I'm Sarah, i'm 16. I'm a typical 16 year old girl. I'm a junior in high school. The thing thats gets on peoples nerves most about me is that i'm too sarcastic. But I can be serious...sometimes. I just got a car that I love but its already very messy...like me. I am not clean, or organized...sometimes I don't even know what the term means.

I just got a job and was late on my 3rd day. I am late to almost everything. As you can see I am far from perfect, but I accecpt myself as me. I'm not perfect in school, actually I am going to summer school this summer, but to me, it's not that big of a deal. Things don't phase me like they do other people...

I am a little spoiled. My dad lets me keep his credit card and gives me money on it that he doesn't even have. My mom gives me her debit card way to often and usually is to ditzy to notice what I do on it. I love my parents. My grandmother is pretty rich and gives me money to come visit her...and sent me money to buy stuff for work...she sent me way more than I needed and I love her very much too! =)

I lost my grandpa 2 years ago and i miss him to this day. He was one of those people that you can't forget and no matter how much pain it causes you to think of them, you never even want to forget them, becuase you feel somewhat empty. He was one of the greatest people to me and I love him and miss him very much and cant wait until we meet up again.

When i'm am not working or not in school...i sleep as late as possible and stay in my pj's all day. I am not one of those people that gets dress to sit at home. I will go out in my pjs if i have to. To me, what people think about me is not as important as what I think about myself.

Some of my favorite things:
tv, movies, summer, not having school, beach, vacations anywhere, music (country and alternative rock), my mom (she is hilarious and i couldnt live without her...shes one of my best friends), my job (i love making money), my car, my fanily.

I am very typical but unique in my own way. I can sing very good, by myself in my car or in the shower...thats it! When i get bored I love to color...but i am really 16...not 10.

I have been through so much...my parents were divorced when i was 2 and i lived with my mom...she has had many boyfriends, and we have lived with a few...she has been engaged and married once before. That was really hard on me, harder than she or anyone thinks.
1. i had to leave all my friends and move an hour away to somewhere i had never lived before and move in with people I bearly knew.
2. i am an only child and the man she married had 2 kids. peroid.
Dont get me wrong, I loved his kids but when you are an only child for 15 years then get mixed with a 13 year old boy and a 9 year old girl that are used to getting everything they want and never doing anything....cant be good.
Me and his daughter got really close and as much as I dont like to admit it, it really hurt me when we couldn't be step sisters anymore. and her brother, he and I were alike in some ways and not in others, he was very carcastic like me which isnt always a good thing but sometimes is. We got along but i was shy and he was a little to. But we had just gotten used to each other when my mom told me they were getting a divorce...i wasn't suprised.

There are many other things about me that I am not going to bore you with because I want you to get to the end without falling asleep...if you have even gotten this far...

Now if you have read this far already which i really dont think you have...then you can ask me a question. I like giving advice...it makes me feel wise, and people tell me i am not to bad at it...so go ahead...its its stupid...you will feel the warth of my sarcasim....but its serious...then i will be as serious as my sarcasim permits....so just find out.

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I have a pet monkey. I also have an awesome girlfriend who I plan to ask for her hand in marrage. I love her a lot and she means the world to me. However.. I had alredy bought a very expensive white gold and diamond encrusted engagement ring. But.. I know this is going to sound stupid and made up.. but my monkey ate it. He seriously honest to god te it! I dont have enough money to buy her a new one.. so what to I do?

if you take the monkey to the vet then they can get it out or give him laxatives and he will poop it out...sounds nice......and i wouldn't tell your girlfriend because if it were me i would not want to wear a ring that had been in a monkey and i also would not want to know that the man i was going to marry left a diamond ring out for a monkey to eat....


Well this morning i woke up and my boob was hurting. what could this mean?? 14/f. thanks


its nothing, your boobs are growing..they will hurt sometimes when they grow...its not a big deal...


ive been dating my boyfriend for 9 months and we are very serious. does anyone have any romantic ideas/surprise ideas/ gift ideas for any day.... including our one year anniversary or our 10 and 11 month anniversary? thanks....



what are a few good brands of powder or concealers? my skin is somewhat greasy, but only in the T zone... also i have a scar on my cheeck from surgery, so what are some sort of makeup things i can put on to mkae the scar less noticable?(like face makeup stuff) thanks!!

for the scar, use concelor, and for your t-zone just find a makeup that says for oily skin...and make sure its dry powder not wet...


if you are 15 and you have had sex before and your clit is really sensitive when touched or messed with wat does this mean?

every girls citorous is sensitive when touched, it has thousands, or millions (i cant remember) nerves in it...its normal...


does anyone have any ideas about what to name my puppy? hes a black lab and hes so cuddly, and hea boy...and fluffy..i rate high!thnx bub byez



My name is Jack and I'm 22. Sorry if this is long but I really need the help. I recently found out that I have a 15 year old half sister named sarah. I've been searching for her for a long time and I finally found her. Well when I first saw her I noticed that she had scars on her arms that I think were from cutting herself. The more I talked to her the more I noticed something was wrong. At first she wasn't saying much I figured that was normal I mean she had never met me before and she had just found out that I was her half brother. I've been seeing her everyday for about 2 weeks now and she still seems really nervous like she's almost afriad to get to know me. I've also been trying to meet my father but evertime I go to see him she comes to the door and says he's not home even though his car is there. I asked to meet her mom and she said that she wasn't home either. This goes everynight. Well this afternoon I stopped by without calling first so sarah didn't know I was coming I wanted to surprise her. I heard yelling so I tried to see what was going on but the door was locked. I stood there for 5 minutes before my sarah came to the door. She looked like she was limping and seemed to be in pain. She said that she was going to a friends house so she couldn't go with me today. I asked about her parents again and again they weren't home. Well after she left I went in the house I saw that my father was drunk and her mother was too. I think they could be abusing but I just don't understand why she would hide it. I'm really worried about her. She's a really nice kid and I don't know what to do. I'm beginning to form a relationship with my sister and I don't want to ruin that. Getting to know my father isn't that important to me right now because I've found something better. What should I do to make sure that suspicions are correct? and don't say talk to her because she won't tell me. Also if she is being abused would it be a good idea to turn her parents in even if she doesn't want me to? I'm thinking about asking her to come live with me but I don't know much about 15 year old girls. Would having her move in with me be a good idear or are there other options that will be better for her?
Thank you in advance


Hi Jack.
Well is really sounds like your suspicions are correct and even if they aren't, it is definitly worth the try to find out! She may not be saying anything because she is scared of what her father might do to her. She is probably shy around many people because if he abuses her physicly then he probably does in emotionally and mentally also. That may be one of the reasons she is hiding it from you is because her father told her to and she has been so brainwashed by him that she believes she deserves what he is doing which isn't right. You should definitly call social services or the police. I don't know how they would feel about her living with you but its better then her current living situation. I am only 16 and not sure of the options you both have or what the laws are where you live, but anyone could see from what you are describing that they wouldn't make her stay there. I think you should definitly do something about this no matter what it is, even if it's getting her out of there yourself without help! You should do something about this, even if she doesn't want to. No matter if it ends up with her living with you or maybe even in a foster home, its definitly better than where she is now. Good luck and I hope whatever you decide ends well!


Hi people! i would just like to point out that if you rate a question it will say "this question rated 5 time with an average rating of 2" i would like that to be changed to times for more than ne rating. I hope the administrator changes this because it makes the site look better without grammer errors. Thanks.

if you can rate questions then that means you are at least a level 1 mod which means you can go to the mod discussion...why dont you suggest it there instead of doing it to the whole site...which cant do anything about it....


I got a cyst removed from my back and got about 5 stiches in. How can I prevent getting a scar?

make sure you keep the area clean so it wont get infected and keep neosporian (sp) on it...that helps reduce the appearence of scars...


Hey! Im only 13 yr's old..my mom messed up in the past and its taking college classes to get a good job, and my dad has a disease and so he cant work that often. My parents are also divorced...so My family doesnt have to much money. It sux having to much money..so I was wondering, are there ne jobs out there for 13 yr olds ( I am mature ) besides babysitting?

I do rate very high and send feedback..but i rly need help!!!


most places do not care how mature you are...if your not the appropiate age then they wont hire you...i am 16 and applied at about 50 places before i got a job, i started appying in febuary and just got the job last week so its not as easy as people think. If there are any little shops around where you live that dont involve alcohol or kitchen with hot thing (i.e. grills, stoves) you could ask them about a job. Maybe like a small ice cream shop or small clothing store...you could go to a grocery store and see if they need baggers or stock people. I know these dont sound vbery good but where i live, it doesnt matter if they have no one working there and they need people, if your not the right age they dont care. Its not really them, but laws say no one under 15 is to work and some places you have to be 16 and some you have to be 18 and some 21...so you just really need to look. Good luck!! and i know you said no babysitting but if you got some people that you regularly babysat for and had set prices, it may not be bad money...


Yes, well i'm rather young and I get around a lot and I dont ever use a condom. (the boy) because I dont even have my period yet but does this mean that I can still get std's?? If yes, do they make a condom made of paper or something cuz im allergic to the plasticy rubber stuff.
I rate fairly high!!

yes you definitly could! they make a condom out of sheep skin...it sounds weird but there out there.


I think that i'm pregnant because last month I lost my virginity to a guy and I have a strange craving for egg-McMuffins and I gained 3 pounds. Is this the early sign of pregnancy??
By the way:
-I haven't ever started my period and I didn't use a condom

Do all of these signs mean that I'm pregnant??

Take a pregnancy test...these may be symptoms but the only way you will know if you take a prenancy test....


were can i find music for free besides launch.com?

i use bearshare at www.bearshare.com
its very good...


I am going to Australia in July 2006 to play soccer and represent the U.S. in the Youth Friendship Games. Unfortunately, the opportunity is ratehr expensive. about $6,000. I have a year to come up with the money, that means earning money, having fundraisers, and getting sponsers. I am 14 years old, female and live in a rather small town in southern Maine. Can you please give me ideas of companies who might sponser me, ideas of how to earn money, fundraiser ideas?
I REALLLY want to be able to go on this trip. PLEASE HELP!! If you want to know more about the program or want to talk to me more directly answer this and let me know and leave your email. That way I can email you. Thanks to anyone who answers!


That is an awesome opportunity! Ask your parents if the people they work for could sponser you. What about your school? You could try babysitting and save money from that too. See if there are any places near you that hire 14 year olds. I know you would have to do probably all of these ideas yo raise that much money but if you try and you can get sponsers and save all the money you can get, then hopefully it will work out! Good Luck...i hope you get to go because it sound so fun!!


is there any way possible to make your period come soon? cuz i have to go swimming on the 1st of june and on the 6th of june and my period is due on the 1st of june. and i dont want to be on my period then. so is it possible to make it come really eary? like now? thanks in advance and ill rate you.

I don't think there is any way to MAKE your period come, just wear a tampon, you can have them in while you are swimming and you wont leak or anything and they are easy to use. Good luck!


ive recently been coughthing up blood and ive also had a high temperature and sometimes find it hard to breath occasionally it comes and goes what could it be? My mom and dad are alcoholics so they are never really at home i have told my mom thoe and she ses it will pass is that true.

You definitly need to see a doctor, no matter how you get there...maybe a friend or a friends parents can but coughing up blood is VERY VERY bad and having a high temp. doesnt make it any better. If you wait for it to pass it could come back and be worse and and your shortness of breathe could get worse and worse. I don't think anyone on here are professional doctors but these symptoms are not good! Please find a way to see a doctor!
Good Luck!!


My name is "Katheine" and I am 17 years old (about to turn 18 in November). I have a ..friend?.. a friend named "Jeff". We dated almost three and a half years ago. We only dated for a few months.. but I fell in love. I know it might sound stupid to you, like "Oh, how cute, she thinks she's in love." Two words: Bite me. :)In all honesty, "Jeff" was and still is (whether I will admit it or not) is my love. We've been through a lot over these three years, in our own personal lives and what we've put each other through. We've also grown up. But the fact is, He loves me. He honestly loves me. We've been friends and a little bit more for the past three and a half years. Recently (as in the past 5 months) he has bluntly thrown in my face and said to me, "I love you,Katherine." I want to date him again. I want to try this for real, he's matured greatly (which was needed for me to ever date him again). There is just one problem, He's joined the Navy.

He joined in early March. He told me of course, but I kept my mouth shut on the subject. Hes being deployed in October. He now has about 5 to 6 months left to stay here.

The problem is, should I start dating him? I know it will take a lot of effort on my part. But whether I am dating him or not, when he leaves for the Navy I will miss him just as badly. He's one of my best friends, and hell, I love him. Letting him go won't be the hard part, trying to hide my longing and worry for him will. What can I say? I will miss him! And I won't know how long it might be before I see him again. This question has been on my mind for about a month now, and I don't know what to do. I'm scared to make the wrong move, especially when I don't even have all the facts (I mean about service in the Navy).

If anyone could please give me some helpful adivce, I would be very thankful. If anyone who has a boyfriend or girlfriend in the military could write me back, that would be even more helpful. Thank you.

I don't have a boyfriend in the navy or military or anything, but I will try to help. I know any desicion you make (whether its to date him for 5-6 monthes and then get your heart broken or to just go ahead and break it now without dating him) but this is what I would do if I was in your position. Spend all the time you can with him before he goes. Every moment you can be with him, be there. You never really how long he could be gone and you could just start things up were you left off when he comes back. I know it will be hard for you when he leaves because you will miss him, but its better to put your feelings out there now and be with each other than never having done it at all. You may have better judgement about the situation in knowing if you should make you move, but in my opinion, you guys should be together because its clear you both love each other. Once he leaves, yall will still be able to talk and everything, it will just be something you have to go through that will, in the end, make your relationship stronger. I hope this helps some, and good luck with you and Jeff in any decision you make.


Honestly, do you think its too babyish to have a pinata and play the limbo at my Luau thenned sweet 16?
Any suggestions or websites for decorating? thank you all..fives for decent answers




hopefully those will help some with the decorations. as for the pinata and limbo, just decide whether you would have fun with them or not and if your friends would. i personally would not have them but my sweet 16 was not a hawaiiann themed.

I hope this helps! Good luck!
and happy sweet sixteen!!!!


Ok well im a singer and i sing in like coffee houses and stuff. Well i sing like country music and the 2 songs i always sing are Whiskey Lullaby with a guy and God's Will, and whenver i sing them i always start crying and i dont do a good job, how can i get over this?

yeah those are sad,
When your singing, try and focus on something else, maybe the audience ar your singing partner and just get up there and sing but think of something else while you are singing...hope this helps! good luck!


I have no idea where I want to go to college. I have an idea of what I want to do but where do I go? Scholarships would be nice. I've been looking but I think I'm just really lost now. What should I do?

First you should decide where you want to (what state) or if you want to stay near your house or what. Then after you decide that, look up the colleges there and go through them and figure out the best ones for you. You could see which ones have the best programs for what you want to do. Hope this helps!

i dont really know much about scholarships but you get them for extra curicular activities you do in school so you could ask someone at school about those...


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