Hiya! My name is Chi-Chi, and I'm really easy and good at talking to and making new friends. School means everythig to me because I hope to make it BIG! I Love GOD (yep...I'm a Catholic-Christian and proud of it!) and shopping at Abercrombie&Fitch, Hollister, Delia's, Urban Outfitters, American Eagle, Forever 21, H&M, Nordstrom, etc. just makes my day :) I'm exciting and crazy and act wacky at most times, but hey-I don't like to be boring. I'm also super random :) Having a good time is my specialty, and I enjoy cheering people up. I would say that I give good advice as well as many other people on this site. If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask and I'll answer ASAP. I really do love when I get messages in my inbox because I feel that I am up to the job to answer your question the best way possible. Well...enjoy my site, and make sure to tell others about it. I'm outty. PEACE.


yesterday was the talent show at our school, and me, and my xbestfriend were both in it, but not together. she went before me, and i was right after her. when i got up on stage i saw her hug the boy i like. i almost choked on a high note. he's not my boyfriend but im still REALLY jealous and REALLY worried he's gonna start liking her. is this normal and what should i do?

I think you should confront your friend. Ask her why she did it if she knew you really liked him. You never know, she may not have known, but you should ask and talk to her about it. I know what it feels like to have another girl all up on the guy you like..not saying she was all up on him but you know what I mean. Talk to her, she probably has a reason for doing so. I hope I helped!


i know alot of girls probably do this.. but i always compare myself to models and girls who i believe are prettier than me.. im always putting myself down and looking in the mirror finding everything thats wrong with me and wishing i was perfect like other girls I know... does anyone else do the same.. how do you get over it

I think that you shouldn't compare yourself to models if it just puts you down every time. Feeling like you have got to have the perfect body leads to many serious problems, one of which is anoerexia. When you become obsessed with your looks then you aren't able to concentrate on the more important things. The next time you compare yourself to a model, think about the fact that most models probably got suregery to look like they did and that no one's perfect. I don't think you want to go thorugh all of that pain just to get and unnatural look that god didn't give you. You want to be a real girl, not an artificial one. I hope I helped.


My cousin wants to tryout for cheerleading in highschool. She's done it before when she was younger, and can do flips and cartwheels. However, she feels that she "MUST HAVE A BACKHAND SPRING" to make the H.S. squad.

♥ Does anyone know if you definitely need a backhand spring to make an average hs squad
♥ Does anyone have any confidence or any other tips for her, she won't listen to just me..thanks alot! I'll rate well to appropriate answers!

At most highschools, the cheerleader's do back hand springs usually, so they probably have to learn it before they join their team. Although this may be the rule for the squad your sister wants to try out for, tell her to not stress that much and practice night and day because she might just end up hurting yourself. If neither you or her are sure, mayeb you guys should ask either the captain, sponser, or cheerleaders already on the team...I gurantee they'll know since they're the ones judging. I hope I helped!


T'm 14 and I'm a girl. I've never had a boyfriend I don't enen talk to guys. I'm really shy. I really want to have a boyfriend, but I know that no guy likes me anyways. What should I do?

I think that guys do like you, but you just don't realize it. Don't hook up with a guy that you don't even like just so you can say that you have a boyfriend. Maybe there's a cute guy in your school that you can have a crush on. If you feel you want to change your look to look more attractive, just put on a little blush, put on lip gloss that fits you, and maybe style your hair a bit. You don't want to put makeup because it might get to too much that it will drive people away. Also, you can maybe dress to impress like a nice shirt or tee-shirt, stretch jeans, cute shoes and accesssories (earrings, purses, etc.). I'm sure that guys will fall for you, just find the right guy. I hope I helped!


Well over the weekend I'm stuck with a huge project over the weekend and...its a group project and two of the guys in the group goof off all the time and are failing the class and the other guy is a cute,nice,funny guy I flirt and joke around with sometimes. He's into the project but he's not into getting everything together. I've got this amazingly funny and fun idea for the project, and the only way I'm gonna get it done is if I do it all by myself. So my question is, do people hate it if you do all the work? Does doing all the work piss people off? Will the guy not like me anymore if I do it by myself?
Thanks so much for helping! :-)

Wow, you sound like me. When I have a good idea for a class project, I feel the need to get it done all by myself because I already have the paln of how I want it to look like. That's one of the main things why I prefer independant projects that group projects. What you should do is ask them if it's ok for you to do it alone. Tell them that you have a great idea for it, and you promise that if you do it all by yourself you won't let them down. They probably won't mind, but if they want to work on a little bit of the project to make it seem like they did something, then think of something extra they could do, whether it's supplying the materials or giving you material that they own and aren't using anymore. Just ask them first, that way you will know how they feel about this. I hope I helped!


theres this girl i dont just have a crush on ive nown her since well (for americans kindergarten)
(for uk reception) and i love her with all my heart she has a bf but i lov her so much i dont know what to do she gave me my first kiss and she has always been there for me but she met this guy i dont know what to do ive nearly told her i love her but chickened out help me please

ill rate huge

despratley needing help

I think that the best think you should do is to tell her you love her. You may be shy and chiken out when doing it, but if you continue to act that way then you will get nowhere in this. She probably feels the same love for you as you do her, but won't say it because she has a boyfiend. Any yeah, don't let her having a boyfriend get in the way of you sharing your true feelings with her. She'll decide what's right by following her heart, and if she wants to be with you then that's fantastic, but if she still wants to be with her boyfriend, then you have to live with that even though you may love her because you respect her and she respects you. If this doesn;t work out they way you plan, don't keep chasing after her because you will probably end up in a dead end (that's only if she doesn't want to be with you, which is hard to believe), you just have to find someone else, and more than likely, you'll be able to fall in love again when the time is right. If you have any more questions, send me a message in my inbox. I hope I helped!


I have this "friend"that talks behind my back!!! she even said she hated me, to my other friend!!!I don't know what i did?!! When i try to talk to her all she does is say "i don't need advise I'm not rude so shutup!!!" I think she is also a show off to impress me and my best friend!! How can i solve this?!!!

Wow. Well, I think that yes your friend is wrong because real friends don't talk behind your back, and tell the other friend that she hates you. When you talk to her, you tend to just give her advice, and not really see her point of view in this, but instead call her rude. I think that's not how you should go about this situation because it will just make htings worse. Talk to her and ask her why she doesn;t like you. See where she's coming from and what her problem is so that you guys can resolve it like mature friends. Remember, let her speak her side of the story. If you have any more questions, send me a message in my inbox. I hope I helped!!!


well my friends suck, theyre always rude to me and get on my nerves. i try to help with their problems but they just act like im an idiot. anyway, i try to meet new people and talk and get together but no one wants to..and they already have best friends. what do i do?

Friends, Friends , Friends. I understand where you're coming from completely. I have a freind who most of the time underestimates me becausse she thinks that she's smarter than everybody else when I've shown that I'm as smart as she is, and maybe even smarter (got a higher GPA than her). Although I feel that she's at fault, I haven't comfronted her about it because I'm not sure how she would feel, but you have got to be brave and confront them. You know that you're not an idiot, so ask them why they think you are one because hey, you could be the best advice giver in this planet! If they can't change and stop hurting your feeling like they're doing now, then I think they're not true friends. I know you will find other good friends that also have bad friends, and you have got to know one thing, you can have more than one best friends. You might just make friends with that other person also. Talk to them, and then go from there. I wish you the best of luck! If you have any more questions...post me a message in my inbow and I'll answer i ASAP!!!


hey im 13 and i live in pennsylvania around pittsburgh... i want to start thinking about what college i want to go to.. i want to become a psychologist or a lawyer... what are some good colleges to look into?

That is such a coincidence. One of my top jobs on my list is becoming a psychologist, and my older sister wants to be a lawyer. You should work hard in school and strive for straight A's if you want to get into a good college first. I would reccommend, Stanford, NYU (New York University), Emery University, Harvard, Yale, Georgetown. Those are some of the very best colleges in America. Or, if those don't suite you, you could go to www.google.com, www.ask.com, etc. and in the search engine type in "Colleges for law" or something of that nature, and you'll most likely find what you need. I hope I was of any assistance to you, and if you have any more questions or comments, post me back in my inbox.


Ok so there's this guys Shawn, and he doesn't live here. We have been off and on since the summer, and i'm so insecure about the relationship because all the other guys i've been with have been pricks. I never see him so i dont consider it a relationship..and i can't just be friends with him because i have stronge feelings for him, and it's not going to work ever again. But it hurt's so much when i see him sign on or talk or think about him. He was the first real guy that accepted my eating disorder and my cutting habbits. I need to get over him because i don't wanna feel this weay anymore. But everytime i try it feel's as if i can't feel the same way with another guy. I'm thinking of deleting his s.n and getting ride of anything that has to do with him..taking him out of the picture completley. (Because if he really loves me then he'll be there later in life, right?) What do you think?

I think you would be making a really big mistake if you shut him out. Your eating disorder must be really hard for you, and I can't say that I know how you feel like other people because I don't. This guy, as you said, is the only guy who has acceoted your eating disorder and still likes you. You don't find many guys like that who are caring and are there for you every step of the way. Also, you can't count on the future or if he'll be there later in life because what if you won't. Even if you try to avoid the negative perspectives, they might be true. If you think that your relashionship is meant to be, then go for it even if you guys barely see eachother because the love will still be there. Many couples take on tough relashionships like this, and you guys have got to be one of those couples. I wish you the best of luck, and hope that you make the right decision. If you have any questions or concerns, send me a message in my inbox, and I will answer them ASAP!


I am very shy and that's affecting my life, I can't find a boyfriend or make new friends because of it but I have good old friends. Can you give me some tips on overcoming my shyness and talking to people?

Shyness is a big distraction in people's socail life, trust me, I know how it feels. If you really want those things like having a boyfriend and finding new friends, you have got to get over it. It won't be easy, and I know it. Practice by walking up to a person that you see is alone with no one to talk to. Introduce yourself and ask a question that interests you like "Do you like this show called_________" (what ever show you like or dislike) and other questions like that. You never know, you and that person could have a lot in common. You have nothing to lose in this situation because that person might end up to be one of your good friends. I hope this strategy works and that you use it for others. If you have any question at all, send me a message in my inbox.


(14/f) Everyone thinks I make all my boyfriends up because they don't go to our school.. I don't understand why they'd talk such crap about me behind my back or why one of my 'friends' doesn't even believe me.. it makes me feel like they think I'm not pretty or nice enough to get one and so I have to make one up! Someone please help me.. what should I say?

You are beautiful inside and out. The good looks doesn't make the person because a girl could be the world's most beautiful person in the world, and have a rotten attidude, which would turn people off. If you know you're beautiful, then stick by that no matter what you're friends say because you can let that get you down. If you know that you really have these boyfriends, then don't let them talk behind your back because that's not what real friends do. Talk to them, and ask them why they don't belive you, because you may not like any of the boys in your school. I hope everything goes well for you, and if you have any more questions or thoughts you would like to share with me, post me a message in my inbox.


hi i didnt no what to put this nder but here goes....

lately i have been feeling really down, i hardly have anything to do on a weekend and all i do is stay in the house or go on the computer!!
ive got lts of friends at school but there always out with there family or something.
has anyone got any ideas on what i could do at a weekend or through the school holidays etc????

You should probably go out shopping. New clothes always makes me happy. Or, you could make something to eat of your very own recipe,design your room how you want it, or make your own creatd clothes. There;s many things you colud do that can endn your boring weekends. For more idease, post meback a message.


okay so i like this boy names josh and he is really sweet and nice and just perfect! well so i think. and we went to this place for school and he was always tellin me how pretty i was and how he loved to spend time with me and we even started to cuddle twords the end of the day. and well we went back to school and i barley ever see him at school maybe like 2 times when we're walkin down the hall but thats it! and we say hi to eachother and maybe talk for 1 minute but then we are off to class again! well tonight there is a party and he and i will both b there and im just wondering if he even still likes me... should i try and dance with him? and flirt with him? cuz its been 2 weeks since we were on that feild trip thing... so can if you can help me thatd b great!

Take a chance, and go for it. When the party comes up, ask him to dance and talk with him a lot to pick up where you left off. If he really cares for you, he will remember his feelings for you. What do you have to loose...absolutely nothing.

P.S.: Don't come on too strong, it will probably scare him off. Just be yourself like you were when you guys met!


I have a 36 year old son who is married with one child. For about a year he has slowly sunk into the depths. His wife has kicked him out of the house. He now lives in his truck. She tells me he is drinking heavily and smoking crack/crank. He refuses to get help. My question is: Do you think I should report him to the police before he harms himself or an innocent person driving around like this. Thanks, Christy

I think you should. You may think that taking him to police will make him unhappy, but that is better than him killing him self because of an addiction. He seriously needs help, and you can obviously see that. Maybe you, his wife, and his child talking to him will give him the motivation to seek help and pick himself back up from his already messed up life because he knows that you guys care about him. Don't shut him out before it's too late. If you have any questions, please send me a message.


I know this is wrong but i got myself into some serious mess.My bestfriend has a bf and they been together for 9 months and the other day me and him saw each other at this one place and we ended up in his car doing things.I feel really bad i don't know if i should tell her or not.I dont want to but i dont want her finding out from anybody else because i love her so much she is like my sister.IM confused plz help!

I think the best thing for you to do is to just teel her. What you did was wrong, and she has a right to know, and from you. You are her best friend, so let her here it from you because if she heres it from somebody else, she will be even more angry at you. Let her know immediately, even though it might hurt her, because that's what friends do...tell the truth. I really hope she forgives you, and if you have more questions, contact me on my page and I'll be sure to answer you ASAP!


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