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Hey I may be young but have a lot of life experience. I am not judgmental, but will tell you my opinion. For the past few months I have been using the account youareneveralone because this one had not been working...hopefully the problem is solved. Anyway I love to help people so please ask me whatever you need.
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i didnt read raisin in the sun, but someone on facebook made a group called "i am a dramatic looking man with a rather large package" what does this mean? (link)
i don't know what that has to do with the book but maybe they are talking about the movie version were were walter serously over acts and is very dramatic

do you still get a "period" if your on the pill and hav unprotected sex? (link)
well when your on the pill (it depends what kind) you will get your period for about 7 days each month. You are all the pills for the month but 7 or so don't have any hormones in them so you get your period the week you take those pills. They are usally a different color than the rest of the pills

this is really kind of embarrassing, but one of my boobs is noticibly(to me at least) bigger than the other. it really bothers me and makes me self concious in like bathings suits and other articles of clothing where you cannot wear a bra. So i was wondering, is there any way i can "even them out" or something? Thanks in advance. (link)
don't worry its normal but if you want to make it less noticible you can take a pad out of your bathing suit (the ones with removable pads on the cups) and add an extra one in on the side you need to make bigger on a different bathing suit. this way both sides have pads so it not wierd but the one, smaller side has two. Hope I could help


so theres this boy....and i feel like he's sending me mixed can I tell if he likes me?

and in four days im not going to see him for like another month (i mean we could schedule something in the mean time...but im not planning on seeing him for a month or's kind of just where our paths meet....i dont know what to do!

help! (link)
well just talk to him more than normal, like go out of your way to talk to him and try to understand the signals he gives you. Also pay attention to how he act in front of other girls. If he is giving them the same singals as you, then thats probably just how he act around girls...If not, well then you got something. You could also google "love quizzes" or something like that and take the random "does he like me" quizzes. That may not help as much, but its fun lol. Also if your not going to see him for a while don't be afraid to tell him how you feel, if all goes wrong you won't see him for a while so it won't be that bad. Hope I could help, Good luck

does fiji water just taste like regular water, or is there a different taste to it? (link)
Fiji water is my favorite kind. I think it taste way better, i feel as if it taste thinner. Some people don't understand when i say that but if you drank tap water or some other brand and then drank figi water you can taste the difference. hope i helped

does that clearasil ultra clearer skin in three days stuff work? or natures cure? if not what does. (link)
For me Clearasil Ultra made my skin worse in 3 days, but after a week of still using it my face started clearing up, but that just my face your could react differently, I also heard that natures cure drys your face out. Hope i could help

The kid I like is a horny, horny boy. And who can blame him? He hit puberty. He probably just wants action.
But my idea is that if I gave him a blowjob, he'd like it. If i told him that I'd keep doing it if he asked me out, we'd be together.

What does everyone think of this plan?

-Jordan (link)
Bad Idea, I mean sure u would be together but he would just be using you. And A relationship is not, and should not be based around sexual things, he will most likly take advantage of you and in the end you will end up hurt...just be careful and don't do anything you don't want to do. Hope I could help

im a girl and i sorta have a moustache.

should i pluck it?

do u girls pluck it? (link)
Wax it, its really not that painful, atleast a lot less painfull there then in other area lol. Just go to the drug store and get upper lip wax it probably around 4-7 dollers. hope i helped

i'm in ninth grade and i started my period in 6th grade. i still haven't used a tampon yet. i know people that just started their period, like, a week ago and they are already using a tampon. i guess i'm kind of scared to put it in.. i tried a couple times, but didn't go through with it. should i just suck it up and do it? does it hurt? is there any chance that i, like, won't be able to put it up there? i'm just scaredddd. any advice? (link)
My sister has the same problem she got her period in 6th grade and is now in 11th grade a still can't use one. She says it really hurts her when she trys. She was going to go to the gyno but never did. If it hurts you a lot just try that, i personally haven't tried yet...just be calm because when u stress you tense up and it harder to put in lol hope i could help

I'm 13 and i habe b36 boobs.I'm 120lbs and everything and i don't have my period. I don't want it- but I just wanna know when i'm going to get it. My mom died when I was younger so i can't ask her (duh haha), and my aunt can't remember. Is there like a website or something where you can plug in information and like get back a certain date?

thankss (link)
Don't worry my firend was very developed like you and hadn't had her period. she was worried that something was wrong, but eventually she got it when she was like 15. So don't worry it will come, but if you are really worried you could go to a doctor to make sure your ok. hope i helped

I'm so sick of being alive. Everything is so hard. I can't stand it. It's like I'm doing something wrong. I have few friends, but it doesn't matter because I don't like them. I don't like any one. People don't meet my standards and they never will. And when it comes to girls I have no idea what I'm doing. It's like there's some secret technique that every one but me seems to understand. My problems with girls contribute the most to my loneliness and depression. I'm unmotivated in school, because I care more about trying to find a place I belong, trying to find some one who understands me. I can hardly sleep because I'm always worrying about all this. I'm scared I'll never have friends. I'm scared I'll never have a good job. I'm scared I'll never have my first kiss or have sex, and if I do it will be with some one I don't want to do it with. Somewhere between now and the next few years I 100% sure I'll be dead. I can't take it anymore. I've been to therapy and they even locked me up like a criminal in a mental health ward, but to no avail. I hate life. I hate myself. I hate every one, especially if they're happy. I don't see things ever getting better. Please help me. And don't post anything about God, Jesus, or religion of any kind, it will be an automatic 1 on your rating. (link)
Maybe if you took a vaction to some random place and just took in the life around you, maybe it would inspire you. I'm sorry if this didn't help but if i come up with something better. Remember even though it seems like no one cares if you died people WILL be upset, i dont know you at all and i know if i found out you died i would be very very upset, so if i barly know you and feel this way im sure there are people who know that care and just don't express it. I hope you can find good advice and have a good life, and don't be scared to try something new.

Ok so a lot of people tell me i am too thin. I've done those online calculators and they say i am, but you can't really trust those things because they don't take in to consideration a lot of important factors, you know. So, I thought if people could look at my pic site and give me their honest opinion? Thanks. (link)
You are way to skinny please see a doctor as soon as possible and try to eat more!!

How do you open up a stand on harvest moon a beautiful life?

& how/where do you get butter? (link)
I have this for Game cube, it Harvest moon a wonderful life but it probably works the same. Go to the area were van sells his stuff (when hes not there) walk around and click A a screen should pop up and say sell... anyway you need to buy a new buliding to make butter you out milk in the machine when you get the knew building

I want to play field hockey for my jr year(nexet year) but I dont know how. I'm homeschooled now, and I dont know how to play. I'd like to learn how to play before then, do you guys know any sites, tricks, or whatever to help me? I know I cant learn through sites but anything would be helpful. (link)
hey! Field hockeys awesome try doing some camps over the summer, and if your highschool team does a camp together or something join them. try googleing how 2 play field hockey (i would do that 4 you but i have to go to dinner soon)haha anyway just try and learn the rules and just play around outside, oh and when your buying a stick measure it by how tall it it, if it goes up to wear your hip is ur good!! best of luck, oh and try to work out and get in good shape its tiring hope i could help!!

Ok, me and my boyfriend are both 17 and have been dating for almost 6 months. We have had sex without a condom twice and im not on any type of birth control. The first time was Oct. 25 and the second was Nov. 8. I was scared the first time we had sex that I was pregnant but decided i would wait for my period to get all worried about it. I seriously doubt i could have gotten pregnant from the first time cause it was only for like a minute. I got nervous and we stopped. The second time we again didnt use a condom. He pulled out before he came but maybe he didnt do it soon enough. Some of it got on my leg and I asked him if he came inside me and he said he definitely didnt and i didnt feel anything. My period is usually 4 1/2 weeks apart and my period should be coming any day now or could be a couple days late. I dont want anyone to know so thats why I havent gotten a pregnancy test yet. Is there any chance I could be pregnant? I'm so nervous and this is all i have been thinking about. My boyfriend says if i am pregnant that we are not getting an abortion but i dont know if i can handle a baby at this age. Help me please!
You have a good chance at being pregnant it doesn't really matter how long you can get pregnant as soon as u start doing it. And the whole pulling out thing, be very carefull becasue it is inpossible to control when its gonna come. Get a pregnanty test to find out. If you are pregnant put your baby up for adoption. This will be the best option for you and the baby. The baby can find a family that can supported it and you are to young to be a mother but are still giving your child life. Every child has the right to live. Hope i could help good luck

every time i make cookies they always come out crunchy whether i make it from scratch or cookie mix. How can i make my cookies less crunchy? Or at least like softer? please help! i really need to figure this out lol (link)
Try using a different baking sheet, if you use a lighter one it tends not to burn or cook them as quickly rather than a darker baking sheet. Aslo take them out a couple min. earlier them may seem like ther gonna fall apart but it you let them cool they won't and they will be chewy and soft. hope i could help!

Why don't most girls like it when guys say that they are hot. Isn't that a compliment? What's the big deal? (link)
When I guy says ur hot it means they wanna hook-up with you, like ur body and thats about it.

okay, well the last time i shaved was sometime 4 months ago. i couldn't shave again because my legs had like bruises and scratches and stuff because i play volleyball and basketball and i fall down and get hurt on my legs, and i couldnt shave because of all of those scratches and bruises. plus i didn`t want to hurt the wounds. (i've always been wearing jeans ever since) so today i went to the store and i bought this veet razorless hair removal thing that looks like this: so since my legs were kinda really hairy, it didn't work as well and after i used the veet i had to go over it with a razor because there were many spots that were still hairy. my question is: is the veet razorless hair removal thing worth it? will it work better next time since there isn't that much hair on my legs? how often should i use it? and if anyone tried it, how did it work for you? thanks so much! ♥ (link)
I used it once I left a stuble and it wasn't worth it, also I had some cut on my leg and put veet over it and it burn and made it alot worse so be careful about that.

My room has lots of junk and somethings are special to me but all they do is sit there and get all dusty!any good cleaning tips???
Jaime (link)
I have a major clutter problem too. This is what I do Get a large trash bag and go around your room and put everything on the fool in that bag (unless you really NEED it within the next week.)Then when you are done put the trash bag or bags (depending on how much juck you have) in your closet for about 3 or so months after that you have need that stuff so you probaly wont need it in the future so toss it out on the curb! Hope this helps!!!

i have this ENORMAS pimple that is growing on my chin. it is taking up my whole chin, literally. i'm not exaggerating here. the only problem is that the acne cream i use isn't working. i put 10% benzoyl peroxide on it last night and this morning it is just a HUGE bump. it is still underneath my skin, so there really isn't anything i can do. i'm afraid that it will be there for school (which is in exactly one week), what can i do to make it go away before it comes out? (link)
Buy Some draw out salve they cell it at Eckerd you put it on your zit put like a band aid on it and let it sit for about a hour. That will help draw the gross puss stuff to the surface then put a washcloth in warm water and put it on the zit to soften it. Then try to pop the zit. The same thing happened to me but it was on my neck (I know werid) anyway for me it sort of poped by it self when the draw out salve was on it. It didnt go away right away but it was just a small bump after that and with make-up it will be fine. Hope I helped good luck!

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