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Hey I may be young but have a lot of life experience. I am not judgmental, but will tell you my opinion. For the past few months I have been using the account youareneveralone because this one had not been working...hopefully the problem is solved. Anyway I love to help people so please ask me whatever you need.
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ughh i can never sleep! it's because of my summer sleep schedual, so i'm trying to go to sleep every night a half hour earlier because school starts next week, but it doesn't make a difference. like, last night i watched tv til 1, read til 2(because i still wasnt tired,) and ended up falling asleep around 3. maybe after. nothing makes me tired, i even tried counting backwards from 100 like, 4 times. i told my mom and she was like well go to bed eariler, so i told her that doesnt work and she said to read, and i told her that doesn't work either, so she just like, walked away she doesnt listen to me. everr. so are there any ways that i can get tired? i want to be asleep for school by 11/11.30 pleasseee hellpp ? (link)
This happens to me too, stop trying to go to bed so early, before the first day of school go to bed at 12:30 or 1ish if you go to bed earlier you won't be tired enough and it will be harder to fall asleep. Try to drink some warm milk before you go to bed it relaxs you and breath deeply (in and out) it will make you tired. You will be more tired the 2nd day of school than the first, because you are tired you will be able to fall asleep and normal time and your body will get into a better sleeping pattern. It works for me. Oh and don't stress out about getting to sleep it will just make it harder. What I do is get out of my bed and sit down and read then go back in my bed a try and sleep, just dont watch tv then. Anyway I hope this will work for you! Good luck!!

I don't know what group to place it in, but it is mental I can tell you that. My boy friend was the best person you could have ever imagined. Even though he is only 14 [so am I, female] He was great. He has the potential to do anything he sets his mind to, music, school, great with kids & adults, wonderful. One of the ,main thing I was attracted to, was his childness-ish. He was funny, not in a dirty way either, didn't swear, proclaimed to be saved and was ever-so respectful.

After about a few months af dating I allowed french kissing and holding, sorta a low quality makeout.Then it grew and grew, now, we didn't get into sex or anything and stayed on top of clothes, but I noticed a difference in him, about two months ago.He has always told me how he feel about everything, absolutely EVERYTHING, I asked him what was wrong, hios reply was always something but he never got to the point. I started telling him that there was somthing he wasn't telling me, he would always say no, there wasn't.

After a long while of thinking, praying and asking God for guidance, I realised that we should never have started the whole "kissing process" so we could regenerate our relationship, the way it was before. At first he was scared, he'd say "What?I thought everything was fine, why shouldn't we?" and My answer would alaways be "It is wrong and I believe God would rather otherwise" Then there'd be a conflict, and those always hurt the heart.

Now he gave me his msn password and I thought "I don't have anything to hide or lose" so I gave him mine. He forgot that He gave me his password and the other days I checked it.Was I ever shocked, hurt, crushed, heart broken...It just hurt so much, I was crying outloud saying ", he couldn't have done this to me..." He had "porn4free!", "sexsearch", "you have received a wink from...blahdiblahblah"

Later to find out, He called me [after I ave him my two cents on msn, really, it wasn't much] He denied it, telling me they were spams...right.I didn't believe him, he blamed it on his computer breaking, and It was right in front of my face...all of it, his name, his way of talking, even his special password was there... the girls... the pain was Unbearable :"( ... Everytime I gave him proof, he said sorry and agreed...and He kept telling me half truths, I got him to tell his parents and they have taken the computer away form him for a month.

What could I do to help him[he said it started about after we stopped the kissing process [which was two months ago]And I want to know What can I do, how should I react? What can HE do, It is 2:30 in the morning, I couldn't sleep, I was bawling my eyes out and dind't want to bother everyone else.So I came down, wanting to ask questions to people, including you people.

I'm afraid to go near him showing my arms now, and look at my body in disproval, why did God create man to be pigs and women to be their food?

Thank you, I hope this question doesn't comfuse you, I just nee help, please. (link)
Its not so surprising that he is doing this but I understand guys are shallow alot it sucks, I know. But you guys seem to be very close try to work things out.

hey i'm 14/f, and looking for a job that isnt too hard, hires 14 year olds, and has a decent pay. what are some places that hire 14-year-olds? i'm not looking for, like, babysitting or anything like that, i want a regular job that i could possibly do after school hours which would be after 2:00pm. websites with information are appreciated!! thankss so muchh! ;]

love always

xoxo amanda

It depends on were you live I live in New Jersey and I am 14 and have a job at a place called The Little Gym its like a gymnastic place for little kids and a place for them to have birthday parties. I don't know if there is one by you, but if there is you have a chance at working there. I also heard that Six Flags hires at 14 (at least the one by me) im not sure. You can also get a job at a camp or somthing like that. If you do get a job it will probably be minium wage because you are young.

Here is the web site for the little gym were I work you can see if there is one near you.

Good Luck and don't be to disapionted if you can't find a job you have all your life to work wait till your older if you don't have much luck. Hope I helped!!

my friend thinks she is a few days pregnant...she keeps punching her stomach because she does not want the baby. does this hurt the baby or cause her to have a miscarriage? (link)
Stop her first of all she dosn't even know if she is really pregnant and she is hurting a baby (if she is) just because the baby hasn't been born does not mean its not a person. What if when her mother was pregnant with her she punched her stomach so she could kill her own daughter because she was unwanted? It is not the babys fault that it is there its your firends fault, please I know its hard but try to stop her from hurting the baby and then killing it. This is a very hard time for her. Call a support hotline you can find the number in the yellow pages. I truley hope she is not pregnant and putting her babys life in danger as well as her own. I hope the best for you and your firend.

alright well my boyfriend and i have been getting very serious about our relationship. and we havent FULLY had sex yet but i mean hes gotten to my downstairs with his without a condom. he knows how to control his cum so i trusted him. my cherry hasnt been popped yet i guess im still pretty virgin...but what i was wondering was like do you think even though my cherry has not been popped (atleast i dont think so because i havent bled like everyone says you do) something could happen? (link)
Sorry but you can't control your cum its physically impossible, and be careful you have a good chance at getting pregnet.

Is it supposed to kill?

hes not getting past the hymen because it just kills. And the hymen itself kills.

I tried getting a tampon in ...even that hurts in the same way

Is there a physical problem...i mean this is too painful for it to feel normal

My sister has the same problem with the tampon issue she can't get it passed the hymen and we she try hard she says she cried it hurt so much. My mom is going take her to a gyno. There might be a slight problem but I don't think its to serous, remember your not the only one.

Me and my ex-boyfriend (first love) might try to try it again and see if it works this time. I still love and care about him. But there's another guy who I like and he likes me as well and wants to be with me. He hasn't caused me nearly as much pain as my ex (actually he hasn't caused me any) but I don't know who to choose or what to do? I love my ex even though it's been over a year since we broke up, but I also am starting to catch feelings for this new guy. Please help me . I will rate (link)
THis is a tough chocie for you to make. I am going through the same thing, but I would choose my ex. If you still love him then you two definitly have good chemistry and in order to fall in love and stay in love over a break up well... you definitly got something there. The question is was it worth all the pain. If you had a chocie to start over again knowing how it ended would you do it? Are you able to smile because it happened and was good when it lasted. If you anwsered yes then I would go back to your ex and try to work things out. If you anwered no, or things don't work out go for the new guy or someone else, when trying to move on you need to get around and date, see whats out there. Hope I helped!

I'm looking for something that will permanently remove hair. I was thinking about getting one of those pen type hair remover things. Have any of you ever used one? Does it really work? Is it easy to use? (I can't afford real electrolysis.) (link)
My firends mother who works in a salon says that the hair removing pens turn your skin green.

im 12 and female and im worried because i want to kiss my boyfriend but i dont think ill be a good kisser and i think that if i kiss him i will be crap and he will laugh and dump me . (link)
Don't stress about it you have to get your first kiss sometime. I'm sure he went though the same thing when he was first kissed. If you guys are boyfirend and girlfirend he obviously likes you and will not laugh at you. Don't worry there is no way in telling if you would be a good a good kisser or not. It comes naturally, don't sweat it. Think about it this way worrying about it now is not going to help the situation at all, the only thing it will do for you is add stress right now. If you want some tips do a google search(they can be very helpful.) Anyway just try to stay calm go with the flow. If he is a good kisser then he will probably guide you which will be easier. I hope I helped! Best of luck!

this may be a little weird...but i was wondering, is it better to sleep with a bra or without one? thanks (link)
1) It stunts boob growth
2) It can ruin the bra

im 15/f and me and my best guy friend went to a party n both got a little drunk among other things. anyway we ended up having sex and since then i've found out im pregnant and i know its his and i told him about it. hes basically demanding i keep it but see i dont want to b/c its going to destroy my body, reputation,i know i wont be able to keep my gpa above a 4.0, and my mom will kill me. so should i just go behind his back or what?
I would tell a parent or someone you trust. Look in the yellow pages there are many places that can give you different alternatives to abortion. Personally going behingd his back I think would be very wrong it his child too. I don't mean to yell at you or tell you how to live your life but I am strongly agensit abortion. I have seen what it does to people. people who have had a abortion like 20 years ago tell me not a day has gone by were they don't feel guity about killing that baby. Try to find altrenatives like adoption is a very good loving chocie. I just don't want you to have to live with all that guilt. I hope you can tack what I have said into consideration, again I don't mean to sound rude or anything...hope I could help!

After you end your period when you're around 50ish, what happens next? Is there a new kind of period? Or does something else happen? Or do you just go back to being a kid again like with no more things that come 1nce a month? (link)
you get medapose (spelt wrong)Your period eventually stop and you get hot flashes and night sweats and stuff.

Ok so I have been seeing this guys *Jim* for a little over a year and I really love him. We makeout all the time, he's gotten up my shirt and just today he fingered me many times and I gave him a blowjob. Now I know this may not seem like alot to you but for me it is and that might be just because I`m 13. Now I have a question would you consider me a slut? How much do you think he likes me. (I am his first girlfriend, first kiss, first everything)? please answer this i am so nervous and scared. (link)
Your not a slut because you don't do this to a bunch of guys but if you are doing his when you are only 13 think about what you will do by the time your in highschool, serously this will lead you to sex and it will be hard to make the right chocie. I'm not going to tell you how to live you life but I don't think you should be at 3 base already when your 13.

I don't know how much he likes you, I'm sure it relativly good because your doing this stuff but just be sure he is not using you, because that could be a major possability. hope i could help best of luck!

im a 15yr/female and ive gots a problem.
i am in a 32 A bra size and i get made fun of because of it.(Except by my boyfriend)...well, when im at school everyone says that they wouldnt go out with me because i basicley have no boobs....know when my boyfriend tries to kiss me there i get nervous and i back away because of my boob size. what should i do? how can i make my boobs bigger? will people like me more then? (link)
Hey I feel your pain im a 32A and feel like crap cuz guys wont give me a chance. But look on the brightside you have a boyfirend and he likes you for who you are. You are luckyer than like 1/2 the flat chested girls. Try and think of what you do have rather then what you don't. Remeber guys are jerks when it comes to the looks of girls so just be confinate and you will be alot happyer. Hope i helped I tend to ramble on lol
best of luck!

p.s. i pretty sure there are no tricks to getting you boobs bigger other than surgery

do you think its weird. if you stay with your first boyfriend forever
b.c i think thats gonna happen to me
i dont mind. but is it likey to happen (link)
Sure it is possible. But then again most first relationships don't end in marrage there is some that do. My firends parents went out when they were 13 and are still together now. You may have found the right person but just remember keep your eyes open, someone else might come along that you might find is better. Sometimes things might might not go as you expect, they end up even better! haha hope i helped!

ok, well im 14/f , im not sexually active at all, but i have a problem. i have loose, long, wrinkly skin on my vagina on one side. but the other side is still tight. ive had this for about a year maybe less, and i itch it alot on some days, and some days it just doesn't bother me. will this go away? alot of boys have wanted to date me but ive turned them down because ive been scared of them possibly seeing. please if u know what this is help! ill rate HIGH!! (link)
you should see a doctor and don\'t turn guys down (the ones you like) unless your planing on being sexually ative or something (your only 14) you can still date and makeout or whatever i dont think he'll really see unless you start rolling through the bases haha. tell your mom or something and i'm pretty sure there are extersizes to help tighten thoses areas. hope i could help

Wow, Right, I am 13 years old...this is going to sound terrible but i have had sex wit this boy. GR. Me and that boy are no longer together :( My period was suppose to come on the 14th of March...did it? NO.. But then on the 1st of April.. I began to bleed. I thought it was my period. But now im starting to think differntly because the blood comes out on the tampon..but not the pad. I have been very depressed lately trying to figure out wat to do. I am very scared. I dont want to tell my mom cuz i dont know what she'd do. My friend said he'd give me money for an abortion if i am pregnant but i think abortion is murder and completely wrong...what should i do? (link)
Try to get a pregnancy test ans stay clam, worring about it is not going to change the fact that you may or may not be pregnant. If you google "pregnant at 13"or something you might find somthing helpfull. There is also plenty of organzations you can turn to. Also look in magazies they usally have helpful stuff, I know in a SEVENTEEN artical it said a # you could call I couldn't find it though, but keep a look out. And don't worry chances are it just your period and your only 13 so its normal for your period to be irregular. Hope I helped. Best of luck!

ok so my acne wasnt so bad about 2 or 3 months ago...i was just washing my face with a regular cleanser and not doing anything special. well i decided to take action and get rid of it and start using a low dosage of benzoyl peroxide on my acne...and it seems like me acne has gotten even worse!!! any advice on what could be happening/what i should be doing? (link)
If I were you I'd use something other than benzoyl peroxide it could be a reaction to that. The same thing happens to me if I used clear n clear stuff. Try and lay off the benzoyl peroxide if you what something for the acne maybe try some salic acid (spelt wrong)Hope I helped

ok im in 8th grade and 13 years old...and ive had my eye on this girl since 5th grade...i gave her starbursts so she would get the point but she thought i was just being nice...shes falling out of a good relation ship thats dieing hard...and i was long do you typically wait to ask out a girl, who's just getting out of a relationship...and she doesnt really care much for me annnnd to top it all off we dont go to the same school...but she's an amazing girl...13/m and i would prefer girls answering this Question (link)
I personally think that you sound really sweet and would love to be with a guy like you. When shes just upset help comfort her and let her know you care its a good feeling. Then just keep hangin till you thing the time is right, don't ask to soon though cuz that will probley not end well but if you become good firend wait a while thing might work out well. Good luck.

what can a girl who doesnt have a bf do to feel better on valentines day? Every valentines day I get really depressed because I never have a bf. I only had one bf and when it was valentines day he could ask me if he could borrow 10 dollars from me so he could buy me a gift!! When I see all my friends get excited about what their bf's will get for them it just further plummets me into depression. Does anyone have any ideas to make me feel better? (link)
Hey I feel your pain every valentines day I'm boyfirendless and you just have to learn to cope. Think of it this way there is a reason for everything and the best things in life are usally a surpise. So don't have any big expatations at all, you will feel better about your self. And who know something surprisingly good may come out of it who knows, just don't expect anything and don't be missrible all day if nothing happens, trust me I know It sucks but hey what can you do. Hope I helped.

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