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I aim to give you solid advice on your problems. I don't sugarcoat things and I'm always straight up. Don't come asking for what you want to hear as I always give the truth even if you don't want it because it's what you need and the only way to grow.
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Hey. I know you guys hate these questions, I'm so sorry.

So, me and my boyfriend had sex Friday without a condom. Well, he pulled out, and it was a few seconds when he cummed. Well, I'm really worried I may be pregnant. What are the chances? (link)

Pretty high if you aren't on birthcontrol. The reason being is that precum contains more than enough sperm to get you pregnant. Percum is almost alway certainly present during intercourse.

A lot of people grow up learning the bad myth that if a guy pulls out before ejaculating that you're going to be okay. That's not the case.

Before getting very worried and worked up and jumping to conclusions buy a pregnancy test (get 2 for accuracy) and then if it's positive speak to your parents and get their support. Hopefully, you aren't pregnant.

In the event this turns out to be a scare please remember to always protect yourself with condoms or better yet condoms and some other form of birtcontrol as a back up if the condom breaks. Insist on condoms from your partner every time as it's for your safety as much as it is for him.

You might also want to look into NuvaRing it's a new device that is a ring that is inserted in your vagina and provides all the protection you need aside from condoms to be safe and there's no worrying about taking pills or accidentally skipping them at a precise time. A google search will yeild tons of info on it. That's what i'm recommending for you for the future.

Well my BEST friend is overweight but at the same time is REALLY pretty. She's never had any sort of thing with a guy, and the one boy she did really like, always ditched her. But now she has the lowest self esteem ever, and I was just wondering id you knew anything I could say to her to make her feel better. More than just "You're beutiful and any guy would be lucky to have you." I want to get it through her head that the right guy is out there and she really is a beautiful person. (link)

Your friend just might be clinically depressed. You should talk to her candidly about her self-esteem one day when you are alone and what kind of thoughts she is having about herself.

Tell her she can always vent her feelings to you and that it may be an even better idea to tell her parents, an adult she trusts, or her teacher how she has been feeling lately.

It's in her best interest that she sees her family doctor so that he can talk to her about her feelings and refer her to a psychiatrist if he thinks she is clincally depressed.

Perhaps if she were on anti-depressants she may start feeling better about herself. Weight issues are not always related to eating and could be glands.

Perhaps if it is food related the doctor could teach her how to get it in check, eat sensibly and loose weight. What you should do is tell her that you never lie and that she is beautiful, has a great personality, and is desirable. Tell her you'll even prove it.

Why not find soeme nice guys you know that value girls for their personality and not their weight. maybe there's someone you could introduce to her that could become a potential match or at the very least a good friend that includes her.

If you are really, really concerned for her talk to your teacher, an adult you trust or your parents. They can talk to her folks about it or the teacher can call her parents in for an interview and mention her plummeting self-esteem without anyone knowing you tipped him/her off about it. Your teachers are great advocates.

I hope this serves as some ideas of how to help your friend. Believe me, and you should tell her this that it's those guy's ultimate loss. Let her know too that boys are immature at this age but it gets better as you grow older.

Tell her she wants a man and someone who is mature and offer her advice and a chance to meet some. Show her how to attract people and get her personality and qualities to shine through.

It shouldn't matter to a guy or vice-versa a girl a damn about race or size if they are mature. All that matters is the connection between two people and whether or not a person is a good individual. Show her that she is all these things and try to prove it to her.

umm what is the exact use of pubic hair? is it ok to shave it all off cuz i do every once in a while because to me i fell cleener ! is this good or bad ? i grow the hair back and keep it trimed especially wen i have a bathing suit on!! its just everonce in a while that i shave it all !! bad or good ? and wut it for? (link)

This is a really interesting and good question. Nobody has been scientifically able to establish the real reason why we have pubic hair. One common belief is that its there solely to trap dirt, dust and other particles and keep them away from the genitals.

Another popular theory is that pubic hair under the arms and around the penis and vulva actually trap in certain smells that you may not notice yourself that turns on the opposite sex making you sexually desirable.

It's fine to shave your pubic hair off every once and a while if it feels better and cleaner and easier to manage to you. Nothing bad wil everl happen if you do (save for razer burn if you aren't careful doing it or cuts). It's perfectly acceptable practice and very common with females these days.

It's also perfectly fine to keep it too as many girls think erroneously that it isn't. A lot of young people think if they don't shave down there that it's embarassing and that guys will not like it.

Pubic hair is normal, acceptable and if guys cannot deal with that fact it's not your problem or any girl's problem. A mature male had better be prepared to deal with both a shaved and unshaved female.

So, the bottom line is it's fine if you do, fine if you don't. Sure, guys may have a preference but they need to understand both are acceptable and not put pressure on girls to live up to some invisible standard or idea they have of what women look like that they saw in one of those magazines under their bed ;)

My best friend.. I don't know what happened. But I can't stand her. There's seriously no jealously or drama .. anything going on. But lately she has been bothering me. I don't know. The things she does irriates me sometimes. Like when she tries to make me feel guilty for not sharing/buying her something. She would never repay me back anyways. She would always ask me if I was emo [that bothers me so much] whenever I didn't smile for a second. Is it just a phase? I don't know. She keeps throwing so many questions at me and I can't face her. I don't know. I feel like I'm taking care of her sometimes. I'm not her mother... My other best friend has noticed the distance between us. I really don't like her clinging onto me sometimes. I dont know why I'm suddenly feeling like this. (link)

Sometimes people who have been friends as long as you have with her grow apart or start to dislike things about eachother. Usually, after we confront the person about things that bother or hurt us that they are doing things start to get better.

You have to give her the benefit of the doubt here. She may not have a clue that she's pissing you off all too frequently. What you need to do is sit her down and have a heart to heart. She's probably oblivious to the way she's treating people and yourself and that it bothers even you.

Ask yourself if this freindship which you've cultivated over all these years is worth it or salvagable. If not move on as nobody has the right to make you feel miserable. The other thing with her constant questions bother you is to not answer them or deflect them by going back to what you want to discuss.

She'll "get it" when she sees she's not going to get the answer she wants. As far as the money issue with you paying for her and her making you feel guilty if you don't is there ever a time where you've relied on her for the same?

If so, attacking her with this isn't a good idea. Instead take a gentle approach in pointing out this out and that she does it too often.

The biggest red flag here for me (and it should be for you too I mean let's face it) is that you're scared of her for some reason and are very fearful about being around her. A friend will never do that to you.

She's also clingy which leads me to believe that she has social problems and all around never knew how to deal with people. You need to confront her to show her you can stand up for yourself and let her have it.

You'll feel empowered and she'll learn some valuable life lessons. Do it person and walk away. She cannot hurt you at all unless you let her. Much like a bully she's got no power over you unless you allow her to.

You aren't suddenly feeling this way. It's been inside of you for quite a while and now it's coming out as you cannot deal with these feelings anymore without venting them and dealing with it.

You know this girl better than I do. If you want to walk away do so and don't worry or look back. Is this friendship doing anything for you? Don't let her scare or intimidate you as you can confront her and tell her the truth. It's hard but you can do it.

Tell her you like her but add it really bothers me that you do X, Y, Z and it better change. Then again my vote is to walk away completely as she's doing a number on you emotionally here. It's a write off just like a crashed car I think. I'm being honest having been in your shoes before.

so im having a doctors appt soon and my mjom asked me when id like to have it, and i did marijuana last week
they like pee test us, and can they see the drugs? i heard that marijuana stays in your body for like a week
and also if she asks me iive ever done drugs, what shoul i say, becuase i know that she cant tell anyone by federal law, bu then again, drugs are illegal (link)

It is not a doctor's role to judge anyone or pass judgment on anyone's lifestyle choices or mistakes be it with substances that are illegal or not. They cannot get you charged with anything or have the police after you etc.

They are only there to take care of your health and well-being and make sure there isn't anything wrong with you physically and or mentally. Yes, they will notice the presence of marijuana in your system and they cannot legally tell anyone even a parent in most cases (which I don't agree with but that's the law).

All they can do is tell you not to do it and give you information on why. They need to know your total medical history and drug use history too or you aren't doing anything to help yourself here if you have medical problems that have developed because of drugs. Don't lie as it's damaging to your health.

I won't lecture you but marijuana will do nothing at all to help you with your problems but could cause you more than you imagined. Everyone likes to feel good and you may have problems that are making you feel lousy or made you try this or do it regularly.

It's best to talk to someone honestly about your drug use and learn how to stop if its something of concern to you. I doubt your mother or doctor would judge you because they both know teens try this. if you need help stopping talk to an adult you trust.

You can put the doctor's appointment off for a while but eventually thetruth about you doing any type of drug will come out as there's no way to hide the signs from people. They'll catch on.

This may not be what you wanted to hear but I believe in being honest and offering people many choices to deal with an issue. Your problems aren't about the doctor's exam and hiding the truth but they're about issues with drugs themselves.

ok so i have this really big crush on this guy thats in my class, tomorrow is the last day of school and hes moving to another country over the summer, i want to kiss him so bad but it would be awkward, i like him so much but i dont know his phone number and i want him to know that i like him
please help!!!

p.s. im 13, so is he =]

help fast, i need it by tomorrow
thanks in advance

It's too bad you didn't try this earlier in the year considering he's leaving for a foreign country. The best thing you could do here is walk up to him tomorrow and tell him how much you like him ad will miss him. Give him a kiss on the cheek.

That's a classy way of doing it that won't be awkward and then say "That's just a little something to remember me by." Slip him a piece of paper with your contact info on it tell him to use it and wish him well.

That's the best way to kiss him as it's not awkward nor does it appear weird to him or others. However, what you can do is approach him in the same manner and give him a quick peck and feed him the same line (mean it though) as above and give him your contact details.

If you want to kiss him my advice is to not even think about it and just do it when you see him and tell him the reasons why. guys like honesty and a person who is direct. If you want it so badly and it feels right for you just do it and don't think about it. Seize your opportunity and take it.

You don't want to be sitting here tommorow going "I didn't have the guts" You have to go for broke on this one andat least try it. Don't worry about what others will think or what he might. If you want this so badly you just have to suck up your courage and do it.

There are examples above of how to do it with class. Stick to those and just kiss him as it will work and have the desired effect. You can do it. All you have to think about really is how bad you'll feel if you don't. That's got to be motivation enough for you.

Trust me, if it were him in your shoes he would be just as nervous and asking us the same questions. Realize that and know that you have to make your move or go without ever having kissed him.

summers coming and i want to loose 25lbs over break for my junior year. i mainly want to loose weight in my gut and thighs, and perhaps back (weird, i know).
what i need is good diet tips.
motivational tips that will help me.
meals that will help fill me up so i don't overeat.
and a workout plan that is effective on the parts i want to tone/loose weight in.

any help is appreciated.
and thank you. (link)

Diet tips that may have worked for one person may not equal the same level of success for others. It's unsafe to start any kind of weight loss program without consulting your family doctor for health reasons.

You need to see your doctor as well for the simple reason that they know what weight you have to be to be healthy and what weight you cannot be as well as what weight means you're under weight for your specific height.

It is the doctor who should put you on a diet plan that works for you and is tailored to meet your needs. It will be one you can follow. They'll show you how to cook differently, eat differently and give advice on proper portions.

They can also refer you to a nutritionist who can talk to you about portions, food groups, what to eat and what not to eat and give you actual meal plans and help with recipies and monitoring your weight.

Essentially, you can eat anything you would like to eat but in moderation and that's something a nutritionist and family doctor can give you great advice on. I would start with them as they'll teach you how to eat sensibly and not overeat.

It's dangerous to follow tips anyone who doesn't know your medical history can offer. You always need to see a doctor before going on a diet of any type or a new exercise plan.

To keep weight off you need an exercise plan you can stick to and to follow what your doctor and or the nutritionist tells you to do. okay this is the 98th episode according to the show's episode guide, but how come at the top it says its episode 702? south park doesnt have 702 episodes! i am soo confused! (link)

Actually the number is in fact correct. The 7 means seventh season and the 02 means the second episode aired in the seventh season.
When people in the film industry refer to episodes when they shoot a seies they refer to them in a three digit code so episode 102 is season 1 episode 2 of that season and so on. That's true even if it's the 98th actual epsiode.

I hope this helps clarify what that number stands for. The person who edited the Wikipedia article is 100% correct that its episode 702 and is not by any means an idiot. That's how producers and directors catalog and refer to epsiodes in a 3 digit number that means the season number and order it airs in for that season hence 702.

I know this as I'm an extra in film and TV and know how they refer to episodes of TV shows in that manner.

Hii I was wondering if anyone had any good ideas on what I should do for my sweet 16. It's at the end of July. ANY idea will be greatly appriciated thanks :] (link)

I'm not sure where you live but you might want to look into indoor Go-Karting as well as outdoor. Many tracks allow you to purchase a package for a group to race against eachother or have birthday party packages. It's something to look into if you live near or in a big city or town apt to have one.

Laser quest and paintball are also good. You really need to do something memorable for your Sweet 16 and not the usual or typical things people do.

You could try buying and or creating your own murder mystery game where people play characters and you spend the evening trying to solve it. Why not rent a DJ if there's enough room in your house and have a co-ed party until such times as the boys leave and you all retire for the night.

Another thing you could do if there is an amusement or water park near you is get a group rate and go there. Another good idea is if you know of a show that is playing that you want to see or a concert coming up. You can get a group of tickets in the same section to it or any sporting event.

Now that you're 16 you can also go to comedy clubs such as Second City or others in your area for a night of laughs. They won't serve you booze and be sure to check that the club allows 16-year-olds in like Second City and other ones do. See about that if there's one in your area.

I hope this helps you out.

hey. i just wanted to tell you that you give really good advice :] like you are so complete and thorough, and you should really expand your bio or simply put up a picture of yourself. good work, babe :] (link)

Thanks. I'm glad you found the help you were looking for through my page.

How do I tell my mom that I am pregnant? She thinks I am a virgin, so not only do I have to tell her I had sex, but I also have to tell her that I am pregnant. Ever since I was little she told me that I would be the one to most likely get pregnant first (out of my older sister and I. I just don't know how to tell her. What do I say? How long will she stay mad? (link)

I cannot tell you how long she will remain angry. That varies on the person themselves. The bottom line is that your mom loves you and even if she blows her cork for a bit she's going to support you.

She may be dissapointed in you at first but she will certainly help you. Most parents know or expect their teens might be having sex so that part of things is not likely to anger her.

The problem I have with this whole thing is that your mother rather than getting you birth-control or offering or making it easier for you to be protected never did. Instead, she's telling you she expects you to be 17 and pregnant first.

That ain't right at all or responsible as she's planting that in your head. All you can do is tell your mother that you tried to be careful but found out you were pregnant. All you can do is just tell her the truth and ask for her support.

She would be far more upset if you didn't tell her and tried to hide it for as long as you could. That's dangerous for many reasons for you and the baby. By telling her what happened and asking her to support you now you're making the proper decision.

She will be angry, upset etc. but that wears off as she'll never stop loving you or helping you and wants the best for you. It's not easy but the truth is the only thing that works.


Hey. Basically Im depressed. About my whole life. I have different issues like school work and guys and i really do not want to go to an adult about this. I dont know if im really depressed or am i just bored. Like i havent had a boyfriend since october. I really dont know, i should be very happy right now because i won this contest, but im not. I cry everyday, and nothing big happened that i should be depressed about. I mean there are little things but seriously im so confused right now and i realy need help. I do talk to my friend but she has no adivce cuz shes going through the same thing. Please help (link)

If you are spending a lot of time crying every day and feel down for no apparent reason that's not right. You could in fact be clinicially depressed. In that case you need adults to help you even if you don't want them around because it can get much worse.

Talk to your parents, your guidance counselor, teacher or an adult you trust in confidence about the way you have been feeling. these adults can either talk to your parents for you by saying "I've noticed a change in your daughter with her moods and being upset a lot. I would like it if you spoke with her as she may be depressed."

Your parents would then take you to your family doctor for their opinion and then you would be referred to an psychiatrist who would diagnose you and perhaps put you on medication to make things better for you.

In the meantime document your thoughts, feelings, how your mood is in a diary and keep it close by. Especially record dark thought down or spikes in mood as that could be sign of a mood disorder too. Present that to an adult you trust as evidence something's up and they'll get you treatment.

As for boys be patient you'll meet someone. Don't push too hard for a relationship as it will happen when you were'nt looking. as for your friend she tries to help the only way a 14-year-old or 13-year-old knows how. She's just as unsure about her ownself as you are about you.

Definitely, find an adult you trust and talk to them. They won't judge you but in this situation you need adult help only and perhaps professional help too if you really are depressed.

You have to also consider too that puberty which you are going through causes mood swings especially in girls every so often because a lot is changing and hormones are wonky. If you find yourself being unhappy usually towards the end of the month before or after a period or during it could be related to that and pre-menstrual sysmptoms.

For now though, take no chances here, write down how you've been feeling each day and if you're having dark or scary thoughts too and what has been making you upset and approach an adult and get things checked out. You'll feel better for doing it.

what should i wear to a rockish concert, with fall out boy? It will probably be warm, but idk what to wear. helpp!

p.s. i dont have a jean skirt or jean shorts..just normal jeans.. thankss (link)

Be sure to wear comfortable shoes. That may sound obvious to you but when it comes to being in the stands or being in the ground level floor section you'll be doing a lot of standing up to see what's going on onstage.

You don't want to wear heels or anything that is bound to hurt you feet. I recommend sandals if you've got them. Wear comfortable pants such as jeans, courdroy, khakis and a T-shirt.

When it comes to T-shirts or articles of clothing be very aware of one thing. Make sure they don't contain solid colors or any color a gang would wear. Why? security at arenas in some cities for example the ACC in Toronto won't let you in if you're dressed in those colors. Call the venue or place you bought tickets about that. I know as I go to tons of concerts that this true.

You should be A-1 though in sandals or comfortable shoes, your average t-shirt and jeans, khakis etc. as long as they are comfortable and you can move around freely.

I'm going to my boyfriends house tomorrow. BTW I'm 14/f. We've only been dating for 2-3 weeks.. but we've been on and off for about 3 years. I've never been there before by myself... can you give me some tips incase things get awkward?? About 3 months ago I had this other guy at my house and it was totally weird so I want this to be different. What are some things I could do if it gets weird? (link)

You should tell him upfront before going to his house that while you really like him you aren't ready for X,Y, Z and think it's way too soon in the relationship to consider anything sexual. He should respect that.

In the event he doesn't understand and tries something you don't want to have happen all you need to do is push him off and tell him "I thought I told you we weren't going to go there." Then leave immediately and go home. He will learn from that that you mean business.

You have to tell him upfront before going that just because people aren't home doesn't mean that you are going to do anything sexual or that you aren't ready for. Let him know that before going.

Also tell him you want to hang out but the whole idea of being alone sort of bothers you because you don't want him to get any ideas something is going to happen when it clearly won't.

If you've known him for 3 years and trust him that's excellent but even still before you go set out some ground rules about what will and will not happen with him so you both agree and don't cross the line.

Tell him about the bad experience with the other guy and that you don't want a repeat of that. you have to tell him this before you go or make the decision to back out saying you don't feel ready to be alone without adults nearby. It's okay to say that.

If it gets weird you can go home early, push him off of you, or defend yourself from anything physical or sexual you don't want to happen should you have to.

More or less telling him before you go that you have rules, beliefs, don't have interest in doing sexual things etc etc. he'll understand. If you truly feel weird and uncomfortable about going invite him to your place with adults around or don't go.

Ok first, anyone who wants to answer this and tell me I'm 13 and too young to be worrying about this kind of thing, please just don't answer.
I've been single since the beginning of October and I am so sick of it. I always get upset cause I miss having a guy to kiss and hold.
Another problem is I happen to REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY like this guy who is two years older than me and who I don't get to see very often and who I'm pretty sure doesn't like me.
What do I do to
A)get over this guy
B)find a relationship and stop being single
thanks! (link)

The thing you need to understand is that relationships just sort of happen and when you least expect it and usually with people you know or who know of you that you never considered in a romantic way before. You cannot force a relationship to happen it just kind of unfolds itself.

People become close friends and things develop from there usually. The problem is every guy and girl for that matter knows you have been single since October.

You don't know you are doing this but by fretting over it and pushing for a relationship to happen you've been telegraphing it to them. Guys pick up on it or that intensity you have and are nervous some even are turned off.

You cannot appear to look desperate for a guy in any way, shape form even if it's inadvertent. What you need to do is make them want to come to you. Be friendly, open to others, meet guys, introduce yourself and see what happens.

Are you sure this guy doesn't like you? Do you know him well? Are you friends? If the answer to those questions is no you need to introduce yourself, strike up a conversation, try to become friends and ask him if he's interested.

The age gap isn't large however, the world of a 15-year-old is different from that of a 13-year-old. It's a different social circle, more pressures, difference in maturity and he's probably thinking of someone older than you but that's okay.

How do you get over him? Start by realizing that you are beautiful, desireable, smart, funny and all the things guys want in a girl but sometimes because of age, a friendship or other reasons certain guys (not all guys) might not be in to me that way.

How do you find a relationship and stop being single? That's easy. Stop looking for one. Seriously, relax, be confident in yourself, be open and friendly, get to know guys and bang they'll come to you first about a relationship.

You have to stop going in search of it as it will elude you because guys may think there's something wrong or you are too desperate. Keep getting to know guys by throwing parties, hanging out with friends and see if they ask you out or if you are interested in one see if he wants to hang out one on one on group dates and take it from there.

You have to patient even though that's hard sometimes as the right circumstance and the right guy will come along. If you really like that guy at least try and see what happens first of all and don't be discouraged.

When it comes to singing I'm so breathy and it's really not a good way to display my ability because it muffles my voice. Could anyone provide me with a way to correct this? (link)

You need to hire a voice coach. They will teach you proper breathing and techniques so that your voice is strong and not breathy.

That is the best way of handling this issue because they can make your voice so much stronger. While it can be pricey it's worth the investment as sooner or later you'll have to correct this problem if you want to go far in singing or acting.

Also, it may help if you have a school music teacher to ask them what they recommend. They may know techniques you can employ. However, having said that the techniques are not much help if you don't have that teacher or a qualified voice coach standing next to you to see where you're going wrong.

We hear our own talking and singing voice much differently than others do. They'll notice imperfection first and find ways around it.

Hello ,

Okay im not sure if it goes under the right category but okay. Im getting really mad at my friend because she wont go swimming ever. Shes to embarrest because she has hair on the sides of her vagina and she doesnt know how to get rid of it because she said she tried shaving but it didnt help is there anything else to get rid of it except for like bikini waxes or anything!?

Please help.

Thank youuu ,
Dianna. (link)
You should try talking to your mother or an older female adult you trust. Tell them that your friend refuses to go swimming with you because pubic hair tends to stick outside her suit. Explain what your friend has tried and see what they can come up with.

I think however, you should tell your friend to come over and bring a T-shirt with her and you'll lend her shorts. It's the perfect compromise and will easily hide any unwanted hair from showing. I cannot see her balking at that at all.

Tell her that even you wear shorts to swim from time to time. If it's your own private pool there should be nothing wrong with this idea.

If it's a public pool I can see why she's upset about it as they require people to wear proper bathing suits no exception. You should talk to your mom or another female adult and ask for advice.

As embarassing as it may seem for you, your friend maybe you can invite your friend swimming and tell her that you have the situation covered. Have your mom tell her how to take care of this in the future or have your mom in private explain to this kid's mother why she's so mortified of swimming with you.

Somebody has to say something to someone on how to deal with this situation without making a big deal out of it. However, getting her a pair of men's bathing shorts ought to fix the situation unless it's a public pool.

The girl clearly needs some tips from an older female who has dealt with this before or know how to help her. Aside from shaving or waxing the only other idea I would have is trying to trim the hair that sticks out of her bathing suit with scissors.

I myself don't know any way to fix it beyond that (being male) but if she can wear shorts she's fine unless she doesn't know how to swim at all ;) if it's just you, a few friends and your own backyard pool. In public she might not be able to get away with wearing shorts.

If she still refuses to come after you help her with the situation don't invite her again as she's being pretty silly about it especially if you help her figure out how to deal with this.

Okay. Here it goes. Me and my friend [Dree] and her friend [my crush Drew] were going to the movies. The movie was so boring that we decided to play truth or dare. So, Dree [my friend] dared me to kiss Drew [my crush]. I said umm...okay. Drew [my crush] was like NO NO NO! WE ARE JUST FRIENDS!!! I felt like crying. I don't know what to do. I want to go out with him but I feel like I choke every time he is around! WHAT'S A GIRL TO DO?! (link)

How embarassing. I would have to say this guy isn't interested in you the way you are in him. If he was interested in you he wouldn't be refusing a kiss from you no would he?

Regardless of who was present if most guys are given an opportunity to smooch with an attractive girl they're interested in they aren't going to turn it down. He's plain and simple not into you and i know that hurts like hell but it's the truth.

His objection to a kiss ad the way he embarassed you makes it abundantly clear. It's his loss. I'm surprised the inconsiderate lout still seems attractive to you and friend material.

You need to move on as he's shown you where he stands regarding dating you. It's not going to change and you shouldn't allow him to embarass you ever again. Who needs someone like him around? His reaction was a very poor one.

You should confront him when you see him next and tell him straight-up "You really embarassed me last night in front of my friends. Would it have killed you to go along with the game? I used to think you were my friend and hell I even liked you but I'm beginning to re-think where you do or do not fit in my life."

Walk away after saying it and let him think. He'll realize that he really hurt you and made you look bad the other night. If you still want him as a friend keep him but he's never going to come around and be your boyfriend. It's evident he's not interested.

He may also not want to ruin things between you as friends but his whole act where he expressed such a reaction of disgusts suggests he's not romantically interested in you in the slightest and that's not to be mean it's meant to deliver the truth.

You can do better and it's his loss anyways. For all he knows he may have missed out on a great girl, a great kiss and a relationship. I wonder if he has feet left as he's shot himself in both of them.

ok well i am a virgin and i got my period when i was 10. i am now 13. there has been cancer and diabetes in my family, and my mom has fibroids and she found out less then five years ago. she tells me whenever the subject is mentioned about her wanting me to go to the gynacologist. i feel nervous.. in that cold room, and im in jamaica, and for my orthodontistry they dont do it exactly ight and theyre arent so careful. normal doctors arent so good here.. so i feel nervous.. im scared that when he/she tries to take cells of that he/she will poke to hard and leave me in pain for days. and you know after you pee sometimes you get that disturbing kind of airy feeling in your vagina? i dont wanna get that. and i know ill jump.. and ill know that ill get wet... and will they see if i masturbate? like how could they find out? also... i know about those tongs that spread you ... kind of embarrassing for me because i want to be tight for my first time.. i dont want my doctor stretching me out..and how do i request for a girl doctor? id feel much more comfortable, in jamaica its hard, theyd say sorry no women doctors at the moment.. but no!!! i want a woman doctor!!!!! also... my period.. i have had it for like 3 years or so and well some periods cause so much pain its diarrhea, constipation, light headedness, cravings, tiredness, i have no concentration, i have to stay home from school sometimes. also some periods i get these cramps with soreness in my back and tummy, then like ... exploding shooting pain going from the bottom of the inside of my vagina going to the top of my uterus. it may seem worse than it sounds.. but is it just bad periods or could i have something seriously wrong with me.... i really wanna know how i can achieve what i want... and i really dont want anything bad to happen.. and all i need to add to my miserable life is someone to tell me i have cancer.... im scared, i want to die because of it. also.. everyday i have discharge and some days i can have these big white sticky gooey chunks of it where it is just disgusting. help me!!! i dont wanna have anything wrong happen with my vagina.. id appreciate it a lot more if you help me with everything and possibly more from my question... (link)

First you need to take a deep breath and exhale. You have nothing to fear as these doctors are professionals and all of them must follow the standard proceedure for a gynaecological exam. A nurse is always present with or without a male doctor and your mom can be in the room if you feel you need her.

They cannot tell that your masturbate at all. Don't worry about that and even if they could which they cannot it's no big deal as the majority of people do including those giving the exam.

As for getting wet if it happens they'll be unphased having seen that before. The device they use to hold open the area won't make you any less tight for intercourse however, you can always increase that tightness with pubic-coxogeal (sp?) exercises as I've learned in human sexuality classes.

Now, the biggest thing you said here was about the runs, constipation, light-headedness, cravings, tiredness and no concentration while on your period. This is the first thing that they need to know and don't hide it or forget it as it's the reason you're there.

They need to know about the cramps, soreness in your stomach area and back. Relax, while something is clearly out of whack you don't have cancer, diabetes or anything that's going to kill you off immediately or in the future. Don't be scared as you're in good hands with your gyneacologist regardless of where you reside.

I thought this article on what to expect as well as an exact rundown on every single thing they do would help ease your fears a lot.

Lately I've been having problems with my stomach, but it usually only happens when I go to my dads house. It's always at night time, and I start feeling very naseous like I'm about to throw up, even though I never do. Sometimes I gag and almost throw up. This happens sometimes at my moms, but it has happened every time I've gone to my dads for the past 2ish months. Maybe longer. But the thing is, it only happens on the Friday nights that I get there, and the rest of the time I stay there, it doesn't. I usually take some Pepto Bismal, but I can only take it a little at a time or I feel worse. I also have to pace around. What could be wrong with me, how could I prevent it, and what are some ways to cure naseua fast? (link)

What kind of foods are you eating at your father's house that may be different from those you normally eat? You need to ask yourself that question first and foremost.

Obviously, there's food or a style of cooking with too much grease, oil, sauces, spices etc. that is getting to your stomach and causing this to occur. Eventually, if it continues you might end up vomiting each time you are there.

Maybe you are intolerant to certain foods he is serving you on those Friday nights or to certain sauces, textures, fast-foods without thinking about it.

This happened to me and I ended up vomitting every single time certain sauces, foods, spices and fast-food were introduced. I had to go in to the hospital to be checked out and I was told that it could be an ulcer or a galbladder issue. You might have something like that developing.

What you ought to do is tell your dad tha you often feel nausea after eating on the Fridays and are taking ant-acids to avoid vomitting. Ask him to stop serving the usual fare and to take you to see a doctor about what's happening. If you're feeling any pain accompanying the naseau see a doctor pronto.

They'll know what you'll need to do and if it's a big problem will have solutions or it could be as simple as you never eating certain foods again as your stomach can no longer take it. Check in to an ulcer related problem or galbladder acting up. This is based on personal experience.

You really should get your father to stop serving what he usually serves first of all and see what happens. Grab for the ant-acids only if naseau happens again and when and if it does go see a doctor immediately following.

It sounds as though your stomach cannot handle certain foods anymore and is telling you this is the only way it knows how. Something funky is going on here that needs to be throughly checked out.

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