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Q: If the clothes from abercrombie are so...thin....why do they cost so much?
And I don't want this to sound mean, but why do so many people buy their clothes there, just for them to shrink in the laundry?
Because it's the style, I don't wear Abercrombie because i'm "skater." But i used to be preppy like 3 years ago, i never shopped there because it was too expensive, but they go there because they like the clothes, and they probably have the latest trends (ripped jeans and so forth) and people are willing to pay that much, so they make their prices higher so they make more money off of things that are worth maybe, 15-20$ and pay 30-40$ for it. They make a huge profit between what it's worth, and what they accually get.

Hope i helped. :]

Q: does anyone know any sites i can get to any website? for example,, my parents blocked myspace and it would be nice to have other ways of getting in! even with im limited to what i can do on there. for example i cant post up a blog i have to ask my friends to do that for me. give them the password and everything.

Q: a 6th grader calls me a demon and i need him to stop. help.
Like everyone else said, ignore him.

Once he see's that it doesn't bother you anymore, he'll most likely stop because you don't care. :]

How do you know if your bf/gf is going to break up w/ u or not?

You can tell by the little things.

Maybe he doesn't tell you he loves you as much as he used to.

You two fight over basicly nothing.

He has better things to do than hang out with you.

He starts to aviod you.

He tries to make you jealous.

Ignores you sometimes.

Q: Well, I've seen a lot of people make short movie clips with just picures or actual dancing and such.. And where you can add music and aniamtion and all that jazz, I was wondering what programs you can download to make those small films I've been wanting to make some for awhile but I've never been able to figure out what you use.
well the movie clips are made with cameras that take videos (obviously) and are uploaded onto photobucket or youtube.

I believe the slideshow you can also do on photobucket.

So if i were you i'd sign up to photobucket and use that. :]

Q: Okay, I was wondering what the best photo editing shop is, where you can add in cool backgrounds, do touch ups, reduce red-eye, blur or unblur the photos, blemish remover, color changing..things like that I wanted to get one of those and try it out and see how I liked it but I want to know where some good "free trials" or so I could test some things out before I wanted to go buy a disk for that product.
you can sign up at and use "Paint Shop Pro" i don't remember the version number, but there's only one version of Paint Shop Pro on there. It works great. Make sure you download the 30 day trial though, I'm sure you don't want to pay over 100 dollars for it. :]

Q: Okk i'm 13 and I don't have a boyfriend! I can't say if i'm pretty or not... so could you please be honest and tell me what you think about how I look? Also tell me if I should change anything (p.s. my outfit doesn't match... inore that)

(just to let you know the picture doesn't work :p)

And second of all, you are only 13, it's not a big deal if you don't have a boyfriend, well at any age it's not a big deal.

Plus, looks shouldn't matter. It's whats on the inside that should. If a guy can't see what great a person you are, then they are not worth your time.

Just because you can not find a boyfriend now, doesn't mean you won't in the future. Be patient, and find someone that you really care about, and that really cares about you before you look for a relatioship. :]

Q: I need a really good layout for my myspace

any sites that i could go to to find a layout?

Q: my friend wanted me to go swimming with her in a couple days and i just got my period today can you swim if u had ur period?
Yes you can, just wear the appropriate size tampon, and you can swim all you want. :]

Q: I'm interested in making a website. This website will be made for a certain company.

My dance studio is interested in creating a website to host information on it. How can I go about making one? It needs to be absolutely free. And preferably no ads.

I need something that will help make it look professional.

*websites teaching me how to do this would be greatly appreciated.

you can choose layouts and all that kind of stuff, and have anything you want on it!

hope this helps.

Q: hi im kate
i have a boyfriend called alex and we used to be really happy together. now we always seem to fight all the time
i can't take it anymore. i really don't know what to do
i have tried talking to him but can't talk with out fighting
please can you help
i would really appreciate it
I had this same exact thing happen to me and my boyfriend.

We ended up having to take a break, and be friends for a few weeks, and then we got back together, and things turned out to be fine.

you can also just wait it out, i also did that too, eventually, things turned around.

plusss, you can try to spend more time together, (if you haven't enough already).

sorry if i wasn't much help, but i hope all turns out well for the both of you. :]

Q: we are having a bbq at my house and i was wondering if anyone knew any good djs to get to come to the bbq? no offence but please dont go looking up stuff on google.. i mean the wall could have told me to do that. i kind of want to know from like your own experience. thx!
well no one knows where you live so that makes this an uneasy question.

look in your phonebook and look under the pages that have advertisements and look for dj's that way.

thats all i can tell you.

Q: California rest in peace
Simultaneous release
California show your teeth
She's my priestess, I'm your priest, yeah, yeah

i know thats a song but i dont know which song it is, does anyone know?
Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Dani California

Q: Hey, I'm going on an airplane for the first time ever, and I thought I'd make a CD with my fav. songs to calm me down. Problem: I have no empty cd:s! So is there anyway you can burn songs onto a cd that already has music or pictures on it?
sorry there isn't a way, BUT if you have rewriteable ones, that might work. You should ask a friend if you can have one, or run to a like, wal-mart or something and pick a a case of 5 for now. :]

Q: okay i have a boyfriend and i like 2 other guys. i really dont know what to do. because i really like my boyfriend and i really like these other 2 guys. its really confusinng! and the 2 other guys like me! and im really stressing ouut!HElLPP!
you should break up with your boyfriend.

would you want him liking two other girls?

i don't think so.

you need to focus on one boy, and none others, then maybe think about a relationship.

Q: Hey. I'm going to get my hair cut tomorrow (Thursday) and I want to get side-swept bangs. Is that what I ask for? Just side-swept bangs? Does anyone else have any ideas on how I should get it cut? I'm also getting it layered.
find a celebrity of what you'd like your hair to be, print it out, and bring it to the hair dresser.

and accually, my hair is like what you are going to get.

Q: I really like my boyfriend of a little over a month, however, my friends don't. Also, summer is coming up and I'm a big enough flirt in school, but out of school I want to be able to hang out (and hook up) with my guy friends guilt-free. I really really like my boyfriend, but I don't want to hurt him by cheating on him. What should I do?

I rate
well, i'm taking it you really don't like your boyfriend that much if over the summer you want to go and "hook-up" with other guys.

relationships are when you care about one another, and don't care for anyone else like that.

you're not supposed to be thinking about hooking up with other guys.

i would say that you should break up with him, you're only leading a heartache for the both of you in the near future.

Q: i just bought a pink razr phone a few months ago, but i dont know how to load mp3s onto it to play. i want to download some for free, and i also need instructions on how to load them into my phone. any help would be great.
It depends what service you have.
and you would have to buy a program that would let you do that, don't download them from any sites, they're not trusted, and only download if you have internet on your phone.

you can go to a Best Buy or a Circuit City for the programs. They'll be at LEAST 30$i guessing.

Q: ohkay, everyone is telling me that the world is going to end in 4 days (6-6-06) (the devil's number.) I AM REALLY SCARED OVER THIS. I CAN BARLEY SLEEP. im like pettrified. is what they're telling me true or is a myth? and do you believe it? and should i be scared?

thanks guys.
no need to worry.
the world isn't going to end in 4 days.

Q: would it be weird to talk to your dead grandmother portait about things? cause i know a friend that does it and it helps her or something
I don't think so.

I agree with the person below me.

It's werid how my mom put my cat to sleep 4 years ago.

And late last year, i found cat hair in my house. I haven't had a cat since, and my mom is a neat freak so don't think she didn't clean or whatever.

But maybe her grandmother is taking to her through instints.

i believe it.

The names Ashley. (:
I'm a sophomore this year at Quinnipiac University.
I'm majoring in Interactive Digital Design.
I haven't been on this site in years, maybe I'll pick it up again. (:
I'm a die-hard Philadelphia Flyers/hockey fan.
I play ice hockey, I'm a goaltender.





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