hey guys im Laura, um i love music...if it werent for rock n roll i wouldnt be alive right now.Guns n Roses is my all time favorite band,ask me any question about them and i can tell you the answer on the spot,garented. the part of my heart that isnt taken up by rock n roll, all goes to my AMAZING friends.i am single at the moment but if you know me at all, then you know that i wont be for very long.


school's starting soon and i have no friends there. i usually follow this group around b/c i have nobody else to. they never talk to me ever. nobody does. i'm like an outcast with no friends. i try talking & they talk back, but then it just doesn't work out. i've tried everything, i can't make friends. i make friends real easily outside school b/c i'm outgoing, but in school, i try being outgoing and everyone blocks me out. i can't move to a new school. i don't know what to do. please help i need friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

try talking with a different group of people. you and the people you hang out with rite now are probably just on different levels and dont get along relly well.hope i helped XoXo


I really love to sing and my friends say I'm good. I don't think I am all that good though and I want to know some good ways to get better without taking voice lessons because I don't have a lot of money. My goal isn't to be a proffesional singer but I just want to be a source of entertainment to my friends because singing is a huge part of my life. Please answer I'll rate 5's

i relly like to sing also. just practice using ur voice on different types of songs. if all your friends are telling you your good you are probably better at singing than you think.hope i helped XoXo


i have a friend that i liked for a long time and a couple of days ago we had this day that was great we made out for the first time and we talked about relationships and stuff and now it feels like she doesnt want to hang out anymore i think she is making excues for not being able to hang outi really like her and i thought she liked me back im not sure wat do i do i feel like crap do i tell her how i feel she might be leading me on and just move on at the last second and go wit a diff guy. she doesnt want a boy friend for the summer which i think is crap. i think the other night was great and i want to go out wit her do i tell her or do i find someone new i did that before and i kept comparing them to her but they didnt even compare to how much i like her i want her to like me the same i feel like i like nothin else exept her . i need some help i cant go on wit out her so i can really need some help i cant go on life isnt thee same it feels like thanxs

TALK TO HER!!!!!!! tell her how you feel and how strong your feeling for her are. she probably feels the same way about you but shes just nervous because she likes you so much.give her time and by the time summer ends and school starts then see hoe the relationship is doing and then think about asking her out.hope i helped XoXo


ok tomorrow me and my friend want to do something really random...we already thought of spending the day at walmart...and going bowling...and things like that but i need someting really mental and weird

got any ideas

i think going 2 walmart all day would b hilarious and fun but u could also go play put put golf its relly fun and its cheap and easy. hope i helped XoXo


if i drink a big sip of water and then go outside in the heat for about 5 minutes and go back and drink another sip..is that a way to not get dehydrated and sick and dizzy and stuff? thanks

well if you want to go outside you could just bring a waterbottle out and drink a bunch of water every few minutes. that helps alot with getting dehydrated.hope i helped XoXo


i wrote this poem for my boyfriend and i need some help and advice on how to make it better...

Ever since I meet you
You have been all I think about
You have been all I talk about
Your all I want in my life
You stole my heart like no other
Nobody will ever have my heart like you do

Sometimes you think I don’t like you as much as u do
You will never know how strong my feelings are for you
I don’t know if I will ever be able to explain to you how I feel about you
Day by day my love for you grows
I know I cant see you all the time
But just because I cant see your gorgeous brown eyes doesn’t mean I am not with you.
You will always have my heart with you to cheer you up

I would do anything for you
I just want to be in your arms now and forever
And I just want you to know that
No matter what happens between us weather I am your girl or not
That I will always love you

can someone help me out.. thanks

i think the poem is beautiful the way it is. and i think your bf will love it! its relly sweet and relly good.hope i helped XoXo


ok so i have been going out with my boyfriend for almost 8 months... and last week i went over his house and then we went to the pool..my mom told my dad that he needed to pick me up at 5:30..my dad actually came kinda early at around 4:45!!! so i was out of the pool and me and jared(my bf) were laying on the lawn chair together.. my leg was in between his legs and when i saw my dad i totally freaked out!! 2 days later at nite my bf called and my dad picked up the fone and told me to get off the fone!!! now i can't even talk to my bf!! and my mom is saying things like how my dad doesnt want me to see jared nemore!! and my dad had a chat with me in the car on the way home and he sed i looked like a SLUT!!! i love jared soooo much and i dont think i can take wut my parents a pressuring me to do!! and i cant just not talk to jared!!!
please please please help me!!!!

ok well talk to your parents first.tell your dad that you werent doin anything with him. and tell your dad how much you relly like jared. also let jared no that your having sum family issues and you might not b able to see him as much for awhile.hope i helped XoXo


Okay, this may turn out to be long, but here it goes. My family and I go to church every Sunday, and there's this guy who's like 14 and he's really cute. I really like him and we make eye contact and everything. So I want to go up to him and ask him to go (with my parents :-( } and I dom't know what to say. So my mom suggested maybe I should try writing him a little brief note and write my name and # down. I have no idea what to write on the note, let alone what to say to him while giving him the note. I really need help on this. And I need it soon. So please help, and guys would be good for answering this question. Thanks

XcheerbabeX ♥

just walk up to him and say ive noticed you around alot and i wuz wondering if you wanted to go with me and my parents sumtime.hope i helped XoXo


i heard that theres something you can use to help acne scars and acne itself. what is it called ? and if you tried it, does it actually work ?

well to get rid of scars use MEDERMA it works really good to get rid of scars. and to get rid of current acne use CLEAN AND CLEAR it also works relly well for getting rid of acne and keeping it away. hope i helped XoXo


Okay well I have asked a question about jailbate before but I have another problem... See my luvr has a speech inpediment. And I don't notice about that any more but when he talks to my friends or someone who dunno him ppl juss give him a smile or ask him to repeat i feel awful about it but i wish i could love him up more to get rid of the pain and all the teasing. He doesnt deserve that. Is there anyway i can stand up or be more lovely?
Thanx your advice would rlly help me out =) ~steph

tell him that you dont care abuout his speech problem. the only thing that matters to you is your love for him. dont worry about wat ppl say there just being mean.hope i helped XoXo


I'm 17, and I have my first job interview ever at ShopKo on Friday. The only problem is that I don't know what appropriate attire for an interview is. What am I supposed to wear?

ware sumthing nice but casual. dont make it look like u tried 50 things before u found sumthin. just be casual but still nice and classy.hope i helped XoXo


can you discharge if your pregnate?

yep u still discharge wen ur pregnate.hope i helped XoXo


when ever i download the sims2, and i put the thrid disc in, it freezes there, my freind kammi (hi kamz!) said she doesnt know, i have the sims2 doewnloaded on a diff computer, but im not allowed on it, because i got my own, and its my sisters and she doesnt want me to delete the families and stuff like that! can you tell me why its freezing? (it freezes at exactally 49%)

the disk is probably scratched. thats probaby the reason y it keeps freezing. because sims2 does take awhile to load but if its freezing at the same point everytime and wont go past it then the disk is most likely scratched.hope i helped XoXo


me and this guy were really good friends. i really liked him a lot and in a way him lead me on a little bit. so it really hurt me when he flirted with other girls. and i felt like he didnt care about me. well my best friend liked him too and he liked her, but he hardlyu ever talked to her because he was talking to me. at the end of the school he asked her out and itreally hurt me. so me and her friendship was over because she choose him over me. they broke up like a few days ago, and now i dont like him as more then a friend, and i told him that, and hes getting like upset and mad that i dont ike him anymore. he got mad becasue i called somone hott, and he was like im hotter then them come one, and he said he was goint o ask me out. but i wasnt going to be the rebound girl, but i dont no what to think or, what i should tell him. so he doesnt get so mad at me, because me and him are still good friends. thanks

tell him that you relly like him but your not going to go out with him jus as a "rebound girl".give it some time and if he relly likes you he wont be mad at you or anything. hope i helped XoXo


there is this kid "matt" who i really liked and still do...i was obsessed and me and him are kind of friends...we used to hang out every now and then and go to friendly's and carnival like things but then i went to colorado and my cousin asked him out for me...he said no and that he wanted to be single...scince that we haven't really been exactly "friends" at all anymore and im not nessaserilly ready to be b/f and g/f but i really want to be something like not just friends but best friends....i really like him and im desprate to get to be better friends but not a couple....rate 5s for good answers!!
-messed up in love

talk to him. let him know that your not mad at him for saying no. tell him that u would like it if you guys where more than just distant friends like u want to be good friends with him.hope i helped XoXo


ok i have never had acne or pimples or anything like it but its starting to show that im gonna get them like im getting little bumps then you can feel but you cant see unless oyu look really really close and i was just wondering what i could do to prevent them from showing and to prevent them from comming back. ill rate for good answers thank you !

get "Clean and Clear" it works REALLY good! wash your face with it every day and it makes acne go away and stops it from coming back. hope i helped XoXo


theres tis girl who is totally obbsessed with me, shes attractive looking but i dont really think that it would work, and besides i already have a girlfriend. i wanna tell her that i dont like her but she cried cuz i wouldnt tell her if i liked her so i dont want to totally crush her heart so is there a way that i can tell her i dont like her without her getting crushed into amillion tiny peices

ok well girls are just really sensitive. you should definetly tell her that your not interested but go easy on her. just tell her that its not that you dont like her but its just that you really really like the gf u have now and you dont wanna mess anything up with ur gf now.hope i helped XoXo


ok so i went to florida with my ex-boyfriend who i'm still crazy in love with! we hooked up down there but we still don't go out. he says he wants to be single because you can do whatever you want. then he says he doesn't like me cuz he wants to be single! i have no clue what to think. what should i do? how do i handle this?
cRazY iN lOve x3

well he probably does still like you but hes just wanting to be single for awhile. dont give up on him and just give him time. also talk to him and let him no how u feel and that u relly like him alot still. hope i helped XoXo


what's the best way to get rid of dark under-eye circles?

MORE SLEEP!!!! try to get more sleep and eat a bunch of fruits and veggies! hope i helped XoXo


okay well i really like this one guy.. and i mean hes like soo soo perfect... and i know hes noticed me and i think we might have a chance of going out cuz were already friends and i just dont know what to do.. i mean i no i cant ask him out soo please help me please hes soo important to me but he just doesnt know that..
signed so so confused..
*I RATE* please answer me soon*

make it obvious that you relly liek him and that you want him to ask you out. flirt with him alot and give hints that you relly like him. u can also ask a friend to talk to him and ask him if he likes u.hope i helped XoXo


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