hey guys im Laura, um i love music...if it werent for rock n roll i wouldnt be alive right now.Guns n Roses is my all time favorite band,ask me any question about them and i can tell you the answer on the spot,garented. the part of my heart that isnt taken up by rock n roll, all goes to my AMAZING friends.i am single at the moment but if you know me at all, then you know that i wont be for very long.


Ok so my best guy friends are freshman and im a sophmore and all i can say is that i love them more then life itself. i would seriously do anything for them. well they just became freshman so they will be moving up in my youth group at church,and they will be with me more.my friend adrienne(who is also a freshman)and i are kinda like leaders in our grade. and my guys friends(the freshman) are known to sometimes talk during service and they just pretty much dont care about it. my friend adrienne and i have gotten in trouble many times because of them talkin but we love them so much we just defend them. so we are trying to decide whether or not we need to still sit with them in church , because we are scared that they might bring us down. please let me emphasize how much i love this guys the thought of telling them that i wont sit with them brings almost brings me to tears. im just really stumped i need help please

just talk to them and tell them that if they dont stop talking and getting you guys in trouble your not gunna be able to sit with them anymore.hope i helped XoXo


I've been friends with this guy for about 2 years now, and a few months ago he confessed to me that he really likes me. i told him i wasn't sure about my feelings (beyond friendship) and that i didn't want to rush anything, and he was okay with it. we don't see each other too often, but i enjoy the time we spend together. i'd be ready to take the relationship further because we really are a good match personality-wise and i do like him a lot, but the only thing that bothers me about him are his looks. i hate admitting that to myself and i'm ashamed that i let it stand in my way. he's a really great guy, but physically he's like a 3 on 10! i know i should be able to, well, look past his looks, but it's hard to imagine being more than friends with someone you aren't really attracted to. i'm just so angry with myself...but i can't help it...i can't see myself being able to introduce him to people as my boyfriend or kissing him. it drives me up the wall being unsure of what i want just because he's far from good-looking! i've never thought of myself as shallow; i've been with other guys who couldn't have been considered that cute and it didn't bother me because i liked them for their personality, but this guy is just so far from even that...what's worse is that recently i met another guy who's really cute and who seems interested in me, and even though i don't feel nearly as much of a connection with him as i feel with my other friend, i'm tempted by him because he's just...so much more tempting!! i don't want to hurt anyone and i don't want to make the wrong choice because something stupid is holding me back. sorry for this being so long, but if anyone has any advice i'd appreciate it VERY much!

ok well you definetly need to give the guy uve known for a long time a chance. it seems like he relly likes you and his looks shouldnt make a difference. at least give this guy a chance and see how it works out. if it doesnt then go for the cute guy.hope i helped XoXo


Okay, well I dated this boy back in February. Our relationship only lasted a week because he kissed someone else, and so did I. We got back together a couple days later, and that only lasted about 2 weeks. A month or so after, he got a new girlfriend and was with her for a month. After he broke it off with her, he started 'talking' to me again. However, it was then that he had to leave all summer on vacation, and I didn't get to talk to him for over a month. Now he's back and wants to get back together. The problem is, he is the boy in school that every girl wants, and every guy wants to be. I have major jealousy issues, and it kills me having to deal with every girl being in love with him. I don't feel like I'm good enough. He's leaving again today for another two weeks, and wants to date once he returns, he wants to get back together. I love this boy... I just don't feel like getting my heart broken by him for the third time. What should I do?

well from my point of view it seems like your wasting your time on this guy. if you guys both cheated on eachother and you keep breaking up and hes gone all the time. going out with ex bf's doesnt usually ever work out.so i would say its time to move on and find a new guy. becasue this guy doesnt deserve you.hope i helped XoXo


i like this guy
names dakoda choate hes 1 grade higher than me
i cant stop thinkin about him
he is so sweet to me
he flirts nonstop
he acts like he likes me
i asked him out
and he said: i really can't right now but i promise you i will get there i just have alot on my mind right now
so ok
i wait............ my friend asks him if he likes me not and he says:
look i like girls my age ok?
does that mean he only dates his age
he doesnt like me, he moved away from me, he just wants to be friends,

i think im gonna cry
what do i do about this?!

well first of all DONT CRY!!! i no its hard to belive but hes JUST A GUY!theres gunna be millions of other guys that you like out there.as for this guy i think you should just forget about him and move on. and go for someone your own agem,you be ale to relate them more.hope i helped XoXo


Does anyone know where I can get a fake flower to put in my hair, or one with a pin in it so I can pin-up my hair. I know, I'm sorry that sounds so vague but that's the best way I could describe it. I'll rate high!

go to claire's. they have alot of really cute things like that.hope i helped XoXo


ok so i have acne and i've tried some stuff but its not working.. its not that bad but still i'd like for it 2 b gone.. so wat do i do?

get CLEAN AND CLEAR it works really well to get rid of acne and it keeps it away.hope i helped XoXo


ok this is gonna be kinda long

In the middle of last year my BFF got a boyfriend and i was soo happy for her. But then she stopped hanging out with me. She ate lunch with him,all she talked about was her boyfriend. But then she got new friends and didnt even notice me. At dance she didnt want to talk to me either. So i told her how i felt and she said thats not true!! So then i said i dont want to be friends if u arent going to be a friend. so then her boyfriend said F*** YOU to me online:(
I told my friends and they informed my ex-bff. So she dumped him and her were friends again. The 2days lata she went back out with him. And she started doing the same thing that she did before. On the last day of school she dumped him. We are friends now but all she ever talks about is her ex-bf and she still doesnt talk to me at dance. Ok so here is my question: Should i still be her friend or forget about her?

thanks and advace

well she doesnt seem like shes being a very good friend. you need to talk to her. tell her how you feel about her not talking to you.let her know that she doesnt have to choose between her ex-bf and you. she can have both of you. if talking to her doesnt work its time find a new group of friends.hope i helped XoXo


Okay I've been with this guy for about six months and we just recently broke up. When we broke up I asked him if it was over completely and he said no. Now I am wondering what I should do? Should I wait on him or should I choose to move on? I still like him a whole lot and he still likes me but I'm not sure if I should wait and see what happens. This is the second time we've broke up. What do I do? I live in California and there is so many guys that are hot here.

ok well u cant keep waiting for this guy. life only comes once and you gotta live it to the fullest! lol so yah i think its time to move on.hope i helped XoXo


When should you start visiting colleges and looking at them?

probably around your senior year.


How do I get my boyfriend to open up to me? Like as in tell me how he feels. Everytime I ask he always says "you know" I know I do but I just want to hear him say it and like how do I get him to be more I don't know umm....open about his feelings....problem is he has never been that way! Help please?!?!

talk to him and give him time. hes probably just kinda nervous still about opening up to you. hes not sure if he can trust you with his feelings. just talk to him and let him not he can trust you and that youd never tell sumthing he didnt want you to. in time he will figure out that he can confide in you and that you wont tell anyone. hope i helped XoXo


ok well im 13/f and i still havent made out with a guy , like ive had the opertunitys (cant spell sorry) and ive wanted to but it just doesnt feel right and i feel that if i did make out with a guy that i would be known as a slut . everybody calls me prude to and i want to make out im just scared that the person i do make out with will think im a bad kisser . is this normal? should i make out? pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee help!!!!!

(will rate high for good answers)!!!!


ok well dont be scared to make out! its always scary the first time but after that you wont be afraid anymore! and hes not gunna think your a bad kisser thats just your nerves getting yourself all nervous! so relly dont worry about it and jus go for it! and people wont think ur a slut!!hope i helped XoXo


well i'm gonna try out for this olymic soccer and i'm just afraid i wont make it cuz i'm gonna be one of teh younger ones trying out and i made it to the district soccer (the best of teh north shore) and when i dont make something i tend to get really sad and think i suck so i dno to try out or not help plz????!!!

dont worry about it!! your gunna do GREAT and if you dont make it then that still doesnt mean your bad! it just means that some people are older than you and next year you will be older than some people and you will make it!! but your gunna make it this time so dont worry!!hope i helped XoXo


does any one know some good classic rock songs?

any GUNS N ROSES songs r awsome! guns r roses r amazing and they are relly good. also led zeppelin and bon jovi or nirvana those r all relly good bands and any of there songs! they all rock! hope i helped XoXo


how do you write a thesis statement, like what do you need to include in it

a thesis statement just is a sentence that tells wats that paragraph or report ect. is about.hope i helped XoXo


13/m hey i need advise on askin a girl out. im about to ask her out but then i get chicken. HELP!!! And i have never made-out with a girl and im 13. do most kids make out b4 13? And when will i no wen to kiss her?

ok 13 is about the normal age to start kissing and all that.and dont be scared to ask her out!!! i no its hard and but just go for it! ull b happy once its over and she says yes! hope i helped XoXo


k so im starting hs in a few weeks. when im meeting new people nd talking to them ... what r some ice breakers? like what could i ask them if there is that awkward silence. what should i say or ask? please help, i'll rate 5s

jus start asking random questions. like wats ur fav color. or do u have a bro/sis. just ask random questions and it will make everyone laugh and thats always good. hope i helped XoXo


i think im bi polar does anyone kno the symptoms of that and liek on min im happi then out of no where im crying! is something wrong with me pleaseee helpp!!1 ill rate 5's for any advice

ask your parents to get you a therpyst. im not trying to say your crazy or anything im just saying i think i therypst would relly help you.hope i helped XoXo


okay so tomorow im going to this girls house, we have liked eachother for 3 yrs and are going out, i am gonna get there at like early in the morning while she is still asleep, i was going to make her breakfast in bed but she doesnt realy eat breakfast cuz she has a weak stomach. I really want to do something sweet so she wakes up to a wonderful surprise and realizes how much i care about her, any great suggestions would be nice...thank you!

get her a couple ballons and some roses and candy!! also rite a little card to her and stick it in the flowers.hope i helped XoXo


This guy I met at camp seems to have a thing for me. While we were there he tried to pull me into a room by ourselves so we could talk. (I definitely know he was not trying to get some. I'm positive.) He also talked to me from his friend's house, and he flirted so much it was crazy. Seriously, every sentence he said alluded to the fact that he has a thing for me. So my question is how do I know if he really likes me or if he just flirts with everyone and wants me to fall for him?

it seems like the guy relly likes you! if you like him also then ask him out and give it a chance nad c how it goes. hope i helped XoXo


Okay, well there is this boy name andrew and at the end of the 6th grade i started to like him and at first he was cool about it and then he was really mean to me and said mean things to me and really broke my heart although i still liked him. In the 7th grade i went on and off liking him and we hung out a lot more and i was his best friend and he told me that somedays he liked me and other days he didnt and i just stopped like telling people that i liked him i mean if people asked i wouldnt lie about it but one day andrew asked if i still liked him and i said, "ya but i dont want to like you because whenever i like you, your always mean to me." and he was like "that was 1 time and i've changed" and he kisses me a lot and always ask for kisses and i just really like him and he always says these sweet things to me and i mean i really want to be with him but he says that some days he likes me and other days he doesnt and he really hurt me in the 6th grade and i dont even know if he wants a girlfriend and urghh now i just dont know.. somedays i think i'm over him but then when he signs online or calls me or i see him i just completly melt and idk .. should i just keep wasting my time on him or should i try to move on? idk what to do please help i need advice

its seems like you relly like this guy but your just nervous to be with him.it also seems like he relly likes youu and that hes sorry for how he hurt you. give him a chance and see wat happens.hope i helped XoXo


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