sometimes mouths of my children!

Please! Somebody give me a FACT.
Solid Fact.

Links to reliable sources GREATLY APPRECIATED.
Don't worry that you may do looking for nothing- I do rate accordingly.

Thanks for your help...
theymos's answer:
Novocaine is a controlled substance. If any non-prescription product contained it, the product would be pulled off the marked faster than you can say "$1,000,000 fine".

Formaldehyde is extremely irritating. You would know if it was in your soap.


well im not sure yet, but i think i might be pregnant... but i have had unsave sex with 2 different guys... is there a way to take a paternity tests before the baby is born.. a few months into the pregnany, would i be able to get a test done? or would i need to wait until the baby is born to get a test?
theymos's answer:
Yes, after 12 weeks of pregnancy.


THere is a trend out there I guess its spelled emo. Anyways my son has been talking about it for two years but never really acted on it. Two days ago he started dressing im all black and yesterday he puts on eyeliner. I love my son very much, he has always MARCHED TO HIS OWN DRUM AND IVE ALWAYS SUPPORTED HIM. HE IS MOSTLY ANTISOCIAL AND LOVES MUSIC AND THE COMPUTER...HIS NEW FOUND LOVE IS THE CURE. I JUST WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT BEING EMO. NOT TO DOWN HIM BUT TO SUPPORT HIM.....PLEASE HELP
theymos's answer:
Emo is just a harmless fad. Not all emo people cut their wrists or are antisocial, and it's not dangerous. Emo originally stood for emotional rock/pop music, but that is irrelevant now, and emo people are rarely more sensitive/emotional than normal. You'll like:


hello my name is marialuisa, about six months ago my husband and I were having some problems i tought he was cheating on me so i freaked out and decided to do the same thing...Thing that i'm not very proud of.
A month and a half later i found out that i was pregnant, my last menstrual period was on july 1 2006, usually doctors say that my conception date was on the between 15 and 19 of july... but i didn't have sex in those dates.
I had sex after the 26 of july wich seems impossible to get pregnant, i dont understand, doctors keep changuing my due date, and the ultrasounds are very confusing.
My husband knows what is going on because i told him, as soon as all this hapened. He thinks is his baby at least he hopes...But im not sure.
How do i know if this baby is my husband's or this other man?
I'm not sure what i am going to do after i find out.
I told my husband that if this is not his baby i will go back to my country (ecuador-South America) because i dont want him taking somebody else responsabilities, i love my husband very much i dont want to leave him but i dont really know what to do...
How can i find out who is my baby's father????
Please i need and advice
theymos's answer:
It's possible to have a DNA test done, but I think those are $150-$500. Those show with almost 100% certainty if someone is related.
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