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Hey I may be young but have a lot of life experience. I am not judgmental, but will tell you my opinion. For the past few months I have been using the account youareneveralone because this one had not been working...hopefully the problem is solved. Anyway I love to help people so please ask me whatever you need.
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So When I"m doing anything with guys my vagina gets soo wet (ew) is there anyways i can not get that wet and do guys find that grosss ?
HEEELP PLEASE (: ? (link)
Don't worry about that at all! Your guy will think he is some sort of amazing sex god for turning you on so much! hahaha

I'm not sexually active but my vagina is always wet what can I do about it and what is causing it. i want to get married and want to please my husband (link)
Its pretty normal to be like that a lot of the time, as long as it is not enough to soak through an entire pad. If it smells really bad there might be an infection (obviously it won't smell very good anyway). From my experience and from what my friends say, it is normal a quite regular for them too. I noticed right after my period there is barley any though, for about a week. And don't worry about pleasing your husband. Guys don't mind wetness, they take it as you being turned on, by them, even though it may not have anything to do with that lol.

hi im 13 years old and im almost getting to my four pack but i have like fat on the side of me how can i make that go away quickly no matter what the health risk is i need to go to a pool party in a month (link)
yea you need to tone your oblique muscles. I found the most effective way is to lay on your back, bend your knees then let your knees both fall to one side (one knee on the ground, the other resting on that knee). Then do a crunch towards the opposite side your knees are facing. If you really want to tone your obliques do a least 200 (in sets of 25) of these about 4 times a week.

Also this will only tone the muscle, but in order to burn the fat in that area you must do cardio. This is the biggest misconception people have about doing ab exersives. They do 500 cruches and wonder why nothing happens. Its because toning mucsle really does not burn fat. So along with your cruches try and run, swim or do some other form of cardio 4-5 times a week.

Sorry this was pretty long. I hope you understood my crunch description, I found it very difficult to explain with out a picture lol. Hope I could have helped!

Is it okay to kiss my g/f on her forehead while we hug? Would she find that weird or ok? I love her a lot and want to show more affection for her. I don't want to make her uncomfortable or unhappy though. What are your thoughts on a guy kissing his girlfriend on the forehead? (link)
I think its really cute when I guys does that :)
But yea not constantly lol

Yeah, so I just purchased a new Nintendo Wii and would like to connect it to the internet. Do I need to buy something to connect my Nintendo Wii to the internet? If so, where would I purchase this Wii accesory, about how much would it cost, and do I need to bring someone in from my internet company to install it? (link)
In addition to what the person before me said, after you connected it to the internet in the settings if you want to browse the actual internet you have to downloaded the OPERA browser from the Wii store (not sure if that is exactly what it is called) The button for the store should be on your wii menu already. The browser is $5 i think. It is a one time fee.

My face is SO dry. I look like a snake shedding it's skin and it's really scary looking. I moved to a really windy place recently and my face went nuts. It's so dry that when I open my mouth it feels like it's cracking open. It hurts so bad and I've had to check a few times if it was actually bleeding! The flakes of dry skin coming off are HUGE! It's embarrassing!

I've tried putting aloe vera gel on it but it seems like it dries it out even more. I bought a vitamin E stick from WalMart and rubbed it on my face but it doesn't moisturize enough and made my face hurt even more. Now I'm putting hand lotion (from Avon) on my face--slathering it on thickly. I'm afraid that the lotion is going to make me break out though since it has all of those perfumes in it.

How can I moisturize my extremely dry face? (link)
okay, this happens to me in the winter and its really bad. First you need to exfoliate, use a exfoliating scrub or lufa. After you get all the dead and peeling dry skin off, moisturize. Get a good face moisturizer for dry skin. I know your afraid of breaking out but do not get the oil free kind. It really will do absolutely nothing for you. Do this twice a day until its noticeably better, then when needed. I used ULTAs natural glow face moisturizer and it worked well, but it really doesn't matter as long as it is for the face and is not oil free.

wanted to stay friends i agreed to stay friends i dont know why mabe because part of me wants him back.But now things are ackward because he will text me and ask me to go hang out with and he will this person he left me for.So how can stay friends with him if i am always going to feel ackward when i am around him.. i dont know what to do please help me.... (link)
If you ever really loved some one you can never be just friends with sucks but its true. And he obviously doesn't care much about your feelings at all so even as just a friend he is not worth it.

For prom I have picked out a multi-colored dress , is that okay? Because for most, alot of girls pick out one prom dress that is only one color. I want to stand out, but I'm kind of scared to wear this dress to prom. It is a prom dress though. So is it okay to wear a prom dress that is multi-colored or is it too over the top for prom?

(P.S.) This is not my prom, this is my boyfriends prom. (link)
omg wow this is such a coincidence, I bought a multi colored dress for my prom and I was just worrying about it when I went to this site.

From what everyone tells me it is not over the top at all. I looked at pictures from past prom and a lot of girls wear different colored dresses and it works for them. I choose my dress for the same reason, I normally do not wear anything to stand out and I know I will be noticed in this dress. I am just a little worried b/c im not used to standing out.

It is definitely prom appropriate and you will not just fade into the background!!!

Like it sucks. I just lost all my friends. My family always yells at me. I hate it. I'm so sick of it, its the same thing over and over agian. My life is also really boring. I do the same thing everyday. I want to go to bording school to get a fresh start but my mom just starts crying and is like i can't loose you, but then why does she treat me like shit? what can i do to make my life better?

14/f (link)
Hang in there, these are tough times and family life can also be incredibly difficult when each person is dealing with their own issues. I actually went through a very similar experience in my life, so here is the advice I can give you.

1- your parents- something must be bothering them whether it is trust issues/ or something that does not pertain to you at all. Figure that out, try to talk about it. Remember if she is going through her own issues she may just be using you as an outlet to her frustration. If this is the case let her know how you feel, even if she get mad at have to try.
2- with your friends I find that it is much easier to walk around anti-social, depressed feeling sorry for your self than it is to get your self out there. You need to put on a happy face and put some real effort into getting new friends. Act like your happy so people will like you more...eventually you will be happier.
3- and as for your overall mood I suggest religion. Now in no way am I trying to push religion on you...but if you are at all the slightest bit religious try and put your faith into that. When a similar situation happened to me my faith is really want got me through it. It helped give me patience and forgive my family and gave me a new, brighter outlook on life...It really did save me. But again I am not trying to push religion on you, its just what I found most effective.
4- as for boarding school you will be going to college in a couple years but if you can afford it, it may help...what about a private school in your area so you can stay home? Also remember your mother probably also is upset over your relationship, if you leave she may feel that, that is the last straw and you two will never be able to repair your relationship and she will loose you forever...

I hope I could help if you want to talk more about anything I mentioned or whatever please message me!!!! sorry this was very long i really want to get a purity ring and practice abstinence..but..

i've gone past the line before..i havent had sex..but i've done stuff other than fooled around and stuff...but is'nt it common for people to do that? like..after they've done stuff they promsise to not do it anymore and they get a purity ring?

and what is that called exactly? (link)
yea many people reclaim their virginity ask God to forgive them and promise to stay pure until marriage. (I'm assuming your doing this for religious reasons but if not good for you!)

I'm pretty sure its called reclaiming your virginity or becoming a second-generation virgin

good luck! I am actually trying to do the exact same thing!

Hey, I'm kayla. I'm 14. And I'm looking for a babysitting job. You of course will have to speak with my parents first before I babysit. But I live in Fresno, California. I have been babysitting a lil girl who is 4, for about 2months. But I have known her since she was born.I have alot of babysitting skills. And childcare skills. I of course will feed your child, do the dishes that the children make a mess in. I will clean, of course with just a lil extra charge. I will never hit a child. There is of course time outs. Only if the child or children have done something to where they need a time out. I love doing fun activities with the children. Like painting a picture or coloring or just sitting around watching a movie. If you have any questions or help on where I can look to get a babysitting job. Just leave a comment. Thanks so much. =) (link)
I don't think you are going to get much business by advertising on advicenators, but a good way to get your name out there is to make some flyers with those little tabs you can pull off with your phone number on them. Post them on the local cork boards at your food store, post office, coffee shop or wherever. My friends and I did this a couple years ago and we actually got a lot of offers!

I'm in 8th grade and I heard a lot of stuff 'bout high school. I heard about cliques (which kinda scared me) and about the work gettin harder and gettin more of it (more school work, that's impossible). So I need some trues or fakes. Are there the cliques? Is the work harder? Is there more work? Will it all be worth it? Am I gonna lose my mind on the first day? (please don't awnser that last one). Ok, 1 more question. What will high school really be like? I fu can help, then thnx. If not, then thnx anyway. Laters! (link)
hey don't worry high school is definitely better than middle school no matter what kind of person you are. Yes there are cliques, but in my experience the cliques in middle school are MUCH worse. Freshman year was also my easiest year by far. B/c you are ajusting to high school your won't really be bambarded with work. The first day will probably be stressful but you will calm down with in a couple of days, don't worry!

1- Walk around the school before your first day, and find all your classes, don't relie on a freshman orinatation, it does not help nearly enough
2- Don't slak off freshman year you will want to kick your self for slaking in your easy classes when the work really gets tough, like in your jounior year.
3-Don't worry! Get involved with several programs in your school and have fun!!!

overall high school will be a mix of new friends, new experiences, tough choices, SATs, and fun.

does anyone have any tips on getting into castleton state college in vermont? im a sophomore in high school and have wanted to go there for quite some time now and i want to do as much as possible to increase my chances of getting accepted. im in all high level classes and unweighted i have 81-95 in all of them. so weighted they are all in the 90's. anything else about the college would be great. (link)
Hey, well I know that my mother went there and she loved it. I don't think its all too difficult to get into either, if your doing well in your high level classes you have a very good chance at getting in. There min SAT scores are pretty low too.

Um and some stuff about the college, I know that a lot of the alumni have put loads of there money into the school and they keep expanding and adding more things so it keeps getting better and better. It also is a really small school, which you probably know, but just keep that in mind

hope I could help

btw go to a research it.

I love the video's that like taylor swift puts out. What kind of video editing program would i need to do this with? anything will work. if you don't know what kind of videos she puts out go look at her myspace. she has a lot of vids. (link)
well if your talking about her youtube videos than you can really edit your videos with any basic program. If you have a PC you should already have windows movie maker which will work just fine, if you have a mac im sure there is some kind of similar software already of your computer.

If not, or you want more sophisticated software(not really necessary) you can go to best buy and purchase one.

I need help choosing a topic for my compare/contrast essay. Any suggestions will help. Thanks!! (link)
here are some...
1- judaism vs christianity
2-lives of american to those in other countries
3- the roles of women now and, in the 19th century

hope i could help!

When all I'm doing is making out with my boyfriend, he gets hard. I mean, we're like laying together and stuff, but is that normal, for guys to get hard from just making out? (link)
haha yea guys tend to get hard easy, lol take it as a complment

I prefer having girls answer this question, but. I had my period on May 19, and had it for 5 days. It should be over now, but now I'm getting brown discharge, but it only happens once a day. So far, this has been happening for 3 days, but I don't get why I'm getting brown discharge when my period is over.
Any answers would help :)
thanks (link)
its just old blood, it happens to alot of girls its completly normal, you are also young it happened to me alot more when I was about your age.

I absolutely love the clothes and styles at Victoria's but i also cant afford to shop there all the time. so does anyone know of some different stores that sell the same type of clothes at cheaper prices. One of my favorites is wet seal but besides that, i have no idea. Also does anyone know of a store that sells cute dresses like the Victoria's Secret ones. (oh and i already know of Hollister and American Eagle, etc so besides those)
Thanks =) (link)
heritage 1981, is a really good store, even cheaper than forever 21 and has alot of cute stuff, if you don't have one in your area just go on the website

is there anything i can do to get my boobs bigger (link)
the only thing that will do anything is wearing a push up bra, which will make them only appear to look bigger. And Birth Control, many people boob size has increased substantially because of birth control, but everyone is different and there is no guarantee.

For mother's day, my mom is working all day, so I figured I'd make dinner. I want to make something really nice and not outrageously expensive. Any ideas? Thanks in advance! (link)
hey sry if u didnt want links but the best things to do is just browse around and find something u like, here is a great website, they have great recipes for any occasion.

hope I could help

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