hey guys im Laura, um i love music...if it werent for rock n roll i wouldnt be alive right now.Guns n Roses is my all time favorite band,ask me any question about them and i can tell you the answer on the spot,garented. the part of my heart that isnt taken up by rock n roll, all goes to my AMAZING friends.i am single at the moment but if you know me at all, then you know that i wont be for very long.


OK i've never worn eyeshadow that much but i sorta wanna now..is it true that a brown or tan shadow goes with hazel eyes? if not, then what color goes with hazel?? thanks!!

those colors go great with hazel eyes. (i have hazel eyes) also purples r grays go relly well.hope i helped XoXo


i sometimes look at girls and think they are really pretty and fit. But i dont thik of going out with them i just think they are really nice and am really close to them. Am i bisexual? coz i think they are fit? Sometimes i even think strangers are really nice and pretty and think about them,, im confused

thats totally normal! its ok to think other girls are hot or fit. it definetly doesnt mean your bi.all girls look at each other and judge each other.hope i helped XoXo


how come people call girls sluts if they kiss guys (like me...but i havent done it in over a month)
a slut is someone who has sex w/a bunch of guys!! so how come IM gettin called a slut!?
but im not the only one...some other people i know are getting called sluts too. and its not fair! i dont have sex! how am i a slut? i just dont get girls at all...even tho i am a girl! i just dont get why they do things like this

ok kissing girls does not make yuo a slut!its just fun.(im not lez or bi)and i totally no what u mean about girls being mean because we ARE extremly mean!! i dunno y but we just are.so dont take it personally girls are mean to everyone!if someone calls u a slut then just laugh it off.hope i helped XoXo


Okay, well someone on here told me to use "sun in" for my hair to lighten it. And i was wondering so i can tell my mom and see if she will get it for me.. how much is it? and where can i get it?

♥ thanks

its like $5 and u can get it at walmart or walgreens or any store liek that.and i use it ALLLLLLLL the time and my hair has never looked orange. hope i helped XoXo


hi im 15 f and really shy. i want to get ajob but daren't ask people if there is any places. i no you might all think im weird but the reson im asking this question is bc my mom and the rest of my family want me 2 get a job
please help xxx

try getting a simple easy job that doesnt call for much talking. chashier or any job at a grocery store or any place like that. you dont have to talk to many people and there pretty easy jobs to get.hope i helped XoXo


ok, well i really have liked this guy for 2 years, i think i love him. he knew, he hated me for it. lots of horrible stuff happened. now i'm going to a different school next year & i'm almost over him, which is good. i met a guy at this school who i really like [through the drama camp], & i really want him to know how i feel about him & how i can't stop thinking about him, but i don't want to tell him i like him, because he barely knows me. i don't want any of my friends to do it for me because i don't want to cause any tention between us. all the guys i've ever had feelings for have hated me in return & i don't want this to happen again. someone please give me some advice. i'll rate you for it if you want.

ok well you should probably hold off on telling him you liek him. get to know him better and just be friends with him for awhile. once youve been friends for awhile just see what happens. he might even start to liek YOU and he will tell you.just give it time and dont worry about it to much. hope i helped XoXo


i just cleaned out my whole closet basically and now i only have like 40 shirts! i usually shop at abercrombie // hollister // american eagle, and its pretty pricy. i was wondering if there was any other stores that have websites with cute clothes for school this year. and if you could name some. thank youu!

umm urban outfitters/forever 21/kohls/7-5-9/tj maxx/target r all relly good stores that arent that expensive.alot of them probably have websites also.hope i helped XoXo


i liek this guy but he is 16 and i am 13 and when we made out he told his friends ((their my friends too))and now they make fun of us and i like him a lot and he likes me im sure but i thnk he is restrained from goign out wiht me because he is embarrassed from our friends what should i do?

wow i wuz in like the same exact situation a couple months ago!i think you should ask him out and if he relly likes you he wont care what anybody thinks.thats what happened to me. i met this guy 3 years older than me and we relly clicked but he wuz nervous about going out cuz he new his friends would make fun of him. but i just kinda went for it and asked him out and he said yes. that wuz 5 months ago and were still going out and we have a GREAT relationship!and his friends r also my friends now so they dont care about the age difference anymore.hope i helped XoXo


Okay, I'm 14 years old -female- and I need some advice. I got a job at this restuarant for the summer and theres this guy there that I like(16). He's just all over a really cool guy. He's really nice, and has a great personality, plus he's good looking, but I can't tell if he likes me back, and i don't know if I should give him my # or ask him to a movie or somethin. I do have this feeling that he likes me because of a few insidents such as: three days ago he was helpin me out with dishes (cuz it makes it alot easier to have 1 person loading and the other unloading) and I had gotten some tips from the servers(cuz im a hostess)and he said to me,"You have some money stickin out of your back pocket." I was just like "oh" and pushed it in some so it wouldn't fall out and then he said to me," It's Kinda sexy." I was shocked I didn't know what to say. So I picked up one of the buckets to wash it out and then I said," I see where your lookin." and he just laughed a little and said yeah. Plus he askes me about five times a day: Wazzup? or How's it goin? ( since I bus tables a lot and go in and out of the kitchen). I don't know what to do. I've had guys like me but I've never gone out with anyone, and I don't know how to act. Help me please. I need to know what to do, summers almost gone and my job will be over and i won't see him anymore.I need to let him know that i like him. I need help, badly.
Thanks a bunch,

just wen your talking to him just casually say : we should hang out sometime,like outside of work. it seems like he likes you.dont be nervous if you go out with him. just act like you do now.hope i helped XoXo


my friends keep trying to set me up with all these different guys all the time... but hello IM TAKEN!! i tell them that everytime but they wont listen to me. They say that it doesn't count because he lives so far away and i never see him. And recently me and my bf are going thru a hard time in our relationship and according to my friends going out with other guys is supposed to make me "feel better?" um ok what's up with that? They aren't even acting like friends, they should be supporting me and telling me everything is guna be ok but instead they are already assuming that we're guna break up. And i hate it when they tell all these guys that im single... IM NOT!!! how do i get thru to them??

talk to them and tell them that your relly happy with the bf you already have. and let them know that its making you relly mad that they keep telling everyone your single wen you arent.hope i helped XoXo


It has been 2 weeks and 2 days and I still have my period. Is there something wrong with me? Do I need to go to a doctor? I am kinda sexually active, I have done it with my boyfriend only 3 times, only him, did he give me something, but we use protection can you please help me? Rate 5 for all good useful answers.

NORMAL! irregular period is totally normal.your bf didnt give you anything and your not sick.dont worry about it! hope i helped XoXo


ok i no that this is not in the friendship categlorie but im really having a hard time trying to find out who i am ... like i change my mind alot about things i like and my friends and i want to be original and kool but i always seem mess up ok well i gotta go but all 5 ratings if you answer good! thanks

ok well dont let anyone tell who you are! u cant be anyone but yourself.and the teenage years are hard to get thru but ull make it!changing your mind about things is normal. talk to different ppl and see what kind of things your into.hope i helped XoXo


i sure hope you can help me. heres my story... ok me and this boy named zach used to go out like a yr. ago! and when we went out it didnt last long. now me and him are starting to talk again and we are getting along great. we are talking about getting to know each other more and then thinking about getting back together.
some how me and him started talking about sex! he wants to have sex with me cause he likes me alot! and i like him so i cant turn him down! im scared though.its not cause im still a virgin its because im afraid ill get pregnant! i know alot of teens loose there virginity and most of them dont get pregnant the first time. but im afraid beacuse if i get pregnant then my parents will kill me. i dont want to make another mistake because i ahppen to make alot of those! so can u please help me choose what to do? and what condom is the best? and if i do have sex with him with a condom what the percent chance i can get pregnant! thanx so much i hope u can help me! i rate high

IM me on xoxokaylaoxox91 always kayla

its very unlikly tht u will get pregnant the first time. but being a virgin only comes once in a lifetime so dont just give it away!! make sure its someone that in 5 years will still b standing at your side.hope i helped XoXo


Everytime i shave my legs it hurts because of my razor bumps or burns whatever they're called. How do i get rid of razor burns because everytime i look at my legs i see little red dots where my hair would grow in. So is there anything i can buy or do to make my razor marks/burns/bumps go away?

make sure you have a relly sharp razor. also you get the bumps from shaving wen you have goosebumps. so wait a second after u take your leg out of the water until the goosebumps go down before shaving. hope i helped XoXo


what are some tips to prevent odor during my period?

well they have scented pads/tampons. they usually work relly well. also just spray some perfume on and take lots and lots of showers! hope i helped XoXo


Okay well im in this big love circle okay.. This is the first half.. well first there is Adam and i've gone on and off liking him since the 6th grade and now im going into the 8th grade and ever since the 2nd grade he always had a thing for this girl named Melinda and she didnt start liking him untill the 6th grade and they went out then he dumped her 5 months later and he still liked her after that and then during the beginning of the 7th grade he finally stopped liking her and i still liked him and he didnt like me and then in the middle of the 7th grade when i was finally over him i started liking his friend Josh and Josh liked me a little bit but barly and then one night at a school dance me and Adam didnt even dance we just talked the whole 3 hours and i remember how he was like "Even though I dont like Melinda now I know that when i get older im gonna be with her in high school and we're gonna go to the same collage and i know i'm gonna be with her and it kills me to know that" and then that night i talked about how fat and ugly i was to him and he was like "No if u were fat and ugly i wouldn't like u" and then i was kinda confused because he just got done telling me how he was always gonna be with melinda and so he went on and off liking me when i was finally over him and then i started liking him again and he kissed me the last day of school and said all these sweet things to me.. This is the second half.. There is so other guy named Sean and me and him went out once in the 6th grade and once in the 7th grade and when we werent going out he always liked this girl named Bridget and she is such a wanna be slut because she had a boyfriend and cheated on him with Adam and like 3 other guys and so Sean wrote me a note one day telling me how he liked me and only me and stuff and then i went to a pool party with him last week and Bridget was there and i hung out with both of them and when Bridget was eating i was swimming in the pool with Sean and his kissed me and then that night at soccer practice Bridget told me that she was hugging Sean and he was like "Bridget I really really like you a lot u know" and so im completly confused with everything and its weird with me because if Adam and Sean both asked me out at the same time i would say yes to Adam because i waited so long for him to ask me out because he has only gone out with Melinda and every girl only wishes she could go out with Adam but if Adam and Sean were both hanging from a cliff and i could only save one I would save Sean because Adam really broke my heart last summer. Im confused and i'm sorry this is long but i need advice so please help me!

well i think this bridget chick is just telling you a bunch of lies. shes trying to make you jealous and mad at sean so you wont go out with him. it seems like sean relly likes you and i would definetly go for him! hope i helped XoXo


I liked this one guy, weston. i thought he was a total sweetie and he always made me feel good about myself. he said he liked me too, but then i was over with him and some friends and i hugged my friend goodbye and he called me a whore but according to his friends hes just mad and still totally likes me. the thing is, im not big on forgiving people after they've just called me a whore so, yea. i still like him a little. then, there's this other guy, chris and he is also totally sweet and cute and i absolutley heart him. he made me feel a little better about the whole weston situation and he says he's starting to like me. well, i liked him a lot a little while ago but i never thought he would ever like me. so i also like him a little bit. so basically, my question is should i forget about weston and become closer to chris and who knows what might follow, since he DID call me a whore. or should i just wait til weston gets over his issue with me hugging other guys? im the kinda girl that just hugs all of her friends, ya know? so should i change who i am for weston or stay how i am and go for chris?

dont change who you are for ANYONE! i think you should get over weston and go for chris. weston seems like hes gunna have you on constant lockdown if you go out with him since he gets mad by you just hugging another guy.and hugging more than one guy does NOT mean your a whore.hope i helped XoXo


i start school soon & the doctor says i can use herbal stuff to help me get to sleep earlier than im us eto...have any of you used it and tel me if its worked? thanks

im not sure about the herbal stuff but they have these things that u warm up and then out it over your eyes. i use one cuz i have a sleeping problem and it works everytime.you can get them at pretty much any store like walgreens r maybe walmart.hope i helped XoXo


my sis broke up with her bf last night and she is 21 and im 13 and i dont know what to tell her to make her feel better i really want to help her cuz im sure she would help me if something like that happened to me please help me

takl to her and tell her that no matter what happens your always gunna be there for her. and that if she ever needs a shoulder to cry your rite there for her. also tell her that that guy doesnt deserve her and she can get sooo much better than him.hope i helped XoXo


ok i DO have friends, but i cant make them easily! whenever im in a new situation im always just sitting in the corner by myself, lonely, etc! and that sucks! acuse then it makes the experience NO FUN!! and im like the loudest person ever when you get to know me. how can i over come this? i feel weird if i just go up and say "HI IM ____" (but if worst comes to worst, i do it but im like shaking!!!) so yeah, how can i get rid of this shyness?!

ALOT of ppl are like that. its nothing to worry about you can just bring a friend that you already have with you and ask him/her to intorduce you to some new people. and dont be scared to talk to them. they wont bite!! there most likley just as nervous about meeting someone new as you are. hope i helped XoXo


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