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Any tips for giving head?
I think I got it down, but once the guy cums..
Is it bad.. to keep pleasuring them?
[I've heard stories.. that it hurts the guy?]

Typically questions like these get deleted on here because we cannot give out how-to info about sexual practices. The person who asks as well as the person who answers giving such tips to minors usually are instantly banned and for damn good reason.

I wanted to point that out incase you are wondering why there are so low a number of responses. To answer your question it's not wrong to keep pleasuring him after he ejaculates and it won't hurt him any.

However, his penis is going to be ten times as sensitive and much like your clitoris as an example won't be able to withstand all that stimulation. You should ask him if he wants you to stop or keep going.

The thing is even if anyone did give you tips you couldn't use them anyways as every guy responds to different stimulation. The key to satisfying him is to ask him what he would like and if this or that feels good or not.

Have him guide you along and also speak to him before and afterwards about it to get a sense of what he did or didn't enjoy or will enjoy and or why he didn't. You need to know also what he doesn't like. You cannot be expected to know how to please him otherwise.

I've been giving my boyfriend handjobs and recently a blowjob.

And in those times.. he has stopped pleasuring me. He doesn't really touch me/finger me.

Is it rude to ask if he would do something to me ..?
Is there a good way to ask?
I'm kinda shy haha. (link)

You shouldn't be so willing in the future to give if you are not receiving. It's a two way street here and you are in control. You should use tact to let him know you expect him to give back sometimes.

Say to him "I don't mind pleasuring you but perhaps you can reciporate more as i like that." There's nothing wrong with letting him know you want it to be a two way street. If he doesn't get it then stop giving for a while.

He'll understand then. Just tell him what I said above in the quotes verbatum and he'll understand. You can also try another method such as "I see you're enjoying this. I really enjoy it when we do X." That let's him know that you are interested in him doing something in return.

If you enjoy doing certain sexual things with him for your own pleasure you can always initiate things with him by telling him you'd like to have a bit of fun doing X together etc.

There's nothing wrong in asking him what you want or telling him or even suggesting it to him. You shouldn't be shy at all as there is trust here and he's only going to react well to it. If he's not shy to ask for what he enjoys or wants from you why should you be? There's no difference.

i've had my period for 5 years now and my boobs have grown considerably. last week i was a size DDD and i think i'm getting into an E. please tell me if there's any way of making my boobs smaller. all the guys just look at my chest and they want sex but i'm not a slut!!!! just a girl w/ huge jugs! what should i do? (link)

You should talk to your parents about how you feel and how taunts etc. at school or people staring at your chest and not looking at you when they talk all the time is bothering you and hurting your self-image.

Are you in any pain or discomfort? Odds are you must be as those size breasts don't belong on your size body and can and do cause a lot of back and other pain.

There's not a lot you can do unless you can talk to your parents about having a breast reduction plastic surgery proceedure. My ex best-friend's 18-year-old sister had the same exact issue as you did and she went under the knife and had the surgeon put her at a lower cup size and she was fine afterwards with confidence.

Talk to your parents about this and then see your family doctor and get his/her opinion on such surgery and if it's right for you as health comes into it and all that. He should then refer you to a plastic surgeon for further consultation.

Yes, it's costly and not to my knowledge covered on any plan but if you can afford it and it makes your life better and you don't have any pain etc. anymore it could prove worthwhile for you. You might want to consider it. There's no other way to reduce the size of your breasts.

oh god here it goes.
Well me and my boyfreind were just looking up what will happen if he cums in my butt when we have sex. And
1) it told us if you cum really deep in your ass will get bigger casue of the testorioin in his cum.
He tells me like Oh My god your butt is getting bigger i swear. I don't know if were like imagining it getting bigger casue we think thats whats spost to happen or is it acually getting bigger?
2) We also read that You CAN get pregnant when he does that.. Witch i thought was weired. Is that true? AnD
3) the last time we did it it was on my period but it was still in my butt. It was like my last day on it. but yeah Again we read when your on your period you STILL can get pregnant. Is THAT true?

I don't know someone please help me? (link)

I'm not sure who and or what your information source is on sexual matters but I would stop listening to them or getting information from whatever source told you this as it's all flat out false and very weird.

1) Your behind is not going to become bigger no matter how many times you have anal sex and he ejaculates in you. Like the previous poster responded that's not possible and likely something new guys are trying to get you to do this.

You have to admire their creativity but no your butt won't get any bigger. The only thing that's getting bigger is the whopper of lies he's feeding you.

2) You cannot get pregnant from any other sex act except for intercourse itself. However, if semen dripped down to your vaginal opening that's the only way possible.

Really, with anal sex because it's high-risk for STD and HIV transmission from what I learned years ago in human sexuality courses you need to wear condoms every time and use artificial lubricant as the walls inside your anus easily tear and it's not a pretty situation.

3) See number two above. You cannot get pregnant from this and having your period or not is irrevelant. The vagina and anus as you know are two different openings. Only vaginal intercourse can get anyone pregnant.

What happens if your partner's penis is too large for your vagina? Is there anything you can do to prevent this? (link)

Actually it's a misconception that one's penis is too big for a partner's vagina. It's one size fits all. His genitals are meant to work with yours regardless of size or circumfrence.

The only reason it's not working is that you are too nervous and tense and your vaginal muscles have tightened up not allowing for entry out of fear you'll get hurt.

The other reason could be because you aren't lubricated enough making for easy entry. Try really relaxing and an artificial lubricant to help with insertion. It should be fine after doing that.

ok so i was having sex with my boyfriend and i was already having an amazing orgasm but then we both thought it would be fun to add my back massager into the mix, when he put it on my clit i squirted so hard it was like i peed. was it pee or was it vaginal shot out of my body as if i had been tickled too much and pissed my pants but it didnt feel like it came from my urethra. so what was it? (link)

Consider yourself very fortunate as many women cannot experience the G-Spot orgasm or a regular orgasm for that matter like you did.

The fluid that looks like urine and is secreted through your uretha is G-Spot vaginal fluid. You might feel as though you pissed your pants or urnated all over but you haven't. It's G-Spot fluid that came out of your urethra and is in some ways similar to what happens with guys when they release semen.

The reason it felt like you urinated all over is that that you feel the same kind of urge to push down like you do when you pee just before the G-Spot fluid is released and you orgasm. It's okay to let your body and muscles push down as it's part of this kind or orgasm.

Just be sure you put towels down or a garbage bag under your sheets next time as the amount of fluid that comes out can vary. I heard from sex-ed that it's like one bag of milk in some cases that can be secreted.

The fluid will look like urine like you noticed but will be completely odorless so you can tell the difference right away.

I'm unsure if I want to go to university or not. I do want to get a good job and everything and get a degree, but it's a long time to spend there if you're not really that into higher education. Plus it's seriously expensive and I don't want to move too far away from home.
I've thought about taking a gap year, working to get some money saved up and then either doing a part time Business Management course or something, but I'd be 20 by the time I decided to go. Arghh dunno what to do.
I know not going to uni isn't the end of the world, but I'm so confused! (link)

I think you do know exactly what you want to do based on your note. You're just scared that it's the wrong choice or will disappoint your parents or others. I may be reading between the lines here but I sense you have that fear.

It's justified however, you have the right idea here. Take that year off and save for university and get the business courses in. This is what you really need to do for yourself right now. Save your money for university and approach it next year or when ready.

The worst thing you could do is spend thousands of dollars on signing up for a university program you just aren't interested in but are doing to please your folks. Remember, this is your life, your career and your choices.

if you aren't sure what you want to study or do in university or college take a year off and come back to it. You really have to get to the point where you know exactly what turns your krank and gets you excited about having a career in or doing the rest of your life and go after it.

Until you discover what that is there's not much sense in going to university and wasting your money or your parents on trying to become what they envision for you rather than what you truly want.

Go to college or university for sure as you certainly do need it in this world but go when you are ready, when you know what you want to do and be and on your own terms. Your parents may not like this decision but tell them you're doing it so you don't waste money, taking other courses and then going for FOR SURE when you are ready and have looked into things and picked a career choice.

Make them a deal that it's a year off only and then college or university. Also being 20 or 21 entering college or university is no big deal and actually better. You'll be more mature than everyone else and not in the high school mentality and drinking, drugs etc. You'll be totally focused on earning your degree.

Also, who said you had to move away from home or spend thousands on a degree or diploma? Community college's are just as good as those you have to move away from. They're better as the programs are hands on and low student/prof ratio.

Look into those as there's something you might be missing in their course calendars that may leap out as far as a program and career.

If you want to stay near home do it as your education at a community college is just as good as one far away. If you want to get away from your folks you can get an apartment near the school but close to them that you can share with a friend etc. But yes, make sure you do things with this situation when ready.

let me go out wit my guy friends
i have to lie to her just to go sumtimes but i haven been feelin real guilty so i have stopped
she basically thinks that all my guy friends are my boyfriends
now i know she doesnt think im a whore but come on
wat can i do ?? (link)

I would invite them all over for dinner and introduce them to her as your friends. Once she sees they are good guys and not out to date you or do anything with you she doesn't approve of she should be fine.

Be sure to invite their parents too or if you cannot invite them all ask your mother to talk with them and get to know them. Do you have an adult you really trust that knows your mother and these boys or their family? If the answer is yes have that person talk to your mother about them and what great friends they are or could be to you.

You should also talk to your teacher as they are your advocate. Tell them that you are friends with a lot of good people and keep your nose clan but when it comes to certain guy friends you cannot associate with them ever outside of school. The teacher would then slip so and so and you into a conversation with your mother.

If your teacher or a trusted adult shows your mom that they think these boys are great friends for you to have mom will have to rethink her stance about them not to look embarrassed.

I gave head for the first time.. it was an overwhelming sweet taste and i got up to spit..

is there a certain way to clean my mouth?

Brush teeth, mouth wash.. ?

The taste is lingering on my tongue and I can't seem to get it off.. every time I try cleaning my tongue.. I gag a little.

The advice you were given recenty here about mouthwash and toothpaste will indeed get rid of the taste. However, I wanted to recommend that you use flavored or non-lubricated condoms in the future to catch his ejaculate so it never has to be swallowed or end up on your tongue making you want to gag.

The other thing you could do is ask him to tell you when he's about to ejaculate so you can pull away and catch it in a kleenex.

ok first of all for 2 years now, people have been spreading rumors about me saying that i am bisexual and IM NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! today i got this really rude note from a girl named " hilary" ( i dont really think someone named hilary wrote it)

this is what is says:


you are a hore. some people even think that you are bisexual. i know thats what i belive. i know this because of last year. by the way, your ex boyfriend tyler said eww when he heard that you like other wemon.



this is really making me mad and depressed. I DO NOT LIKE WEMON~!~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM STRAIGHTER THAN A BOARD!!!!!!!!! I HATE THIS!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!! (link)

If I spread a rumor about you being an alien that turns purple in the dark would you get upset? You would probably laugh about it and not let it affect you. The rumor about you being bisexual is like the rumor about you being an alien that changes color.

It's not true, cannot affect you unless you react, and other people who genuinely know you or those who don't won't put much stock in it. You're reacting to nothing really but allowing a falsehood uttered by someone else affect you.

The person who wrote the note did it to see you react. The sooner you stop stewing over this and go about your business the better. The people who started the rumor did it to see you react or get angry as that's what bullies thrive on.

Don't react the rumor is BS and anyone with a brain in that school will know that and not care. They'll forget about it in hours or days easily as long as you never react. When you don't react the people who created the rumor will move on to someone else that is an easier target.

Bottom line don't show emotion, anger or anything in the face of a rumor. Also consider the source of the rumor. Do the truly know you? What's their beef? What's their credibility? If they're someone not to give a damn about than don't.

Other people will see for themselves who you really are but getting to know you. You shouldn't give a damn about what anyone who doesn't know you has to say. You need to develop a thick skin for this kind of thing as you'll deal with it less but not being a target or someone who reacts to it.

there is this guy i realllly like.
weve been talking a lot, but he just turned 17 on the 14th and i just turned 15 on the 12th.

today was really the last day i could really talk to him because we are taking exams, and i had a class with him and i dont take that class anymore because tommorow is the last day os school.

anyways, we flirt around ALOT!
like i would take his car keys or his i.d or something and we would fight over it.

today he asked me for my number so he could come over sometime, and he asked me to go to blue bayou (waterpark) with him sat. but i told him i had noone to go with me, and he said i could hang out with him. he also said that he would get me a job with him as a lifeguard somewhere, idk.

in class, i sit directly behind him. i used to sit 2 seats behind him but he told me to move up a seat so i can be behind him. we talk and flort alooooott! and both of our little sisters have the same disability, i know thats not a positive thing but that means our family has something on common.

someone please tell what to do next, i plan on going to blue bayou sat, just to see him.
i dont have his number or anything, i have his myspace but he's never on.

tommorow is the last day i can see him and we get out of school at 11.05 then i leave right after that, but he parks by my friend who brings me home.

what should i doo.

This is what I would do: When you go to class tomorrow and see his car in the lot (make sure it's his car for sure) put a note under his wiper blades that reads "

It's me, you never told me how to reach you except for Myspace. Here's my e-mail (don't put your number for obvious reasons) I want to take you up on the water park and talk to you about you finding me a job. i couldn't leave today without you knowing where to find me."

If he's offering to help you get a job let alone inviting you to go to the water park he's head over butt over you. All you have to do is take the bait he's offering and go from there. show him you're interested.

When school gets out at 11:05 walk down to where your friend parks before this guy leaves and see that he got said note and make your plans.

my bf has a problem with drugs, he does them a lot. even though he is on probation and everything. i don't mean only pot but meth and shit. i love him and dont want to walk out on him when he needs me the most. i know i can help him stop, but im worried he wont. i just dont know how much longer i can live with it. when he was on drugs before he cheated on me alot adn did illegle shit all the time. im worried for our future and relationship. ps we have a baby on the way (link)

You ought to be worried for yourself and the kid and your safety before his. He's not going to change and he's not going to help unless his family and friends stage an intervention put him in treatment and get him help.

Even after that if he goes back and hangs around with the same people he can be drawn back to it. You have to take care of yourself and that of your unborn child and leave the situation and don't look back. This is not a safe person or place for you to be.

You have to leave and stop being his partner on a romantic level and tell him you will only deal with him again if he's clean and sober. If you cannot live with it any longer than trust your gut and don't for your own safety.

You really don't owe him anything here relationship or friendship wise as this situation is destroying your life unless he is sober and has kicked the addiction.

As hard as it is to completely walk away from him and the situation you need to and to raise that baby in a healthy enviornment where he/she isn't exposed to this lifestyle. That's paramount. It's hard to walk away but it's the right thing and only thing to do.

Maybe if you did that he would start caring about his unborn child, want to be in your lives and sober up. Until he reaches that point, if he reaches that point leave and don't look back until he's cleaned himself up and kicked the addiction.

In all liklihood you're going to need to hire a lawyer here and temporarily or permanently terminate his rights to see the child unless he smartens up. This might give him motive to seek treatment join N/A and get help to turn his life around.

You need to also go to your parents and tell them everything you told us and about the baby and seek their guidance and follow it as this is a dicey situation and they have to keep him from bothering you once you leave and support you through your pregnancy.

what's a 976 number? (link)

it's an area-code for a pay-per-call service such as psychics, adult chat lines, telephone sex. The numbers always begin with 1-976
Unlike 1-900 numbers that just bill your phone bill these services ask for a credit card usually. Not that I would know from dialing but that's what they're all about.

My friend is having some people round hers for a certain tv series fest. The guy I want to invite and his friends love this series, and so do we.
I would say I'm a friend of his, but a very new friend and I don't know him that well.
Already coming are me, my friend who's house it's at, our other friend who he knows as much as us, one of his guy mates who's one of my best friends and one of his best guy mates.
We've also already invited his best friend, but we don't know if she's coming yet.
I'm comfortable with him but not when it comes to asking him if he wants to do things.
I don't want to ask someone else to invite him cos I know if I always do that there's no way I'm going to overcome my shyness.
But, what's the best way to ask him?

Thanks in advance, xxx

First of all how do you expect him to start noticing you if you are too scared to talk to him or invite him? You need to treat this exactly like you would talking to anyone else.

It's no different and he won't judge you or anything like that. just talk to him like you would any other friend or person. The only difference is you might get a date or a smootch at the end of the night.

In your head think to yourself the following things: 1) He loves this show and so do I 2) He's going to want to come and watch it. and the biggest trick to tell your mind is 3) he's hanging on for ever word I utter.

All you need to do then is find him at school and say "I'm so and so, remember me? My friends are having this party to wtach a marathon of that show you like and we were all hoping you would come."

That's it that's all there is to it. If he's not interested and refuses other invites it's a sign that he's not in to you at least not as G/f material. All you have to do is just say what I just put in quotes above and you are fine.

If you cannot do the in person thing which I encourage you to do try using IM or call him and invite him. You need to do it person though as once you ask him you'll be able to talk to him or any other guy with ease.

It's just like talking to your best friend. We're no different to talk to. Just invite him when you see him at school. He's not going to hurt you. Do this once and you'll be fine forever with it.

what if i was kidding around with my friend but they are one of the sensative types that don't always take the joke in the right way and i got yelled at by her first so today i said this word that they always say a lot over and over again, and now they're mad at me and won't let me appologize what should i do? (link)

Wait. That's exactly what to do and say nothing more to them. people who are this sensitive will react this way all the time and then gradually forget about it or why they were upset. Let them come to you.

It's not your fault they cannot take a joke. It's up to them to develop a tough skin. They'll realize in a day or maybe an hour or two that they're being silly by being mad over it. Trust me, that's all there is to it with them. If they don't approach you again in a few days move on as you don't need friends who are that silly and act stupidly over a joke.

explain to me exactly how your cherry pops lol thanks :] (link)

Well, your hymen a.k.a cherry doesn't actually pop. It stretches as it's a thin mucous mebrane that surrounds and or partially covers the vaginal opening. It can become stretched through masturbation, intercourse or tampon usage which is the most likely reason these days.

Here's an article that talks about the hymen and may answer perhaps better than I did the question you asked and others that may remain about it.

when will the apocalypse take place? i heard that it will happen in feb. of 2027. that's in like, 20 years! is it true? (link)

People have been predicting the end of the world and all kinds of doomsday scenarios since the world itself began. Most famously is Nostradamus see link:

I'm not sure who it was that claimed it will happen in February 2027 but the Miyan Calandar according to what I just looked up stop counting days/years on December 21st 2012. A lot of predictions are based on that. I think (I'm not sure the validity of the link) Nostradamus also went with 2012 or somehwere in the 2020s with one idea.

That might be the source of what you heard and someone else came up with the year. That factors into a lot of predictionsbut the other thing right now is people are factoring in Global Warming (which exists but to what extent is uncertain) in to doomsday prophesis as well as terrorism etc.

This site shows how end of the world predictions for 2006 all broke down and who made them:

Note that that site is based on a church's religious tolerance stance--but it's an example that predictions have gone on since day one of us being here and will go on and likely be wrong.

When it comes to psychics and those making the predictions ask yourself have I ever heard of the person making the claims? What is their track record? Are they just playing off our global warming/terrorism fears? What makes them credible or not?

Don't believe stuff you see online or hear around you as there's absolutely (and I can say this with certainty) nothing happening that will end the world in 2027.

Why? if there was it would be international news everywhere and we as a collective whole would be figuring out ways to stop it from happening. If it's not in the news daily, no politicians are talking about it etc than it's not credible info. Most people just laugh it off.

The best thing to do is live life to the fullest each day and let the chips fall where they may. There's nothing scientific that I've seen at least that says the earth will end period or in 2027 as most scientists are still not in agreement about the big bang theory either.

I'm a teenage girl who needs to lose about 20 pounds to be healthy- and I'm working on that now. My problem is- I'll go 2 days with having only 1200 calories... and then the next day i'll feel so deprived and try to only have a little bit of an indulgence (i.e half a cup of ice cream) only i'll just eat liek 4 cups without being able to stop.

I have dance classes 3 days a week- and the other days I try to work out (ill do 20 mins treadmill/20 elliptical/20 stairclimber+random conditioning) so i guess i'm pretty active? but I have a crappy metabolism apparently because i'm still "overweight". I'm an hourglass though so i look fine. I'm 5'2 1/4" and 156 lbs.

So I want to know how many calories I should consume daily- I want to be able to fit in some kind of a treat every day so I won't feel deprived. And I really like starbucks and I wish I could drink it every day.

So if you're thin i'd like to know what you do to stay in shape... (link)

Before trying any kind of diet or plan you come up with on your own visit your doctor. Have them check you out completely and weigh you. Go over your medical history and then tell them your weight loss goal to lose 20 pounds etc.

They will tell you if this is right for you and what realistically you can do to lose that weight without trouble. They can also refer you to one of your best secret weapons a nutritionsit that will help you plan meals and make a plan for you where you don't feel deprived of anything or hungry.

The key is always moderation. you can have what you want to eat but at the right portions and not all the time. The nutritionsist and doctor will be able to help you combat what your metabolism is doing with making had to stay trim.

That's what I do to stay in shape. Also the amount of weight you need to be is determined by height. They'll tell you what it is sfae to be at for your highest and lowest. You're probably in range of it.

Keep doing what you are doing with dance, exercise and senseable eating for now as it's certainly helping you more thn it's not. Once you see your doctor and have him/her plus a nutritionsist put you on a plan you should be fine.

Also, with their permission you might want to try slim fast products such as their shakes and or energy bars to replace breakfast or lunch (twice a day) while snacking on vegitables in between meals as that might help you out. I did that when I was wrestling. It will sustain you.

Also very bad for you is fruit juice and anything from concentrate. Cut that sugar out of your diet and drink only water, Gatorade or tea as that will help you.

I also ate only lean meat, vegitables and snacked on rice-cakes and ocassionally had diabetic cookies. Now and then have icecream or whatever but at a low portion. Eat more rice, brocoli, greens.

what is mor convenient ? to pay in canada with canadian dollars, or with american dollars, wich one saves you more money??? thnx (link)

The exchange rate between the U.S. and Canada was about $6.85 different last time I checked as i had to send someone funds in American two weeks ago. You'll want to change your American money into Canadian while in our country.

From what I recall you get a GST rebate when you cross back over the border. Beyond that you will have to get enlightened by someone else on how that system works I'm a bit fuzzy on it but know that it exists being a Canadian.

While American money is legal tender here in Canada a lot of Canadian retailers refuse to accept it and or if they do only accept $50 American and not any higher. It costs them money otherwise.

how do you know if you have an orgasim or not? (link)

This article should answer your question better than anyone else can.

More or less what happens is that all of your muscles and body tighten and then slowly release especially those in your pubic region. You'll know you are having one as there's simple no mistaking the feeling.

The only thing you must not do is put too much focus in your head on having one or thinking that you must as it makes it harder to experiece one. Just relax and it will happen on its own as all of them do.

Most woemn don't achieve orgasm through intercourse but rather clitoral stimulation. The article above will shed more light on female orgasm for you. It contains no adult content or pictures or illustrations just so the admin around here knows that. it's all text and not graphic.

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