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Q: okay well my hair is red, i mean i dyed it red. Instence auburn to be exact from garnier fructis 100% color. uhmm its faded a lot since then but anyways... my hair was light brown/ dark blonde before and i want to dye it like... golden brownish or blonde.... will it cover the red in my hair? if you want to see the current color of my hair go to

You might want to consider bleaching it first, so you know it'll come out the way it should. I doubt that if you dye it golden blonde, it'll come out like you want. So i would say you should bleach it blonde first, it'll give you better hope for it comming out the way you want it to. :]

Q: is a bmw the same thing as a beamer?
Yes. :]

Q: How do you know when you are in love with someone? And how do you know if it is true love?
It's kind of hard to explain, but i'll give it a shot.

It's the things you feel when your with the person, as if you can't help but smile just by looking at them.

It's the way your stomache tingles when you're close to them/with them.

It's the way how you feel, like you need to see them everyday.

How seeing them makes you extremely happy.

And how you miss them 5 minutes after they left.

Those are just some examples, there really is no way to determine if you are in love, yet even if it's true love. Everyone has their own definition of it. And those are just parts of my way explaining it.

I hope i helped. :]

Q: ok well i make myspace layouts and i need to make a scroll box using textarea but its not working because whenever i use it it doest make a scroll box

this is where i put
my code

and i doing it right?
nohaha, you're close though.


Q: OK well there's this boy and i have 2 periods with him . I am totally in love with him. I sit near him in the 2 periods. I think he likes me but i am not sure its almost the end of the year and i really want to be his girlfriend before school is over... what do i do ?
Love I Need him
Talk to him first of all. You're not going to get anywhere with him if you guys don't talk. Don't be too pushy though, because he might get weirded out or soemthing along those lines. Then after talking to him ask him if he would ever go out with you, or something like that. Or say like, would you ever consider taking our friendship the next step up? I'm pretty sure you'll get an answer that way.

Good luck.
Hope it turns out like you want it to. :]

Q: Hey! I currently have Verizon cell phone service. If I was to buy a Cingular phone that Verizon doesnt carry, but its an unlocked phone, would I be able to have my Verizon plan on the Cingular phone?
yes, as long as the phone is unlocked, any sim card will work in the phone. :]

Q: k like on laguna beach in the second season why are they going to winter formal if they graduated in season one? and i dont get when kristin says she's a junior or something? yeah, thanks.
Because in the first season Stephan, LC, Talan, and a couple others were seniors.

Kristen and her whole friends in the second season were juniors during the first season.

Q: When i am at school, that is really the only time i have to do my myspace... (i have an hour in the morning before i acrually start school...) the stupid school blocked myspace with "websense"... this is what it says:

Access to this web page is restricted at this time.


The Websense category "Adult Content" is filtered.


URL: 50

any ideas on how to get around this? some one told me that if you used a link or something... i tried to link to my friends myspace but it didnt work... i also tried to use google and click on a link there. I would really like to check my myspace in the mornings... thanks for the suggestions. all are welcome!... i have itunes on this computer if that works. tried linking through the itunes store... didnt work... any suggestions?
Haha, my school blocked myspace too.
You can go to to sign in.
The only thing i know of that you can't do on the site is accept new friends.

And i'm sure you can do anything else.


Q: PLEASE READ. need adive now. =DD

background info:13.f -- alright so i have a really good best friend who ive known since kindergarten. (amanda) she considers all the people who sit at our lunch table to be her 'best friends'. but they're all quite annoyed by her. We had a chat about her, and she never gets invited anywhere, and while i admit that i was part of those things -- i hated it. so my other best friend was having a 'party' this weekend, and amanda figured, "oh ill be invited," and when she wasnt she asked me if my other best friend still liked her.

& what was i supposed to do? If someone didnt like me id want to know. so, i told her. and she got really upset and started to cry. and she decided to corner my other best friend and ask about everything. I asked her to say i hadn't told her -- but she did.

So my other best friend did what she always does, and denied everything, the chat, parties, behind back talking -- everything. And amanda being who she is, forgave her without even an explanation.

I got back from school that day and signed online and my other best friend was reall p/oed. she kept yelling, 'ew' at me. and saying things like, 'you screwed yourself over more than you did me' and then stated she didnt want to be my friend anymore. So tell, me -- how am i screwing her over by telling someone SHE DOESNT LIKE, thats she doesnt like her?

Being in seventh grade, theres drama. its funny how many people hate my other best friend. You love her or you hate her.and up till this point, id pretty much been her follower. and then she jujst makes everything more confusing by putting amanda on her away message. why would she do that if she hates her? trust me, she hates her.

and during the im conversation, i said i was sorry a million times. because i hate getting into fights especially with this one friend. she freaked out even more. and was being quite a bitch. so of course, things work out really crappy. shes not mad at amanda, but now she says im not even her friend. i didnt go to lunch yesterday becuase i had no place to sit, so i stood out by my locker the whole time. Its almost my birthday and it'd be a sucky present to lose who ive considered one of my best friends.

Help? adive -- opinions? please. ill rate 5s for any help if you bothered reading this thing. xx
If i were you i'd attempt to talk to her again. Saying this time, that if she hated her what the big deal is, and ask her what she'd do if she was in your position, tell her that if someone that you considered a best friend accually hated you, how would she feel? Open her up to the reality of that. And you should consider maybe finding some new friends, ones that won't do something like that to you.

Good luck, hope all turns out well.

Q: i had my 13 birthday 1 and a half months ago and my mom threw me a big party where me and my boyfriend slept together for the first time after being together nearly 2 years. after that we agreed not to do it again for a while 'cos i didnt felt ready, i missed my period so i took a pregnancy test and it was posative! i have told him (he is almost 15) and he says he will stand by me what ever i choose but i am so affraid. i feel helpless, please help me :(
You're only option now is to have an abortion, because i'm pretty sure you don't want to have a kid at 13, and i'm sure your mom won't like the idea either. Find an adult that would be willing to help you if your mom or dad won't, like an older cousin, or aunt/uncle.

And please remember to use protection, you can catch an STD, AIDS, HIV, all that. So please when you plan on having sex again, use protection!

Q: I'm trying to be friends with my ex, and we usually get online and can talk online like friens. But every once in a while he'll flip out on me and tell me how everything in our relationship was my fault, and its my fault we're not together....when he broke up with me. WE were talking online and he says something about it, and I told him how I felt about it, and then he got all defensive. I told him I was sorry, and he's just like ohwell... he's being so lame. And he has a new girlfriend. I don't understand what his problem is.

Any advice on just how to be friends without freaking out on eachother?

The X.
Tell him to forget about the past and nothing can change what happened. Tell him you don't like him getting angry at you and flipping out on you. Make sure you do it nicely though, so he won't think you are giving him an attitude. You should also tell him that if he has a new girlfriend he shouldn't worry about you anymore that way, you guys are friends, you don't need to be arguing about that stuff anymore.

Q: If i ran on the tredmill 20 minutes everyday how much weight would I loose? I wanna loose like 15-20 lbs before the summer, so by like june. Do you think its possable. What else can i do to help?

i rate 5's
I think it could be possible. Try to push yourself a little more each day, it will increase your stamina and help lose weight. Also remember to eat healthy foods, keep out like sugars, greese, basicly junk food, i think you know what falls under the category of junk food. Eat more fruits and things with vitamins in them. :] Good Luck!

Q: I have an important question. I get cramps so bad that I sometimes stay home from school, as i am right now. is that a serious problem?
Not serious at all. I'm the same exact way. To help the pain, buy like a therma pad kind of thing and put it on where it hurts, it will help the pain go away, i don't think it will complete go away, but it will deffinetly help it be less painful.

You can also buy some Midol, thats also used to any type of period pain. :]

Hope you feel better!

Q: ok so here's the thing, I am not as comfortable with sex as I want to be. Like I get nervous like i'm going to do something wrong or not be able to keep him 'interested'. How can I get more comfortable with my sexuality?
I had the same problem.
For me i just had to let it happen to become comfortable. So try that, and or put your hand on his so you have control over what he does, and can stop if you're uncomfortable. :]

Q: I have stretch marks from an asthmatic medicine ( long story) does anyone know any creams or anything that is not too expensive to get rid of them or atleast make them show less? I tried coverup but I can only use almay and clinique so if you have anything from there that covers it up please tell me. im in desperate need for help soon because Im wearing shorts soon.
also if it is expensive and you know for a fact it works telll me about it.
Cocoa Butter works really well. And it is inexpensive. It won't make your marks go away, but it will make them not as pink/red. Hope this helps. :]

Q: okay, My name is JJ 13/f. There are two boys I really like one I've gone out with and he broke up with me, because he felt like it. Or so he says. His friends and him are always mean to me but, when he's alone with me he is always nice. His sister is my best friend. The other boy is ALWAYS nice, his friends are nice also, but his friends and I have grown up together, there are only 11 kids in my class.He's found stuf out about me that Only the kids that where in K learned or they are my BFFs. He always looks and makes sure I look when he is doing something funny, and looks pleased when I smile at it and jealous if I mention Mr. Ex when he's around. Which one do you think I sould chose?
The obvious choise is the other boy. You and your ex shouldn't go back out, especially because he's mean to you. It's not acceptable. So i would deffinetly choose the other boy you like. :]

Q: i want to ask this boy to prom. however he has told other people that he does not go to school functions & isn't going to prom (he doesn't know i want to ask him though). should i still ask? i think it would be awfully embarassing if he said no & i would feel awkward around him after. however there is no one else to ask & this is very last minute (prom is may 13th) & i want to do it before this weekend ends. some people say it's wrong to do over the phone & it's better to do in person, others say it it's OK. so first of all do you think i should risk asking him? & also, is it bad to do over the phone because i won't see him this weekend? thanks!
Yes, i think it would be good to take the risk. You'll never know if you don't try.

And as for over the phone or not, you do it whichever way you feel is comfortable. I agree it would be better in person because if he said yes, you'd be able to hug and him and what not. But if he said no, it wouldn't be that good. Over the phone may be a better option if you feel like he'd say no more than he'd say yes. I think it would be a little easier on you on the phone if he said no, rather that in person. :]

Gook Luck! i hope he says yes. :]

Q: how should i do my make up for this
i dont like a toonnnn of make up...or basically i dont want to look fake.

i have brown eyes.
lightish brown brown hair
i have a black dress.

any ideas?

maybe wear some shade of brown eyeliner, a very light brown eye shadow, and a little blush.

i think it would look cute :]

Q: my contract of 2 years is ending in june and i have cingular and was planning on getting the motorolla razor phone.. i just checked on to see the retail price and it said $150 ..but since my contract is ending could i get the phone for cheaper or would it still be $150?

thanks, and ill rate 5's
It will still be 150$. If you get it before your contracts up, it will cost a lot more. :] You can go to a best buy and get the black razr (of which i have) when your contracts up, get a new account (new number) and get the phone for 80$. that's what i did, hah.

Q: i was just wondering if anyone knew any good websites that sells used razr phones , that are kinda cheep and that wont rip me off?!?! my service provider is dobson cellular and i am not on a contract, i have a prepayed account with the little sim card thing! please anyone?!
yeah, i'd have to agree that Ebay is the way to go. yeah i have a razr too, but i don't see anything wrong with it, i've had it for 5 months and i have one little scratch on it, and never have a problem with it, i think they're a good cell.

Plus, i don't think with your provider, you can have a a razr, unless Dobson provides razrs. Check with them (Dobson) first, because you can't just put a sim card in any phone and make it work, unfortunatly it's not that easy. You need to make sure the phone is capable with your provider. If Dobson does carry razrs, make sure on ebay you search "dobson motorola razrs" you don't want to pay for something you can't use. :]

Hope i helped :]

The names Ashley. (:
I'm a sophomore this year at Quinnipiac University.
I'm majoring in Interactive Digital Design.
I haven't been on this site in years, maybe I'll pick it up again. (:
I'm a die-hard Philadelphia Flyers/hockey fan.
I play ice hockey, I'm a goaltender.





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