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Q: ok, for the past few days, my gums have been hurting so bad. the gum space right behind/in between my top two front teeth hurts, especially when i bite into stuff. also, the gum right behind my very last bottom tooth in the back is really sensitive and looks swollen? and there's like a canker sore on the cheek right beside it and its very sensitive to the touch. does anyone know what this could be or what i could do? i havent been sexually active with my mouth, i brush and take care of my teeth, and i havent done anything out of the ordinary. i doubt i could afford to go to the dentist right now though, we're tight on money =[ but we usually go the normal twice a year and everything has been fine. its been like this since sunday/monday. any suggestions to at least make the pain go away so i can eat normal ?
Honey, if your teeth are so sore then you NEED to go the dentist. There are these things called walk-in clinics where you don't have to pay. I am sure you have one in your community. I know what you mean by tight on money, but you just need health insurance.

Q: ok i know this may sound weird but whatever i need help.

ok so about a week ago me and my mom were outside on the patio talking. (she makes me call her by her first name) so i said Sunshineheart (yes thats her name) you couldnt be a vegiterian. and she goes your right but i could be a chickenterian. and i was like huh? now me and my mom are very normal and open to each other but i didnt understand. dude i was so nervous about asking her what a chickenterian was! you have no idea how nervous i was! like i was sweating and almost in tears!

so what do i do?
Um, hold on.....ROTFLMBO!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry about that. But your mom means that you eat a lot of chicken....well at least I think it does. But I am almost positive. But you shouldn't be so worried about it. Trust shouldn't freak out about it. By the way, when you don't know what something means....then ask your mom. Don't freak.

Q: ohk. so my boyfriend of almost 10 months broke up with me the other day. i woke up the next morning, felt sick and threw up also threw up that night. and it repeated the next 2 days.but it was just yellow liquid, obviously b/c i had nothing in my stomach. i have went the past 4 days without eating anything. except for today when i tried to eat a piece of bread. but i couldn't finish it. i thought i was going to puke. i think it just may be nerves making me sick and not want to eat and then throwing up. but then again. i have had unprotected sex alot and my last period was march 13th. i'm a every other monther. but its soon to be the 28th of may in a few hrs. and i still haven't started. my periods usually last 5 days. i'm prolly just paranoid.. but could i possibly be pregnant or is it just nerves.
thanks in advance
Well, having unprotected sex can do that to you, I mean get you pregnant. But if you think that you are, then call you doctor, make an appointment, and check it out. That's what I would do. But even if you do have a doctors appointment, I am sure it is just nerves. You bf who has been dating you for almost a year, A YEAR, has broken up with you. I would be upset about that! But with the period you should go see your doctor. That is probably the best advice I could give you. Well besides.....Don't have unprotected sex unless you wanna end up pregnant or have an STD!

Q: so everyone can feel their heart beat in their finger tips if they really try. but i feel it ALL the time. and it has now spread to my feet. my feet are always throbbing to my heart beat but not hurting. it's getting in the way of everything and i don't know what to do about it! i have gotten my blood pressure checked and everything was normal. i don't know what is wrong with me or what to do about it! does anyone have any ideas or know what is going on??

and i have a terrible shin splint in my right shin and it's been there for two months and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger as a knot. i run occasionally but not very hardcore. i didn't run for a week and it didn't get better! any suggestions?

thanks in advance!
I have the very same thing, happens to me when I sleep, and when I am awake. It feels weird, and to tell you the truth, I have no idea what it is. Haven't even talked to my mom or doctor about it. Maybe you should go see a nutritionist instead of a physician. Maybe it isn't about your health and maybe more about your nutrition.

My sister is trying to get pregnant and she came to me to have a personal talk the other day. She is overweight (290 lbs) or something like that...and she wanted to know if she could still get pregnant at her weight or if it is harder then the average person to become pregnant.

Of course you sister could still get pregnant! There is no reason why she couldn't! She has female organs like everyone else doesn't she? Then why not? Her weight has nothing to do with how she could get pregnant or not.

Q: I'm seventeen years old.
So I don't consider myself too young to be having sex,the thing is I just am apprehensive to go all the way. Two reasons.
1. My mom who is very domineering would absolutely flip out, she'd go crazy.
2. I don't want to tell my doctor, because I don't want a pap test (she said after I was sexualy active I had to.) I just don't want her to think I'm skanky, even though she can't tell my mom it makes me nervous that she'll have to let it slip.

Physicaly though, I'm ready, I could easily get my head around the idea of sex.
I've been fingered and such.
Like today my boyfriend and I were 'fooling around', and he was like "i don't want to presure you but when you're ready I have condoms."
I just laughed. I'd actualy like to have sex with him, he means a lot to me.
I say that if you aren't ready then don't and if you your are then go ahead. But my only advice is that you tell your doctor about you having sex after, since she cannot tell your mother. It is patient-doctor confidentiality, so if you asked them not to tell your mother then they can't 'cause they will lose their license. And maybe you should talk to your mother about it, for all you know she would be completely fine about it. I am 13, and I am in a really ghetto area so I have to watch who I date so I don't end up like a few of my bffl's who have ended up pregnant and one even has a baby! But main point is that your doctor CAN NOT tell your mother if you are sexually active, and if you are ready then you should go ahead and do it.

Q: I'm bisexual and I think I might have feelings for my best friend. I don't want to destroy our friendship by telling her how I feel and then having her reject me, but I don't know how much longer I can take her not knowing how I feel since I'm really terrible at lying to her. Please advise me!
P.S. - I just read the note that said to include my age and gender. 15, female, respectively.
I know rejection is very hard, trust me, I have gone through a lot of it. But, that doesn't mean that your friend wouldn't say no. I have gone out with my best friends, does the friend relationship get weird at some points, hell yeah, but the fact that you two would still be friends if she did say no would be great. But sometimes it doesn't go so great and you two would might have to go your separate ways. Life just sucks that way and trust me, it would not be very fun. It's just a large roller-coaster that goes up and down and up and down. A ride you can never get off of. Love sucks, might as well get that fact down early.

Q: This is going to be a very odd question, hard to answer, and it technically has nothing to with "Spirituality" other than that I would appreciate some answers from a christian point of view. What excatly am I being taught here? All advice is welcome, though.

Well, I've always been low in confidence, but it's the past week that it's gotten extreme, I've literatly spent hours crying for beauty, praying for it, and envying those who have it. All my diary entries have been about it - and how life is without it. Today I woke up, and while looking at my reflection said "Please, make me feel beautyful today".

I went out on the town and was introduced to a french guy (a friend of a friend) who paused in the middle of a conversation at dinner, looked me in the eyes and randomly said "It's a blessing" it was weird, and I didnt know what he was talking about,, until he said "'re eyes, you look like a princess" I said "thank you!that's so sweet" and that was it.

On my way home from the dinner.. Literally 30 seconds after I said bye to them, and stepped out of the restaurant.. an old-ish man comes up to me and said "please, miss, wait".. I thought he would ask for directions or something so I stopped. And he said "you have amazing eyes, so sweet, so pretty, where are you from?" (I've been dying for attention, to feel beautiful again.. to get stopped in the street like I did a few years ago.. so I was happy, and not creeped out at all) I said "aww thanks!" and gave a friendly smile. He asked me if I wanted to go get a drink somewhere, and that's when I got scared - "no thank you, I'm just 17 years old.." he pressured me a bit, so I started walking and he said "No, dont be scared, I promise I'm a good man, do you have pierced ears?" then he brought out earrings and almost forced me to accept them as a gift (they're still in my jacket) we talked for about 5 more minutes until I got really creeped out and made an excuse and ran. 2 minutes later I recieve a voicemail (I did not give this man my phone number!) BUT yet, it was from him. It had to had been. It was the conversation we had just had RECORDED somehow and sent to my phone, I ran as I cried, and now I got home just 20 minutes ago.

It was scary, might not sound like it, but I'm really really scared. I can not tell my parents, jut this morning they told me not to go out, and I said "you're so freaking scared of everything, how can you live life like that??" I will never be allowed out again. I already have to be home at 6 pm, and cant go out unless they've talked to the firned, know her parents and are assured there wont be any guys, if I tell them.. my very vague definiteion of a social life will be over.

So what is this? Someone's trying to tell me that its good that I'm not beautiful cause when I am creepy men come up to me? That I should appreciate not being pretty cause it might lead to rape someday? That I should never go out ever (this is the first time I've been out in forever, it was in broad day-light for gosh sakes!) why me? howcome others can be pretty and go out, and the once I do it.. this happens?

I DONT UNDERSTAND ANYTHING, can you please help me understand what's going on here? Is it all just coincedences??
Sorry, but this must be said, that was very,very long. But I am scared for you. Even though you say your social life is over, don't think that way. Try to think from your parents point of view and see through their eyes. They are just trying to look out for your safety, no matter how what they do, unless they abuse you, then you need to tell someone about that. lol, but YOU, no one else, but you should tell your mom or someone about the situation.

God thinks you are beautiful, it doesn't matter anyone else's opinion. I have the very same problem, but you should just love yourself for the way you are. God won't change your looks, he only cares about your actions and that you love him.

Q: Haha jk I just needed a subject that would make people read this. here's the real problem-

okay well I went out this guy like a year ago and like a month later he broke up with me because his other friend liked me and him and his friends were like losing their friendships, and because he was always way to busy to have a girlfriend (that's what he said.)

but he never actually said he stopped liking me. so we went for like 3 months without really talking to each other.

then like 2 months after that we started flirting sooo much and you could just tell we liked each other, so we like hooked up and stuff and he was like oh maybe I'll want a girlfriend in the summer! and then the summer came and he was like I honestly don't want a girlfriend, but i still want to hang out with you so like we can still talk during the summer.

well I was SO angry because he totally like led me on and then said he didn't want a girlfriend so I didn't talk to him all summer and then when school started he asked me why i didn't talk to him and I said because I was sick of you wanting to be with me and then changing your mind and I just wanted to forget you. and he was like "ohh.. well I guess that's a good answer..."

and so anyways, now that we're in fully in school, we've starteed flirting a lot again!! I honestly have no idea what I should do because i still like him. he always makes my heart beat really fast and I think about him a lot but i just don't know what to do!! please help me!
Maybe YOU should ask him out. Maybe that's what he's been waiting for. And if he says no, then still be his friend. You should on though, also guys like it when your life revolves around them. He's just jerking you around to get you upset and hurt. Move on, but that doesn't mean let go.

What I meant was maybe you should move on.

Q: I basically over react to everything i do not know why, i love my boyfriend with all my heart he is my first priority always but i seem to get jealous and stubborn and cry when he doesnt do something i like, like when he would rather hang out with his friends i break down and cry or when he cant hang out with me because he has a game , i dont know what my problem is, any way i could be more relaxed and not so controlling?
Maybe you feel this way because you're afraid that he doesnt want to spend any time with you. You should let him have a little freedom. BUt not too much. Because most men like to take advantage of freedome. Keep him on a leash, just not too tight.

Q: Does anyone know some good songs that has to do with a guy you like but he likes another girl? If you do let me know, thanks.
Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne would fit that discription PERFECTLY!

Q: my boyfriend wants to have sex with me and i fell like i want to but im scared i will fall pregnant wat shold i do???

xx need advice girl xx
If you wanna have sex,and your scared of getting preggy then...
1.have condoms with you. Don't expect the boy to be responcible.
2.Tell your mom, dont keep it secret.
3.Get on birth control pills before you have sex.
4.Make sure you really know the boy. Like, if I was you, I wouldn't have sex with him unless I had been dating him for at least 1 or 2 years. Not months. Because, if he's been pressuring you about sex, then technically, that's all he wants.

I hope I helped.


Q: My father was dying of cancer, i stayed by his bedside 2-3 nights a week coming home to say high and change clothes every day. my friend of 20 years was helping my husband of 10 years + 3 years of dating care for our 2 children. i found out they were locking my kids out of the house without water, food, bathroom, for their own private time in our bed, i found her ring in our bed, and oneday came in to find them in our bed after he said it stopped,he told me and the kids all he wanted was her so we left. ow a few years later he said i left its all my fault ecause he didt think i loved him enough to stay home, if i had to choose again i wouldnt change a thing, i just need to let it go, and dont quite know how, she wont let him talk to me or the kids and it really hurts{them more then me}i had noone to cry to, my family was going thru hell, and my best friend and husband was twisting the knife in my back pretty hard, any advice would be helpful.
You remind me of my mom. She is also strong and considering I'm a child going through the same thing with the children type thing(no I dont have any) maybe I can give you some advice on how to keep them from getting deppressed. First off- my dad wants nothing to do with me and neither my step mom. I know how the kids feel. First, dont think about it around the kids. Be happy and try to keep their father off their minds by doing activities with them. Like playing sports(if you have boys) or going to the mall and getting clothes(if you have girls). Or just talk to them. Make sure you are in their life. Second- Make sure they have the right type of friends. This way, if they're deppressed by the situation, they start drugs or go emo or gothic.
Thirdly- If you are really upset by the situation and dont know where to turn. You can always talk to me or go to a person who had a phycology(sp) degree and get help. I know I'm only 13, but I gave you the best advice I could. God bless you, and I hope things get better.


Q: 13/f

I'm writing a book about a Naruto, but I added some of my own characters. I'm not publishing this book, I just liek to show it to my family, anyway, this is what I have in the last part that I wrote,

I suddenly fell through a hole in the floor. Orochimaru, Zabuza and I were now standing in a cave with tons of other caves leading off it. I was dragged behind Zabuza. I looked around. Bodies were hanging everywhere. Form the ceilings, walls, even lying in the middle of the walkway. We soon entered a bigger cave. Orochimaru when and sat down at a chair by a huge flow of waterfalls. I was thrown down beside Orochimaru. I jumped to get up, but Zabuza pushed me back down. I sat there and watched Zabuza go get a bucket full of kunai knives and needles. I gulped. Why was he getting those? I shrank back as Zabuza went to grab me. He grabbed me by the front of my sweater and dragged me across the room. I struggled to pull away, but nothing worked. I heard Orochimaru call my father. I shivered. No! This is my past playing over again! Zabuza threw me against a wall. I watched as my father walked in. I pressed my body against the wall. My father saw me and blew. He approached me and slapped my face. I was too scared to use any jutsu. He ripped my sweater off and my shorts. I sat there in just my underwear. I felt embarrassed and scared. My father walked to Orochimaru and took the knives and needles. He began to through them all at the same time.
“Stop!” I shouted as one needle hit my shoulder. I quickly pulled it out. A kunai knife sliced past my leg, causing blood to seep through. I held my breath as more sharp points hit my face, hips, arms, legs and feet and hands. I covered my head.
Finally, the throwing stopped. I knew I knew I was covered in blood...

I'm stuck, so if somebody could just give me a few little ideas for this book, I'll be very grateful! Thank you!
wow, I dont think you need to add anything. I think it's great. But maybe ummmm.

I knew I was covered in blood. The pain wouldn't stop, and it felt like I couldn't breath. Everything seemed to go blury, but before it went black, I saw Sasuke! He was here, here to rescue me.

idk. But Im a writer too. Just try to, you know, keep it interesting

Q: Yeah... I've just my forum now and I am asking people's opinions of my page backgrounds.

Please visit:

The topic is called backgrounds. I've got four of them and don't know which one to use!

I'd like some assistance in picking!

Thanks for reading!


(Men are changed by events; events are not changed by men)

PS: This question will be deleted tomorrow.
ok, well I like the second one better. Hey whats your email address?

Q: im a female and 18 years of age

i lived with my mom from the time i was born until i was 13. then i went to live with my adopted dad because was a physically and emotionally abusive person. well, when i was 17 (i am 18 right now) i went to visit her and her husband, which is my step dad, because i thought maybe she had changed. what happened was she abused me again, and cut me with a knife. also, she let my step dad try to rape me while she helped. even though all this happened, i still have feelings for her and i feel bad getting her in trouble. is that wrong? should i go through with the court and press charges?? some good, honest advice would be really helpful.
I know whats happening in this situation. My mom was adopted by my grandmother who had died just last month. She abused her, and you know what, she still has a shred of hope that her mom wouldve changed. Still today, my mom loves her. Because this is the women who gave her birth. If it wasnt for that abusive, horrible woman, my mom wouldnt be alive. I think you should press charges. For what she did to you. You should love her, but dont exccept what she did to you and dont allow it to happen anymore. Tell me what happens.


Q: alright. so i am in love with this makeup. i can never do it like this, so can someone please explain to me step-by-step on how to do this? thanksss.
You are really pretty. Your eyes are beautiful and you have a wonderful skin tone. First You need to find the right skin tone for you, make sure its your skin tone, and try it for a couple of days. If you brake out try something else. Use like a kindve a gold or a creme color on your eyes, and a a extremly light pink or a dark color marune(sp) for your blush. Use a shiny clear lipgloss for your lips. Use the same mascara you're using and use a black eyeliner.

I hope I helped

Q: My friends are really obsessed with putting on make up like EVERY DAY!! They just plunge it on. I wear cover up, and lip gloss every day. SOMETIMES mascara..but it irratates my eyes. Here's what i'm asking..i'm 13, and idk SHOULD i be wearing eyeliner and eye shadow every day like my friends do? I mean my eyes are really pretty..and i WANT them to stand out, but i don't wanna look like a ho in my make up.

lolz, i'm 13 too. but you dont have to wear make-up everyday. Sometimes all i wanna do is wear my base and lip-gloss and mascara(i have really short eye lashes) I have really pretty eyes also, but it all depends what color your eyes are. Mine are a grayish-dark blue, colors you'd put on my eyes are voilet(light or medium),pink, or brown. Eyeliners would be brown or gray. Ask your mom or a close friend thats older than you what would look pretty on your eye color. but you dont have to wear that stuff if you really dont want to

Q: This made me cry sooooooooo hard ok here is the story. We were at my colleage and in the girls bathroom every one just walks around naked and we dont care and some girls have like huge boobs but anyways the mean girls at our school were being flirty to the boys and the boys had a crazy and mean and pretty much illgal plan. They were going to put a camera in the girls bathroom. and the worst part is all of the boys caught me naked ok this is going to be a long story. theboys were going to hide in the showers because it was lateand time for us to goback to our doorms and anyways there is a time limit to take showers so anyways when we werent there all of the guys hid in the showers and the othere two guys were hooking up the camera and it was a really tiny camera so none of us can see it so anyways....all i had was my robe on and nothing else i told my freind after i take my shower i will meet you back at the dorm.and she said ok now no one was there and i took off my robe and opened the shower curtain and there he was..i screamed my head off and ran out the door nto the hall where all the dorms are and i wasnt even coverd up with my robe i left it n the bathroom and then when i ran out all the other boys came running out into the hall.and i was so shocked i didnt even run or cover myself with my hands and the boys laughed at me and after they laughed at me i waited five seconds while they were just staring at my vagina and my boobs i ran into the bathroom and the boy was still there and he was try to touch my vagina and boobs so i kikked him out. it was the worst day of mylife.after that i called my boy freind.and he was helpfull.the next day i went over to there rental house and started to tell them off and they said they were sorry and they sort of chuckled and then they left to the school. Then i saw something on the table and it was a recorded video tape of last night and even more. They had a video tape of all of us naked on there and they were after all just hazing. i was so angry i didnt even pick up the tape and the tape was really high teck so it told you how many time you watched it and at the end of the day so i went there when they had just left there dorm lughing and then i saw that the tape was watched 12 times!!i didnt take it the second time i was so upset and the next morning it was on the morning news!!!so the whole entire school saw it even the teachers the boy teachers so i was the laughing stock of the century and i never got that tape back i need a way to setle this its ongoing!!Have any advice?
Ok, one: wow that was really long. This is what you do, go to the school councler and talk to him/her about it. Tell the councler what happened and get the boys that did it kiked out of school. It would work. Plus if you just pretend that you dont know what ppl are talking about then they will forget about it sooner. So dont worry about it. Just pretend that it doesnt work, and talk to the councler, it will work.

Q: Yeah I googled the show for some images... I remember the skinny white guy and white girl, but Not the dark skinned guy, I could have swarn that all 3 were white. Thanks! What is this show about, exactly?
hmmmm, to tell the truth, i really dont know. It depends on what you googled, but it might be Eureka 7. Its one of my fave shows


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