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17 F
lately whenever i masturbate I have been getting this ginormous headaches it happens just as soon as i climax is this normal? I have been masturbating for almost my whole life and have never had any kind of headaches before what could be casuing this????? (link)

Here's an article on the subject. It's fairly common with sex and masturbation,12285.asp

This one deals with how to treat and deal with these kind of headaches.

I hope this helps out!

13/f and my friend is 13/f

My friend, alex, lost her virginity last week. I got really mad at her. I don't know what to do. She moved to Indiana too. I don't feel like being her friend anymore because she lost her virigity at 13. First, she started smoking, then she gave bjs, now she's lost her virginity. I feel so weird. All my other friends are virgins. I really don't like my friend anymore. She used to be nice, happy, and cool, but now shes... gross, rude and... Virginityless... Not a word, but ok. I wish my friend could've been smarter. What do I do?! Plz help! (link)

Alex may have exercised extremely bad judgment here but she still remains the same person you were always friends with. Nothing has changed except her opening up and telling you about her private life and sex.

She may even be making things up as a lot of girls do her age to sound cool in front of her friends. Then again, she may have done everything you said she has.

It's not for you to judge her based on that even though we're talking bad decisions about sex. They are her mistakes and decisions to make. You and others can try to get her to see they are wrong for her, harmful for her age etc. but cannot make her change.

The whole bj, hj situation seems to be very common with people your age and older these days. While it isn't right for 13-year-olds you cannot judge her over it. Has there ever been a time where you did something that was precieved bad and she didn't judge you?

We've all sinned, made mistakes but don't throw away a great friendship based on whether you approve or disapprove of the decisions she has made. Share your insight and opinion with her but don't judge or throw everything away over this.

Would she be any les rude, gross etc if she hadn't told you? Think about that. Have a talk with her and mention that you don't think she's making good decisions about sex and life lately but you still want to be her friend. Ask her not to talk about her personal life with you.

Point out where she may have turned people off or been rude/gross and resume your friendship. She will have to learn on her own as does anyone that she's doing something that isnt healthy as you can show someone the way but cannot convince them.

The other thing I would do is confide in your parents the info you know about risky sex and behavior with boys and see what they can tell you to do here or perhaps they can approach her parents and not using your name tell them that they heard a rumor that her daughter did X, Y, Z go talk to her.

If she has only told you however it poses a problem. If you think she's being used, will get pregnant and is in over her head you can tell your parents and get adults to intervene. However, if this was told in confidence to you it can damage the friendship permanently but some secrets need to get out to adults.

You can also tell your teachers, guidance counselor that you are concerned about her because of what she has told you and that she's in over her head. If anyone is to intervene it should be an adult and not you.

Try to continue to be friends and don't judge her as I'm sure there are facts about you or big mistakes you've made that you wouldn't want people who know you to drop you over. Even though she's done these things she's still the same person, your friend. All that's changed is what you've learned about her. It doesn't affect her personality.

can you go into the ocean with a tampon?
i really wanan go to the beach today.
or will the tampon like fall out or something? haha && after i get out of the ocean should i change the tampon? please reply asap and thanks for reading =] (link)

The advice you have been given previously is correct however, I noticed someone said that sharks smell blood and could give you a problem because you had your period.

This person advised that you may want to stay out of the ocean. I can tell you that this is one of the biggest myths out there about menstruation and the ocean. You'll be fine and like the other posters indicated you can leave your tampon in or leave it out while swimming in the ocean. Change it once you have stopped swimming.

I just felt someone should nip that myth in the bud. You won't be attacked by a Great White or any other shark for swimming during menstruation in the ocean.

so i talk to this guy quite often (normally through txts and IMs) and recently we got onto the topic of drinking, and ive drank before, but ive never gotten drunk....well now he talks about how we should hang out and get drunk and stuff like that, mostly cuase he wants to do stuff with me. I wouldnt mind making out or minor sexual things, but i dont wanna go any what should i do to let him know that i wouldnt go very far with him, without making him think i wont do anything...thanks in advance (link)

I'm hearing alarm bells and I hope you are too. This guy is a player and bad news. This is a bad situation you could be getting into here.

Any guy who wants to get you drunk and then do sexual things to you is one to avoid outright. When you are that drunk you have no control or ability to make wise decisions about anything including sex.

You should tell him that "I really don't enjoy drinking or getting drunk. It's not my thing. You're a nice guy but I'm not ready for sex and would rather we be friends if anything."

He is likely the type to use you for sex (given the situation) and brag later on. I wouldn't want to make out with him later or be with him as a boy/girl thing as it sounds like the wrong person and situation for you.

However, see above if you just want him as a friend. You can also tell him where your boundaries are and that if he respects you and wants to be with you romantically on any level that he not raise drinking and sex up again. You need to be in control here and assertive.

Having said that he's bad news and a few other people who gave you advice noted this too. We aren't wrong and some of us know from expierience. Proceed with a lot of caution as anyone who wants to get you plastered where you cannot make sound decisions and have sex with you is a bad choice to get involved with.

when do the tickets go on sale?

how much are they?

where can i get them?

for dec 11. in nyc

thankssssssssssssssssss (link)

The group has not announced which venues they will be playing in yet for NYC or the other 10 cities on the tour. They require that anyone who wants tickets to register on their web site now as it looks (I haven't registered as I don't live in any of the cities) like they are randomly picking who can buy tickets. It's an attempt to weed out the scalpers from diehard fans.

Here's a helpful link to register for a chance at tickets

I'm 17/f

Ok, this is kinda gross... but for the past two days I've been having this weird, brown discharge. It wasn't much at first but last night I put on a pad and it almost looks like I'm having my period. And that's what I thought at first - it kind of looked like the brown, not-quite-bloody discharge I get RIGHT before my period starts (like, within an hour or two). But so far, I haven't started my period and I'm still getting this brown discharge.

I don't have any other symtoms. It doesn't hurt or itch or burn or anything like that. I looked all over the place (including webmd) but couldn't find anything that matched my symptom.

So does anyone know what it could be? This has never happened to me and I don't know what's going on. Could it possibly be my period? Is it related to sexual contact? I'm a virgin, but last week my boyfriend and I did a lot of sexual stuff I've never done before, so could something like that have caused it?

I know I should go to a gynocologist but I'm way scared and I just wanted to ask here before I do that, just in case someone knows something about it and it's not serious.

Thanks in advance! (link)

I thought that these links on good and bad vaginal discharge might help you in the future to distinguish between the two and know what to do if you have a certain kind.

I hope this helps you out. The advice the others have given you is fine but these fact sheets can be printed out so you'll always know whether something is wrong or not and if you need to see your gynacologist or not.

is there anyway to make it go away or less red? (link)

I'm in the same boat with bad sunburn right now. I'm using Solorcaine which is a spray that makes the sunburn hurt less and helps heal it in the end. You can get this spray or something like it if you visit your local drugstore and look for it or if you cannot find it ask the pharamist.

It works very well. Eventually it will go away and a lot faster by using the spray. See your pharmacist as they will have a long list of products as well as tips for making it go away faster.

I want people's opinions on this. Do you think people should wait to have sex until their married. Do you think People would regret it? I mean because like youve waited and now your wondering like "what would it feel like with someone else?" On the other hand i hear people having sex when there 14 and having STDS and they probably should've waited. idk

Opinions? (link)

Age really has nothing to do with it. It is always about maturity and whether two people love eachother, are committed, have planned this before doing it and are using birth control and being safe.

It would be ideal if they were married but even if they are not as long as they are responsible and truly ready it's fine in my opinion and very common these days.

Having said that sex is best meant for adults 18+ and not someone 14-years-old as the consequences are high and the maturity level that is needed is usually lacking. That's not to put people down but there's more to sex than just the act and emotions come into play etc.

It depends on the individual person whether they will regret having sex before marraige or not. You cannot get a concrete answer on that because each person will have a different experience with sex and not waiting. some will not have regretted it while others will.

I think everyone is guilty of thinking what would sex have been like with so and so from time to time. The thing is most not all people are commited to their partners and despite thinking this only want to be with them. I think that's more a fantasy what if thing for most people.

hey im 16/f. I have my first interview on monday. Im kinda nervous. Those of you who had an interview before. Can you tell me what kinda question i'll be asked. By the way im applying for a housekeeping/front desk position. Like i said im pretty nervous and i dont know what to say to the questions they ask me. please help! (link)

The first thing they will ask you about is what kind of experiece qualifies you for the job? They will ask about your education, grades, how well you work by yourself and with a team, your goals in life as well as what you want out of the position they are hiring you for.

They will also ask you about your interests, prior employers, colleagues, what your strengths and weaknesses are and what would your friends describe you like or say about you?

They'll ask questions about ever prior job listed on your resume for sure. If this is the first job you ever applied for and they start asking why you applied tell them what you want to do for them and why you deserve the job.

Be honest, don't volunteer anything they don't ask for and don't embellish when it comes to talking about skills and play up your personality and especially above all show they how well you relate to others as knowing how to handle customers who are snotty, angry, complain all the time or are normal people is critical.

They may ask you something like what would you do if a guest came up to you and griped about X and there was no manager at the desk to help? This is the kind of thing they'll look for. Also try to give them information about your telephone skills and multi-tasking. They want someone who is bubbly and enthusiastic to work front desk too.

how much does it usually cost to rent a car and where can i get more info about it? thanks! (link)

Almost all rental car outlets require the driver to be 24-years-old and or older to drive. This makes sense because younger people from what I know of statistic and insurance rates are prone to being in more serious accidents than people in the 24 and over bracket.

Prices range by agency as the previous poster mentioned and how long the rental will be. It also depends on how many k/m or miles you will be going each day and if you go over that allotment with added cost kicking in.

Not to mention the price will sky-rocket if you are taking it out of state and or into Canada or the U.S. and back. If you bring up Google and type in AVIS, HERTZ, ENTERPRISE. BUDGET RENT A CAR links will come up for you. If you type in Rental Car Outlets all the major players will come up with their links.

But yes, I do know from experience you have to be 24-years-old to rent and to drive in almost every situation I have been in. The age might be lower in some areas but bank on needing someone that age or older to drive let alone rent. They won't give you a car otherwise.

Interesting story, Greg Moore who was a world class Indycar was 22 or so and driving a 750 horsepower car in races each weekend going 200 mph and winning but the rental car company would not let him pick up his rental car because he wasn't 24 at the time.

He died in 1999 in a racing accident but that has nothing to do with my point and telling this story about him to give you an idea that even race-car drivers don't get breaks at the rental car counter if under-age.

is fignering yourself the only way to mastubate for girls? I mean, I do it but it doesn't give me pleasure......I just feel normal like it doesn't give me that weird or is there any way I can ......"pleasure" myself? Help!!!!! (link)

Not every girl responds to the same kind of stimulation or acheives pleasure with this through the same ways as somebody else would.

You are 100% normal as every girl responds differently to certain types of intensity be it hard, rough, soft etc. What you need to do is find out what works for you when you are pleasuring yourself and nobody can tell you what will work for you. You have to find it on your own.

We cannot give ways or tips to do this because it can get you booted permanently. If you haven't had a lot of answers to your question it's not you, it's this reason and to keep minors safe.

Every person has something that will work for them and them alone when it comes to self-pleasure. Having said this, most girls not all respond to clitoral stimulation because it's the the female organ for pleasure and has no purpose medically beyond that.

More or less if you keep doing what you are doing and trying different things you'll soon figure out what your body responds to but I figured I'd tell you that you're normal, everyone responds to something different and that there are a lot of different ways for females to acheive pleasure through this activity but you need to find out what works for you.

Fingering to answer your question isn't the option but to figure out what works you have to do your own detective work until something works for you. It's also okay if this activity brings you no enjoyment period as some people aren't able to derive pleasure from it. That doesn't mean that's the case for you though.

If I wanted a boyfriend, but my parents wont let me, should I go about it the sneaky way and not tell them ? What would be the cons and pros to that if I did? I'm turning 14. (link)

Being sneaky never works! It gets you in more trouble than you wanted usually as the level of trust they had on you goes out the window because you hid the truth. Almost always, a sibling, friend, friend's parents will inadvertantly mention your relationship with so and so in front of your family.

You should be be dating at 14-years-old unless there's evidence that you aren't mature to handle it yet. There doesn't appear to be. They are probably worried about sex, drugs and getting in over your head. But if you're a level-headed kid and good all around they should let you go about your business.

I think the problem is that they aren't ready to let you go and still see you as 6-years-old. I have a few tips for you though that may get them to open their eyes and see that dating is a normal part of the life of a 14-year-old girl and should be.

You should invite the boy in question and his parents to a gathering at your house this month and have your parents meet his parents and also meet him. They'll form a friendship (usually) and look positively on this boy as a result and maybe they'll drop their guard after a little while.

Do you have a relative, family friend or adult you trust that knows your parents? You really need someone whose opinion they value. Have that person talk to them and joke "I guess (your name here) is getting a lot of calls from boys for dates right?"

If your parents say no then this person could talk about them being old-fashioned, find out way and tell them they cannot stop the inevitable. They can also mention how your friends with this boy and think he's an outstanding person.

You can also talk to your guidance counselor or teacher about this as they will know how to talk to your parents about not letting you grow up and that you need that kind of interaction with boys at your age as well as females. Trust me, teachers will point it out if asked that a kid is being held back from experiencing normal things their peers are.

That's some ideas that work. I think if they got to know the guy and his parents and someone they knew who knew you talked to them about you and dating things might go your way. The sneaky way just won't work. Trust me.

im 17 years old almost 18.
i have an amazing boyfriend who is everything i could possibly ask for.
today was our first time trying anything sexual.
we didnt have sex but we messed around.
im horrible at saying what i want to happen or not to happen.
its too late to sit down and set boundaries now.
i loved messing around with him and im comfortalbe with it but im worried that we havent waited long enough and that ill end up having sex with him. (which is something im not emotionally ready for)
i can talk to him easily and hes understanding but what do i do if i want to mess around and am comfortable with it but im not sure if its whats best for our relationship right now???

It's not too late at all to set sexual boundaries with him. In fact it's a mature and responsible thing to do so that you avoid bad siatuations. Tell him what you enjoy doing and that intercourse is out and tell him the other things you aren't ready for.

Ask him to respect that and that if he comes near to crossing a boundary during time alone with you that you'll warn him by saying no and will push him off. It's nothing personal but it's what you have to do.

When it comes to sex keep reminding yourself that you aren't ready yet and if he loves you he will respect that. Tell him that there's no sex until you say there will be.

Sit down with him and go over your concerns. I'm sure once you talk openly about how you both feel about fooling around and where is taking things "too far" for you both you'll be fine. Remember if you cannot talk about fooling around or sex or boundaries together you need to stop.

While you may be horrible at saying what you want to have happen versus not you have to tell him or your boundaries and comfort zone will be trampled on as he'll be thinking you're ready for certain things as you haven't told him otherwise.

It may sound weird but if you have to jot a list of things down on a piece of paper and sit down and talk about each point and have a mature dialogue. That's how you set boundaries you both can respect.

Ok so last night my boyfriend and I were having sex.. We were going pretty hard at it then all of a sudden it's like his penis made a noise..!

The noise i guess was like.. it's hard to explain. I guess.. it popped! No oh I don't know!
It was really weird.. it happened twice!

It hurt him.. he said that his penis had bent. I asked him if he wanted to keep going and he said yes. We kept going then after we finised I asked him how his penis was.. he said it was sore.

We've been together a long time and are open about everything but I just wanted to know what it could have been..!

I know penis's can brake so I was wondering that if it did bend could we have broken it perhaps?

I don't want it to happen again because it hurts him!

Thank you! (link)

It is indeed possible to fracture one's penis. It's highly rare but does happen and usually in the situation you mentioned. This link to Ask Alice tells you better than I could what you both need to do about it

Like the last poster indicated you will need to visit an emergency room and get him checked out for reasons they go into detail on in this link.

I cry almost every day for no reason. I'm angry and irritable over the smallest things some days, and other days it's like nothing matters. For the past couple of weeks every time I let my mind wander I end up thinking "wouldn't it be spectacular [I actually use the word spectacular] if I was sure there wasn't an afterlife. Then I could just kill myself" The only thing keeping me from suicide is my conviction that there is an afterlife and I don't want to have to explain myself to a higher entity. I haven't slept more than 20 hours combined in the last 2 weeks. I'm pretty sure I have bipolar disorder, but my parents always think I'm over-reacting. How can I convince them to let me see a psychiatrist? (link)

It is true that people experiencing an episode of mania are unable to sleep for periods longer than that as well as for the length you indicated.

But, mania usually means that you are also experiencing extreme elation along with sliding into deep, dark sometimes dangerous and suicidal thoughts as well as delusion. Bipolar disorder usually cycles both and alternates them. It always has an extremely negative effect on your life and usually people around you can see it but some don't at first.

With bipolar disorder you often have (typically) racing thoughts that never cease, hyper sexuality, euphoria and lofty goals or a feeling of being all important or omnipotent, hallucinations. In a lot of circumstances people suffering from bipolar need to be hospitalized immediately. They may also think of death a lot.

Hypomania which some people who don't ever experience full mania or effects of bipolar disorder have excessive energy, creativity, etc. etc. that never borders on dangerous.

I have bipolar disorder myself and can say that what you describe sounds more like clincial depression and very dark thoughts about death and dying that you need to get seen to.

If your parents are not willing to listen to your concerns document everything that is happening to you and talk to a friend's parents, a relative, any adult you trust. You can also make an appointment with your family doctor to discuss this and they'll refer you to a psychiatrist.

In this case mental illnesses and this kind of behavior you are exhibiting is considered a medical emergency that may lead to hospitalization as you could be considered as this thing esclates a danger to your ownself whether you believe that of your self right now.

So, if nobody does anything to help you get a doctor on your own by walking into a clinic or take yourself to an emergency room and get acessed there. You might only need to be put on anti-depressants but it could be far more serious. Don't take any chances. Keep telling people also until your parents need to confront it but don't wait on getting help as you certainly do need medical attention.

what is it? (link)

A queef is when a woman is having intercourse and the thrusting her partner is doing packs air into her vagina. There is no way for the air to be expelled but to come back out of the vagina and in the process it makes noise like passing gas.


This is a long, somewhat confusing question. I realize that it is a lot of work to figure this out so any serious answers will definately be rated appropriately. I really appreciate any advice.

For the last couple of months, I have had several 'downs' and few 'ups' with this situation. I am being harassed by girls from my school, some are "ex-friends" and others are just people who don't know me. I am wondering what is the most beneficial next step to take.

Involved People (females aged 15 to 17+):

Myself - Usually in a good mood, polite, kind to others, strongly opinionated, willing to stand up for causes which I believe in. Straight A's (with very few exceptions) and a dedicated student. Last summer I went to many parties. Strong willed, self confident and "always dressed up" describes me.

Tracey - One of my best friends, ex-best friends with Annie, used to be good friends with Danielle and Kaya.

Danielle - Last summer we were best friends, she is a "party animal," low grades, jealous of her best friend, Kaya.

Kaya - Danielle's new best friend, many insecurities, low grades, treats people badly to make herself feel better (laughing at overweight people), acts like she is amazing.

Annie - Used to be best friends with Tracey. Follows Danielle and Kaya with whatever they do.

Here is a basic timeline of the sitation for reference, I have all of the recent activity documented carefully on my computer:

November - Danielle and I got in an argument. I was talking to people at our lunch table about how I was worried about her. I also said she is friends with people then just ditches them and that I was thinking I should talk to her about it. It got back to her before I talked to her about it, she got mad and I apologized. She said tons of mean stuff to me so I ended up not talking to her for weeks. I was excluded from everything and always ended up at home doing nothing.

December - Things were great, Annie always told Tracey how much she disliked me (behind my back) but we started to become friends. At the end of the month I was excluded from "secret santa" because of my dispute with Danielle, and everyone (lunch table people) said they didn't want ME making conflict.

January - Conflicts were slightly resolved but Tracey and I noticed we were being excluded from all events and birthday parties. We started to become closer and hang out a lot.

February - Some "tough/druggie" girls attacked me, saying I "dress like a / am a tramp" and I was hit in the back of the head. I walked away from them but everyone was talking about how I "ran away crying." I still do not see why they did this and it is completely unfair. I do not dress out of the ordinary, usually - when I wear a skirt I have long legs so it looks short, but who cares anyways. I always avoid walking that way now.

March - Annie began to get mad because Tracey and I were so close. She started talking behind my back again and to Danielle and Kaya (Annie did not like Kaya at the time). Danielle, Kaya and Annie began to grow closer due to their hate of me. The 3 of them would always make plans infront of Tracey and I and purposely not invite us.

April - Danielle wrote a blog about people she hated, and I said "Honestly, do you consider me one of those people?" In reply, she went crazy and said a ton of mean things about me. She said I shouldn't bother replying because she did not want to start a "bitch fight." I was outraged, and told her to say it to my face. At school she couldn't look at me and was afraid.

April Cont - Kaya stood up for Danielle and said I was "attacking" her. I was just not letting Danielle walk all over me, I no longer wished to be friends with her and immediately stopped talking to them. I told Kaya that it was not her business. One day at lunch, Kaya and I got in a big arguement and she ended up leaving the table.

April Cont - Kaya, Danielle and Annie went to the "tough/druggie" group of girls and told them what was happening. I started to be harassed by these new girls (I will call them the hawks) and they threatened to beat me up. I backed off, feeling overwhelmed. I completely stopped talking to all of those people.

April Cont - At the same time, Tracey told Annie that she felt excluded, so Annie went against her. It was now Danielle/Kaya/Annie against Tracey and I.

May - Danielle tried to start a fight with Tracey over the computer over nothing. Pointless things continued to happen even though we weren't speaking to Danielle. I started talking to Annie and Kaya again (I regret this now) and we were fine together. I tried to be nice and work things out since the whole fight was over very little. I tried to resolve things with the "hawks" but I was still constantly stared at by them at school.

June - Tracey, myself and two of our other friends made a funny video and posted it on facebook. It wasn't about anyone it was just a pointless music video dancing around in big coats. Danielle, Kaya and Annie "copied" our video but tried to "copy our make-up, clothes and moves." They exaggerated everything and acted like completely sluts (I can honestly say that) then told everyone to "say whose is better." It was obnoxious.

June Cont - They began to harass me on MSN but I said "haha yeah you're great at being us. bye!" and blocked them. Kaya was me, Annie was Tracey and Danielle was my other best friend from the video. One day walking along the street after our friend's birthday lunch, Danielle and Kaya rode by on a bike and yelled "ugly ass sluts!" to us. We ignored them. Later on, Annie and Danielle apologized to Tracey and included me in the apology (it was never sent to me) and Tracey "accepted" their apology.

June Cont - Annie and Danielle left for a month long student exchange trip in Europe. Kaya found a new "best friend" (Ellen), whom I used to be friends with last summer but we rarely saw eachother. Kaya and Ellen posted pictures in short skirts and tanktops saying "oh ya.. this is how (my name) stands and dresses" and posted them on facebook. Kaya, Ellen, Danielle and Annie have all been put on "limited profile" for my facebook and cannot see anything except my name and a nearly blank page.

Ellen lives on my street, like a two minute walk away. She has been in many fights and now I am feeling threatened because in my honesty box on facebook, Kaya threatened that if I went to any bonfires or parties this summer that she would fight me or get other people to. Annie and Danielle are gone for three more weeks, but Ellen and Kaya are so close. In addition, they have all of the "hawks" on their side.

I have just been staying home/inside to avoid conflict and I am sick of this harassment. Please help. =( (link)

More or less you can throw the book at these people quite literally. You are a very smart young lady to keep a diary and log of what they did and the dates and times. Hopefully, you kept phone records too of when they called and their numbers.

All you or your parents have to do now is go file a report with the police and have them all charged with harassment. You can do this and it will prevent them from ever contacting or having anything to do with you again.

As far as staying inside and not living your life goes that's what they want you to do. They wan to see they have gotten to you. Live your life and to hell with them. Learn self-defense too just incase someone does throw a punch. If anyone did they get brought up on assault charges. This is likely a scare tactic.

Don't trust the schools for anything or their admin to back you up as they like to stay out of this kind of thing with students. Go the route of the police.

Btw, no offense or anything I didn't read your entire blog on events because I've been in your shoes and knew where things were going with your question and what the answer was having been in your exact position before. I hope I helped.

In many ways, I think you knew the answer to your question before you asked when you mentioned your log book. I think you just needed reinforcement to use it as evidence and file charges.

Can anyone tell me which theatre in New York City the Spice Girls will be playing at on December 11th for their Reunion tour??

THanks soo Much!!!! (link)

Read this as it tells you all about the tour

The group hasn't announced which venues they are playing in any of the 11 cities they will be in. The tour starts in the fall but getting your hands on tickets may be easier said than done. The group isn't selling them in the normal way. More or less you have to win the opportunity to buy tickets.

Their site has a registration link for tickets and if I understand correctly (not having registered as I'm not from any of the 11 cities) they'll do some kind of ticket lottery draw or so it appears. Click the links and see what you bring up.

Is it normal to queef right after having sex doggy style? (link)

It's normal with intercourse in any/all positions. Why? Air as you know is getting packed into your vagina by thrusting. It's a dead end street up there so it has no other way to come out. It is expelled back out the vagina and makes a bit of noise. It's normal and your partner likely knows it (if not educate him) and just have a laugh over it. Don't sweat it. It's natural and this is why it occurs.

i have this wierd pain right where my ribs met, kind of above my stomach. Im not sure what it is but it feels kind of bloated and it hurts to touch it. it also hurts to move and bend over. it feels like it could be gas but i think it might be soemthign more, it feels like i have a ball just sitting there
any ideas of what it could be? (link)

I am not a doctor nor are the other volunteers and my advice cannot be taken for a diagnosis or for medical advice. Do you engage in a lot of athletic activity?

The reason I'm asking is that you may have been hit in the chest in a contact sport, sat on in wrestling or martial arts or otherwise injured through sports.

The symptoms you are mentioning sound like cracked ribs to me as I felt the pain at the seperation of where my ribs met, couldn't bend over or move after my ribs were cracked during a wrestling lesson where 200 pounds worth of opponent sat on my chest.

If it's cracked ribs they heal on their own and I don't think doctor's even bother to tape them up anymore. I would avoid athletic activity and see if in a few days it gets better or not.

If you don't see any progress after then I would see your physician as it could be something else that is amiss especially if you aren't even athletic. Make people aware of the problem and monitor it closely and get your doctor's advice for peace of mind.

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