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Q: Is that possible, because it doesn't like like a razor burn-- it has a head!
ummmmmm, maybe it might be either and ingrown hair or pimple.

Q: I'm 18 and a male. I have an Aadvicenators account that I've been using for years, but sometimes I just need to reach out to my fellow advicenators for help.

Well, theres this girl that I like named Katrina. We've been friends for a long time, and lately we've been getting really flirtatious, and I've found that she likes me also. The only problem is that we live in two different counties. Even though shes only about a 45 minute drive away we've yet to stay in physical contact with each other over a long period of time. My question is, what should I do? I'd like to leave, 'cause I don't like to wait around for things that aren't going to happen, but her friends all tell me that if I leave she'll be devastated. Not that I wouldn't be hurt too, it's just that I'd like to spare myself some unneeded pain ya know? So, what should I do? Stay or go? I really need some help here...
OK, Im giving a guy advice which is very than a girl. Well since you know that she likes you. Don't leave her because the lack of physical contact for a long period of time. Cause if you do, shell probally find out, and if you want her back maybe in the future she would hate you, and say N O.

Q: Is belly dancing really a great way to slim down?
Cuz I'm thinking of taking belly dancing classes this summer vacation.
Belly Dancing does take alot of energy because your doing alot of things with your waist. So you can lose weight doing this because your basically exercizing your stamch area.

Q: each year for easter my family gets together and has an egg drop contest. for those who don't know what an egg drop contest is, it's where you make kindof an apparatus for a raw egg so that it doesn't crack when thrown off a building. in the past years i haven't been too lucky with the contest and i was wondering what may be some good suggestions for it?

**please nothing about peanut butter, packing peanuts, jello, or balloons. i've tried all of these and they've failed me in the past
Well, I don't know how to not crack and egg. But maybe, you should tie the baloon to the egg to it land safely(if that is aloud)

Q: Does anyone know any deep love questions? like for example:Do you believe in love at first sight? like that questions if u do know a lot please share or share a website that has that.sorry if my grammars are wrong im an exchanged student from japan
Of course I believe in love at first sight. I have excperienced it. It was a wonderful happy feeling, but i ended up being stupid and broke up with the guy I had it with.

P.S. AWSOME! I love Japan and thier culture

Q: Last Tuesday, I went in for testing. I went in for testing because at cheerleading practice, I fell on my knee and it wouldn't stop bleeding for over an hour. And it didn't need stitches either. So the doctor in the ER had someone to come and test me and my results came back in today...I have lukeimia.
I didn't think of saying anything last week or this week until now because I was pretty sure that nothing was wrong with me. I guessed wrong.
I'm scared. Seriously, what is the survival rate. I don't want to die, and I don't want this cancer, I don't want any cancer. I don't want any illness. I swear to myself that God hates me and he just wants me to die. I hate this.
For the next month, I will have to go for more testing, and in Mayish, I will more than likely start chemo therapy.
I don't know what to do. Shit like this always happend your senior year. Next year, I will be a senior, and I know that this lukeimia will stop me from playing volleyball and cheerleading and dance.
I need help...I don't know. I'm just scared.
Take a deep breath and calm down. I know this must be scary for you, but the best thing is for you to stay positive and not worry. Tell all your loved ones but in a calm manner. I understand if you want to hold onto life, well make sure you make great memories. I hope you will get better.

Q: Last year I got this sickness thing,
which looked like hand,foot,and mouth disease, but it wasnt. It was this rare thing, that .. I dont even know. But I got like open sores/sores, everywhre. On my face, and they left deep scabs, and some of the scabs got rubbed off, by my clothes, and me trying to sleep, and on my face, I have marks now, where they used to be,

they are kind of deep scars, they arent reallly horrible, but they are like birth marks, you know when people have like a tiny area of their face where its indented.. and I have one that is discolored.. its like pink, and my face is tan.

Is there anything I can do for that?
This is going to sound stupid, but is there such a thing as skin fillers? Or something to fill in the little dents?
Help :(
Well, there is only one thing that can help you, and i know im gonna sound stupid if youre a guy, but it is make up. The make up will help with the pink color, but not the dents, it will help camofaloge(sp) the scars.

Q: sumtimes i just feel like crying b-cuz i had this bff and she was the coolest but then after waterfront we got n trouble n werent allowed to hang but still saw eachh a lot and hung out at sj=kool but that it and i asked my mo if i could sleepover her house this weekend and she flat out sed no and it makes me really sad to no that i cannt hang out with my best friend and i just cry about it sumthimes and i told me mom but she wont change her mind and i jusy want to run away and please dont answer this DONT RUN AWAY cuz i dont want to her that
Listen, you dont need to run away ^_^. Talk to your mom about it and tell her how you feel about the situation that your in. This way, she might be able to do something about it. I wouldnt want my mom to not let me hang out with my friends. its isnt fair, so Just keep on expressing your feelings.

Q: ok so heres the deal. at 8 pm, i take a shower and let it air dry. at 10, i straighten it and it takes about 15-20 minutes because i have a really good straightener even though i have the tightest curls ever. i straighten my hair at night because in the mornings (before school) i dont have enough time to straighten my hair. i go to sleep with my bangs clipped back and i dont ponytail it because i get this crease in the mornings. when i wake up, its like half wavy but i dont mind because it only takes 5 minutes to fix that. the problem is, my hair ends up smelling funny (like i didnt wash it or something) and its kinda greasy. its probably from when i sweat while i sleep--my question is--what can i do to eliminate this odor, i take showers daily and i am a very clean person but i hate this smell in the mornings after i straighten my hair!
i don't know if this will help, but im 14/f
Maybe the odor comes from the sraightening iron. Listen, try to do different hair variaties. If you keep doing what your doing know, youll damage your hair alot. I think you should try it.

Q: 19 f
so im trying to see what most nice guys are attracted to in a girl. i know that it varys from guy to guy but i would just like to know. do they like it when girls show a lot of skin? i dont but sometimes i think i have to look more barbie like to grab there attention.
I hear ya girl, Men want more skin then in our confort Zone. Plus I dont want to look like a plastic fake bitch barbie. I hear what your saying. If you want to find a cute nice guy, who likes you for who you are, then you should probaly look in heaven.

Q: ok. so there is this girl in my class. she is in 2 of my classes. p.e./spanish and band. i guess you could say she is my "friend" but she can be sooo annoying and rude sometimes. she gets mad over the litlest things. really stupid things too. and she always corrects you when you do or say something wrong. she gets mad at me more than any of our friends. A LOT of people find her very annoying. my friend today even said "so and so is getting sooo annoying. she getting on my last nerve!". but, when she gets mad at me for something stupid, i want to stand up for myself,and not just sit there and look at her. what can i say to her without hurting her feelings or being really rude?? thanks.
OK, the next time she gets mad at you, say how you feel in a nice way. So her feeling don't hurt her feelings. Say like "I don't like the way your acting" or say "Plz don't yell at me so much over stupid things." You know, things that show your not going to take the behaviour of your friend, yet in a nice way.

Q: theres a guy i like.
ive liked him since kindergarden
we've been like best friends ever since
now hes 13/m and im 13/f
he transferred right before 7th grade
outside of school he said, "hi ____", then said hi to my friend. AFTER. (when i put that blank space, that stands for my name.) he IMed me one time... then signed off on AIM. then he signed back on a different screen name.
he has no problem what-so-ever with IMing every one of his friends... except for me!
so i IMed him once... we asked what kind of music and movies we both liked etc. until he had to go. but he never IMs... me... as ive said. so then i sent him an email with a hilarious link to youTUBe last night... but he hasnt replied yet. in my buddy profile i have all these phrases about love and maybe im coming on 2 strong.
i heard he liked a girl from his school from his dad.
but that was at the beginning of the year and there are 47 days left of school right now.
at the end of his away messages he always puts "
(snore) Oh srry, that was a really long advice thing. Well I know that if he makes fun of you, he might like you. BUt you also have proof that he likes the other girl. But I think you should confront him and tell how you feel. If you cant tell him face to face then write him a note give ask someone to give it to him, this way you wont be embarrassed to give it to him yourself.

Q: Hi.
I'm a long time honor roll student, and I've just recieved a Who's Who Outstanding Stundents in America letter.
It says to register for the website and stuff, and a scholorship is possible if I'm accepted..
Has anyone had experience with this? Is it a good program? Is it even legit? lol.

To tell you the truth, Ive never gotten that sort of letter. But I will tell you that chances like this only come arond once in a lifetime, so you better take it. It's probally a great program and its most likely legal, lol. But i recremond accpeting this and youll probally even get the scholarship ^_^

Q: i told my friend jess something about my friend steph .. something about how bitchy she can be etc i cant probably remember and now jess has told steph and steph is being really bad about it and said she dosnt trust me and i am a 2 faced lil bitch etc im friends with jess even though she told steph i was bitching about her because steph was angry with me previously for something so i dont blame her im not sure what to do about steph now as shes being really nasty and self obbsessed about what iv said, shall i ignore it try and be friends or whatttttt??
Listen I have this prob almost all the time with my friends. Go talk to Steph, tell her that youre srry for what you said and tell her how you feel about what she's doing, but say it in a somwhat good way, this way she doesnt get mad. Then calmly talk to Jess telling her that you didnt like her telling Steph things that she knows is going to get her mad at you, but do not yell, this will only cause conflict.

Q: they say im always dark hearted whats that?
Dark hearted mean like you only care for yourself and your kindve emo or goth. You dont really care much for others and you like to be mean to others.

Q: 15/f. I have shoulder length, naturally wavy blonde hair. I usually take a shower at night, let dry overnight, and straighten completely on medium power in the morning. Occasionally, I take a shower in the morning, blow-dry on medium power, and straighten just a few pieces on low power. I always use leave-in conditioner after getting out of the shower. I was wondering, which combination of straightening/blow drying is healthier for my hair? Letting it dry overnight is easier, but I'm concerned about frying my hair the next morning.
Well, it's damaging for your hair to do both blow dry and staighten. The one that is moat damaging is blow drying, is causes split ends. Straightening doesn't do much. I think what you should do is just take a shower every night and straighten your hair every morning, this way it doesnt damage your hair as bad.

Q: I want to raise money by sending the message to my school about an event. For instance someone at my school had bands come in for free and the public had to pay a certain amount of money and that money went to support breast canccer. I want to do that but I don't want to have bands come in and I've tried googling in event fundraising but I couldn't really find any ideas. Theres carwash and stuff but I want something so the public would be entertained and interested to come. I was thinking maybe a dance and the crowd would pay 10 dollars and that money would go towards preventing HIV/AIDS. But I don't think a dance would be that great and I wouldn't know where to hold it because I can't at my house and I think it would turn out to be a disaster. What are some ideas.
Well I think you should probally stick with the plan. If you have a job then great, save up and get the money that was saved up and rent a place for an evening or afternoon. Then with the money left over, but decorations and speakers and dont music, along with a bouncer to make sure no one gets in with out paying.

P.S. I think that's a complete great idea

Q: i always have pressure and cramps in my lower abdomen, and like a pressure in my vagina. ive never had sex, i have not been at all sexually active, and theres no chance i could have a std or anythingg.. I used to have ovaric cysts so my gynocologist put me on birth control.. along with these pains i am constantly bloated, from time to time i get slighty constipated, im always tired, and it hurts to be able to poop sometimes, because they pressure is so badd.. im also very thirsty and rarely hungry... i have all these symptons all the time usually, not just around my period

what could be wrong with me?
OK, since youre not sexually active, I think you should go to the docter and get some tests run. If somethng shows up bad, you should get everything taken care of quickly.

Q: Ahh I love the idea of love.
And anything romantic. :]

So, I was wondering, what are some good really good, possibly alt. rock, folk, or alt. pop -
I really like "Blue Eyes" by the Cary brothers
and, I like Coldplay, Iron & Wine, Counting Crows, Ben Harper, Kings of Convenience, Blue October, Simon & Garfunkle, anything of that nature. :)

Or any other sweet, romantic lyrics about who you love, whether it's happy or sad.

and while I'm at it....anyone know some good waltz songs? I'm thinking "Lover, you should've come over" by Jamie Cullum. sound good?

They're having a dance at my school on Friday and I'd love to request some good slow songs with sweet lyrics and pretty melodies. Thanks much :)
(no R&B please! thanks again)
I think the song you picked out was great. But i think you should try a few Carrie Underwood songs like "Wasted"

Q: Ok well I'm 5'8, need a 36'-37' inseam. I can't find jeans or pants anywhere that are long enough! I'm NOT willing to spend over or even near $100. PLEASE HELP!!!
OK, OK, calm down. You should prablly get some jeans that are longer than needed, like a size up. Then go to a tailor, and get it the right length. This way, it wont be too long or too short.


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