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I aim to give you solid advice on your problems. I don't sugarcoat things and I'm always straight up. Don't come asking for what you want to hear as I always give the truth even if you don't want it because it's what you need and the only way to grow.
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I went to a slumber party the other night and one of my friends there "G" started talking about sex. It made me really uncomferable since I don't know anything about sex. I'm kinda creeped about sex. I mean, i'm only 13, but my friends think it's weird that i don't even no what masterbating is. The next day my other friend there came up to me and told me my otehr friends were making fun of me cuz I didn't know what masterbading or anything about sex was. I feel really emmbarressed and creeped out. My parents never really have time to talk about... sex and stuff. and my paretns say i'm too immature to talk about stuff like that. Sure, when someone says don't kick those balls at the wall, i start laughing. I mean it sounds funny, but i'm confused. I need advice fast! (link)

Your parents mean well by trying to shelter you from things you mat not be ready for but by age 13 you need to know the basics about sex (the mechanics), information about birthcontrol, menstruation, pregnancy, sexual orientation, masturbation etc. etc.

It's their job to ensure you know all of this and to allow you to ask any question you want or need to about sex and not shrug it off as "you're too immature."

They aren't helping you any here by doing that. while they may not have a lot of time parents need to stop and make sure their kids get solid sex education and not rely on the schools to do it and teach values.

I think you need to learn on your own what your friends are talking about. There are two excellent books for teen readers that explains sex, puberty, sexuality etc. in a frank manner, non-graphic to readers so they get this crucial information. The books are What's Happening to my Body for Girls and for Boys and both are by Lynda Madaras. Start there.

As for your friends making fun of you just shrug it off and joke about it like this "My parents never got around to telling me that I guess." You could try talking to your friend privately about this kind of thing however, kids who talk to eachother about this stuff may not have all the facts.

Stick to those books. You can either buy them or get them from the library. If you discreetly ask for books on human sexuality for you age group at a bookstore or library they'll help you out. your school library might even have these two books.

I'm just wondering how sensitive a girl's cervix usually is. Mine is extremely sensitive and I've never really noticed it as a problem but my boyfriend is "worried". If my tampon touches it as I'm putting it in, it's incredibly uncomfortable. It doesn't hurt, but it's not a good feeling either. It's a problem during intercourse. If my boyfriend just barely hits it, it hurts like no other. He doesn't have to hit it hard or anything, just a tap if he goes in a little too deep and I'd be in unbearable pain for a few seconds. I haven't talked to my gyno about it seeing as how I won't see her for another 3 months or so. I thought I'd ask on here in case there's anyone with experience. Thanks :) (link)

I don't know if you will find others here who are experienced or experiencing the same situation you are. Having said that, I read your last line about not going to see your gyno for 3 months or so. I wouldn't wait until then.

The best advice anyone could give you right now is to call your gyno's office in the morning and tell them that you have an appointment scheduled for 3 months from now but have a problem that needs to be looked at now and not later.

Tell them about the unbearable pain when a tampon touches your cervix or your boyfriend hits it during sex. It's something that sounds incredibly unusual (likely non threatening) that you need to have checked out now rather than later when it could be worse.

Just call the office and tell the receptionist what you are dealing with and get your appointment bumped up. Although receptionists are not doctors maybe she can just grab your doctor for a moment to speak with you or tell you what it is.

ok this sounds really weird but, what are a guys "balls?" Like I know that they have the actually penis and stuff but ya. And also, when you give a hand job, do you play with the guys balls too? I'm kinda inexperienced.

Thanks so much. (link)

Balls refers to testicals. They sit behind his penis in the wrinkly sack that is also known as his scrotum.

When it comes to your second question you should talk to your boyfriend before attempting a HJ and tell him you are inexperienced and ask him to tell you exactly what he likes and doesn't for that matter.

He's the expert on his penis and male anatomy and you being a girl cannot realistically be expected what to do the first time or few times without him telling you. Don't be shy to ask him as it's the best way to avoid an awkward or embarassing moment if you don't

As far as your third question about whether guys like if you play with a certain area it depends on the guy as some will like it and others may not finding it too intense, tickles and or just doesn't do anything for them. Others may climax a lot faster because of it.

Again, ask him what he likes as you really cannot go wrong in learning from him what he likes. He's the expert on his penis, how it works and how it responds to certain stimulation. As long as you talk to him about this you'll be fine.

I've never had a REAL boyfriend before. not that I don't want one, just not interested in anyone. but I've never masturbated before. I kind of think it's gross & don't like to touch myself down there. I'm also afriad of having sex. since it's never been on my mind since I've never had a real boyfriend. I'm afraid it'll hurt & I'll be bad at it, etc.
Is it weird not to have any desire to have sex or masturbate at all? I like kissing.. but just I don't know since I haven't had boyfriends to do that stuff with. (link)

It's not weird at all to not masturbate for whatever reason. many people don't because of cultural, religious or other reasons including the fact that the idea of it or the actual act of it does nothing at all for them sexually or otherwise.

It is not however, gross, dirty, shameful etc to touch your own genitals for your own pleasure. I'm sure you know but I'll reiterate it for other readers that it's normal if you do and normal if you don't. The statistics I was told in health class quite a few years back was that 70% of females do and 80-90% of males do.

The number for females may in fact be higher as girls are more discreet about it than guys are. regardless, you're normal if you do and normal if you don't or if it does nothing for you.

I just wanted to reiterate that it's not gross, dirty etc and it's okay if you don't want to do it for any reason you have in your mind. For some people the idea and or masturbation itself does nothing for them.

When it comes to having sex for the first time you need talk to your partner before hand and go over your fears, expectations etc and get a backup method of birthcontrol as you cannot always count on condoms not breaking etc.

If your partner turns out to be more experienced than you are have them take their time and walk you through the experience and talk to you during it to see that you're okay.

Does it hurt? For females it can but it depends on the individual girl. Usually, there is discomfort from thrusting and friction from it as well. You need to be properly lubricated to make penetration and intercourse easier and reduce discomfort. That's why foreplay is important first.

If your vagina doesn't secrete enough lubrication naturally for penetration and intercourse buying a tube of an artificial lubricant you can use with condoms will help.

Don't worry if you aren't thinking about boys, masturbation or sex. You're a normal 15-year-old. Don't worry that you don't have a boyfriend right now either.

You aren't missing out as a lot of boys your age are really immature at this stage. In a few years you'll find the right partner who is mature etc. and worthy of being physically intimate with.

As long as you communicate with your partner and research about sex and sexuality and discuss positions, what you will and won't do and boundaries you should be fine. The more you research about it and learn those things the more educated and ready you will be and the smoother it will go.

i wonder why teen people don't publish anymore magazines!, what happened to the company? i loved teen people! (link)

The magazine ceased publication a few months ago and there will not be any more issues produced. It wasn't making the kind of money the publisher hoped. This is what happened when I tried to subscribe when they offered it free as part of a promotion with Bring It On: All or Nothing several months ago.

They sent out refund cheques in full for everyone who had a paid subcription or tried to redeem the coupon in that DVD for the magazine.

The company is Time-Warner and nothing has happened to them at all as their other magazines are flourishing but this one was not a financial success and didn't attract the readership they wanted to keep it going each month.

I am 23 and female. I dated a guy for 5 years and I found out that he cheated on me. Now I want to say that the cheating was a lot. It was around 10 girls. He slept with 5 of them, and the one was my best friend. Now with that said I also want to say that we were young when we dated, and he wasn't even 21 yet. Ok so I obviously broke up with him, and when I did the tables turned and he was depressed. He could not deal with the break-up and since then he has not been the same. It is going on 2 years since this happened. I did not date anyone seriosly for a 1 1/2 of that time. I could not find anyone I really wanted to date. I was going to go back to him, because I felt like there was no one else for me. Well I ended up meeting someone right before I was going to go back to him. This guy is great he does so much for me in every way possible. He is just a great guy. I love him very much and everything about him. The problem is it still hurts to think of my ex. I feel guilty because I know he is not ok, and that I need to help him and make him feel better. I am so confused lately I just can't get myself to think straight. Anyway I want to know if this is normal and I need to continue on with my life, or if I should not ignore the feelings for my ex that I still might have? (link)

Let me put this in perspective for you. Did your ex-boyfriend ever feel guilty about cheating on you repeatedly with 10 different women including your so-called best-friend? Why should you feel guilty for breaking up with him?

He caused this to happen to himself and should have thought about what his actions would later get him before he slept with those people. While he may not be the same since he lost you it's not your fault and you shouldn't feel guilt or any need to get back with him. You would be absolutely foolish to.

Move on with your current boyfriend who treats you wonderfully and don't look back. You ex-boyfriend is a big-boy and will learn a lot from this so that he treats the next girl that comes along with respect and stops messing around. However, he sounds like a serial cheater that will never stop.

You're doing the right thing by being seperate from him. The reason it hurts to be away from him is because you had a connection and it's always hard to move on. You also wanted it to work badly.

Over time you'll put him behind you and whenever you think of him negatively or positively just remember "That's just a memory from the past that I cannot change and I'm with X now and totally happy."

It's all about time really as there obviously hasn't been enough time since the breakup to allow yourself to move on and not look to revisit the past. Over time these feelings of guilt which you shouldn't be having considering the circumstances will wear away and you'll realize he can take care of himself and you're better off with the new relationship.

I don't understand why you would tell someone that when you masturbate with something it should have a condom on it. It's not like the thing you masturbate with is going to get you pregnant. I get that it has to be clean and all, but a condom? Come on!

I guess I just wanted to hear your reasoning behind that. (link)

There are several good reasons to put a condom on a sex toy or house-hold item. The first being if you are using it vaginally and or around or in the anal cavity or if you are using on yourself and then a partner or borrowing it from somebody else or if the object is a house hold item the person is using that needs to stay clean for it's original use or be tossed afterward.

hi im 13 and i have masturbated about 10 time with back of pens cucumbers and random things in the house which you shouldnt masturebate with im scared about my period i turn 14 in 3 weeks will this affect my period coming im scared about if i damaged something i have stopped masturebating now please help im really scared thank you (link)

The best thing you can do from here on out is to make sure any object you use is washed, has a condom on it, and is not jagged, can break, can cause tears or hurt you. If it's not designed to be used on your genitals or inside one's vagina don't use it.

You haven't damaged yourself or done anything wrong. This is quite common. Masturbation and periods have nothing at all in common with eachother. Your masturbation habits cannot stop or delay periods or make it so they won't come at all.

You're fine, this is natural, normal, healthy etc but be sure if you continue using objects especially household ones that they are clean, not jagged, don't have any rough areas, cannot cause tears or hurt you. It's best that they are rounded and not something that can get stuck or is hard to remove.

The first day of summer starts Wednesday for where I live, and my boyfriend and I are hanging out that day. I think it would be cool if we had sex for the first time (for both of us) that day, kind of as a first day of summer first time celebration, since we've been together since last summer. We've talked about it before but we decided to wait till we're ready, but I'm not really sure how to bring it up again, what should I say? Do you think he'll be willing? Any advice will be appriciated. Thanks! (link)

If you are 100% positive you are ready and want to do this all you need to do is sit down and talk with again. See how he feels about it and go from there. You really need to plan things out and have condoms as well as a backup birthcontrol method too.

If you're really ready you might want to postpone it a bit until you have the right birthcontrol device such as pills or the new NuvaRing device as a backup plan as you really do need that. Talk about what you both are expecting, your fears, hangups etc and then if you both feel ready you'll be fine. You just have to tell him "You know I've been thinking maybe it's time we talked again about our plans for sex" and go from there.

first of all we've been in a relationship for almost a year now. well, my boyfriend has already decided he doesn't want to attend the end of the year dance.
i kinda wanna go, but i dont want to force him to go either. he told me if i wanted him to go with me he would. but the stupid dance thing is 20$ and i dont want to make him go just because i want too. haha if i went by myself, i'd feel bad if i danced with another boy but yeah blah. or i could hang out with the boyfriend at night and thats how it would go. blah idk any opinons on this little situation haha? thanks for readingg :) (link)

Tell him why you really want to go and ask him to go with you. You need to use the "we all do things we don't want to do for someone else" line and play it to the hilt and use past instances where you went somewhere or did several things with or for him you didn't want to do just to make him happen.

Tell him it's a two way street and only one evening of his time and that you enjoy dancing with him. Maybe tell him if he behaves and goes with you that you'll make him a deal that you'll do something with him that he likes doing and has interest in that you don't to even the score.

I doubt you would have a good time going to the dance alone but if he won't budge you ought to go rather than sit out over him. You can always dance with your friends. As far as other guys go don't. Your boyfriend will find out and regardless of his whole stance on not going you'll get a hell of a lot of grief and jelousy you don't need.

So, you need to play the "I do stuff for you I don't want to do" and remember when i did X and Y and Z for you recently?" More or less it's a guilt trip but you need to wake him up to the fact that he has to reciprocate sometimes or you'll stop going places or doing anything you don't want to do.

Okay I'm 5/f. I'm a virgin. I've been having this watery discharge for a longggggggg time. Like three years. It's basically just water like pouring out of me and it smells really bad...And I do mean pouring. My whole underwear is like soaked at the end of the day...I've talked to my mom about it, but she basically blows it off. Sometimes it's like chunks of goo...ha ew. But yeh I don't know what to do. Sometimes I wear a pad and it even goes through that! HELP please. What is this?! (link)

Judging from the article I'm linking you to about discharge a clear and watery discharge sounds normal and they say it occurs at different points in your cycle. However, you mentioned it smells very, very bad. That's not normal and could be signs of an infection of some kind.

Like the person before me said you really need to book an appointment with a gynaecologist and let them examine you and determine what you need to do. The problem won't get any better until you do and could become worse.

Here's the article link


okay well my dream job is to be a racecar driver. is there any sports or things to do tht involves racecar driving or something? i want to practice and get in races and stuff, any suggestions? thnx. (link)

Most professional Indycar, Nascar, F1 and other racing series drivers all started with Go-Kart racing. I'm not talking the putt-putt Go-Karts families go on but the ones that go at least 80-100 KM (I'm not American so you'll have to convert this to miles) and race every Friday-Sunday in series for beginning, advanced drivers based on age and skill set.

It's very expensive because you need your own cart, helmet, suit, gloves, racing liscence and have to pay entry fees each week. There are some Go-Kart clubs that offer an arrive and drive program where they provide everything except the helmet, suit and gloves.

I'm sure if you dig hard on the Internet you'll find something. It would also be good if you ran daily, used a bicycle each day and do a wide variety of sports and exercising and eat lean and sensibly.

As you get older and liscensed to drive you can actually take professional racing instruction from a school such as the Skip Barber Racing School or others like it as every racecar driver has professional training from a racing school or program before they can ever drive in the major legaue series.

They also have to pass several levels of tests in these programs to get the liscences they need to drive at a certain level. I know this as FACT having been into racing and knowing a few Indycar drivers and well-known people in carting.

If you really want to get into it you have to get into Go-Karting as that's where everyone starts adnd they start young between the ages of 8-14 these days as a lot of people who are extremely fortunate enough to make it start racing in their late teens to early 20s professionally.

well,i have this problem that im mad shy and its ruining everything.I need help overcoming it and how do you start by making freinds with someone?I have alot of freinds but like,in the beginning of theschool year,how do I start it the freindship!?HOW DO I OVERCOME SHYNESS!!i need help on this,ive been in situations where im with even my own family and they all talk and i just sit there,smile and look pretty lol HELP! (link)

What helps sometimes is to think of the person you want to be friends with or talk to as if they were a close family member like your mom or dad or brother or sister and just talk to them like you would your family members. It's no different at all.

When you are talking to someone new visualize the person as needing to hear what you have to say and pretend that their life or whatever hinges on your every word. That's another good technique.

I also like to look people directly in the eyes and talk to them and that goes easier. You also have to know that there is nothing to fear nobody will attack you, tell you to shut up or worse for you just talking to them and that everyone needs friends.

Go in thinking that you're likeable, loveable, friendly and have all the qualities people need in a friend and a whole lot more and that they've been dying to meet someone like yourself. The only difference between you and them is that they believe this about themselves and you don't. Once you start believing it it's second nature and your guard goes down.

The situation with your family is a great one. It allows you to practice the techniques I told you about above. pay attention to what they talk about and just jump in with them. They won't judge you and you'll get used to talking to other people.

Ask for help practicing normal conversation with others. They'll give it to you and tell you what you can do to improve. I would also talk to your guidance counselor and mention your fears and shyness with others and work on social skills, coping skills and other ways to make friends, keep 'em etc as they definitely have a lot of tips.

Instead of sitting looking pretty and smiling force yourself to jump in there and talk. If you keep doing it and you see your own family responding positively to you you'll be able to do it everywhere. You don't have any less skills or likability than anyone else.

You'll thrive--but first you must believe in yourself to sell yourself to others. These tips should help you as it's from my own experience. I wouldn't dream of telling anyone something if I didn't experience it myself.

Ok well you know how vagina is supposed to look like? (I can't find oen of those sketches on the internet right now..)

Well I'm 13 and i got my period 3 years ago and i'm thinking of wearing a tampon but i tried looking for it and even looked at it with the mirror but it's closed and there's no huge hole!

Looks very similar to this picture I found:

What do i do?

Is that person's vagina there in the picture? If so, where? Can you circle it or something for me with paint so i know?

If you tell me clearly that'll work too. (link)

The link you gave us just doesn't work so we cannot help with the picture. However, there is another reason you may be having a hard time locating the vaginal opening. Your hymen sounds like it's still intact and not stretched. It partially protects the vaginal opening and around it.

You should have a look at this article and medical diagram as it clearly shows where the opening is and how it looks if your hymen is intact still which it sounds like.

when i perform oral sex on my boyfriend, what can i do to make him cum faster or make it better for him. usually it takes a while and im not sure if im doing something wrong. and once he does cum what can i do so that it doesnt make a mess everywhere without having to swallow? (link)

You really need to talk to him before and stop during to find out what he likes the most and follow his directions the first time so you can figure out the pattern to perform that gets him to climax quicker. He knows male genitals better than you do and what he responds to. Ask him to guide you next time.

Also, sometimes because a guy is nervous, embarassed or stressed etc. about this it takes him longer to climax or he may not climax at alll. It can be a psychological thing and a hang up.

There's two thing you can do so as not to swallow or to have to clean up the byproduct of his orgasm. You can get flavored condoms and make him wear one (it won't affect his pleasure even if he says it will) or you can ask him to tap you when he's close to ejaculating so that you can have a rag, a wet cloth or kleenex to catch it in.

My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost a year now. We have done everything sexual except anal sex. He has always wanted to try it but from my friends experiences I'd rather not. Recently I have been thinking about it and i kind of wanted to try it but I don't know how bad it will hurt. Can anyone share there experiences or thoughts to help me decide? (link)

If you are not comfortable with doing it don't do it and tell him why and that it won't change. Guys tend to like this form of sex because the spinchter muscle clamps down on their penis and it's really tight as opposed to a vagina or so I hear a lot.

It can hurt very badly and most people have painful experiences with it. It's high risk sexual behavior and you have a higher increase for STDS including AIDS. The biggest problem is that the anus was meant for one purpose only and not for sex.

The walls of your anus if they aren't paper thin are pretty damn close and so very easy to tear especially if he's vigorous during thrusting or penetration . You need condoms for sure and lots of artificial lubrication for this and a patient partner who knows that the words no, stop, it hurts etc. means to stop right then.

If it were me, I wouldn't do it at all. However, it's your choice to make here but if you feel grossed out by it or fearful or not wanting to do it don't. You owe him absolutely nothing. He's a big boy and can deal with being told no. It's also your body and your anus that can get hurt here and not his.

Here's an article that answers a lot of your questions and tells you about the things you are susceptible to.

so i hooked up with my friend over the weekend. and now all he wants to do is hook up. and we got in this fight yesterday. i found out today he was like "ef her" and saying all these bad things about me to my friends and trying to get them to be on his side. i want to hook up but after what he said, i don't know if I should. i just want to hook up for fun, nothing serious. what should i do? should i or should i not? (link)

Why would you want to provide certain romantic favors to a guy who used you from the sounds of it and is bad mouthing you to everyone you or he knows saying things such as "F-- her" ?

You need to be wise and act wise here and don't have anything more to do with him or hook up. You've seen his true colors and he's looking to use you for his own gratification and nothing else and tear you down in front of others afterwards. He's not worthy.

Don't do it period with him. You'll regret it and why in the world would you want to with someone who is saying and doing bad things about you? I'm sure you value your ownself more than that. hooking up again would make him and others think he can say and do anything to you and get away with it.

If he comes asking to hook up tell him simply and with tact that you don't hook up with guys who bad mouth you to their friends and to your friends. He needs to be taught a lesson on how to behave and you my friend have to be the one to do it unfortunately. He's a pig in my opinion. That's a serious insult though to a very intelligent animal.

hey i am guy. i like this girl and so does my best friend. Ill give you the full story . me and my friend are good friends with her. hes slightly more with her and he really likes her... he wanted to make out with her but he didnt in a spin-the-bottle game....anyway, i made out with someone then. hes really protective of her, but hes shy around her. ill give u an example.. one of his other friends, a guy, was coming to stay at his house from a different town, hes like a real jock and had been talking to her on msn too. my friend told him not to make out with her. also recently hes been saying every girl i ever was close to was really hot and we should get back 2gether again. i think hes trying to put me off this girl? anyway we r both single, wel im kind of, so i think he doesnt want me to make out with her. i kind of do though thats the problem. hes a real good friend though. (link)

What it all boils down to here is that the girl ultimately is the one to decide who she likes. So, why not leave it to her? Let her know that your friend is really shy and protective of her and really wants to be the guy she goes for.

Point out how you also feel about her and that you sense she has no attraction to your friend in a romantic way. Tell her that you don't want to lose your friend but could she please indicate her preference in a way that won't hurt anyone?

Your friend won't be so crushed if she goes for you now. It's stupid to both like her and have no idea what she's even thinking. Maybe she doesn't like either of you or wants to be with you or him. Let the girl decide by laying it all out for her and that both you and your friend like her and it's a problem.

Until she tells you both where you stand it's going to get really awkward around her. Your friend if he likes her has no right to try to prevent other guys from talking to or dating her if he's not up to stepping up to the plate and making his intentions known to her. She's fair game. If you're real friends no girl will come between you.

Try handling it the way I mentioned and have her approach him and say I'm dating your friend X but I really like you a lot and value our friendship but I don't like you in that manner. This way there's really no hardship between people.

well, i'm 15 and i'm definitely not having sex before marriage. me and bf are sure of that and are strong with our beliefs.
but for me, i'm little lost on some things. i would just like to be a little bit smarter with the subject.

1st - is ejaculation (for both guys and girls)good or bad? is it gross? does it get on anything?

2nd - what are orgasms for? what do they do? why do people always ask about them?

3rd - what is "popping the cherry"? is it bad? is it something to watch out for? does it hurt?

4th - and when i am married i'm a little afraid to have sex because a lot of people say it can and can't hurt and girls can always can get pregnant. is there anything to really be afraid of? what is there to really watch out for?

5th - how well do condoms work? would condoms work everytime we would have sex?

thanx for answering... (link)
1) For males ejaculation is when they release semen. It's a good thing as it generally happens after/during an orgasm and needs to happen in order for sperm to meet the egg during intercourse to lead to conception. The only time it's bad is if you're having sex without protection as you can get pregnant.

In females they don't ejaculate like males but rather release vaginal secretions and lubrication. They can however have G-Spot orgasms which are very elusive (only happens if it's hit during sex, fingering, masturbation) and she can squirt or release fluid that can be up to 1 litre in some instances.

Obviously, it feels good for both sexes and yes it can get on things and be messy especially in the last instance.


2) Well for a female and for a male an orgasm is where your pubic region and other muscles in your body tighten up during sex, fingering, masturbation and release in pleasurable little ripples. See above for G-Spot orgasm.

People typically ask about them if they are inexperienced with sex, fingering masturbation or to confirm their suspicions that
they had one or to gain a sense of why they never have had one.

3) Ive been answering this one a lot. Your Hhmen also known as the cherry doesn't pop. It stretches and in some cases tears because of sex, fingering, masturbation or usually more often than not tampon usage. Read this article for more as it explains it eloquently and gives a medical diagram of it.

It can hurt but some people don't even notice it stretched. It can also be accompanied with spots of blood in one's underwear when it has occured. The hymen is a mucous membrane that partially covers and protects the vaginal opening. SEE THIS LINK :

4) make sure you have sex with someone you love and trust deeply if not waiting for marraige. Does it hurt? It can for girls the first time. The way to help make it so it doesn't is to make sure the girl is properly lubricated so insertion, penetrate go smoothly and there's no friction or pain from thrusting.

5) I'm not sure the percentage on condoms but they will protect you well from STDS and pregnancy if used correctly. Be sure to read the directions. You should also have a backup birthcontrol method to go along with condoms as their not 100% fool proof.
Instead of birthcontrol pills that must be taken daily and not missed at the exact same time I recommend looking into NuVa Ring which is a birthcontrol ring that goes into the vagina. Try a Google search for info on that.

okay, you know that little Madeline Mccann girl that's gone missing? i could of SWORN i saw her, just outside of this plaza.. but her hair was DARK.. i'm sure it was a disguise or something, but i'm dead serious. i was with my mom in the car and i told her that i think i saw her and so she could move the car back a little bit, and i saw 'her' and this guy (he looked mexican or something like that) and all of the physical features named on the myspace page.. i'm really serious, what the heck should i do? i'm really scared lol.. sorry that this is the dumbest question ever. (link)

It may in fact be the smartest question you ever asked if in fact it is her. The liklihood of that is usually slim. There's a lot of little girls who can look like McCann and a lot of people who are innocent and average folk Mexican or otherwise that fit the profile of a suspect or person of interest.

Having said that you have a moral and ethical responsibility to phone in the discription of the girl and who she was with, what she was wearing and where you saw both of them. It's true the missing girl could have dyed hair etc. and could be with anyone.

You should phone it in to 1-800-CRIME-TV and talk with the staff at America's Most Wanted. Even if this turns out as a false lead you will at least have a clear conscience for doing the right thing. Then again, if your tip was right on the money and lead to a happy ending or capture you would feel even better.

Imagine if you didn't report it and it turned out that was them? Call with your parents on the line and tell them what you both thought you saw. it could save a life.

On the other hand (and this IS NOT true of you) for anyone who might think of putting in a false tip to the police or call someone at AMW with a tip and you know the info is false and just doing it for whatever reason don't bother.

You're wasting your time and their's and it's also punishable. Just thought I would put that there. I know what you saw is legit so do indeed phone it in. I'm just trying to discourage any other readers or kids from that. Covering the bases so to speak.

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