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Q: Hey. Well, I was wondering - How do you delete downloads on your computer? Thanks.

P.S.-I have Comcast internet
go to "start" at the bottom of your computer
then go to "my computer"
on the left hand side is a toolbar sort of that should say "System tasks" "Other Places" ext.
under System tasks, go to, "Add or Remove programs"

That's for a downloaded program.

Or you can go to the file in the folder it's saved in and delete the download or the whole folder.

hope i helped, if you need to know anything else just let me know.

Q: OMG your haircut is AMAZING. I always try and get them cool haircuts but the places I go NEVER do them right? Do you know any cool hairplaces?
Thanks.. Chelsea
Hmm, that's kind of a hard question for me because my mom's friend is a hairdresser and she comes to my house and does my hair. But what you can do is find a picture of the hair style you like/want, and go to a dresser maybe one of your friends goes to and print out a picture of the hair style, and tell them to cut it EXACTLY like that.

hope i helped you out a little, sorry i couldn't give you a definite answer.

if you need any more help though, or if you'd like to use my hair as what you'd like yours to be, you can message me back, and i'll send you more so you can see it better, hah. :]

i don't know what to do, she was my dream my life my mind my heart, but she wanted to take "a break" but a month later we still arn't back together, she once was my gf but not now, she likes me and i like her, i AM TRYING to get over her, but something just keeps making me come back for her....

ahh i need help people that have had this situation may have beetter answer BUT ALL answer
Aww i'm sorry.

I was in this situation between September to December 05.

I always loved my boy at that time, and we took a break. it took us 3 months to get back together. If you really think you should get over her, try just looking for other girls, though i do know it's hard, because i know what you are going through, i had a boyfriend between those months, yet, that didn't help me to get over my ex (we got back together in Dec. and have been together since). Nothing can stop you from liking her, it's a feeling, we can't get rid of feelings such as "love". Maybe you should give her her space, keep talking to her though to make sure she still likes you. Maybe she's using this break to see if she wants a committed relationship.

Don't give up!

Hope all turns out well!

Q: I really like my BF but I am going to Kentucky and Florida this summer and wont see him for 5 weeks =/ I dont know whether to break up with him, Go on a break, or just stay with him. BUT if I stay with him I will never see him for awhile. What should I do?
Nothing can stop love.
Distance shouldn't too much of a problem if it's not permanet. If you accually care, you won't break up with him, because you wouldn't want to lose him just because you have to go away for a month and week.

I would deffinetly stay with him if i were you. :]

Q: okay i have a layout that i want for my myspace. i don't know how to make it my layout! it doesn't have a code with it either!

here's the image..

how do i make that my layout when it doesn't have a code with it ? I RATEEEEEEE
Well being that i make my own layouts i can help you out with this.

What you can do is find a simple layout on a layout site and copy that code.

Then edit it yourself to the way you want your layout to be, if you need to know how to do this, you can send me a message and i will be happy to help you :]

Q: Ok, so I have a plantars wart on teh bottom of my foot.

I've had it for awhile now, and I have been using Compound W.

It's kind of working but not well.

I'm really just wondering, if I get it frozen off, if it will hurt, being a plantar wart in all.

Any personal expierience[Sp?] would be good.

Thank yous. [:
it is very painful.

i had it done when i was younger.
from what i can remember of it, it was horrid, the pain was bad. BUT! it doesn't take very long. I remember that my mom had to hold me down, and i was screaming in her ear so loud, it caused her to lose a tiny bit of hearing in one of her ears.

but it is totally worth it. After they're done they'll wrap your ankel in an ace bandage and it'll be a lot better.

i think you should get it done, and plus, the pain maybe not as bad because i was a lot younger, so use that for consideration. :]

Q: Is there any way to improve your aim in base or softball so you actually hit the ball most times?
Hit-away is meant exactly for that.
you can find it at any sport stores (sports athority, Dicks, etc.) I have it and it works great!

Q: I am a 19/f,I met dat guy online 2 months ago he gave me his number,I called him the same day Sinca dat day we keep on talkin we talk until 2 or 3 in da mornin we don't know each other but we send each other pictures.He keeps on tellin me dat he loves me and he wanna married me ,and the way he talks to me make feel that he is not lying. Do you think that relationship will last?
He's probably a rapist.
I wouldn't believe it for a second.
IF i were you i'd stop talking to him immediatly, before you get yourself inviolved with something you don't want to be involved with.

Q: I didn't know what category to put it in soo i just put it in sex. Well, I got this new boyfriend and we're going to the movies Friday night. I've NEVER made out before and I'm freaking out. I know everybody says it " comes naturally and I should know once he starts" but seriously..I have no clue. I rate 5's.
Well you practically do know, since you stated it. There is no technique to making out, and as you said in comes naturally. I'll tell you now don't make your tounge go like EVERYWHERE in his mouth, like hit his teeth and stuff, that's like not a "good" way (i suppose) to do it, seriously though, don't over analaze making it's really not hard, once you do it for the first time, i swear you'll know how to do for forever.

Q: What site can I make my own website for FREE?

I'll Rate HIGH if its specific site.

Q: What's a good program to use ( for free ) to edit your pictures?

Q: is there any way to change your image quickly but not too fast to make people think you're a "poser" or something? ..idk any advice?
Basicly, no.
People are gunna talk to about whoever they want, no matter what.
the best thing is just not to let it bother you, because i changed my image quickly, i was called a poser, but i didn't really care what everyone else said. They're the immature ones, not you. :]

Q: I was wondering reasons on why you would miss your period for a month. Anyone else experience this before? Is it normal? Thanks!
well if you are younger, just starting to get it, then that can be the cause, when you first get your period it's very common to have an irregular cycle. And if you're a little older, it can be because you are sexually active.

Q: if you eat unhealthy foods,are you more likely to get acne? does what you eat affect your skin?thankyou :)
foods with greese cause acne.

potato chips are one
chocolate does too somehow.

Q: Is there any website out there that has just photographs like these--

Not necessarily those.. But just random, beautiful pictures?
you can try going to and in the search box type beautiful photographs, or beautiful scenery, (try dfferent things) and i'm sure they're give you pictures of those kid of things.

Q: ok, well let me start off by saying that i chased away so many boys who wanna start something w/ me it's not even funny. 14/f

I don't wanna get a big head, but yeah, i'm pretty good looking, and in school... I always have different guys coming up to me and trying to start a conversation. They are really nice and everything.. and really cute, but the thing is I freeze up. Like for me, I love partying and everything and ya streaking, drinking, all the fun stuff. But I don't belive in relationships at such a young age. So when a guy trys to startsomehting with me, and wants to get a friendship going i freeze up and like NO.. NO RELATIONSHIPS. liek even if the guy isn't tryign to get in a relationship and liek just trying to be friends... i don't want him to fall for me and tehn i have to hurt him (happened in the past thousands of times). I dont' know what to do, and even begin.. please I need your advice! Thank - you :(
Well first you really shouldn't be drinking, it's illegal. You're the same age as me, and I personally think it's stupid at this age, you get nothing out of it, except for being stupid for a few hours, then getting a massive headache the next morning, but that's not the point.

You're blocking new friends from comming into your life. And it's somewhat good that you don't believe in relationships at this young of age, it's an easier way to focus on school and get better grades, (i learned that the hard way). I'd say for you to try your hardest to get this out of your head, think, hey, well maybe this we can have a really good friendship, and tell the kids if they start to like you that you're not all about the relationships yet, and you're not ready to "commit" to someone quiet yet. They should understand, and if they don't, that's their problem, you can't help it.

So don't think it's your fault, it's theirs, they're the one falling for you, there's nothing you can do about it. :]

Q: I turned vegetarian a couple of weeks ago. Just today I woke up with a really high fever, and I feel like i'm going to throw up.
Is my body going into shock or something?
Or is it just a normal flu/cold or whatever..?

Oh yeah; and im 14/f[:
I'm not exactly sure, but i'm guessing your body's not used to getting the protein and all that stuff you get from meats. It's probably just a reaction to you lacking protein. When you go vegan or vegetarian, you need to sttill give your body it's normal nutrients in order it to function correctly (not saying you'll change without them, your body just needs them to be strong). So i'd say to go to a drug store or some sort of health store and get artifical vitamins and protein. I know for protein, they have chocolate chew things, and they're really good accually.

Hopefully that helped you!
Get better! :]

Q: What program could I download that edits pictures?

Q: well my bf is reli down n depressed for no reason and hes on msn and im dont now how to cheer him up anyone hav ideas?
I've been through this many times. You need to reassure him that everything will turn out okay, and that you're there for him. And to respect what he wants, if he just wants to be left alone, respect it, and just let him be. I also go through the same thing. For me, just talking to my boyfriend on the phone makes me happier, try to joke with him a little bit, but don't try to be too funny. And also tell him you love him. :]

Q: hey everyone! :]

Im 14 years old and i wiegh 117 pounds : /
im not really fat but i have HUGE love handles how do i get rid of them and how long do u think it will take.

Ill rate 5's for anything!
Yes, i'd have to agree that you should do crunches and sit-ups, but you can also start watching what you eat to prevent them making them bigger, and you and maybe go for a jog around your neighborhood once a day.

The names Ashley. (:
I'm a sophomore this year at Quinnipiac University.
I'm majoring in Interactive Digital Design.
I haven't been on this site in years, maybe I'll pick it up again. (:
I'm a die-hard Philadelphia Flyers/hockey fan.
I play ice hockey, I'm a goaltender.





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