Hiya! My name is Chi-Chi, and I'm really easy and good at talking to and making new friends. School means everythig to me because I hope to make it BIG! I Love GOD (yep...I'm a Catholic-Christian and proud of it!) and shopping at Abercrombie&Fitch, Hollister, Delia's, Urban Outfitters, American Eagle, Forever 21, H&M, Nordstrom, etc. just makes my day :) I'm exciting and crazy and act wacky at most times, but hey-I don't like to be boring. I'm also super random :) Having a good time is my specialty, and I enjoy cheering people up. I would say that I give good advice as well as many other people on this site. If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask and I'll answer ASAP. I really do love when I get messages in my inbox because I feel that I am up to the job to answer your question the best way possible. Well...enjoy my site, and make sure to tell others about it. I'm outty. PEACE.


ok so my style is a punk/emo
16f by the way
and i want some new hair styles i can wear im tired of having the same one. i prefer hairstyles with like my hair out or something like that. any ideas of what hair styles i could do? any links? thanks! i rate!!




Fefe Dobson!



What are some similar stores to places like dELIAS, Alloy, American Eagle, Forever 21...
stores with teen clothing that's stylish and not overly expensive?

Hollister- www.hollister.com
Nordstrom- www.nordstrom.com
H&M- www.hm.com

I hope I helped!


does anyone know of any other gothic or punk clothing stores. i already know about hot topic. any other ones?

Spencer's Gifts
Thrift Stores

...that's all I could think of right now. I hope I helped!


Any places I can order a cute swimsuit?

Delias, American Eagle, PacSun, and Nordstrom have really cute bathing suits. You can order them on their websites:


I hope I helped =]


I'm going shopping with some of my peps and I want to know some good stores thanks

Some of my favs are
Abercrombie and Fitch/abercrombie kids
American Eagle
Urban Outfitters
Victoria's Secret

also, before I go to the mall I almost always go on their websites to see what they have first so that I know what I'm expecting. so, here they are...in order =]
www.abercrombie.com or www.abercrombiekids.com
www.victoriasecret.con or www.vspink.com

I hope I helped!


I was looking on the Abercrombie Kids (girls) website and I saw the bikinis. When I went to the store they didn't have them there! It's been a month since they were on the website and they're not in the store... does anyone know why? Thanks!

Well sometimes stores usually only sell their bathing suits online because with all the people trying them on they don't want others to catch any viruses, etc. of that nature. This may not be the case so your best bet would be to all an abercrombie kids near you and ask them. I hope I helped!


Ok well i need a dress for graduation. Does anyone know any sites that have really cute like short dresses and not long dresses, and not realy expsensive? I have already looked at tilly's and target nothing really that i have liked, oh and roxy.

It would be appreciated.


Forever 21 and Delias have cute dreeses for reasonable prices.


I would have listed some dresses of my preference but I don't know your flavor of style. No sweat, these stores have a variety of nice dresses you can choose from. I hope I helped!


Why are guys turned on by not wearing underwear? I once told this guy I was, and he was like running out of breath ;]. haha but seriously, what's so great about not wearing underwear?

haha well they may believe that it unrestricts the booty area giving it more giggle and as others are saying "easy access" lol. It's true, the more cushion for the pushion as some may remark. lol I hope I helped! :D


You know when some girl's skirt is too short they wear this like thin but pretty pant material that seems like its for dancing but goes like to the knees under the skirt?
What's the name of it?
I heard the word legging a couple of times but i'm not sure because I want to find some.

yeah they're called leggings :D
you can get them at all sorts of places like Target, Hollister, Abercrombie&Fitch, Forever21, Old Navy, etc.


ok so tuesday (march 6th) is my schools spring picture day and i have no clue what to wear. I buy most of my clothes from Hollister and i need some cute ideas. i have brown hair and brown eyes if that helps.

also, how can i take the best spring picture ever like how to smile and stuff. thanks muchoo

For your spring picture day, you should wear bright, vibrant, and/or suttle colors such as yellow, green, blue, white, etc. Here's an outfit you might consider. You don't have to copy it to the T (if you want to that's perfectly fine) but this is just an idea...





or even just a simple sundress would bring beauty to the eye and would be perfect:


most of these items are not from Hollister, but again, you can make any alterations that you feel suit you-these ar ejust some ideas to start with. and remember-fun, bright, and vibrant clors=spring material. As for smiles, try sweet and soft smiles like:




I hope I helped and that your pictures turn out beautiful! :D


15 f

i'm looking for a cute and sexy tankini that i can buy online (not in stores becuase i dont wanna wear what everyon else is wearing)

preferably with a push up built in bra and under 60 dollars

any good websites you can think of?

Delia's definitely had cute tankini's...that's where I got mine from! Also, American Eagle and Victoria's Secret ones are really nice. And let's not forget PacSun, Nordstrom, and Urban Outfitters!


I hope I helped!


What store can I find cute/flowy tops that go down over the butt, that i can wear with leggings/cords/jeans. Not more expensive than $60?

Urban Outfitters-www.urbanoutfitters.com
American Eagle-wwW.ae.com

I hope I helped and these stores should definitely have what you're looking for...GOOD LUCK!



i have a date type thing with my friends
and like yeahh
i have black slacks [pants]
and black flats [shoes]
without looking weird
like gothish

A white colored dress shirt would look nice, or gray could work too :)

I hope I helped...and have FUN!


Where can I find a pair of shorts like these:


I can't find them anywhere!!!

Hollister, Abercrombie&Fitch, abercrombie (kids), and American Eagle should definitely have them...


I hope I helped!


well i need some tips of fashion for this year of school plz i need help

Some stores that have really cute and fashionable clothes are:

abercrombie (kids)
American Eagle
Urban Outfitters

Skinny jeans are really in and I LOVE THEM! They're especially great with flats, heels, chucks, sweater boots (crochet uggs), and other boots. Also, sun dressed with tights and flip flops or slingback sandals are really cute and are even greater worn with cute accessories like a long chain and maybe some drop down earrings.

Oh yeah-Hot Topic has great accessories, shoes...the whole shabang! :)

I hope I helped!


i finally invested in money to buy a cute pair of sand UGG boots. but now that im thinking about it, i want to know if there are other cute boots out there for a more affordable price. i'm looking for sand colored boots, furry on the inside, and a little bit below knee length (have to be flat!) also, can i have your opinion on UGG boots, are they still even "in" anymore? plus, when summer comes around, i want to wear them with jean skirts. what do you think, and do you suggest any stores that carry the types on boots im looking for? thanks! :]

I actually like crochet uggs better than the regular uggs b/c they're cuter to me in my opinion. I really like the brown ones! I want them! :)


Ugg boots with denim minis are "in" where I live (Maryland) but they're a little played out. But I just think that's for the classic regular ones b/c crochet uggs with denim minis are cute.

Some boots that I suggest are:



...they're not exactly tan colored but I like them :)

I hope I helped!


ok i have 2 questions.. you dont have to answer both.... what kinds of jewlery are in? & are scarves weird to wear with an outfit (not a coat and winter stuff)?

ummmmm well for jewelry- beaded necklaces, pearls, silver chains. stuff like that. And no scarves look good with outfits w/o a coat and other winter wear such as tees and tanks.

Here are some websites:


I hope I helped!


Does anyone have any good pictures of side swept bangs?

I need a picture to show when I get my haircut.

Also if you have any with like medium length hair with kind of choppy layers and the bangs.

(but just a picture with bangs is fine)







...here are just some I found. Most of them are of Nicole Richie because I love her hair


i have a question i was wondering what u can wear to look more preppy please i need help asap and also how to act it!! and i need anything possible that has to do with being preppy thankyou so much in advance!!!

Stores: Abercrombie & Fitch, abercrombie (kids), Hollister, American Eaglel, JCrew, Ruehl, Ralph Lauren, Banana Republic, Victoria's Secret, Lacoste

Tops: Polos w/ popped collars, tanks, tees, tubes, sundresses, hoodies, knit sweaters, cardigans, vests

Bottoms: Minis, denima abd plaid shorts, skinny jeans, ripped jeans, bermuda shorts, tights, leggings, legwarmers, sweats

Shoes: Uggs, crochet uggs, mocassin slippers, flip flops, flats

Accessories: beaded necklaces, pearl, silver chains, stud earrings, post earrings, ribbons (in hair)

Also some preppy patterns would be like polka dots, stripes, and most definitely plaid (madras). Most preps also wear make-up such as eye liner, mascara, lip gloss, a little blush/foundation and some eyeshadow but make sure you don't over do it...simplicity is key.
I hope I help


I heard that abercrombie is coming out with their fifth store... but what are the other four? i know abercrombie, hollister, i guess a&f, and...?



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