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I've been on Advicenators for 10(!!!) years which I think makes me some kind of Advice-giving veteran. I'm currently 22 and and I have a Politics degree which makes me sound much more intelligent than I am. I have less time on my hands than I did 10 years ago but I'm going to try and be around more, if only to continue imparting my infinite wisdom unto the world.

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Gender: Female
Location: England
Age: 22
Member Since: June 1, 2004
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i am on my period on holiday and coz i cant take pads and i dont ware tampons i dont no wot to do can sum 1 help me

you should try tampons. they're really easy to use once you get the hang of them, honestly. just relax take a deep breath and follow the instructions. good luck, have a nice holiday! RC. :)


Well theres this guy and i have liked him for over 4 years...we dated in jr.high and now were in HS...i thought i would never get another chance with him...but lately things have changed, we both like eachother and want a relationship but theres a prob...he still has a GF, he hasnt seen her in like 4 weeks and the last time they talked was like a week ago (shes having fam probs), he told her about us and she wasnt too happy, he wants to break up with her but hasnt had the chance...shes my friend (well i think so idk now?!)...and i still wana be friends and be with him what should i do?...forget about him & stay cool with her?...or stay with him n not be friends with her?

well either way you're going to hurt someone aren't you? i know it's hard but you have to make a choice. what would you rather have? a good friend who might last for ever or a boyfriend who might not last til next month? i know which one i'd rather have. look at it this way, if this guy can stop wanting this girl so easily, what's there to say he wont do the same to you? good luck, RC.


i have to share a room wiv ma sis and now ma mum said i can move into the spare room but i dont no wo colour to have it. i love the colour pink but my room wiv ma sis is pink so i want a different 1. can ne1 help me

oooh i can help you! you should have two walls of your room pink and then the other two walls lilac or beige or something it does look really nice, my rooms got two walls beige and then two walls plum. hope that helped, RC.


im thinkin of gettin a pet but i dont no wot to get. i have 2 cats and 1 fish. has ne 1 got ne ideas they will really help thanx love tammy gal

well it probably wouldnt be such a good idea to get a rabbit/hamster/guinea pig/dog/bird if you've got cats so i'd get a lizard, they're easy to look after and they're interesting.


i dont no what to do anymore my best friend she seems like shes not my best friend anymore.i am in 7th grade, but anyway it seems like she never wants to do anything wit me any more. HELP ME PLEASE.

maybe you two just don't have enough in common anymore. try and meet up with her sometimes and catch up but make new friends as well. good luck. :) RC.


ok i am going into 7th grade and i am scared to get my period and when i do i am not gonna no what to do...please tell me every thing to no about them PLEASE.

periods really arent a big deal. really. i got mine at holiday club and i was petrified but thats cause i wasnt prepared. you just have to make sure you carry a pad in your bag for when you start and you'll be fine! :) RC.


ok first off, im kind of pale and white and i have ALOT of their anyway to like make them go away? or tan fast? bc when i tan i dont really tan i burn n peal and its nasty and all my friends are like wow you need to get a tan..or dang you are so white!! what do i say when they say this and how can i tan to make my freckles like blend in??

i am like exactly the same as you!!! there isnt really any way you can make your freckles less ovbious unless you use a fake tan or whatever. i used to hate my freckles but now i kinda like them, you need to just accept them you know? besides, pale skin is unusual, you are unique!


my friend thinks that she is better than me at evrything and i got so pissed off one night and she pushed me and i pushed her back and then we startd makinout and we did *it* (lol) i dno how to tell my gf... should i?. I NEED HELP

i'm confused!


my friend needs some help because she likes this boy and she's too afraid to tell him. She wants to know how she can get him to notice her without being too obvious that she likes him at the begining but she eventualy wants to show him that she does.. but first she wants to talk to him and have him get to know her.

please help!

well if she wants to avoid possible embarassement then she should make sure he likes her back before she tells him anything. she should flirt a bit and get to know him first. tell your friend good luck from me. :) RC.

PS. is this 'friend' you by any chance. lol. ;)


Okay, my room has been essentially the same way since 6th grade, and I'm gonna be a senior in the fall. I can't paint or wallpaper my room because my mom's allergic to all the paints and all the wallpaper glues. I also have a bit of a budget problem. My dad's unemployed and my mom can't work because of her allergies. I just can't seem to get a job because there's nothing around here that's hiring.
Anyone have any ideas as to what I could do to this place? My bed has to be against an outer wall...if it isn't, my dad's snoring, like, shakes the bed.
(Laugh if you want; it's funny, but it's also true. It sucks.)
Help me out?
-Siren ^_^

You should get like some average poster paint or whatever and paint a mural. If your mum's allergic to that then do it in small sections with the door closed so that it doesnt affect her. Make a big picture and stick it on your wall and put posters up etc etc. get funky sheets/throws/blankets etc and put them on your bed and hang them on your walls. I hope this helps :) good luck, RC.


Ok so My sister is totally alaways ranking on me because I've never had a b/f!I am a female 13 year old ! I get all depressed too. My friends alaways brag about there boyfriends and either I'M GETTING TIRED OF IT OR IM JEALOUSE!!! I dont know what to do! Boys just think of me as a friend and nothing more! My mom says its embrassing to ask them out but I am soooo confused! Tell me your oppinion!!!


ok. if there isnt someone special that you like right now then dont worry! if someone comes along and youre like WOW, then try and get to know him a little and flirt and stuff and if everything seems to be going ok then just ask him out. loads of people dont get their first bf until their much older than you so dont worry, your friends are probably exagirating anyway. maybe youre just not ready yet. good luck, RC


wut is discharge?

it's a whitish yellowish liquid you see in your knickers..its the vaginas natural way of keeping clean and healthy. it's nothing to worry about as long as it doesn't smell really bad or irritate your skin.


well I am having trouble in my 7th grade math class and my grandma wants me to get a touter.She has been buging me for ever and to me if I get a totour I will feel stupid so.. Should I or should I not get a totour.

you should get a tutor, look at it this way: you can not get one and fail all your maths exams and fail high school OR you can get a tutor and be intelligent and get good grades. :)


I really don't like this teacher at my school. She is mean to everyone and nobody likes her. I really want to pull a prank on her because I'm so angry but what should i do? Should I prank her, or just live with it the rest of the year?

Have you ever looked at it the teacher's point of view??? she probably finds it really hard, how would you like it if everybody hated you? try and make an effort to be nice and she might be nice back, you can't expect her to be nice to you if you're nasty to her can you?


ok i have a really hot and awsome bf...i get good grades...i have tons of friends...and i am lots of fun clubs..(gifted and talented siging) family is awsome...for some reason i feel like i am missing there is a big whole in my body tht is missing..can anyone explain?

you have no time for yourself!!! That's what's missing, you need to make time for yourself that's all. :)


my friend thinks it's funny that she's not doing her homework. Every time we try to talk to her, she doesn't listen. She's failing and i don't know wht to do.

if she doesn't listen to you, then get someone else to talk to her who she WILL listen to. You could all arrange to go round to someone's house and do homework together, this might help. If not, then you have to let her learn from her own mistakes, one day she'll realise that she isn't doing herself any good. :)


Ok there is this thing during lunch and I am like, idk, like all WHATEVER! about it. and my friends want me to go and i want to go but i think the preppies in my school are like, oh yeah look at me, and I dont like people like that. But deep down i feel that if i go that i'll become good friends with them. What should I do?

if you want to go, go. if you don't want to go, don't go. it's easy.


Hi,Can you help me? I think i like 1 boy but what if i like another boy thogh because i think the guy i really like isn't interested in me! I am a female so can u plz get back to me how do i know who i like? at the time i am very confused!

Plz help me from

AdviceGurl88 :) :) :)

well it doesn't matter if you like the first boy if he doesn't like you...get to know the other one. you know you like someone when:
you're v shy round them,
you get embaressed talking bout them
you think about them ALOT
etc etc


I have a boyfriend, but I have a crush on someone else,what should I do?

are you sure you have a real crush or do you just think this person is fit??? if you really like the other person then you have to let your boyfriend go, it isn't fair on him.


im a 14 year old 8th grader...and the guy i like is a freshman and i dont want to get pressured into anything bad... ok so... i like this guy... but iv never really met him...but i talk to him on im... and what i know of him i really like...and he asked me out...what do i do???

this is very simple. He asked you out, you like him, so you say yes and wahey, you're going out. I don't see your problem, its so straight forward.:)


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