I'm Sarah, i'm 16. I'm a typical 16 year old girl. I'm a junior in high school. The thing thats gets on peoples nerves most about me is that i'm too sarcastic. But I can be serious...sometimes. I just got a car that I love but its already very messy...like me. I am not clean, or organized...sometimes I don't even know what the term means.

I just got a job and was late on my 3rd day. I am late to almost everything. As you can see I am far from perfect, but I accecpt myself as me. I'm not perfect in school, actually I am going to summer school this summer, but to me, it's not that big of a deal. Things don't phase me like they do other people...

I am a little spoiled. My dad lets me keep his credit card and gives me money on it that he doesn't even have. My mom gives me her debit card way to often and usually is to ditzy to notice what I do on it. I love my parents. My grandmother is pretty rich and gives me money to come visit her...and sent me money to buy stuff for work...she sent me way more than I needed and I love her very much too! =)

I lost my grandpa 2 years ago and i miss him to this day. He was one of those people that you can't forget and no matter how much pain it causes you to think of them, you never even want to forget them, becuase you feel somewhat empty. He was one of the greatest people to me and I love him and miss him very much and cant wait until we meet up again.

When i'm am not working or not in school...i sleep as late as possible and stay in my pj's all day. I am not one of those people that gets dress to sit at home. I will go out in my pjs if i have to. To me, what people think about me is not as important as what I think about myself.

Some of my favorite things:
tv, movies, summer, not having school, beach, vacations anywhere, music (country and alternative rock), my mom (she is hilarious and i couldnt live without her...shes one of my best friends), my job (i love making money), my car, my fanily.

I am very typical but unique in my own way. I can sing very good, by myself in my car or in the shower...thats it! When i get bored I love to color...but i am really 16...not 10.

I have been through so much...my parents were divorced when i was 2 and i lived with my mom...she has had many boyfriends, and we have lived with a few...she has been engaged and married once before. That was really hard on me, harder than she or anyone thinks.
1. i had to leave all my friends and move an hour away to somewhere i had never lived before and move in with people I bearly knew.
2. i am an only child and the man she married had 2 kids. peroid.
Dont get me wrong, I loved his kids but when you are an only child for 15 years then get mixed with a 13 year old boy and a 9 year old girl that are used to getting everything they want and never doing anything....cant be good.
Me and his daughter got really close and as much as I dont like to admit it, it really hurt me when we couldn't be step sisters anymore. and her brother, he and I were alike in some ways and not in others, he was very carcastic like me which isnt always a good thing but sometimes is. We got along but i was shy and he was a little to. But we had just gotten used to each other when my mom told me they were getting a divorce...i wasn't suprised.

There are many other things about me that I am not going to bore you with because I want you to get to the end without falling asleep...if you have even gotten this far...

Now if you have read this far already which i really dont think you have...then you can ask me a question. I like giving advice...it makes me feel wise, and people tell me i am not to bad at it...so go ahead...its its stupid...you will feel the warth of my sarcasim....but its serious...then i will be as serious as my sarcasim permits....so just find out.

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Hey everyone I asked a Q about this poem a litle while back and I think I'm done but to those that answered before I would like to know what they think. and to all advicenators too but is it good at all now? just let me know please. Thanks.

No More
You laugh at me, You point.
You say "how weird!"
You say "how ugly!"
You say "how stupid!"

I turn the other cheek so you can just laugh and point some more.

I have cried my tears. I have hated myself for you.

There were times when I couldn't see through my tears and somehow I found the strengh to turn the other cheek but still you laughed and pointed more.
So in this poem I want to tell you that the days of your laughing and pointing are no more.
When I see you I laugh and say ""How Pathetic!"".
You have put me through this torment for you own satisfaction but no more.

I have cryed my tears. I have hated myself for you but No More.

in my opinon its pretty good!!!


There is this kid that i babysit..he is very difficylt to babysit and i wish i would get more money for babysitting him... i only get 20 dollars a day should i approach the mom and ask for more or keep my job and stay at the same amount?

i think 20$ a day is very resonable...when i babysit i get 15$ a day and i am fine with that but if u feel that u deserve more money then just go up 2 her and say u think u deserve more money...if u have douts about it them i would say stay where u r becuz thats a very good amount of money for one child per day


i have a friend who has been losing and gaining weight, and now she has stretch marks and she's only 16, she feels really bad about them, because now, she has lost weight and she is down to the size that she wants to be at, i keep telling her she is fine, but she won't listen... is there any way to get rid of these evil, evil stretchmarks thats making my friend sad?

try coco butter or vitimin E oil...u can get a bottle with both....


I wana a 6-pack! How do I get it? Waht do I have to do to get a 6-pack?

if u have low body fat u need 2 to crunches and throw downs...if u dont have low body fat then u will not see a 6-pack no matter how many crunches u do....


Is there anyway I could get a bigger butt? (certain foods I must eat or exercises I must do?)

u could do exercises that that build muscle in ur butt like lunges or squats...


i met this guy but even though i chaned schools we use to hang out. and we ended up dating and we broke up since he didnt want a commitment. but from time to time we hook up even though we dont go out. I dont like him so should i still be hooking up with him?

no becuz in the long run and cud hurt both of u...


whats the best sunless tanner?.. and what is the best way to apply it to come out the best?.. thnx

this new loreal stuff is pretty good...just apply it like it say but make sure u wash ur hand as soon as u get done and dont put much on ur elbows, knees, back of ur knees, ankles, and feet...it ends up looking clumpy and bad!!


does anyone know of some good art websites.. or websites that show you tecniques of painting or spray painting?

if u wanna go it urself u can look at some of those "do it yourself" websites....


i can't act normal around my boyfriend. i act like a bimbo and i show off. i tried to explain it to him but he doesn't really understand, my friends hate the way i act round him and so do i. i really like him, i don't wanna break up with him but i've tried to be myself but i can't. what do i do? :(

that sounds kinda normal if u just started going out....u will calm down and get normal around him...just give it time...


i watch a little girl on a friday6 she drives me crazy what shouyld i do to calm her down

ha..that sounds like me when i babysit my 10 year old step-sister...just for a little bit do something that will make her tired and then put on a movie or something...dont let her eat any candy or anything with caffinee or sugar...



My names Dawn and im 15

I live in New York

ive never had a boyfriend, and ive fallen in love with this dude online

He's names Mark and he lives in Cali, he's 17

We talk on the phone all the time

and we are kinda bf and gf

but lately ive had second thoughts, i mean he does live like really far away, BUT I STILL LOVE HIM

should i break up with him? or what??????


hi dawn...
ok...even though u "may" love him...yall or on opposite sides of the country...it would be hard 2 have a good relationship...i know that doesnt sound nice but its true...u have never spent any time 2gether so do u really know if ur competible or not??...think about it..i think it would be hard 2 have a relationship like that??....u should do what u think is best but make sure u look at the pros AND the cons!!...:]



im a 14 yr old female. ive got a boyfriend and hes recently aske me 2 give him a blowjob. im scared my parents will find out

wat shud i do???

rite now it only matters what u wanna do...if u dont wanna do THEN DONT!!!! dont let him push u to do anything u dont wanna do...but i do think it would be pretty hard for ur parents 2 find out...


can u get birth control without ur parents knowing?

it depends on where u live and how old u r but u can go u a planned parent hood or ur doctor and ask.


alicia.. i just wanted to let u know that this is so cool what u do! helping people so much and u are so pretty!!anyways.. i have a problem. ok i have a boyfriend and weve been together for awhile and last weekend i went out of town and met this great guy! we like hung out the whole time.. i mean we were just friends but we flirted a lot! i think i might have something for him.. and i dont know what to do should i just forget about it or act on my feelings... also my friend has a crush on him also but im almost sure she mean nothing to him.. thanx a lot.. sorry if this confused u!

im not alicia but i can answer it for u...even though u like this guy...u have a boy friend..and u said u have been with him for a while..do u really wanna leave ur bf for this guy u just met...?? :]


umm when u shave *down there* lol yah do u shave all of it or what..what r u suppose to do??

yeh u can shave all of it and a tip...dont shave against the grain...shave with it. :]


Okie dokie! I like your advice.. you give way betta advice then alicia hehe! so heres my situation. I like this guy at my skool.. and i'm not sure if he likes me. But he says he doesn't want a relationship, he thinks high school relationships are pointless because he thinks your not gonan be with the person u fate from high skool 4eva but yea he's wierd lol! But i mean we have fun together and i unno y he doesn't wanna hook up! what sha'll i do?

ok...have u just talked 2 him...tell him how much u like him (with out being obsessive :]) and maybe explain 2 him that not all high school relationships r pointless...some can last for a long time and even if u dont end up with each other after high school its ok...and if he still says no...maybe its just better to be friends...u can find someone different(better ;])...hope this helps :]


Hey Sarah! Ok, I have a boyfriend and he's wonderful to me. But im soo different from the girls he usually goes out with. Around school he i known as a player and always hooking up with lots of girls and stuff, but he's told me ive changed him and he loves me and would never do that 2 me. and hes truly happy with me and he's never had that before. and i really want 2 believe him but i have the hardest time because of his past. And i was also his best friend before our relationship so i KNOW EXACTLY how he is with girls and stuff, and he's known 2 lie a lot. but ive really fallen in love with him. and ive talked 2 him bout this be4 but i still can't find it in me to rlly trust him, wut do i do?! please help!

trust issues

well pple can change but if u still dont believe him, maybe talk 2 some of his friends and ask them if he has really changed. He may have this bad past but maybe u have made him change....is he with u like he was with with the girls that he was going out with when yall were best friends??...how long have yall been going out...if it has been a while and u know he hasnt cheated on u or anything i would say he was telling the truth...if its not been that long then just see how it goes if u find out he was lieing then u dont need 2 be with him anyway.
tell me how everything goes ok? hope this helps :)


Ok so heres the problem! i was talkin to this i meet in a cahtroom and we got realy really close. BUt i had lied to him about my picstures and we were talkin for about liek 3month and then i finally told him those pics weren't real and he got realyl mad. I showed him the real me but things change. I dunno if i was cause of my looks or because i lied to him. What can i do about this situation? I still love him.

well try to talk to him again and ask him why things changed...if he says its becuz of your looks then u dont need him anyway becuz thats shallow...but if he says its becuz u lied then tell him that u r really sorry and u did it becuz u really liked him and wanted him 2 like u...hopefully he should understand...come back after u talk 2 him again and tell me what happens...hope this helps!! :)


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