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Q: i have this bump on like the inner labia of my vagina and it just showed up like a day or two ago. i dont know if it could be herpes or a sebaceous cysts, or nothing at all. it looks like a zit and has like a white head. i do shave so maybe its from that. it doesnt itch or feel irritated. i am a virgin and ive only been fingered by one person about a week ago. but he hands were clean and he didn touch himself beforehand. any idea?
Um it might just be an ingrown hair or something like that. I kinda agree with the whole shaving thing. It is most likely from that.

Q: ok, so there was this guy that I liked for a long time. A little while ago I decided I didn't like him anymore (even though part of me still went back to liking him whenever eye-connection was made or we talked) sometimes I still think about him, and I think I noticed that no, i'm not completely over him. I know that we've had a past for liking each other quite a bit, and then one of my friends started liking him in october.
Now, yes, they are going out. I haven't told anyone that it bugs me, just now they are bf & gf and get to do all that girlfriend boyfriend stuff I would think about.

Also I kinda like another guy now, but i'm kinda confused why I'm feeling so down.
Because I really do still like that guy who I've liked for a LOT longer than just October, or am I just jealous that I never got the chance with him? A bit of both maybe?

I have to admit I was really shy with him the past years & now am just getting more confident (before I would lie about liking him when he didn't lie about liking me). So yeah, I had really messed up, though this year im not nearly as shy & had decided I wouldn't lie anymore about it, though I also was sure I lost all my chances because I had so many. Now I'm regretting it again I think?

I'm just confused with my bummed-ness :P

also didn't tell my friend that I'm bummedbecause, I thought it would maybe ruin things for her? Idk, idk even if I should have told her.
I haven't tld anyone, I kindawanna keep quiet about it, not sure which of my friends to talk to if I even should..

btw that guy I'm kinda crushing on now has been calling me pretty & beautiful (and has gone through phases of that ever since coming to our school last year, kinda has asked meout about twice too). Also one time he called that guy a jerk for saying something rude about me & can be really nice to me, though not always so nice to others.. maybe its just a show though. He can also say some gross things sometimes. What do you think about him?

I hope I'm not coming across as wanting to ruin a friendship or breaking them apart or anything. Just kinda confused with why I'm feeling how I am ^.^

lol, that is long! But you really need to tell the guy how you feel. Maybe he was just getting sick and tired of waiting for you and he wanted someone new. By the way, if that new guy is being nice to you and not a whole lot of other people, it's probably because he does like you. But if you say no, then he will probably be mean to you. If you say yes, then you need to think about how that might affect some of your friends, but I would say no because what if something happens and you get a chance with the guy that you have liked longer.(Back to the other guy) If I were you, I would tell my friend. I am very open with my friends about how I feel about a guy if they feel the same way bout a guy. You need to explain to your friend how you feel and then tell her that you are comfortable with them dating but will deal with it since you don't want them to break up. Then you need to truthfully tell the guy how you feel. If you don't, you may not have a chance to with him, at all.

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Q: Today in 7th period I asked my teacher can I go 2 the the library.I went down stairs I saw 2 boys by the water fountain by the bathrooms. The library was lock so I just walked the halls. I came back 2 the library and heard a girl in the boys' room. I didn't think nothing about it, until the bell rung and I was looking for my friend by her locker, but she wasnt there.I heard alot of commotion by the bathroom. The kids said that it was a girl in the bathroom on her knees doing something she shouldnt have been doing. They didnt say it like that. I just knew it was her.I kept saying in my head not(her name). I asked my other friend was it her she said yea. Two weeks ago she told us that she was with this boy she was in the bathroom. I know she was embarrassed, but how can she just forget about it.Oh and can you tell me why I should not to cuss her out and not hurt her the stupid thing she did. Cuz I am so embarrassed.
People make mistakes, and yes your friend made a stupid one, but that doesn't mean that she wants you to bail out as a friend. You need to talk to her. Ask her why she did it. And explain to her that you are upset with what she did.I bet your friend feels really bad about what happened and if you two are close and you just ditch her then she may feel like there is no one else to turn to. I would be embarrassed it one of my friends did that too. But I would not curse her out and but I may yell. As my mom says, the best way to deal with a problem is to talk it out. So, talk it out. I am sure that this may blow over like many things do in the school. If not, protect your friend as much as possible. I hope I helped

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Q: 15/f
Okay so i recently broke up with my boyfriend about a little more then a week ago. We went out for almost a year, and i just didnt like him anymore and i was suffering so i broke it off with him. About 5 days later i start talking to this other guy, and he was like "Ive liked you since you were going out with mark, and i was waiting for you" so we started talking constantly on the phone for hours, texting, and we always talked about how much we liked eachother. We planned to go out in a week or two, because my ex was so/so friends with this guy, and i didnt want to hurt my ex's feelings. So, we both decided we would go out, but we just wouldnt tell anyone. So we love eachother, and weve been friends for about 6 years, but we started talking like a year ago.
Would that consider me a slut?
What do you think?
Should my ex know about this at all?
Hun, don't ever consider yourself a slut for liking someone. It just isn't right. I think that maybe you might be taking it a bit too fast though. And that you shouldn't be afraid to tell anyone. When you date someone, it means that you like them enough to tell other people about a special person. That includes your ex. Hello, he is your ex. You two no longer date, so there shouldn't be a problem. I really like the fact that you found a guy that you like a lot, but again, you guys have only been dating for a month now. A month isn't long enough to say you love someone. But getting back to the point, you need to tell people, don't keep this to yourself and you are no where near a slut.

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Q: I am very interested in taking dance and alwasy have been. I am a begginer 19f and would like to know what would be the best genre of dance to learn for me. I want to be flexible and so i was thinking ballet but I also like fun and energized styles, WHat do you think?
Ballet takes a lot of hard work. You are probably going to have to put in a lot of more effort into ballet more than anything. Being flexiable is a great thing that people look for in dancers and you must realize that the strain you put on your feet. Ha, sorry, I must sound like a mom. But still, you should go for it if you think that you can do it.

Q: So, my boyfriend has about, 4 or 5 playboy posters in his room. Ya know like the half naked girls? For some reason, it really, really, REALLY, bothers me. I cant really help it. It makes me feel not god enough, so he has to stare at OTHER girls all day long, and fantasize about them and their bodies. Like, he know it bothers me, but idk. i dont think he knows to what extent. What should i do? =/
Okay, first of all, if I was you, I would definatly like yell at him. Playboy is wrong. Okay, sorry, now that I got that off my chest, let me give you some advice.

Tell your bf how you feel, if he doesn't listen to you and he still keeps them up or just says 'yeah, whatever', then you know that either 1 of 3 things are happening. 1) He doesn't think you are good enough. 2) He just doesn't care about how you feel. 3) Or he could be cheating because of the first two options. Any of those options are horrible. But listen, all guys have that stuff, and they really care about the girls they are with, then they get rid of it. And you shouldn't feel like you aren't good enough. You need to remember that those girls in the magezines aren't real,hun, and you are. The only thing they are money grubbing whores who like to show off that fake body of theirs.

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Q: Hi, I'm 17 and female.

I have this amazing, wonderful, boyfriend boyfriend that I love very much. I think I'm ready to have sex with said boyfriend, but I'm a little nervous because it would be my first time (it'd be his too.) I'd be totally comfortable talking to him about this, but I don't know how to bring it up.

So, does being nervous mean I'm not ready for sex, and how do I initiate a conversation about this with my boy?
Well, being nervouse about a first time could mean many things. It could mean that you are worried that it might hurt, it could mean that you are just not ready, it really could be anything. And what you need to do before you have sex is talk to your doctor and get the pill, get condoms, and you just need to talk to your bf. Ask him if he is ready for sex, tell him how your feeling about the whole subject, talk about the possibilities of what you two would do if you got preggy, you know that type of stuff. And to tell you the truth, I really don't think any girl should have sex with their bf unless they have been dating for at leasty 3-5 months. But that is just my opinion. Hope everything turns our well.

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Q: **Sorry, but this is long** I am 16 female. Alex is my best guy friend and I have known him for about 14 years(since i was 2) and i think i am starting to like him. me and my other friends sometimes joke around and say we think he will end up seriously dating or marrying this other friend melissa who we have known since we were 5. The thing is me and Alex have gotten a lot closer this year and I am really starting to like him. He is the only person other than my bff that i feel like i can go to to talk about anything. I am totally comfortable around him and we always hang out but only in our group of friends. The two of us also just seem to click and we still talk to each other more than we do all our other friends when we all hang out. Does he like me? What should i do? I am worried if we were to go out it would make things ackward for our group of friends that has all hung out together for years. Then what if we broke up? Things would be ackward then it just wouldn't be the same when we all hung out.
If you are wanting to date a friend, things may go badly and there is ALWAYS a chance of things getting awkward, but only if you let them. And he might like you, you never know how a guy feels until you ask them questions. Ask him who he likes, tell him how you feel. I always say that a relationship starts with communication and trust. To tell you the truth, I really think you shouldn't go for it. I know you really like him and you guys click, but you guys know way too much about each other. You would drive each other insane!!! It would be a great shot if you really wanted it and you thought it would work out- which it might, I am not psycic here- but I would really hate to see a fellow girl fall down because of a guy she likes treating her horribly because he knows everything about her. If you need anything else, message.

Ataura- 14/f

Q: 13/f

my friend is at camp which does not let you bring cellphones so she has nto read the message saying that her bf broke up with her.
me and her bf are friends.
yesterday i got a text from him (((first time i have talked to him in about 2 months))).
We talked, as friends do, then he started flirting and i dont him to stop. I yelled at him saying that he cant do that to my friend.
Then he asked me out twice, then he was tryin gto make me mad by saying that their were hot girls at the pool (((it didn't work, i dont like him))), and e keeps sending me texts messages.
one saying that i was delicious (((he wouldn't know)))
and one saying that he will stop asking me out if i kiss him.

i yelled at him and told him to treat me with respect. So i told him to stop texting me. then he said that he was sorry and that he wants me to be his friend again.
my b-day is coming up soon and i want him there, and i invited him to my party before i knew that he broke up with my friend. so what do i do. i cant have him and my friend there can i???

what should i do?? should i be his friend or should i not?

1st of all honey, the guy is an asshole because he probably knows that you didn't know about them breaking up. And then to answer your question, no. It isn't a very good idea to have both of your friend and the ex together. It will get all awkward and the party will be awkward. I highly recommend that you don't out them in the same room together. Ever

Hope I helped,

Q: hi me and my boyfriend have been dating for 6 and a half months im 19 and so is he when we first starting dating it was great he called me every night he texted me all the time and we always had fun together now he rarely calls or texts if he does call its around midnight and if i call him he is always with his friends and either says i cant talk right now or he talks to them the whole time while i am on the phone listeneing and sometimes he calls me when he is with the friends and i just have to listen to him talk to them and now we are always fighting he never invites me to do anything with him and his friends anymore either he awways teels me wat hes doing as hes doing it doesnt even invite me and his friends are over every night and he says he didnt invite them that they have a key and he doesnt even wanna b there with them we never really go out anymore we just sit at home and watch tv he says he is always romantic but i cant even remember the last time he was, we only see each other like 1 a week, we both really love each other wat should i do to help our relationship
Wow....maybe tell him how you feel! Tell him that you don't think that he is doing anything romantic for you and that you think that he shouldn't call you when he is with his friends. Tell him to choose between his friends and you, and if he says his friends, then tell him that you can find someone else way better and break up with him. Just tell him how you feel about the situation, and if he doesn't like it, then tell him to shove it up his butt.

Q: I've been on & off with this kyle 4 bout 2 years & i kno that i love him with all my heart but now im not so sure that he feels the same way before everyone could just tell but now its like everything I do is wrong. I can't seem to keep his attention anymore. I've always wanted to spend the rest of my life with him now i'm afraid that isn't goin to happen anymore. Wat should I do? Should I talk to him or just stay away from that subject?
Honey, first of all, take a deep breath. Try to calm down. You might have your hopes up a bit too high. 2 years isn't that long, it is actually kind of short amount of time to the length of times I have seen some of my friends in relationships. So, again, maybe you have your hopes to high. And maybe he has had a lot on his mind. Try talking to Kyle and ask him if there has anything bad happened lately and if he asks why, then just tell him that he looks kinda down. And if there hasn't, wait about 2 weeks or so and ask him if you have done anything wrong. Ask him what you could do to try to spark up the relationship a little more.

Hope I helped,

Q: Is there any "remedies" that help you lose weight? Like I know if you drink the snapple green tea you start to lose some weight because it boosts your metabolism. I would like to know anything & everything. I am open to any answers you may have... but I would like to know that this is tried & true but either you or a friend so I know that it actually has/does work.

Well, I have to get in shape for softball every year. So what I usually do is try to go for jogs every day. so sit-ups and other stuff. I also do volleyball. And I have to eat healthier foods. If you drink a lot of sodas, I recommend to stop doing that. My mom and I lost about 20 pounds....and I lost about 2 inches by not drinking soda. Don't ask about the inches. But try to exercise more and eat more healthier foods. Go out for small jobs, eat more fruits, drink more water. That type of stuff helps.

Hope I helped,

Q: whenever i'm in a dark room i cant see anything at all, it's just all black.
its so bad that i have to feel around for the light switch.
is there anyway to improve my night vision, or not?
Well, it takes about 5-10 minutes for your eyes to adjust to the dark. What I do is close my eyes for a couple of minutes and then open them when I think I might be able to see. Or....I eat some carrots. Joke! But seriously, wait a couple of minutes for you eyes to adjust to the dark, then you might be able to see a little bit better.

Q: okay a few months ago, i added this band. they were KINDA famous but not really. and i LOVED them. one of their songs went like "I woke up todaaaaayyy.. to find that, time can't EErrraaase.. emotions so deeeeeeeep, once they have DAAA-aawned" and that's ALL i remember. does anybody know what band this is/was?! and the song?
Wow I think I have listened to the band that sings that. And I agree the person who answered before me. I too think it is I Woke Up, By overglow

Q: I love what they did in the US, but I heard that they made on in the UK. Does anyone know where I can watch full episodes? I tried Youtube, but they don't have it. Thanks in Advance!
Try going to google and type in: Make Me A Supermodel-UK episodes. They should at least have a link or something that may help you. Or try ask and put in the same description.

Hope I helped,

Q: I'm a 13 year old girl and guys at my school only like girls who are big chested and have big butts,I was wondering if theres anything
(non steryl)I could do to make my butt and breasts grow faster(get bigger)
I have a pretty face and all but no ones interested in that.
So is there anything I can do before school starts in September?
I agree with the person above. I also have absolutely no breasts and/or butt.My school is ghetto and the school I am about to go to is probably ghetto. The only thing they look for is huge breasts and/or big butts. But I say, if they don't like me for my personality then, they don't need to look my way. Besides, those goes aren't looking for relationships, they are looking for sex.

Q: I have an Asus laptop, which I've hd for about a year and a half.
It works great, but like 10 minutes ago in the bottom left corner(of the base) it makes this weird crackling sound, and then it crashes.
It goes to a blue screen where it says that this could be caused by a hardware problem.
I installed two sims expansion games three days ago, and then it worked great. So I don't think it's that.
Is there any way I could fix it? My laptop is pretty important to me, and it has a lot of stuff on it that I need.
If it's likely that the repair shop will tell me to get a new one, please tell me, and I won't botehr paying loads of money to be told that I need a new laptop.

Well, I have never had a laptop, but that sometimes happens to my computer. But maybe you should take off The Sims from your computer and see if it does that again. If so, get a flash drive and put all the things that are important to you on the flash drive and take it to the Geek Squad or something like that.

Hope I helped,

Q: so my dischare is transparent and clumpy. it doesnt smell or anything. is this bad though?
cos i hear it's suppost to be liquid.
Well, it might be. Personally, it has never happened to me but I don't think that it a good thing. Maybe you should talk to your mom and see your doctor. It may be nothing, but you may have a yeast infection.

Q: okay so a couple days ago my parents mentioned possibly moving to a different state because my dad got an offer for a new job. i am kinda freaking out because moving is such a hard thing for me and i just started fitting in at my school. my dad says that he turned the offer but they are still talking about it. and now everywhere i look i am seeing signs like all the time. i mean as soon as they told me, my friend emailed me and she was like im moving and i was like great there is that word "moving" and then i turned on the TV and there was a special on Boston. then today we parked next to a car that had the license plate that said Boston and radio was turned to the celtics game, even though no one would have turned it to that station. i know that i could just be paranoid but i am really feeling like God is sending me signs so that I am ready.

anyone who wants to give there opinion on whether i am just being paranois or if i should really start to worry, i would really appreciate it.

thank in advance :)
Gasp! I just moved to a small town in Illinois! But seriously, you have got the right thing when it comes to being hard. You think it is EASY to pack up all your things and move into a new place, heck no! And, you are just being paranoid. Trust me, there are these things called tourists, and those people might be visiting from Boston, plus, there is no need to panic. Trust me, if you move, then you move, if you don't then you don't. Just calm down and say to yourself, 'Just wait and see.' Take a deep breath and relax. No need to panic.

Q: Me and my boyfriend kiss eachother on the cheek all the time. But we both know we want to kiss eachother on the lips.
But how does it happen?
What are some hints i can give him, or moves i can make?
No websites please :)
Um honey, It isn't that hard to kiss a guy. But the way I give a hug, which then leads to a very long hug (trust me this works all the time). You pull back, your hand behind the guys neck, and then kiss them. It isn't hard at all. I do it all the time.


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