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I'm an artist, bookworm, model, photographer & aspiring hair colorist. I love makeup, crafts, DIY [clothes, hats & jewelry], crocheting, singing, drawing, food, J-horror films & video games.

I've been on AN for 5 years now. I'm really open minded and I usually give more than one option to choose from.:] When you witness a lot of drama from others and experienced it yourself, you pretty much know how to deal with it.

Drop any question in my inbox and I'll answer it the best that I can. You can even email me at! (considering I don't go on this site often.) I DO get email notifications of questions in my inbox though.

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ok... so im in new york for spring break and my boyfirend is home with his friends and stuff... well my sisters went out to the casino for one her 18th bday... and im here babysitting my neice and nephew and i got bored soo i got on his facebook.. and i was reading old messages between him and his ex and it was weird sexual comments and he told me they never really did much with her and by the messages it didnt seem that way and some of the stuff he said to her he has said to me... and he also sent one of hjis oer girlfriends he said he didnt really like that much he dropped flowers off on her porch... and like he acts like when he spends money on me he only does it to be nice... not because he wants to just cz he wants to be nice and i dont care if he spends money on me but the fact that he acts like im just his last priority... and i spent $75 on his gift for our three months and like 90 for christmas he didnt really seem like he liked it or appreciated it... and it bugs me that i read the messages and saw he does the same with me that he did with the other... idk i just felt really hurt by it even though i know it was in the past... but it still hurt nme to read it and im scared to talk to him about it because i dont want to fight while he is with his friends and im not going to be back till next weekend... im just hurt and dont know what to do and idk how he will act if i told him i read his messages even though he reads mine all the time... and he gets mad if i have pictures of guy friends and ex boyfriednds which i dont cz i took them down for him but he has a ton on his facebook of them kissing... and with ex girlfriends and he would get sooo mad if i ahd them on mine... i really dont know what to do!!! i dont want to lose him but being around him i wont want to be physical cz i would be thinking about that and i would have to tell him.... please help cz i bald my eyes out when i saw these messages...

When your boyfriend is ... controlling you about what to do on your site, it's kinda messed up. It's also worse when you decide to give passwords to each other because you will sneak on and read messages. Even if you say you won't, you will still be curious and one day go through it.. and read something you do not like. You need to talk to him and set him straight about your issues. From my experience, the guys that control or either get mad at you over these small things.. usually are jealous or have no self confidence.. They feel like they need to restrict you, to keep you. I was with a guy like that.. it was a very long unhappy relationship.

I don't know any guy that keeps pictures of their ex up, especially KISSING? Did you even ask him to take them down? That you don't like it and that he gets mad when you put a picture up of a guy FRIEND. He shouldn't do that. I would NOT care what he thought about any pictures i put up.. considering his pictures. It's not even bad so you can put pictures up to get a conversation starting. I mean it's just your guy friends, he should know that it doesn't mean anything else.

You really need to talk to him. You don't have to bring up going through his messages. Just tell him you don't want to be his last priority and that you want to be appreciated because sometimes he doesn't show it. Don't buy him expensive gifts either, especially so early in a relationship. I've been with my boyfriend for over a year.. we haven't spent more then $50 on each other yet. Small gifts are great and you wouldn't have to worry about them liking the gift.. if the money was worth it.. etc

Btw, if you are happy.. do not read his messages. I'm warning you. I've been there and done that. It will bother you until you bring it up and it causes all sorts of drama. He's going to say different things about his ex to you since he's with you. Of course he's going to say sexual things to his girlfriends, whether he did anything with them or not. His opinion changes since he's with you..

Do what you want. Put pictures up because his are far worse than any guy friend, you know? Don't get upset for the messages. it's in the past and shouldn't be brought up again. if anything, you should delete his old messages so you won't come across those again.


What would be the best position if you like sex more rough then gentle? what gives the guy the deepest penetration and what would would pleasure him the most or be best for both us?

Or you can try being on top, it gives him a deeper penetration than missionary.

Make sure you are flexible enough for the first one though.


Okay so, my eyebrows don't match, but my bangs cover my right one (I have bangs that I part on the side). About a year ago or so, I was really stupid & shaved my eyebrows, because I didn't have any tweezers. And to make matters worse, I used scissors & trimmed my right one a little. Yeah, I was pretty stupid, I know. Haha; but seriously, no one has really noticed it, but it's just something that really gets on my nerves, because I always worrry that someone is going to notice them. My left one is like,, really short kinda, & my brother always bugs me & says, "When ya gonna let your eyebrows grow back out?"

I can't go to a professional, because there isn't one around where I am, & plus my mom prolly won't take me. And, I'm currently trying the vaseline thing, but it's not quite helping the way I want...Please help? Even though they're just eyebrows, it's kinda causing a loss of self-esteem, & I'm known as the confident person. : [
I would post a pic, but I don't know how.?

Go to a drug store and search for Ardell Brow & Lash Grow Accelerator Treatment Gel or anything with a 'Brow Grow Accelerator Gel'. It's rather cheap but it works. I've gone through horrible eyebrows and back again so I know how you feel.

Penciling them in is the worst thing you could do unless you can find the right shade and apply it lightly.. without getting harsh, obvious drawn on eyebrows. Use your bangs to come them up. Trim your bangs if you have to.

Use a powder [or eyeshadow] closest to your shade and apply it.

Here are some videos/tutorials to fill in eyebrows:

I think using powder is a lot less noticeable[harsh] than pencil.

So even though the stray hairs may bother you.. grow your eyebrows out and use the gel at least 2 times a day. You may pluck the obvious stray hairs so you can try to maintain your shape again. Don't pluck the top of your eyebrow though. Bad idea.


okay im a 15 year old female and well im thinking about starting to shave "down there" but i have one question.. do you need to shave all the hair off or just like the bikini line.. also i shave my legs but i was talking to all my friends and they shave their whole leg like up to where shorts usually go and well i only shave up to my kneee. should i start shaving my whole leg? answers would be appreciated thanks :]

Do what you want to feel comfortable. You can shave it all, do the bikini line for starters or just trim it. I've been shaving my whole leg for years and it does not get darker/thicker. if the hair is dark for you or you don't see a problem then don't do because they do it. I used to shave my legs a lot because I never went out in the sun so I got rather pale.. and the hair showed up more. But when I get tan.. there's almost no point in shaving.

Just be careful for razor burn.


What would be a good colour that would represent Medusa, or be her complimentary colour?

I usually think Medusa is a green or gray character. So I'll have to agree with a dark purple or a dark green as a complimentary colour..


is earnie from george lopez's accent fake? because when he talks, it sounds like hes faking it.

well I think it's a little too thick. I saw him on another show, X-files.. a slight accent was there but not as noticeable as in George Lopez.


15/Female [Asian]
I have naturally straight hair [very long] and I'm absoultely tired of that. How can I get hair like this; or I was thinking a permanent wave but as I read online, it causes hair damage but I've never died or added any chemicals to my hair. Should I get my hair permed? Oh, and if I do get a perm can I straighten my hair again? [Of course after a few weeks.]

I wouldn't get a perm, it's so old school. You probably won't get the results you like so if you want to play it safe.. Get a body wave or ask for a medium sized barrel. It's not so damaging as a spiral perm. You can wear it curly [mousse] and wavy. I've had mine for awhile now. Yes, you can straighten it but you need to deep condition your hair or use some treatment so it doesn't get dry.

Since you have basically virgin hair, it won't cause too much damage. I'm sure it would look amazing on you rather than it did on me since I abused my hair haha!

So you need to get a hot oil treatment or deep condtioner treatment, anti-frizz serum and mousse!

Remember that they do your bangs [if you have any].. so you'll have to learn how to style those.. by using a curling iron or pinning it back.


i died my hair recently about 2 weeks ago now maybe 3 i died it blonde but its turned out with ginger strikes it looks quite bad compared to how nice my hair use to be according to everyone else, its getting me really upset, as i care alot about my image. My friends keep saying like i cant bleieve how ginger your hair it and pointing people out and saying its like hers, its aweful! Im not allowed to die it again as it will get in really bad condition. Does the sun make hair colour fade? alot? any tips on how to fade the colour naturally? I heard tomato ketchup but i read that just if your hair truns green from chlorine. My friend said is faded hers loads when it went a gingery colour. but to be honest i dont really trsut it.!

I've been dyeing my hair for 7 years. It's best if you dye your hair again and do a deep conditioner or hot oil treatment. If you dyed it blonde, then you used bleach. So I doubt it will fade back to a normal color since you stripped the color out.

You can try shampooing, leaving it in for an hour or so wrapped in a towel. I've used dish soap and it really does take the color out gradually.. but only if it's a dye, not bleach.


my cousin is getting married in a few weeks, and she's looking for suggestions of good, slow, romantic songs that aren't sad. So far we've come up with two hopefuls.. "All I Ask Of You" from Phantom of the Opera (just seems too cheesy...) or "Falling Slowly" from the movie "Once". Beyond that we're out of ideas. any suggestions? Gratzi!

How about Bryan Adams - Heaven?

And Baby you're all that I want
When you're lyin' here in my arms
I'm findin' it hard to believe
We're in heaven
And love is all that I need
And I found it there in your heart
It isn't too hard to see
We're in heaven


okay I really want to know which condom is best for protecting against sperm.(pregnancy wise) and also which one is the worst?

Trojan or Durex. Lubricated and spermicidal are the best to go.

Maybe it's not the worst.. but I heard Trogan ENz -hurts-


what name of brand coloring dye box or whatever that will color my hair the exactly same color i want?

like i want sandy blonde for my hair and when they dye it, my hair won't be sandy blonde hair, it will be mix cuz of my differnt color, know what i mean? or have to go salon place or what?

You'll have to be experienced with dyeing to be able to get the "right" box. It's so easy to make a mistake.. if you've already dyed your hair, bleached it, permed it, etc.

So just go for the salon. Since they are skilled you will get something close or the exact color you want. :] It's best if you bring pictures and search some place online.. read reviews about it.
is good. Type in salon and near what location.


how do people get their foundation or concealer (w/e i dont really know the difference) to stay on their face so smooth? do people wax their face first? b/c on some people makeup looks too fake and on others it appears to be natural how their skin has no flaws whatsoever.

You use a dab of foundation. Apply it with an sponge evenly. It seems to come out a lot better than using fingers. Use a brush for applying concealer [you can use your foundation]. Use powder [with a brush] to set the makeup.

Experiment with different types of brands or go into a makeup department and get it done there. Ask for tips and such. It took me years to get it right lol.

I use loreal foundation and powder. It gives me a natural look and great coverage too. Powder really helps making it stay on.

I agree with Bare minerals. It's a bit expensive but it's the best thing out there for a flawless, smooth look. If you get the set, there's a CD in there that explains and shows you to apply it on.


i hav dark brown hair, and it looks black, i want to put bleach blond streaks in, im not sure if it will look good or not. im not tan, but im not super pale. should i do it? i want to do it because i want a new look.

Try it out. Try to find a good highlighting kit. The first time I got my hair done was.. just getting blonde streaks.

I did some face framing streaks.. and it's a really great contrast against your skin and eyes.

I have a light olive complexion and very dark brown hair.

some ideas:

if your hair is close to this black:

brown highlights look great. also red would look amazing against black.


Okay so me and the boy have been going out for a year now and ive never let him do anything to me until recently. Sure, I've done stuff for him, lots. Either way like I said, basically hes done the two main things you can do to a girl without going the full way, and I got so worried. Because I thought, what on earth could possibly be pleasant about doing something like that?! I worried about it for days, thinking he'd been like ewwwwwwww for days afterwards. Thing is, he always seems keen and I want to know why?

Boys, do you find doing those things to girls in any way attractive or are they just things you do to keep the girl happy?

If you do like to, how much?! And Why on earth?!

Also. Another bit of advice. I always feel wierd about telling my boyfriend I've enjoyed something he's done. For all my life I've been clever, and everyone knows that. They know, and most of my friends and his friends think that I'd never do the things I have done with him. Sure, I'm popular, but I'm innocent too, in the eyes of most people. It feels wierd admitting to pleasure to him, 'cause I figure he mights be creeped out - I don't know why.

Do guys like it when you admit to pleasure??

This all sounds really naive. But I'd love it if you could help me out :)

Thankyou very much :)


I suppose from a female's point of view.. you wouldn't really find doing that attractive. But most guys seem fascinated with the female body and if he's willing to do something to you, then you know he likes it. Guys like to hear that you enjoy something that they do... it makes them happy or turned on.. depending on how you react. =P

I think it's weird. I don't really like some things but my boyfriend does. Guys are willing to do it to see and give you in pleasure. Some guys don't like it though but still do it. It's just about giving and receiving.. and being fair about it.

You don't have to make a big deal out about admitting anything. I'm sure he would love to hear your input about what you like exactly so he can continue doing that.


i have pretty long hair and i was trying to find something new to do with it.

i was considering getting it permed but i don't want tight curls. is there a way to get a perm that looks similar to regina spektor's hair style? sort of a loose perm...? thanks

I have a perm with loose curls. My hair isn't *very long* though.

When you go to a salon, ask for the largest barrel or bring in a picture.
You probably won't get the same results. [it's going to be tight for 3 days or so]

And then it just loosens up

You could style it to be very curly, loose or wavy.

Otherwise you can try doing little french braids.

Make sure you say it's a loose perm and not a spiral :]


ok so this guy recently asked me out. I said i wanted to wait a while. But the thing is, my best friend doesnt think i should date him. But i do really want a boyfriend. (my best friend is a boy and im a girl just for you to know) Hes best friends with this kid and he says he only goes after the "hot" ones. Should i follow my heart and go out with him anyway?
Or listen to my best friend?
Im leaning more towards listening to my best freind. Where will this bring me?

Your best friend is just looking out for you. He's probably worried

I say talk to your best friend and ask him why you shouldn't date the guy. Good reasons though like how he treats a person or his flaws. If he cheats, whatever. Or ask him who the guy has dated before then ask that girl and see what's the deal with him.


I want to know what I should do. I have been thinking an really wanna do something new, I was thinking Breast Implants. I am a 34A an want to be a 34C. So is there any other things that work besides the surgery that costs over 3,000 dollars? I heard there were cremes an stuf so just wondering before I go fork out all of the money :) Thanks!

I wouldn't get breast implants. I've heard of bad surgeries and whatnot. it's just a risk to take. it's so much easier for females with smaller breasts. no back pains. no guys going after you for your boobs. in my opinion, you look a lot better in clothes.

Creams don't work. It all depends on genetics basically. If you're under 19-20 years old.. you have time to grow. I would just assume your cup size will be similar to your mothers or the women in your family.

My mom is bigger than a D. The women in her side of the family have about a C cup. So by my freshmen year, I grew to be a C cup.

If you're still growing, you'll gain weight and your boobs should get bigger too.

I've been on the pill for almost a year and it made me gain some weight so I'm a D cup now.

For now just rock clothes that flatter your figure and grab attention away from your breasts if it bothers you.


me and my boyfriend are 15. we have been going out for 9 months. i have no idea what to get him for valentines day. can someone give me cute ideas? not like normal gifts, like valentines day gifts =]

-Handmade cards [vintage heart card with a strip of lace?]
-Bake him cookies/cupcakes/etc
-Favorite candy [whether it's chocolate or not, put it in a gift baggy]
-A cute stuffed animal
[I got my boyfriend a dog with a heart that says kiss me :D]

I wouldn't go out of your way to buy him something out of the ordinary. I've always thought valentines day as something personal.. so I've usually made my gifts like cards, sweets, etc.


what does this mean and represent?


the "R" sign? how is it important?

It means Registered Trademark.

I would say it's important for business but if it's some part of a myspace name.. then they are trying to be cool lol.


Can you get pregnant before you have your period? Is it normal to not ahave started when you are fourteen and weigh 95 pounds.

If you ovulate you can get pregnant. You may not know you can so before you get your period, there's a possibility for pregnancy.

I got my period at 11 and I weighed around 60 pounds. So I don't think it has anything to do with weight. If you haven't gotten it around 16-17 years old, then go check up with your doctor. 14 is the average age to get it. You may be a late bloomer.


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