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Q: if i only eat fruit and energy bars and drink water a lil soda and energy drinks will i gain weight or lose it..pls dont talk about how that isent heathy..thankyou
Well, If you take out the soda, that has alot of sugar making you gain weight, Im saying that you wuld probaly lose some weight.

Q: Hey. Ok so I've been dating this guy for over a year and I'm crazy about him. The only problem is that he is very sheltered. I'm his first girlfriend, he won't kiss me, and we're freshmen! It's because his family is extremly religious and his mom doesn't like us dating (she basically hates me). Idk what to do. My friends say make the first move or dump him but I can't cuz I like him too much. What should I do?

Signed~ Clueless
OK, you shouldnt make your bf feel unconfortble, maybe confront his mother and talk to her to maybe get to know about her and theyre religion more, this may get you closer to his mom. Also if your bf is really close to his mom, this may make him feel more confortable about kissing you and his mom wouldn't hate you so much, so this way, the mom doesnt hate you, and you finally get the kiss from your bf.

Q: do some punk rock guys like black girls? just wondering.. ive been flirting with this boy for like 2 weeks now. hes a skater and im a black girl..i wouldnt say im ugly but idk. one day hes like super superr sweet and walks me to class and gives me long hugs and the next day hes all bleeehh. idk anyway are punk guys into black girls at all? or does it depend..
Listen girl, sometimes punk guys, kindve have mood swings, or something like that. BUT, if he truly likes you. He won't care about the color of your skin.

Q: how do i change my password for aim? everytime i get online a message comes up that says that im signed on in 2 locations so i want to change my password just incase someone has my password and is loging into my aim.
OK, go to your profile, like really early, to make sure that the person isnt on, and you'll see options and cahnge your password. Once you do that logg off and re-log on. Now every time you get off the site, make sure your completly logged off. Also make sure no one gets ahold of your password. make it something only you know.

Q: i love my boyfriend a lot and he loves me were doing really good. but i can tell my bf wants more he wants sex he has never forced me or anything. but he gets horny I can tell. I kinda want to do it too. But this would be my first time. Im just scarde because i think about the concequences. Like a baby.We always start kissing and when i know its too much i tell him to stop he doesnt get mad or anything he tells me he will wait until am ready.Im really happy he respects me. I love him and i want to make him happy what should i do.
OK, make sure your making the right choice by having sex or not. If your think it is, then make sure he is wearing a condom, so you don't have to worry about getting pregnet. It's probaly a good thing he respects you. This means he won't do anything unnecessary.

Q: ok-i have a major problem... i like this guy, but i think he likes my friend!!! my friend thinks that ge is weird- but w/e- sarcasim solves all her probs... so anywayz... how should i figure out if he likes me? should i ask a friend of his or what?
thanks- hottguy trubbles....
Here's what you do. You should probaly ask one of your guy friends that is a friends with the guy you like. Ask if he mentions you or ask if he told him that he likes you. If it turns out to be your best friend, and she doesn't like him, then tell him how you feel by confronting him, or sending him a note.

Q: so there's this guy i really like... but i don't really want to have sex with him... but i already told him i would... so now i don't know how to tell him that i kinda don't want to... should i just tough it out and do him or what? please help

P.S. i've already come off really slutty and stuff....even though i'm a virgin...
OK, well if he will only be your bf if you have sex with him, then he won't like you for who you are. He will only like you because you gave yourslef to him physically. Tell him how you feel, if at that time doesn't want anything to do with you anymore, then he isnt right for you, If he's like "OK", then you know that he likes you for you are. Not because he gets to see your goodies.

Q: ok my dad tells me i have extra muscle on my calves, im average size as in about...114 pounds and im 5' 1" well, theyre lower and bigger than normal calves.... how can i get them higher n thinner?
Well, if you're looking to get thinner, try getting into some sports that help u get really active, like track or dance. As for getting Taller, well, I think the awnser to that is drink more milk, if you dont like milk, then try skim milk, basically the same, yet the fat the fat is taken out.

Q: at lunch yesterday my hards were dirty so i went to the bathroom for like a minute without permission. then this lunch lady (who everyone hates) came into the bathroom and was like "you didnt take a pass come here" blah blah i dont know whatelse said. so i was walking back to the lunchroom with her, and she gave me this blue slip (whoaa big deal lol) and she was like write your name down on this paper so i purpously wrote my name down sloppy so she can get pissed off, and she was like umm i cant read that erase it and write it better and i was like uh no thats how i write if you have a problem with it then too bad, and i kept talking back to her and she did the same to me so she forced me to write my name down better so i did, but i still made it sloppy and she told me to sit down. so today, she gave me the slip back for my parents to sign, my parents seriously won't give a crap about it, but should i have my mom write a note or something to her? or what should i do? LOL sorry this was confusing! thanks if you can helpp.

OK, confront your parents and tell them what happened, then get them to sign the sheet and also try to get your mom or dad to write a complaint about the lunch lady. If that doesnt work, still get the slip signes, but the next day, make a petation to get rid of that annoying bitch, lunch lady. Once you have enough names, take it to the school principle and talk to him/her about it.

Q: me and my boyfriend have been going out for almost 7 months....and im getting mixed feelings from myself...he says he loves me and he really does...and i dont want to brake his heart and i like him but idk how much i like him and idk what feelings i am having..can some1 please helpp

Listen to your heart, then listen to what your instincts are saying. If you find out you like him alot, thien thats great, but then again mixed feelings may be a sign of stress in the relationship. Talk to the guy and tell him what your feeling. If he get's mad and get's the wrong type of message, don't get aggrivated, slowly calm him down and talk calmly. If it isn't a stress like thing, you might want to talk to a really good freind and discuss what he/she thinks about it, and evaluate that material with what your heart and instincts and the other infromation, and get an awnser.

Q: Okey well all my friends are all most the sam,
well when it comes two this.

okey so thay ask me if i can do something & if i cant ill tell them and say where on the phone & the`ll be like OH well i gotta go or just stop talking. or be like can i call you back later & never call me backk

im a a suckkyyy friend?

Well, your not a sucky friend. But if you don't call back your friends, they are just going to talk to you about it the next day. SO, if you dont call them back or talk to them about it, they'll bring it up agian and agian, this may cause a fight if you dont say something about it. So the next if they the next day, give them an awnser.


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