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Q: It was about a samurai... long haired guy, I think he was kind of a loner, had 1-2 friends, who had problems.

Everytime I think of it InuYasha comes to mind, but I've never seen InuYasha. I first saw this anime on adult swim about 1-3 years ago.
Sounds to me like Samurai Champloo, its one of my favorite shows. Samurai Champloo is about three traverlers, 2 are samuraies that were hired as body guards. Inuyasha is about a Half-Demon,Preistess,Monk,and Demon Slayer going after a demon called Naraku.

Q: im: 14/f/
I fell madly in love with this boy. Oh yeah hes my Best Friend. It was at a party when he kick some guys ass for making fun of me. That night i couldn't stop thinking abot him. I never felt like that before about anyone,let alone a friend! But then the next day after school he brought me into the guys locker room and asked me out. It was so romantic(even if in a locker room!) I had thoughts racing through my head about those girls whos friendship is ruined cause of this same thing.

i took a deep breath and said "yes". then after about 3 months he broke up with me. IDK why though!

he never really spoke to me again! and he is still just saying "hi" and "whats up". thats it. he doesn't reaspond to my questions or my IM. I have called him and asked him whats wrong and he just says "nothing" and if i ask him why we broke up he says "you know why" and "him".

I have told him that i NEVER EVER cheated on him! he was my first BF!!!!

How can i get him to remember me agian? and talk to me? I REALLY NEED him right now cause i am going through a crisis and he was always there for me! HELP
I had almost the same situaton, but I broke up for being stupid , not because I thought he was cheating. OK, try a different approach. Besides callig him for questioning, call him to talk and see whats up. This way you can rebuild your relationship with him, but make sure you never say anything about the relationship you guys had. And mabe the friendship will grow and he will totally forget about it. Unlike me, you might be able to get him back^^' I hope everything turns out ok. If you need anything just talk to me or anyone else who anwsered this question.

Q: Hello,

I think I have a problem. I have known this guy since we were in diapers. We used to be best friends. He is so sweet and he loves the lord as much as I do. And I think that that is great. I told him how I feel ( I like him) and he told me that he wants to be friends right now but he wants to have a girlfriend when he is older. But he is flirting with me alot and he has told me that he likes me but is afraid that if we ever do break up then he thinks that we might loose our friendship. Please help me. I think thta i love him!!!
1st of all: awwwwww. Thats so sweet because That happened to me once. My bff Gage liked me but I didnt like him like that. But when I did he had a gf, so I couldnt do anything. OK here's what you do; One: Its a good thing that you know how he feels. Two: Its also good that hes worried about your friendship. Three: Try to never to get in a fight with him if you two do go out. I think you should ask him out and see how it turns out. If everything turns out ok, then thats great. But if not you can talk to me or anyone else who awnsers this question. I think everything will turn out ok though.

Q: 16/f
i have to baby sit tomorrow. its not that big of a deal because i have dont it many times before, but the thing is i have never met the people. there are gonna be 3 kids ages 2, 6 and like 11. I just wanted some tips on like what to do and how to make it not awkward. thanks.
Ok, with a small child like 2 your gonna have to lay them down for a nap sometime in the afternoon and you'll have to know how to change dipers, for kids who are 6 & 11, just make sure you try to talk to them and keep them happy with games and stuff. You know how you were when you were 11 right, well just try to compare yourself with her. She's pre-teen, so dont treat her like a little kid(she'll get mad) and try to paint her nails include her with baby-sitting. The kids who are 2 and 6 if you have to put them in time out if you have too. Plus, I agree with the person below me. Come there about 15 mins early and learn about the children.

Q: i've never really gotten how to scrunch your hair. could someone give me directions? please.
Well how i learned to do it is you braid your hair when it's wet and hold it for two nights, after that you let it down and youll have a really nice scrunch or you could get a faltening(sp) iron and put a scrunch iron one in there and you'll have a scrunch. Either one of those would work and you'll need to use hairspray after

Q: 14/f
lately ive been pretty stressed over friends. i really just need a way to relax. becuase lately i cant really talk to anyone , so i just wanna relax. if u have any ideas or tips or anything itd help a lot

What I do is go to the store and but 2 things: innscence(sp), its a type of stick that you burn and it lets out a relaxing smell, and an innscense holder, to hold the innscence(sp). The go to your room and close all your blinds on your windows and turn off all your lights, then light some regurlar candels and light the innscence. Its really relaxing. after you light the innscence then play peacful slow music, laydown on your bed and forget all your worries. It totally works

Q: alright so last night i asked my boyfriend if he was ever in love and he said yeah and i was like do you still have feelings for her? and he was like i always will but its was over along time ago and always will be.

so in a way that got me thinking would he ever love me?
or always lover her?

what if she ever came back, would he leave me for her?
even though it was along time ago.

Well this is difficult to awnser. I mean, is she his first love and how long ago was the the relationship. Those are the questions you should be asking yourself or him. Ask him those questions to him and get an awnser that you might like or you may not. If it'll make you feel better to talk to him then you should do what makes you feel better. '

I hope everything turns out ok. If you need anything then just send me a message, and ill help you.

Q: my boyfriend and i had sex and he ejeculated a lot ON my vagina. not in it..but could i still get pregnant? please help me out..
Well it all depends if he had a condom on. But if he didn't then then you have a really big possibility. I think in a few weeks you should get a pregnancy test and think see if you are. I would do the same thing if I were you. Plus theres no other way to be sure

Q: ok my friend likes these 2 guys can she CANT pick who to choose so would u please help me. 1 man is evan- whos 2 years younger, hes a cutie and he asked her out twice and she denined him and wishes she didnt and ever since then she loved him for like a year but hes in florida now but hes coming back in middle of july. the only thing is she hasnt seen him in a year and she doesnt kno if he likes her. ok next guy is kevin- who just met her and hes in LOVE with her and obsessed. he cares about her alot and hes a year older. hes a cutie and they just started hanging out. shes torn between both of them and i doesnt know what to do. please help! any advice!? ill love you forever
OMG! I was just in the same situation. Ok wat you need to do if you want to choose is list both of their pors & cons(goods & bads). Look at both of them when your done and then look at which one has the most amount of cons. This is how you choose. If you think about all the good ones and the bad ones and then you'll end up with an awnser.

Q: Theres this guy I met on online and he asked me to hang out with him we were already spose to go out one night but he got arrested.I'm ready for a hookup (I'm a virgin) and he loves sex. I told him to call me but he said for me to call him. Is this worth it? I mean if I'm looking for a hookup now? Should I call him?
P.S. Even though we met online, my good friend knows him so I think its okay.
Listen, its waaaaay to dangerous. Did it ever occur to you that he might be 46 years-old and be a child-milester(sp). I think you should tell him nvm and that you guys should only be friends.
P.S. plz leave him alone because you might get hurt.

Q: Okay, my name is Courtney and I was wondering if therewere any cute or creative names that I could put as my display name. i use to do you know the nicknames like court ! or courtney! courtney~ gets kinda old after awhile. so i was wondering if you could help me. (:

thanks a lot!
lolz, well if you play basketball you could have crazy on the Court, or you could just stick with Court.

Q: Well, I gave up on the other guy. It was my second day of Jr. Lifeguarding and I got to know this boy, he's not very attractive, but I like him. He seemed interested and everything, but then he saw me talking to another guy and he seems distant now. He seems into my friend now, but she doesn't like him, but still flirts. I don't know how to get his attention back. Or if he's even interested. Should I give up or try and get his attention back, and if so, how?
Well what some guys do is try to get you jelouse. Maybe hes trying to get you jelouse with your friend. What you could do is explain to him that the guy you were talking to was no one and he shouldnt worry about it. Besides the your a life guard and you know what, guys will be trying to get you to go out with them here and there. So just ignore every guy that hits on you and focus on the one you like.

Q: I've recently put on some weight, maybe like ten pounds (which puts my weight at like 130.) Most of this new weight seems to have turned into stomach fat.
My friend Khalil,saw me recently (we don't live very close to eachother so it was a longer visit) and really liked the extra pounds, he said it made me look softer,and my new belly (which is kinda rounded) was 'adoreable'.

So I was wondering do more guys think like my friend, or are they mostly in for skinny girls?
Girl if your like me, then no. But it all depends on where you live. But if you wear stylish clothes that your body, then no one will notice about your pounds. By the way, Im not fat, but I do have a belly lolz.

Q: hi, i am a 19 year old guy and i have been dating my 17 year old girlfriend for a year and 3 months. when we started dating everything was awesome and we spent all of our free time together and now i have realized that i have taken her away from her frinds and family. this is the last thing i want to do. friends and family are so important in your life that i would never want to take them away from her. we both just recently realized that we need to give each other a little more space. i have no problem with doing this but whenever im not with her i find myself calling her and texting her a ton. i feel like i should know exactly what she is doing and who she is doing it with at all times and i know that this isnt right. it has made our relationship worse. neither of us have ever lied to the other and i trust her completly but i cant seem to just back off and let her go do what she wants. i feel like i am obsesive and i need help to get over this. we both love each other more than anything and i am willing to try anything to make her happy again. like i said i love her more than anything and dont want to push her away because of this. what do i do?
ok, you should just relize that she isnt doing anything wrong. You said u trust her,right? Well just try to remind ursef tht u trust her and dont want to push her away. I hope i hlpd.

Q: i have 2 best friednds one is named julie and the other is named chelsea well julie and chelsea got into a fight and they wont stop fighting and julie told me i have to choose either julie or chelsea so which one would you choose chelsea is kinda bad she does pot and all those drugs and she tells me to do them to and julie is always there for me an i couldnt imagine not having her as a friend and me and julie are a lot closer but, the other problem is everyone thinks i should stop being julies friend and be chelseas i am so confused and julie does get mad at me a lot and if i do tell chelsea i dont want to be friends with her, how should i exactly tell her
Listen, you don't need to choose friends. It isn't right, and you could hurt one friends feelings. What I think you should do is talk to both them at the same time and tell them that you are not going to choose friends because you two are fighting. They both are your friends and it isnt right.

Q: every time my frind whants to break up with some one she calls me to do it and then the boys which are my friens they get mad at me because they think i told her to break up with them how do i stop this and get my friends back
Tell your friend in a nice way that your tired of telling her bf's/your friends that she is breaking up with them. It isn't fair that they are mad at you. Infact, explain to them that she made you do it. Maybe your friend is just scared that to see thier reaction. You never know. Just talk to your friend and tell her to break up with her own bf's and make sure it's in a nice way.

Q: well theres this boy i have been hanging to for about 3 months. well last week he called me and asked me if i wanted to hang out and i said sure come over and he never showed or called. the next day i called him but his mom said he wasnt home and she would have him call me. he never called. that was about a week ago. do you think hes still interested? or do you think hes just waiting for me to call him? when we hang out he seems to like me alot. so i dont know why its been so long since we have talked. we usually hang out like everyday. thanks for the help ill rate good.
Well, maybe he's a little shy, and scared. Don't worry. Maybe he'll call back. Listen, most parents say that they will have the friend or bf call you back, but they usually forget. So don't worry about that either. Talk to him at school and ask him why he hasn't called you. You might get an asnwer that you'll like or dislike, but I hope everything goes great.

Q: I have been with my boyfriend for 8 months now, and we have had our first fight. I had asked him to come to a friend's party with me, which he refused to do, because he didn't want to. It's been 5 days and I have not heard from him. Should I contact him or wait for him to contact me? What should I do?
Well, talk to him at school and maybe he'll tell you what's up. Maybe he's grounded, try to get as much information from him as possible.

Q: I really want to make out with this guy named Josh. But hes kinda shy, and hes my friend. I dont know how to do this. How do I make him want to make out with me? And if so, how do I get him alone (at school), and how do I make him kiss me?
Well im not very good at these questions but ill give you my best advice. Well maybe flirt with him a little and get him to flirt back. After awhile hell have those guy horomones and want to kiss you. I know this because i have a mom who is a phycatrist(sp), and she knows a lot about these type of situations

Q: 19 f
ok so i went on a date with this really nice guy the other night. weve been talking to each other and everything has just really clicked. Well i wound up spending the night at his house. We didnt do anything really just made out and stuff. I then slept in the guestroom. WEll my bestfriend wasnt happy about it. She had already told me that it was still to soon to do that. While i agree with where she was coming from in regards to that i also wanted to make my own decisions on this. I chose to spend the night and it was one of the best night of my life. I just want to know what i can say to her that will tell her i really respect your opinion but at the same time you cant be mad at me for what my decision is. I value our friendship alot and i dont want to say anything that will jeperodize it. Thanks for listening.
Your friend is only looking out for you. Just tell her that you can make your own decisions and that she can't control them. Tell her that you had a great time with the guy and NOTHING happened. But make sure you say it in a way that doesnt sound rude. Mkae sure she gets the picture. After that tell her that you're sorry if your hurt her feelings.


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