hey guys im Laura, um i love music...if it werent for rock n roll i wouldnt be alive right now.Guns n Roses is my all time favorite band,ask me any question about them and i can tell you the answer on the spot,garented. the part of my heart that isnt taken up by rock n roll, all goes to my AMAZING friends.i am single at the moment but if you know me at all, then you know that i wont be for very long.


Can anyone give me any tips on flirting but nothing too bold because I am quite shy.

will rate high for good answers.

FLIRTING!!!!!!!god my #1 specialty!!!! lol ok well if you wanna flirt you just gotta be fun and make guys laugh.and if your hanging out with some guys i dunno how shy you or how far your willing to go but just like go up and sit on a guys lap.and playfighting is always fun and it shows them your kinda interested.LOTS of eye contact


oh of my best guy friends likes me, and he has for a while. at first i didnt like him but now im starting to. but im afraid if we go out, then break up,that i'll lose one of my best friends. but im also afraid if i dont tell him i'll regret it. so my question is shold i tell him i like him or not?

plus i dont know if i really like him, or if im just really flattered that he likes me

well i think you should wait awhile and make sur eyou like him. if you DO like him then definetly tell him.if you go out then break up just tell him that you dont want that to change anything,liek tell him you still want to be best friends. hope i helped XoXo


i love Cumbers. i eat them all the time. my friend said if i eat them all the time as i do i can get cancer is that true? im scared now

omg NOOOO cucumbers CANNOT give you cancer!! i love them and i eat them ALL THE TIME!!! your friend is just messing with you because thats definetly not true.you dot have to worry.hope i helped XoXo


my hair is thick and wavy. how can i make it have volume?

get a volume booster shampoo/conditioner/ect. in most brands of hair products they have a type that gives your hair better volume.hope i helped XoXo


I dont know whats wrong with me. Like, I can be the center of attention in front of my friends but at the same time Im the quietest person you could ever meet when I want to be or when I just dont know what to say and I get nervous.

I'm going to a new school next year and I already have a small group of friends there, and I'm able to make friends easily when I want to, it's just when I present in front of the class that bothers me. I dont know what it is. Like, I'm not afraid about people hearing my voice or anything. I'm not afraid of being nervous, because it's not even that I get nervous. I just BLUSH. I HATE blushing. I hate when people see me blush because they make a huge deal over it and I dont know how to control it. Even if I'm not embarassed I'll still blush at times. And even if I blush when I dont even realize I'm blushing people go "Omg are you EMBARASSEDDD!?" and stuff like that and make jokes. I mean I can make fun of my self too when I want to joking around and all that with people and all but, I dont know.

-sigh- okay. Basically. Im fine presenting. Its just my blushing problem. And then when I FEEL myself blushing, thats when I get majorly nervous.

How can I control this? Please help. Any tips.. any at all. I just want to be able to stand in front of the class without fucking blushing for once, and sweating and feeling all gross and shaky afterwards.

It's been like this ever since I can remember. It's torchure. Can anyone help please?

if someone makes fun of you for blushing WHO CARE?!?! not you!!jus pretend like you dont care, laugh it off.if you can make fun of yourself with your friends then just pretend like your with all your relly good friends.if your presenting something and start to feel yourself blushing think of something really funny that will make you laugh and get your mind off being nervous.like think of your seeing your teacher in a speedo/bikini!! lol sometimes its nasty but it makes you think of something eles.hope i helped XoXo


Me and my best friend kelli used to really like this kid named brian...after we both had our share of asking him out he turned both of us down on the account of wanting to be single....now he barely ever talks to us and we really miss him...we went to friendly's all 3 of us together...and a winter carnival but i miss him a lot and so does she...we used to be a three sum but he kind of left...i love him as a friend and i want to earn him back for the both of us...please help me hes a really good friend...i love him like a brother


just start talking to him. maybe call him and ask him if he wants to hang out again sometime.hope i helped XoXo


i pulled a muscle in my stomach yesterday (or so i think) by doing a back-tuck off of a diving board into a pool. after i threw the tuck it hurt really bad in the side of my stomach so i thought i pulled something. today at cheer/tumbling i couldn't throw tucks or even back-handsprings b/c it hurt so bad and then towards the end i couldn't even do round-offs. so i told the instructor and he let me leave early. is there anything i can do to make it feel better like put heat on it? it's on the left side of my stomach under my ribs... thanks so much

try putting a heating pad on it or like keep a really warm towel on it. it will help relax the muscle so it wont hurt to move around so much.hope i helped XoXo


i just got my period and i was wondering what kind of tampons are best

definetly use tampax pearl. they are the bestest!! lol hope i helped XoXo


hi im having a problom , i had a gf all summer during camp and the last day she dumped and she said she really loved me. what do i belive?

well if she really loved you she wouldnt have dumped you SOOOOO....... i think its time to move and forget about her.


I have a really cute guy friend name"Brock Bumbarger" & we have been friends for 3 years now. We hang out all the tim, and go to the movies together!! Last august on my 15th b-day he kissed me, like making out wise & ever since then I have been confused. Everyone says we should just admit we like each other. I so want to tell him how i feel, but i am scared he might reject me & I would know what to do if he did. What should I do?

well i definetly think you should tell him how you feel.and if he rejects(doubtfully) then just tell him that you dont want that to change anything in youir relationship,tell him that you still want to b good friends just like you are now.hope i helped XoXo


okay, i have a friend christie, and i hate her boyfriend, he makes fun of me, do i didnt talk to christie during school when lets say mike was with him...

and so though out the summer, i heard they made out and shes only 13 like me, and mike is 12.

and i havnt talked to christie sence, would it be wierd if i called her and made plans to get togeather soon?

all she talks about if him, all she does is hang with him! I feel so ingored! ++ i think shes going against me bc i called her a slut, bc she kissed mine in the middle of the park with the school, and everyone was going AWWWWWWWWWWWWW. and i was just like "wtf?"

and so i feel ignored and it bothers me, wee were TRUE best friends. true. secrets kept. midnight + phone calls. hanging out every friday. this all ended when school ended. what happened?

i want to ask her if she wants to go shopping with me at abercrombie and shit.... and she only shopped there bc thats what i wore, and i intorduced it too her. and so id think it be cool if i got to see her tomorrow on such sorty notice

would it be wierd for you if you were christie to just see me over the summer b4 school, and we didnt talk... ONCE?

PS: if christie tells mike, she was at my house, mike would be all like "ewwww why are you hanging with a faggot?" then it would interfear with the relation ship and id feel really really bad for doing that.

PSS im the "nice girl" to everyone, i cant yell at them and be like "im not friends with you" unless if i was FORCED too...

i think you should talk to her and tell her how you feel.tell her that you still want to be friends mike or no mike and ask her if she wants to hang out sometime. but i think you were kinda over reacting about them kissing in the park. its not that big of a deal and that doesnt make her a slut. so i think you just need to talk to her.hope i helped XoXo


For my birthday im geting my tongue, nose, and a whole bunch of ear peircigns. my question is, does anyone here have an industrial peircing?? I want one soo bad but im so scared of the pain, ive done my cartilidge before with a regular earing, and it hurt so bad i had to take it out, i cant imagine a 16 gauge (actually im not sure what gauge in inudstrial is) in my ear! and i also need some sites with a whole lotta different ear peircing pics on it because i want my ears really really really peirced haha.
thanks, you crazy peircing obsessed people who help.

well i dont have an industrial but i got my cartilidge peirced with 4 other friends and it didnt hurt anymore than getting my earlobe done so i might just have been the person that did it for you beacause we got ours done about a year ago and none of us have had any problems or pain.i would suggest not going back to the same place as you got it done.hope i helped XoXo


My friend Alex told me he didn't like his girlfriend Katie anymore. I asked why and he said it was 'cause he hadn't seen her all summer. I was like "well that's okay, you guys'll get back together at school." The later he told me he just didn't have feelings for her anymore (still summer). I told him he hadn't seen her and to just wait 'till school before he broke up with her or anything like that. Then later he told me he took his other friend's advice and broke up with her. At first he said Katie took it well, but then later Alex told me she IMed him saying she was gonna kick his ass at school. Now he's pissed off at ME for, in his words "not telling me clearly enough what to do." BUT I told him not to break up with her! How do I make him realize it's his own fault and not mine without just... well... accusing him of it being his fault? I RATE VERY WELL!!!!


ahhhh sry about the caps!!!!!!


Hey I was just wondering what some good ways to find families to babysit for are. I want to babysit within my town though. I'll rate high!

hang signs up around ur nehborhood(sry cant spell)and put some signs up in the local stores and in mailboxes or on doors.


sigh. ive already asked a question about this guy, but i feel the need to ask another. I still really like this guy, but it seems that he likes another girl, we'll call her "L" he has a bunch of stuff in his profile and away messages about "L" . he knows i like him, and i was pretty sure he liked me too. whenever i asked him about "L" he said it was a joke between him and her and that he had no chance with her. does that mean he wants a chance with her? shes probably a lot more prettier than i am, also. also, i know a couple of his good friends smoke weed & get drunk quite often, and i really dont like that. now drinking a little i can get over.. but i dont like the whole drugs thing. as long as he doesnt do it, im fine. so i had my friend tell him she heard from someone that he did, and he denied it. hes never done anything to lose my trust, so i didnt question it. but i still think that he does / or has done it before. please dont tell me to get over this guy, because i still think there might be a chance for us.. im not ready to move on

obviously you dont want me to tell you to move on so i wont. even tho i think u SHOULD.......i wont,if you really want this guy then you gotta talk to him. tell him how you fel and let him know that you want to be with him. if hes never done anything to lose your trust then you should trust him when he says he hasnt ever done drugs.just because he hangs out with people that do doesnt mean he does.also trust him that its just an inside joke with this other chick "L".hope i helped XoXo


Well i met my boyfriend on AIM. My best friend goes to a diff. school than me and she knew him... so we were both single, she tried to hook us up, at first when we talked i wasnt shy. then he said he loved me after i showed him a picture of me...his mom said we couldnt go out until she meets me which could be awhile. But its really weird now becuase i feel shy talking to him through e-mail or AIM, is that normal?

theres nothing to be shy about. dont worry about saying something to him that you wish you hadnt. hes probably just as nervous about talking to you as you are to him.and its totally normal so dont worry.hope helped XoXo


i'm just asking. ok, i'm new here. browsing thru some of the questions, i couldn't help noticing that some of the questions were made by 13-to-17-years-old people. is this a webpage for teenagers or just for everyone?need a little help here..

this website is for everyone. its just that more tennagers use it then anyone else. but it really doesnt metter what age you are as long as you rover 13.hope i helped XoXo


I really really like my best guy friend. And if I ever lost him, I would feel like dieing. He likes me too. But I'm afraid that if we end up dating and breaking up, we won't be like we are now anymore. All of my ex's I barely talked to after we broke up. No matter who broke up with who. And one of my ex's and I who now hate each other, used to be really close. So if you even understand this sinse it's kind of confusing. Can someone out there please give me advice on what to do?

Ps- Don't tell me to forget about him-because I think about him all the time.
I've already thought about this for a long time and I still don't know what to do.
Sorry this is long but I will rate!!


ok well dont be afraid to go out with him. but if you ask him out or he asks you out let him know that if ou ever break up you dont want it to change anything. that no matter what happens you will always be there for him. but i think you should definetly take it to the next level and if you do break up just keep talking to him and hanging out with him just liek you do now.hope i helped XoXo


alright, this is my friends advice thing and i dont have one and dont feel like making one soo im gunna ask the question on here.

alright theres this kid Dj i like him soo much and the fact i told him exactly how i feel he just acted like he didnt care at all i mean seriously when ever my friend ( brooke ) goes out with this kid who is like my bestfriend we talk all the time ( jimmy ) like im always with them whenever they were together and dj was always there and i mean always... and he would always be all over me and leading me on and shit and he'd tell brooke he liked me and then she would be like are you gunna ask her out and hes like i duno maybe probably and she'd tell me and we would both be waiting for him to ask me out and then he would never do it and like.. after the last time he told brooke he liked me he ended up getting a girlfriend like.. a week later. and they are still together and i hate it we went to the movies and they were there all over each other and i cried and i dont even know what to do anymore i cant get over him i try but it doesnt happen please help i dont know what im gunna do anymore.


ps.. brooke still is like in love with jimmy and dj and jimmy are cousins and we are all exactly alike. jimmy and brooke are exactly alike and me and dj are exactly alike ..

thanks. i rate high

well i think its time to move on from this DJ kid. i know its really hard. but it seems like hes just messing around with you and playing mind games. hes not worth the pain or tears your having. if he really like dyou he would never ever make you cry.i know its really hard to just forget about him but try hanging out with some other guys and youll eventually meet someone new.hope i helped XoXo


OK so for some reason, my xanga wont show my entries. Like after i put in the layout, the entries were gone, and i cannot get them bac. This isnt the first time it has happened, so i dont need to change the layout. Can anyone help me? pleeees help me, i rate 5's

delete your whole xanga. i know it takes awhile to make it and its annoying to redo it but it will work.hope i helped XoXo


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