hey guys im Laura, um i love music...if it werent for rock n roll i wouldnt be alive right now.Guns n Roses is my all time favorite band,ask me any question about them and i can tell you the answer on the spot,garented. the part of my heart that isnt taken up by rock n roll, all goes to my AMAZING friends.i am single at the moment but if you know me at all, then you know that i wont be for very long.


I went to a party thrown by my boyfriend's family and my boyfriend went to bed around 11:30 that night. Well, the rest of us were partying still at 2:30. His friend that I have known since we started dating was hanging out with me rather close. (just like we always do) Well, we ended up making out and had this touchy feely thing going on all night and the next day I told my boyfriend so he would not hear it from someone else. My boyfriend was not mad and just total accepted it. Well since then I am still thinking about what happened and I am looking for to seeing his friend again. But, I am wondering since alcohol was involved..was it just that or could it be more? Should we talk about it? I really love my boyfriend but I really like his friend. Help!!

definetly talk to his friend about it. see if his friend really likes you or wuz it just because you guys were drunk. if he relly likes you and you relly like him then maybe its time to break it off with your bf now. you probably want a more exciting fun life rite now and ur bf is ready to settle down a little bit.hope i helped XoXO


i like this gurl for 3 years we almost went out a bunch of time but something always happened i really like this gurl we had a really good last couple of days but she said she doesnt want a boy friend for the summer i dont want her to go to a diff guy i really like her but her cuz and hes my best friend doesnt like us going out so he always tries to breack us up. we made out for the first time the other night . My question is wen do i ask her out and how do i ask her out???

keep the relationship good until school starts. once it starts ask her out ASAP! she probably really likes you but she just wants to be single a free for the summer.hope i helped XoXo


Okay my dad is an alcoholic!! He has been all my life!! He drinks right before he comes home from work and he gets so waisted on the weekends!! I've dealt with this all my life!! HE has never been there for me and when he tries he's drunk and I don't want nothing to do with him. Sometimes I just wish him and my mom would get a divorce I think she would be a lot happier. My brothers have been doing drugs for the past 3 years so that doesn't help either but they are working on getting there life straight and they are trying. My dads not!! How do I get him to change? I know it would take a long time but he hasnt even shown progress and he hasnt even tried. I'm about to be 16 and those years with him are nothing...he has never been there and now its like I dont care and I will never be close to him!! What should I do?!?

talk to your mom about it. and try to talk to your dad sumtime wen hes sober. tell him that your really worried about him. that u want him to try and change because hes scaring you. its good that your bro's r trying to change im happy for them.hope i helped XoXo


My dad cheated on my mom with her best friend..my paretns got divorced and my dad got marries to my moms best friend..i hate her for doind that...when i want to go places with my dad and my brother she always comes along..i know they are married but how do i tell her i want to be with my dad and brother..or how do i tell my dad?

tell your dad. talk to him and tell him that u dont like his wife very much because of what happened. ask him if you an dhim can just spend sum time together with just him and your bro.he will understand dont worry.hope i helped XoXo


I wanna cut my hair and I dont know how long I should cut it so is there any website where I can see myself with a specific hair style! Know what Im talking about! thanx!!!!!!!!!

im not sure abou ta website but u can cut out a picture of your face from a picture of you and hold it up to magazines with hairstyles in it that you would consider.hope i helped XoXo


i have a boyfriend and i luv him so much and i never want 2 let him go but i dont think he knos how much i do luv him..how could i tell him?

buy a poster board and glue pictures of all the good times uve had with him 2 it and rite a bunch of inside jokes and things that only you and him would understand on it.it shows how much u appriciate him but not expensive or hard to do.hope i helped XoXo


I'm doing Community Service at my church helping out for Vaction Bible School and I'm the teacher of 4-year-olds. I need some ideas on what kid of things to do with them. There are 5 boys and ever so often a girl.

have them play games. like musical chairs or any other kind of game. you could also read to them or watch movies if theres a tv/vcr/dvd in the room or somewhere you can go that has one.


i rate high!!!!!!!

i'm 13 and my mom won't let me get pierced ears. the problem is....earrings are my favorite jewelry & i'm obsessed with looking at them & buying them (except i can't because i can't wear them!!). so i have to wear clip-ons and they don't have a big variety and they come off easily or break easily, etc... i really want pierced ears, i think i'm probably the only 13 year old girl i've ever met who has no pierced ears (except ones that didn't want them, and i've only met one girl like that). i know i shouldn't give in to peer pressure but ever since i was really little, i saw this woman wearing earrings & i wanted to wear those SO badly! my mom says i'm not responsible or w/e. we have a housekeeper & i did chores FOR her and proved i was responsible and i have contacts and hamster and i clean my room a lot and EVERYTHING but she still won't let me have one! sometimes i tend to be somewhat irresponsible like every normal girl but then she points it out AND IGNORES ALL THE RESPONSIBLE THINGS I DO! idk what to do, anyway i could convince my mom about pierced ears or somehow do it at home??? thanks i rate

ok well dont pierce your own ears first of all. my friend did that and they got really infected and she had to go to the docter. remind your mom of all the responsible things you have done. everyone makes mistakes and makes dicisions that arent responsible sometimes. let her know how much this relly means to you and im sure she will understand. hope i helped XoXo


what are some cute hand made things you can make your boyfriend for just any occasion. be really creative!

u can make ur bf a relly cute hand made card. rite a bunch of lil inside jokes that only u and him would understand on it. its relly cheapp and easy to do. hope i helped XoXo


when you buy a mini ipod do you have to charge it?? does the charger come with it or do u have to but it seperatly??

the charger comes with it. u just have to plug it in the wall and charge it it isnt hard.


what are the risks of getting your belly pierced? does it hurt a lot?

theres only minor risks of getting an infection. but if you do get an infection you just have to put medicine on it and it will go away soon.i have my belly botton pierced and it hutr a little bit at first but not much. if u have your ears pierced it probably didnt hurt nemore than getting my ears done.hope i helped XoXo


OK, so i sweat really bad under my arms ... i think i have whats called hyperhydrosis. Besides diff. types of deoderants(and believe me, i have tried them ALL) is there anything else i can do to fix this problem? Please help, i start hs in 3 weeks, and this makes me really uncomfortable, and all i can wear is white tees, every other color shows the sweat. Please help me, i need it.

ask your parents to take you to the docter. the docter will give you perscription medicine for thats alot stronger than just deoderant.hope i helped XoXo


Well me and my friend our boered. WE usually tan outside but its cloudy today. Anybody have any ideas on what we could doo?

theres lots of things u can do. listen to some music or call some other friends over. also u can go shopping or jus play games.hope i helped XoXo


My husband is often up until 2-3 in the morning using the internet. I am curious as to what he is looking at. It's usually video game message boards, but I have a feeling he is hiding something. I may be completely wrong, it's just a feeling. I tried reviewing the history, but it is set up to atomatically delete on our computer. Is there anywhere else I review the history. Or am I stepping over the line even trying to find out?

talk to him about it. ask him what hes looking at or doing. if he says he isnt doing anything u wouldnt approve of you should belive him. he is your husband after all.hope i helped XoXo


I just crashed my uncle's truck into this stupid stone wall, it got dented and the headlight is cracked. I don't know how to tell him, or my own parents. It's a really old truck, but that doesn't mean I can go breaking it. I'm really scared, I don't want to be punished for it. It was an accident after all. I know if it were my car, my parents would be more understanding but I know they're going to flip, atleast if my uncle doesn't murder me. How should I tell him what happened?

you gotta tell your parents first. if you tell your parents they might get it fixed and then not tell your uncle. tell them it wuz an accident they will understand. hope i helped XoXo


OK so my hair is wayyyyyyyy thick and frizzy, like totally thick. If i get it cut to about shoulder length, and get 2 layers taken off, will i see a big difference? Will other people? I alwayssss wear my hair up, so can yu still see the difference? and will it be easier to straighten, cus with the way my hair is now, it takes about 2 hours. Lots of questions, i know, but i'll rate high for any help

ok well try using a conditioner that helps with frizz like pantene or sleek those r both relly good frizzy hair. it would prbably help if you got the layers out also.hope i helped XoXo


The new school year is coming very soon and I'm going into 9th grade (so is my friend)and we recently received our schedules. She really doesn't like school, and she says she has no friends in her classes, and we don't have any classes together except maybe lunch. And she's not looking forward to this year at all 'cause 7th and 8th grade sucked, and I'll agree on that. I just told her to try to look at school with a positive outlook. She won't listen and doesn't believe. I just don't know what to do. I really wish she would just try to enjoy her time even though it's school.

Does anyone know what I can do about her feeling this way? I've tried to help her, I just don't know what to say.

thanks in advance.

shes probably just nervous about going into a high school. once you guys get there and figure out all your classes and meet some new ppl she will find some new friends that r in her classes that she can hang out with. you can also join a club or sports team together so that u guys can have some time to talk and hang out together.hope i helped XoXo


ok, well, my bf's friend asked me if i would make out with my bf and i said i would. you see my bf had never made out with anyone before. so when we went to the movies with him and our friends something happend. all the guys were calling him a wuss bc he has never made out before and stuff. so anyway in the middle of the movie he turns to me and says "look, i love you but i dont want to mess anything up so can i kiss you?" and i was like...um...yea ok. so he was like.."lets do it then". i felt REALLY werid. so then everyone came and sat by us so we kinda stoped talking or doing anything. so then about...i would say 10 mins past and he said "ok, i know this is gonna be akward but im sorry". so out of no where he starts to make out with me. and im not saying it was bad but it felt werid. so after 3 seconds i pulled back and said "this feels weird". and he said sorry and stoped talking. so now i feel bad. i mean, i want him to kiss me bc he wants to and bc he likes me. not bc his buddies are making fun of him! so the question is...should i tell him why i pulled away? and was it bad for me to pull away? sould i say sorry? im so confused so I BEG OF YOU! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me!!!!!!! theres some 5's involed : ).

ok well definetly talk to him. tell him that you dont mind him kissing you or anything but tell him you dont want him to kiss you just because of his friends. its ok that u pulled away if you dont feel comfortable kissing someone always stop.if you just talk to him im sure he will understand.hope i helped XoXo


I have the children and am 23 years old. After having my 3rd and final baby two months ago Ive been a reck. I know that postpartum depression happens but didnt have it with my other children.
Im always crying or hollering over the smallest things and getting really bad headaches.
I get all depressed from being cooped up in the house with the kids and am constantly hollering at my husband for stuff he didnt even do. Sometimes I feel like im just looking for a reason to pick a fight with him.
Any ideas as to whats going on?

you might just need to get out of the house and away from all the kids for awhile. maybe going on a vacation or trip to somewhere that you can relax and enjoy urself without all the hassle of 3 young kids.hope i helped XoXo


OK i have really liked this guy. I have liked this guy for 2 years my 7th and 8th year. In my 7th year i was a GEEK i dressed so UGGGG..BAD anywayz my friend told him i liked him and them he stoped talking to me. THem in the last weeks of 8th grade he started talking to me again. I was much prettyer in 8th grade then 7th. Once we ran down to the caf. and he said "YOur the fast i've ever seen a girl run" then when we got there.. some kid yelled. "Does she like you?" and he said " no, that was last year" and them i was crushed because i still liked him but i said "yup thats right" anyways. THem this summer.. he has asked my mom if i wanted to go bike riding sometime because he only lives like 4 miles away from me and stuff like "you should bring her down to your work sometime" and stuff like that. I almost always talk to him now. But he will never ask me out. He also has never had a gf or a kiss. SO what should i do to hint him on asking me out. or what should i do.. I don't want to ask him out or tell him i like him even thought he already knows because his grandpa told him.. long story there.but anywayz . please help i do rate..

TALK TO HIM!!! u gotta talk to him and tell him how you feel. if your nervous about takling to him in person try talking on the phone or even on the internet but the phone is better!you can also flirt with him and hint to him that you still like him.you could also have a friend that u really trust tell him that you like him.


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