hey guys im Laura, um i love music...if it werent for rock n roll i wouldnt be alive right now.Guns n Roses is my all time favorite band,ask me any question about them and i can tell you the answer on the spot,garented. the part of my heart that isnt taken up by rock n roll, all goes to my AMAZING friends.i am single at the moment but if you know me at all, then you know that i wont be for very long.


Okay me and my boyfriend have sex but the thing is we have never used a condom and I'm not on birth control. I talked to him about it before and we agreed to start using them. But that never happened...I really wish we would but I dont want to say something about it again.....what should i do?

um TALK TO HIM! dont be scared about it! its your body that gunna get pregnant not HIS!tell him that he isnt getting anymore goodies until he gets some damn CONDOMS!hope i helped :) XoXo


PLEASE HELP ME!!!! I've been invited to a pool party, but the problem is that i've got to wear a bikini and i've noticed some fairly noticable hair on my chest and stomach and it's on ym back aswell. You can see it in the light and when it gets wet, it's REALLY noticable. Does anyone know what to do????? I will rate 5s for good advice.

P.S. I can't wear a costume, i haven't got one and it's too late to go and buy one now!!!!

NAIR!!!! its pretty cheap and you can get it anywhere like walmart or walgreens.its a cream that u leave on for liek 3 mintues and then wash it off. its really easy!hope i helped XoXo


Hi i got a letter in the mail (yeah mail lol) and its from People to People International. Its says im invite to travel and study in England Wales and Ireland (many places i would love to go). Well i called the place and they said i could Better Business Beau ( i guess thats haow its spelled) and they said the trip will cost around 2,600-5,200 depending if i do fundraisers or qualify for scholarships. Now heres my questions
1. Has anyone done this or anything else from the place/ company i guess you call it
2. is that a good price considering im in florida.?
Thank you for all your help
P.S. i know my spelling and grammer isnt the best so please try and excuse it.

that is really good.considering i went to paris for 14 days and it cost $7,000 and im in missouri.so yah i would do it.hope i helped XoXo


i have these dark circles under my eyes, their not to dark just dark enough to be noticeable up close does anyone know how to get rid of them without concelor or cover-up i can never find any to match my skin color. Im going out with a guy this weekend and i want to know if theres anyway to make them go away before then.Thanks!

get LOTS ANS LOTS AND LOTS of sleep! and try not to get stressed out.that alwasy helps.also eat lots of fruits and veggies!hope i helped XoXo


When my boyfriend & I started dating, naturally things were a bit weird at first. Then we became more comfortable around eachother & it started to seem like it was more about touching then talking. Now we talk on the phone more since we're back at school & don't get to go out as much. The day before yesterday, everything was fine & we were having a great time on the phone but yesterday he didn't call me. I texted him & we had fun texting back & fourth but then when I signed on he didn't IM me. I'm not sure if I'm overreacting (please don't be mean if I am, it's my first relationship). I'm hoping he's just overwhelmed by school because I really care about him & I would hate to think that I felt stronger about him then he does about me. What should I do?

xox kelly

ok well im not trying to be mean but i think you are just over reactinga little bit.just because he didnt IM you doesnt mean anything.his computer probably automatically signed him. alot of peoples computers do that.i wouldnt worry about it.hope i helped XoXo


Fellow atheists: I have a friend who is a militant Christian, meaning, she thinks it's her job to convert everyone who isn't Christian into one, including me. She knows I'm atheist, but it really bothers me when she tells me that I'm going to hell for not believing in Christian ways. I've told her many times that I don't believe in a god, afterlife, or book of worship. Yet, she still has the nerve to constantly bring up "god" and how I NEED to be a Christian. Other than that, she's cool. Are there any ideas on how to get through to her that I really don't want her help when it comes to religion? I'm going to snap if she comments to me one more time.

talk to her. tell her that its REALLY bothering you that she keeps commenting on your religion. let her know that your religion is your choice and that she cant change your decision.hope i helped XoXo


okay my moms birhtday is here today and we are gonna go to the store to get her somthing such as wal_mart what should I get her for her birthday
please answer this quesion i will rate fives for good answers

you could get her some perfume.thats always nice and moms really like perfume.also you could get her some pretty jewlery or a shirt or something.hope i helped XoXo


okay, me and my boyfriend have a long distance relationship. i moved because none of our family ((or sum "friends")) wanted us going out. my mom hates him and his mom hates me. then was in november. well all of the sudden he's stopped talking to me. it's been 5 weeks and i've left him messages and e-mails. he hasnt responded to any of them. whut do i do next?

it seems like its time to move on. he might have stopped talking to because his parents arent allowing him to call you or anything.but long distance relationships are very hard to keep.belive me!and i know its really really hard because you love him so much but you just gotta try not to think about him.find someone that you like that lives closer to you.hope i helped XoXo


Is it safe to wear a tampon to sleep in? I'll probably sleep around 9 hours tonight .. I'm just not sure if that's safe (TSS). If I wear a pad, it usually leaks and gets on my shorts im wearing to bed. What should I do?

yah its ok to ware a tampon to bed jus change it as soon as you wake up.hope i helped XoXo


i wanna make my myspace pretty. so can someone give me like two really good colors that blend really good and it would be really pretty! thanks so much!

pink and baby blue or drak blue.also pink and purple or purple and blue.hope i helped XoXo


ok now i have a boyfriend. hes nice, funny. and god hes gorgeous. But hes extremely sensitive and everything hurts his feelings. Hes jealous all the time and it drives me insane. He always has to be calling me or texting me when hes not with me, and im not the type of girl to expect him to do that. Hes got a life i know what hes doing, so its cool i dont stress over it. we've been together going on 7 months and as soon as i met him i fell for him. i've know him for like 8 months. Sounds like i need to break it off huh? If it were someone else thats what i would say. but honestly i cant. and i dont know why? like in a way i want to, but when it comes down to doing it i just cant. i forget about it. whats that mean?

i rate good if you take the time to help me out. thank you.

ok well i dont know why you think it sounds like you need to break up because thats not what it seems like. it DOES seem like you need to talk to him and let him know that you love him and you would never do anything behind his back like cheat on him.that should give him a hint that your getting a little tired of him having to ALWAYS no where your at and what your doing.hope i helped XoXo


i had my period last month for 2 days and it was very light. Now it is very heavy and its more than two days. Does this mean they will change each month?

yah it just means you have an irregular period. but thats totally normal and nothing to worry about.hope i helped XoXo


well i got into a fight with a friend of mine, something she did really hurt me, but it isnt something so horrible that i want to end the friendship over it, basically this would all be solved with an appology but im not sure how to go about this. its been two days and i havent talked to her since then, so should i need help on what to do, should i wait until she IMs/calls me and appoligizes or should i do something else? 18/m if that matters at all

call her and tell her that your really sorry. dont wait for her to apologize to you because shes probably doing the same thing you are rite now waiting for YOU to apologize to HER.hope i helped XoXo


I have these two really good friends, one is a guy, the other a girl. Well they've liked each other for a while, so they're kind of off limits to everyone, but the girl (it will be easier just to call her Meghan) doesn't want a boyfriend. Well the guy (let's call him Seth) seems to think they are together. Then I was on AIM with Seth later, he said he thought Meghan was an ugly idiot. Well I got pissed and said some things I regret that include... some words I'm rather ashamed of saying. So of course he got angry with me. So then I had to tell Meghan what he said, and she got angry with me for telling her! And now, they're both mad at each other and it's all very confusing. Who knew entering middle school would result in so much drama!

Help! Is there any way to smooth things out between all of us?

talk to both of them. tell them that you said somethings that you definetly regret and wish you hadnt said. let them know that there your bff's anf you dont ever awnt that to change and you dont want them to be fighting.and i would get used to the DRAMA cuz thats all middle school is.personally i LOVE the drama but this isnt about me its about you.lol hope i helped XoXo


The classic question.. No one will ever know the real answer but hey its always worth a try.
Im a blonde haired blue eyes 5'6 skinny girl. Everyone tells me im very pretty, im smart, and fun to be around. The problem, guys never ask me out?! I dont know why though? Ive had boyfriends in the past, and MANY guy friends but not alot of boyfriends. Whats the deal?! lol

youre probably just acting more like a friend than a girlfriend.talk to your guy friends about stuff and flirt alot. focus on one that youd relly like to go out with and flirt around with him alot.he will eventually get the hint that you like him and wanna go out with him.hope i helped XoXo


15/f *Ohhkay, so i have this amazing guy..but we're just reallly good friends."with benifits" I love him and i know he loves me and we've been talking about "doing it" i know we are both ready, and we will def use protection. But my question is..do you think if we actaully do it..we wil end up going out? I mean,I would love to go out with him, and ive always wanted to.
So do you guys think if we do it that theres a possibility that he may like me more than a friend?!

Thanks so much guys/I'll rate HIGH!! ;)


yah he would probably want sumthing more after that. but you should probably go out with him BEFORE having sex.hope i helped XoXo


i think i just made one of the biggest mistakes of my life. me and my best guy friend have always had a friends-with-benifits relationship. he was fingering me today and ended up sticking his penis in me. we were going for a little, but we had to stop because he had to leave. he didn't get to cum and we did full out have sex. but knowing that his penis was in me... is that enough to count for losing my virginity?

yah that counts as losing your virginity.but it doesnt have to be a mistake.hope i helped XoXo


OK... i babysit 2 boys... 5 and 8 years old.. they are crazy!!!! and when i tell them sumthing, they just ignore me and keep on doing whatever they r doing... how do i get these kids to listen to me!?!?
*ignored babysitter*

make it so that everytime they do sumthign bad or dont listen to you take one of there favorite toys away or sumthing like that. hen everytime they do sumthing good give them a piece of candy or one of there toys back.hope i helped XoXo


my cell phone plan is verizon and I know I have free nights and weekends. free nights starts at 9pm, but what time does it end? I'm only allowed to talk on my phone when it's free nights and weekends. Last night my boyfriend called my cell phone at 4:15am, and the day before he called me around 3am. Will I get charged for this? what time does free nights end?

it usually stops at 6-7 am.hope i helped XoXo


Okay so I'm 14 (girl btw) ...5'0 and I'm about 85 pounds. I obviously have a high metabolism and I have to gain 95ish pounds before xmas or... I'm going to the hospital because my mom thinks I have an eating disorder (i dont) How do I gain weight and actually "keep it up" ?

well eat healthy dont eat alot of junk foods cuz u wanna gain weight as muscle not fat. so eat 3 meals a day and excerise.and rememeber to eat healthy.hope i helped XoXo


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