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Q: i want to shave down ther but everytime i do i get red bumps and i start bleeding and i want to get shave every hair and i want it smooth how can i make that happen?
Try using shaving cream if you don't already, or after the shower, pure skin moisturizer on it to keep it smoothe, i don't know how to prevent to stop bleeding, maybe just slow down while you shave.

hope i helped. :]

Q: Hey, I need a little help with fonts. I downloaded some fonts as .ZIP files, but I don't know how to get them listed under my regular fonts, like on Microsoft Word. I'll rate high!


it's very simple.

Drag those fonts you saved into "my documents" now while leaving that window open.

then go to start, then run on the right side.

when the run button somes up type in fonts.

all your fonts should show there.

now click back on your "my documents" window, and then drag the font file into the window iwth your fonts, and it will install and work under any program.

note that if you use one of these fonts on aim, it won't show up as that font on your friends computers because they are not fonts that come on computers.

hope that fixed your problem :]

Q: how do I get a WORKING comment box? most don't work. I already tried chasebadkids and createblog.

thanks, I rate high!!

Q: is it bad to practice putting in tampons when you havent started your period?
i don't see anything wrong with it, just make sure you know what you're doing, and don't leave it in too long. :]

Q: ok i want to get a new layout and i want to make my comments so that nobody else can see them but me. how do i do that? and are there any kind of layouts that are supoposed to be used to do this?? thanks. i will rate for layouts. for codes.

and not that many layouts come with that code, you have to edit it yourself, i made my layout and my comments don't show.
you can check it out if you'd like.

Q: Okay how do i like get 3 of my pictures on myspace and make them like move in like a lil animation????like to make it my defalt picture?

IS there a website i can go to to do that???

OHH okay i get what your saying now.

you have to have an animation shop to do that.

You'd have to go buy one at like a best buy, or search for a free trial of one online.

Q: I had to get AIM Triton because I had to uninstall the original kind of AIM, because I got a virus on it. I've tried Triton before... and it sucks. I would prefer having the old kind. But I looked on and all they are allowing to be downloaded is the Triton. It sucks.
Anyway.. my questions is how do I put icons on the Triton, that are not from Is there a way? I hate all the free icons the have on there and I am not buying any.
i can have you get the AIM ver 5.9 (older version, yet newest one before triton)

Q: aright,yesterday people were sayin in their away messages, 'out celebrating 4/20' and on wednesday, my dance teachers daughter said to her friend, haha, tomorrow is 4/20! and uhmm im totally confused could somebody fill me in? thanks
national weed day.

nothing important to people who don't smoke.

Q: ok, well, in school, people are always talking about girls who give head and stuff....well, i dont know what giving head is. i know everything else like t-bag, blow job, everythinggg but giving head. could you like....explain to me what it is? or something like that. i dont want to ask people i know because they will make fun of me for not knowing what it is. thanks.
it's the same thing as a blow job, no difference.

Q: After writing an essay about something we liked were gunna have to speak in front of the class for a timed 5 minutes about it. And i'm scared out of my mind. Whenever we have to talk in front of the class i start talking fast (which doesnt help me reach 5 min easily) and like moving my legs back and forth. Its weird, cause usually i'm really up beat and talk real loud and stuff like that. But yeah i'm super nervous. And suggestions that would help me not be so scared?
I kinda have the same problem. You should just take a deep breath before you get up there, and just consintrate(sp?) on what your reading and forget everyone is there. It helps me calm down a little. Hopefully it will help you too :]

Q: Hi. Tomorrow I am walking in the 2006 NYC walk for MS. I've never participated in a walk of any kind before, so what should I bring? Is there anything I need to know? Also, they are saying it is going to be in the low 50's and raining tomorrow...should I wear a jacket and bring an umbrella? Please help me. I rate 5's for good answers. ♥
I would bring a water bottle, and more like a jacket with a hood. and like sweatpants or something to keep warm. Have fun!

Q: How do you delete some of the addresses that come out on your address section where you put the web address?
Thank you
(only if you have internet exploror)

- left click the desktop icon for Internet exploror.

- go to internet properties.

- On the General tab, at the bottom, it says history.

- Click clear history.

the address should be gone. :]

Q: 15/f. my best guy friend recently admitted to me that he has a major crush on me. however, i see him as a brother (and he has remarked that he still sees me as somebody that he can talk to). he and i have talked about how we're always going to stay friends, even if we have feelings for one another because we have a really good friendship. he also asked me if i'd like to go with him to a banquet next year as friends, and i said yes. my only concern is that now things are going to be awkward between us. how can i let him know that it's perfectly fine with me if he likes me, and how would you feel if you were in his position?
I think you shouldn't be too bothered by it. Unless you have feelings for him. Don't let them get in the way of your friendship because it will ruin it. (happened to my friend) And being you're such good friends, i think he would know how to act around you even if he likes you. :]

Q: I'm thinking of like starting my own business. I mean I've in 4-H for about 4 years now and I'm 15. I trained both my dogs through it. I'm thinking of maybe putting an ad in my local paper for it. I'm actually pretty good at it to. Last year I got first place in agility and obedience. If I decide to go for this, how much should I charge? I still want to keep it cheap because people could train their own dog or go into puppy classes and actually be taught by an expert. But I still want to make a profit of it but still keep it cheap. How much should i charge weekly
Well consider the time and effort you put in it. I can't really give you an amount because i don't know how much your willing to it for, and even if you were to do it everyday of the week or what-not. Take that into consideration, i don't know exactly what the price range would be of even an expert, but i'm sure if you think about how long (meanign like days, weeks, months, ext.) you would train a certain dog(s), and how long a day you want to, and if you have a range, i'm sure you can figure out how much you would charge. :]

Q: in your mouth whats that little hanging dilly again...i cant remeber what its called.. and also why do u have it? what does it do?

and i'm not quite sure the purpose, must not do too much if people can live without them.

google it? lol.

Q: Everyone tells me through all the questions i ask how to be more confident! i dont no how.. like i cant build up my self esteem by just saying posotive thing to myself and anytime i receive a compliment i throw it away and dont take it..idk what i can do to be more confident or talk more confident becasue i hate rejection... is there anything i can talk about topics maybe or what i can do to become more confident in myself without self talk becasue that doesnt really work...
Hmm, i have the same exact problem as you. Maybe you need someone to reassure you how nice; "good-looking" ect. you are, all things like that, though i have someone like that, it still doesn't help me. I prolly shouldn't of answered this question because i have no real answer, being i'm in the same situation. But i can say you might just wanna find your "inner-self" and realize the good things about you, it may make you feel better about youself. Sorry if i wans't much help. :/

Q: (f/17)k so lots of people think this is weird, but i am a lesbian and still want to have my OWN children. i am in the most amazing relationship, we are very open and honest and she clearly said she wants kids, but doesnt want to be pregnant, but she thinks it is a beautiful thing to watch(see the belly growing,etc)and we have lots of plans for the future, we even picked a name for a boy, DAMIEN and the thing i have to ask is...
how would i get pregnant without a man?
ive heard about INVITRO-FERTILIZATION..but how does that work??
go to one of those places that have a sperm donations, one of you will have to be pregnant.
or maybe you can consider adoption, though you like to see the process of watching a baby grow.

ok so this is part of a im that me and my bf had:

cutisammy:i think we should take somee timee off..
cutisammy:wut do you mean no? you cant just say no
jeffinthe313:i mean if we break up i will kill mi self so no
cutisammy:umm..sorry that you feel that way but uhh i really think we should have a break
jeffinthe313:bitch if you break up with me ill kill u then dont fuckin think twice!
jeffinthe313:r you still breakin up wit me?
cutisammy:i g2g

woah. he like flipped out on me and he never did that before..i dunno what to do and im not goin to the po po (unless i really have to so please dont say that i should!)

ill rate 5s for anything!!

mucho love

oh yeah and my sn is CutiSammy and his is just so you know!
I think he's just over-reacting over the fact you need a break, he's trying to make you feel bad so you'll stay together. I think tomorrow or whenever the next time you talk to him, explain to him why. Maybe he'll chill down a little and understand, and if he really cares about you, he'll want you happy in the end, even if it's not with him.

Q: i gotta cutting problem im 15 and a gurl and a few of my friends are getting mad at me for it. ITs so hard not to cut though like when im cuttin i dont even care cuz im so mad and its gotton really bad. Like im afraid that one of these times im gonna get so madd im gonna end up killing myself cuz its like i just dont care but the next day i really regret doin it. I'v tried everything i could think of to stop but nothing works. SO my question is does anybody know ways to stop cutting
I know it's extremely hard to stop cutting, but i did.

The reason for me cutting was a way for me to deal with stress because i didn't know how to escape it. What helped me stop was thinking of the ones i loved and the ones who cared about me before i cut. I put myself in their situation, and i thought how they would feel if i was gone. And it personally made me sick to my stomach. I strongly advise you to think about that before you do it, i almost guarentee it'll make you stop. Another thing you can do is go take a long walk by yourself. That also helped me. And if these things don't help, i advise you seek professional help, but try on your own first, it's worth not paying the money, because when you seek professional help, then put you on depression pills and all that shit, and you don't want to be on that, trust me.

Q: truthfully, yeah in always pop my zits or squeeze black heads, who doesnt. well my nose is really dry now and the skin is pealing, part of it pealed so much its beat red and so dry and very bumpy? i dont know how it happened or wut to do
I used to have skin problems. Ask your parents to bring you to the doctor or a dermatoligist. They should give you medicine to fix your acne. For now, just put like skin moisturizer on it.

The names Ashley. (:
I'm a sophomore this year at Quinnipiac University.
I'm majoring in Interactive Digital Design.
I haven't been on this site in years, maybe I'll pick it up again. (:
I'm a die-hard Philadelphia Flyers/hockey fan.
I play ice hockey, I'm a goaltender.





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