You see that man in that picture? That is me. I'm metal as all holy heck and I will give you answers so metal, you'll grow a beard. Even if you're a teenage girl.

So throw a question my way? "I like this guy and this guy, what do I do?" PICK THE ONE WHO LIKES METAL! "I've been feeling depressed lately, what should I do?" LISTEN TO SOME METAL! "I need help with my pre-calc homework." THE ANSWER IS METAL!

I can handle it all, I will not shy away from any question. May the metal be with you!


I was wondering if it is at all possible for a two year old german shepherd to have a freak accident and fall down the stairs and die with a blunt force wound to the back of the head. There were plenty of bricks and stones at the bottom of the steps for her to knock her head, we were told she slipped on her scarf walking up the stairs and fell backwards down, and just died instantly. Is this physically possible? I want to avoid giving the impression that it was foul play, I wasn't there to witness it -- I just want unbiased opinions from anyone.

It sounds plausible to me. I mean, I've seen my dog struggle on stairs before. Put something there to slip on, fall backwards, a blow to the head can be instant death.

I wouldn't worry about foul play.


okay i jus got a cute puppy but idk what to name her , i dont have a picture but ima try and descibe her the best way i know how .. she is light brown with white paws i and i pink lil nose im not sure what kind of dog she is but she doesnt get big at all she gets bout the same size as a shitzu.

Name it SillyRob!


i have 3 hermit crabs. one ive had for over a year and was my first one. the other 2 i got about 2 and 5 months ago. my oldest one keeps killing them but i love him. so their in different cages because they fight. ive been through 5 crabs dieing. my oldest one sheds about every week. my 4 month one sheds every month and my 2 month one hasnt shed yet. my oldest on which is my first one can climb the walls in our house and its pretty creepy. should they be able to climb the walls in our house the others never tried too. whats wrong with their sheding and behaviors? how many times a month should a hermit crab shed?

I've heard through various sources that 17 times a month is normal.


I have two cats, one full grown and one almost full grown. Ive raised them together in my own apartment since they were both kittens, and they are bad. I try to train them and discipline them but they are just bad cats. They claw everything, jump in the windows and mess up my blinds, knock over cups containing drinks that stain, and jump up on counters and tables. I love these cats, but with all the damage they are causing, I don't know if I can keep them. I don't want to get rid of them. Someone said that getting them fixed calms them down, but is that true? What can I do to make my cats calm down and be good? Ive grown up with cats all my life, and this is the first time Ive had a discipline problem.

I think you should declaw the grey one, and remove the legs of the black one.


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