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when does the harry potter movie and book come out? (link)

Although Jack meant well with his response he's wrong. Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix opens in movie theaters on July 13, 2007 and not July 11th. The release date according to Amazon and Chapters/Indigo bookstores is July 21st for the next and final book in the popular J.K. Rowling series.

Well I had an interview at Sears last Tuesday. I thought it went pretty well for my first interview. Well the woman said I probably wouldn't hear back from then until about a week of the day I applied because the lady who would hire me was on vacation at the moment and the woman that interviewed me was about to go on vacation. Well i still haven't heard anything from them, so what should I do? I really want this job, should I call them? (link)

NO! Under no circumstances should you ever call a potential employer to see if you got a job or not after they've interviewed you. It's unprofessional and will actually make them not want to hire you as it will be viewed as you bothering them.

Believe me, that's not a good thing when they may have hundreds of applicants to interview and forms to sift through. The other thing is this woman who makes the final hiring decisions has or will be returning from vacation and needs to get up to speed and schedule call-backs. This takes a lot of time.

Just wait a while more and keep applying at other places and maybe you will get the call. Don't call these people as they will call you if they want you can haven't forgotten who you are. You'll just kill any and all chances of scoring the job if you call them as they'll jot down your name and leave you off their candidates list as this is viewed as the ultimate no/no when applying for a job and employers see it as signs someone is bothersome before employing them.

ok,i really need to build up my confidence,personality,and stuff like that. i feel like i want to change,for me,to feel better about myself. i want to be able to yell and scream and have fun,not care. what i need help is, how can i do all this***? how can i break down my wall i've had up for so long? (link)

The way to break down that wall is to figure out the fear and other issues that led to you putting it up as a defense and to keep others back and you from experiencing fun etc. and not caring or being natural.

Were you abused emotionally, physically even sexually (we have to cover the bases here) by someone or kicked around by people your age and made to have to build defenses or hold on to a lot of negative stuff most kids never experience?

The trouble usually starts there. How do you get rid of it and learn to be happy, be care-free, not care etc? You have to figure out first what caused you to become this way and deal with the issues surrounding that and learn to move forward and not let them hold you hostage or down for that matter.

I think you should consult an adolescent pyschiatrist and try to work around what is holding you back from living your life the way you want it, what ammounts for your lack of confidence, why your personality is affected by these issues and tips and tricks to get you to where you want to be.

A lot of people your age that hear the work shrink or psychiatist think it's a negative thing or only people who are extremely unwell or not with reality need to see one. That isn't tue as many adults, teens, famous people, teachers you name it see them for help with issues that are too big for one person to get a grip on easily and are affecting quality of life along with depression and other mental illness/disturbance.


Two of my best friends (girls) and I invited a guy to an amusement park for Friday. We asked him to bring a couple of other guys, and we won`t know one of them. They all play hockey and one is a professional in the WHL which is kind of exciting (and they just won the Memorial Cup - if you follow).

We almost never talked to the guy we invited at school because things were just always really weird because he can get shy. Other than talking about hockey, how do we make it less awkward?

Any conversation tips, good topics to bring up with guys you don`t really know, or anything like that is a lot of help! We will be together for at least seven hours there, and might go to a bonfire that night (which will be fine since other people are there).

Also, when we are each with a guy on a ride, how do we make that one-on-one situation not awkward? I don`t scream on rides, which is good but if we have nothing to talk about we`re basically strapped in for the whole awkward ride.

Haha it seems so unnatural to ask this, but please help! Any insight would be great. Thanks =) (link)

I would use talking about hockey as a starting point. Then much like you would with your friends ask him about his interests, hobbies, goals, what they want to do after highschool.

That should lead to a long conversation. seeing as you are at an amusement park ask them about their favorite and not so favorite rides. Also ask about movies, videogames and if you are bold what they like in a girl.

You have to treat talking to them as no different than anyone else. The only difference is you might get a boyfriend out of it at the end of the day.

As far as being on rides the only thing they'll be doing is screaming and or swearing. Sitting next to them and saying nothing and or screaming is typically the only response to have while up there on a coaster.

They won't judge you for that as long as you talk to them off of the ride. You'll do fine as long as you just talk to them without even thinking about it.

ive never given oral sex before, but even just brushing my teeth, i choke all the time. will i choke will giving oral? how can i make myself not choke?

thanks! (link)

At the back of your throat you have what is called the uvula (not the vulva that's another body part) it's a soft tissue (a palate) that hangs down over your throat. You've probably seen it tons of times before or even hit it while brushing your teeth.

It also serves as a gag reflex so if you hit it with something long enough you will start retching (dry heave), sputtering, cough or feel like you are choking.

The mistake people make with oral sex is to think they have to take the whole penis in their mouth. Obviously, that's why they're experiencing the above sensations as they're hitting the uvula when they do it.

I cannot give you any answer resembling a how to but if you focus on taking part of the penis rather than all of in your mouth you'll be fine and won't be gagging.

is it weird that i get horny spying on my brother when he's masturbating or is it just curiosity?

i dont want to feel this way but i dont knwo what to do.

please help!! (link)

Chalk it up to sexual curiosity which never killed anyone and wanting to see and or know how guys do this. Having said that, he is your brother so it's best you stop spying on him.

He needs his privacy and assumes that he has privacy when he's alone like that. You wouldn't want him spying on you doing the same thing.

As hard as it may be to stop spying you need to and the way to stop is to think every time you are about to spy about how you would feel if it were you and he caught you and kept coming back to spy.


My little sister always gets the attention and love! I'm serious! My sister does something, I get blamed for it! Everytime my parents leave me and my sister alone, my sister actually bites me! Then when my parents get home, they bring something for my sister, but not me! Then I tell them what my sister did, but they say, "Honey, you know your sister would never do that." Then, my sister tells my parents that I bit her and punched her. I get in trouble! I need advice on how to control my stupid sister! If it helps, my sister is going to be 11 in 2 weeks. (link)

Your sister is younger by two years and needs more of their time, support and attention. You are 13 now and expected to be more independant and not always needing their attention or pat on the back.

Because you are older they expect you not to hit your sister or be physical in any way even if she hits you first. They expect you to walk away and come get them to deal with it.

As far as them saying that she would never do something prove to them that she has using words and show them the bit marks if you have to. Yes, they'll more often take her side if it's something physical as they would expect you to walk away.

The reason you get blamed is for fighting back against her to continuing the argument and not finding them or another adult to stop it and talk with her about her actions.

You cannot contol her or anyone else for that matter. If your sister starts a fight or gets on your nerves find a way not to react, seek their guidance and things will turn out better for everyone.

I'm sure there are times when your parents bring you presents too and your sister might not get one. Trust me, they love you equally but expect more out of you here because you are older and should be wiser to try and back away from fights she's starting and not to hit her etc.

i want to tell my crush i like him at graduation. how should i do it?

14/f (link)

What you should do that usually works well is walk to him say I'm X remember me? If there's a dance or a party where there's music to dance ask him for one. Talk to him for a minute or two and press a piece of paper with your digits, e-mail or IM and tell him you want him to be in touch.

If he likes you he will call, if he doesn't than you'll know he's not in to you and nobody will know either way you asked him out or asked him if he liked you because you used this sneaky way of finding out if he's interested.

You could also give him the same piece of paper with your info on it, talk to him for a bit and mention there's a party you are throwing soon or everyone's hanging out at a movie or a certain place and invite him. If he doesn't seem interested then you'll know where you stand without embarassment or people finding out.

Today i went to the gyno & got a papsmear because i have HPV & i need to be tested every 6 months... so ... now i`m spotting. i`m supposed to get my period at the end of the week so i`m either pregnant, or could it have something to do with the papsmear.. i`m freaking out. (link)

If you just went to your gyno today and had a test and a regular exam they would have told you if you were pregnant or not as it's the first thing they would notice.

In the case you might be pregnant which I doubt based on this info don't start freaking out until you have taken a few pregnancy tests and get the results.

Spotting can occur for many reasons and not all of them are linked to pregnancy. I'm not sure if it's related to a papsmear but I would think if you were pregnant it's the first thing they would notice. I would get a pregnancy test from the drugstore and ease your fears and get the results.

i need lyrics to swing swing by all american rejects.
please please
lovekenzie (link)

Here you go just click here


I'm just a really lonely person. all the time. I don't have siblings, and I don't have friends or a boyfriend. I can't make and keep a friend, unless THEY initiate it. I'm not really shy or anything but i just don't know what it is.

my life exists only on the internet.

What can I do to feel less lonely? (link)

There is NO excuse for you to be feeling this way and without friends and people to connect with. You have everything they do from intelligence, charm, talents, sense of humor and you are interesting and beautiful too.

If you believe that you are worthy of friends, friendly, amazing and just like everyone people will see you as confident and not back off like they are now sensing you to be quiet and maybe even sullen.
What you need to do is apply all the qualities that get you Internet friends easily into your every day experiences with people.

Your classmates aren't going to bite or snarl for that matter if you approach them and just talk to them like you would your own family. You'll find them getting interested in you. Also if you like certain people and want them as friends invite them to hang out or throw a party and invite them over.

The thing is you expect them to initiate things and they're not always going to do that with you. You need to start initiating things and go after the friends you want and believe in yourself.

You need to join Student Council which forces you to talk to and meet others and make friends or other after school clubs or take courses through parks and rec for people your age to meet people your age.

The other thing you really need to do is see an adolescent psychiatrist to help you figure out why you cannot make friends, why your life is all in cyber space and give you the social skills and coping skills and defensive skills to meet people and thrive like any other teenager. You need to figure out what is causing all this so you can move forward and excel.

You might not like the idea of a shrink but many teens and adults have them as do a lot of your favorite celebs. This is the only real way I know of helping your problem as I was there like you and did this.

You just have to be bloody honest with them and your family as hiding stuff or not letting things out will do nothing at all to help you. You should talk to your parents and get on this as it could really change your life and social life too. Your doctor is your best ally when it comes to this.

You also need to be assessed for depression and other disorders to see if there's something on a medical level with your mental health and outlook that is causing you all this trouble and also to see if your problem can be related to certain fears and abnormal anxiety issues.

I say all this as I've been there and through the same things I'm recommending. It will and can help. You really in my opinion need professional help, support and one on on counselling to deal with this and get around the issues causing you not to have a normal teenage life.

ok so i broke up with my boyfrend and like this guy named J and i dont kno if he lieks me he is like my best frend and he tells me alot and he will always like this girl that is like the nicest and most popular girl in school and she is my really good frend....J was flirting with me in the pool at a party but i cant tell if it was just him being a guy or if he was like actually flirting he was tounching at me and staring at me...i told him i liked him and he was like really thats cool and my frend asked him if he liked me and he was like i dont know..he couldnt make up his mind who he liked liked what should i do (link)

You need to go to the source on this. Nobody but him can tell you if he likes you or not. The next time you see him mention that you are best-friends but lately you've noticed that he's flirting, touching etc. at the pool party and that you are getting mixed signals.

See what he says about it and go from there as you aren't going to find the answer to whether he likes you or is just being him or a guy elsewhere. If you confront him he will have no choice but to tell you the truth about what he's thinking.

Everytime I get online, after about 5 mintues after im on, i get booted off. It has to dial up again! Does anybody know why my computer is being stupid about the internet? We get it free, by the way, because my mom works for WMU and they let her have free internet, but it's a sucky internet. Could somebody please help?! (link)

Dial up is very slow and unreliable in my opinion to deal with. It may be free but if it's not allowing you to go online its useless. You should tell your mother what is happening and have her speak with her boss or It person at work to come take a look at your situation and see why it keeps bucking you off the Internet before doing anything else.

What you really need though is high-speed Internet access preferably over the phone or through your cable company. Plans are usually in the 29.95 range to 43.50 depending on what you would need. you also ge betweent 7-11 e-mail addresses with it, virus protection and other security features.

I recommend you try looking into Verizon, your local cable company and other options with your mother as you need reliable access especially for projects and school not just socializing and the speed and strength of the connection is so much stronger and reliable than 56 K dial up.

You should offer if you have a job to pay part or all of the monthly fee and talk to your mother about it as free doesn't always mean good. These Internet services often give the first 3 months free anyhow. You cannot go wrong.

If in Canada don't purchase your account through the cable companies as they are all unreliable and plagued with problems galore. Sympatico is known as the best in Canada and no, I don't have any connection with them. I'm just a satisfied customer.

what exactly is masterbating? i think i do it but i dont know if this is it. what i do is i lay stomach down something (usually a blanket or towel rolled up) then i just keep like humping it until i get a good feeling, then i stop. is this bad for you?

15/f (link)

Masturbation is stimulating your genitals to reach sexual pleasure. What you are doing is a form of masturbation as it's stimulating your genitals and providing sexual pleasure. It's very common in both sexes at your age, normal and nothing to worry over.

A douche is an instrument used to put water in your vagina and cleanse it out. It's also a derogatory term against someone else. This article explains best what it is, how it works (in medical terms) and how it's used as a term against another person

Really there's no reason to douch vaginally because our vagina is a self cleansing organ as well as other reasons covered in the article.

i hope this doesnt offend anyone. my family is catholic, but i live in a place where almost everyone is baptist. all my friends go to this one really huge baptist church. and i guess at this church they believe that catholics arent really christians and wont go to heaven. i know people have different beliefs and im fine with that. but sometimes people will say stuff that really hurts me. like once i was showing my friend and her mom my baby pictures and there was a picture of me in my baptism gown. and her mom started telling me how my church is wrong to baptize babies, and how shes so glad her daughter was baptised the "right" way. and then last night i was at a sleepover and there was this girl there that i didnt know. she asked me what church i go to and when i told her, she said "oh. well, catholics arent the strongest christians." there was this big silence and no one said anything for a long time, and i didnt know what to say. i dont blame people for believing what their church and family teaches them, but i dont understand why they have to say mean things that would hurt someone. and i dont know how i should react when people say that kind of thing to me. has anyone been through something like this? and how did you handle it?

The next time this happens tell them "thank you for your opinion but when it comes to religion and me being Catholic please keep your opinions to yourself as we/I don't judge other's beliefs." Be assertive and let them know they over-stepped their bounds and need to keep their point of view to themselves.

All this amounts to is ignorance and intolerance of others which is baffling as they claim to be the strongest Christians but aren't acting with the Christian principals they believe in the way they treat others with different views.

Just consider it as their ignorance and intolerance and tell them where their place is and that you don't want nor care to hear about their religious ideas or views of other's religious ideas again. They won't stop with this unless you tell them to do so.

15 f
i joined an agency for acting auditions and tht was a month ago. so far the only person that wants me to audition is one in downtown Durham, North Carolina. thats pretty far. my dad said its to far and that he refuses to waste so much gas and money to get there jsut because i wnat to audition and there might be millions of girls there and one of them, thats not me might get the part. i really wan to go. becasue i atleast tried. what can i do? what to i tell him? any comments? i really want to go. also how long will it actually take me to get there? thanks i rate!


I would have to side with your father on that one. On average actors go on 100-200 auditions before earning their first role or commericial. It's a big sacrifice for your father because of how far it is from you and perhaps losing time from work.

While you may be very talented landing this role may not happen because of the experience of your competiton, their credits etc. and the fact they can turn away lots of people they asked to come down and audition away because of time or because they process SAG and Equity members ahead of newcomers. That's always the case.

I think what you should do is hire a background talent agent who can book you on to film and TV show sets in an area that is a major city which is closest to you consistently and that you know een if dad has to drive somewhere your work usually 14 hours a day is guarenteed for you.

This way you can see if you really like being in this industry and will be able to see the whole process upfront from directing to acting and how a movie is made. You'll also make a guarenteed rate of $9-10 an hour and constantly be working.

You should go to the SAG web site in the U.S. or ACTRA in Canada and look for a list of reputable agents that represent background a.k.a extras talent for film and TV. That's the best compromise with your dad if you want to work consistently and have him drive you far distances to sets.

Once you've done a lot of work as an extra you can then go back to the other agency and increase your profile and chances at auditions.

Which leads me to my next point have you checked out that your agent is legit on SAG (Screen Actor's Guild of America) or ACTRA's site? If they aren't on the list of reputable agents don't go on the audition and also check on IMDB.COM all the info about the production you are auditioning for and on the director and casting director too to see if this audition is worth it.

If these agents told you to get photos done, lessons etc. or said they'd post your photo somewhere seek other representation and know the scams with agents as you're new to this. Definitely, pass this one up for your dad's sake and make a compromise to get a background talent agent because that's the best and obvious place to start.

I can say that having worked on several films as an extra including Hairspray, Man of The Year, Dresden Files, Long Kiss Goodnight and Blues Brothers 2000 to name a few. It's the best way to get into the industry fast and safely.

15 f
my kitten keeps vomiting. but like not really vomiting shes throwing spit. and its like shes choking and then sput comes out. i go to school so i really cant check and make sure that shes not vomiting qaround the house. i dont want to step on it. like i said its not really vomiting its like spititng but like shes chocking and then the spit coems out. she goes alott on my bed and i dont want her to vomit there. what should i do thanks. (link)

If you call any emergency animal clinic or vet about your cat and describe what is happening they more than likely could tell you what it might be and what you can do at home to fix it without bringing the cat in for an exam.

They will be very concerned if it appears to be choking on something. Tell them you cannot bring the cat in because you are a student and lack the funds. They might be able to set up billing options so you can pay in installments after the cat is treated. They'll never turn a sick animal away--or at least they don't here.

The other thing is that the animal is a kitten and likely bought from a pet-store that always and typically has a guarentee with all the paperwork you were given that the animal is healthy and that they may replace it if it's not in a certain time frame.

Check that out in your paperwork that came with the animal if you got it from a pet-store and ask them what this spitting and choking noise ammounts to.

When you are not at home try to leave your cat in a pet crate for short periods or fence it into an area such as your kitchen with a tarp or paper down so that if it is sick it can be handled easier later on and not ruin your bedding or be all over the house.

You seriously need to get it to the vet some way and find the money for it or work something out with the vet to pay in installments or set up some kind of line of credit with them.

i live with my dad and i dont shave yet. wat can i do or say to make him think i wanna start shaving my legs? plz dont tell me to go to the store and just put some in the basket, kuz that will no work...kuz i'm 13 and i still dont shave.
dont yall think thats crazy?!? just tell me wat i should say or do. please and thank you
p.s. i'm very shy even around my dad, so i'm not just gonna come out and say it.
p.p.s. i can't go to anyone else...

Your dad will feel as awkward about this as much or even more so as you will. The best thing to do is leave him a small note that says "I need products to shave my legs badly" and let him handle it.

Have him drop you at the pharmacy and then discreetly approach the pharmacist explain your mom's not around and you live with your dad and you need advice on X.

While it may be difficult to do it tons of girls have had to before you and the pharmacist is trained to help you discreetly and give advice on what to do.

Do any of your friends shave their legs yet? If so, why not ask them to show you how or approach their mom in confidence and explain how embarassed you are to deal with your father on this and have them help you.

As hard as that may be to do once you've sought their help you'll have the knowledge of how to do this, what products you need etc. so that next time you can just buy them yourself.

The other option is next time you're in the supermarket or drugstore toss these products into your cart along with tampons and other female things and tell your father "I need those" and believe me that's all he'll need as an explanation to buy them for you.

I used to live in Missouri and then my dad had a job transfer, so we moved to North Carolina 15 hours and 2 minutes away! omgsh and i miss my friends soo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My mom mentioned going back to Missouri to visit for a week or so. And i talked to her and said when are we going to drive out to Missouri to see everyone???? Then she goes well i dont know so we might not and we might. The only thing that is keeping us away from missouri is we are buliding a house and my mom helps out with the house.

How can i convince her to go to missouri? would it be cheap?
i need good arguments against the fact we cant go because i want to go SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad.

lovekenzie (link)

I must agree Missouri is beautiful and often an exciting place especially Hannibal which I visited a few years back which is the town featured in several Mark Twain novels including Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.

Do you have any relatives in Missouri? If you do you might be able to arrange something with your parents so that they host you for a few weeks over the summer as their guest without mom and dad having to leave their important home building project. That's one idea that might work.

The other idea is much like the first except that your parents would contact the parents of a friend of yours that they have trust in to take you in for a few weeks in Missouri this summer.

In both cases they would need to offer money for your room and food allowances so you are not viewed as a burden on them. Other than that it should be pretty cheap if you have access to a bank account and can pay for minor things such as movies, toiletries, clothes while there.

I masturebate a lot with pens and stuff which are unclean i know thats bad now but will this affect me from starting my period and also i dont get any excitement is this unusual whats wrong with me please help thanks a lot i really appreciate it (link)

Your period and when it arrives and stops has nothing at all to do with masturbation as they are not even remotely connected to eachother. I think you are focused only on penetration here and not on clitoral stimulation which provides a lot of the feelings you are searching for.

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