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techno pop rock a lil r&b (link)

behind these hazle eyes
dont speak

Almost- bowling for soup
1985- blowing for soup
BYOB- system of a down
i hate everything about you
mr bright side
welcome to paradise- green day
99 red ballons- goldfinger
take me out
stacys mom
the party song- blink 182
i miss you- blink182

pimpin all over the world

hope i helped a bit

i wanna make a couple of cds can any one suggest songs
thx (link)
what kind of music do you like? add more please!

Me and my boyfriend have been dating for a while now. A little over 2 1/2 years. We had sex multiple times, but recently I just started giving him oral sex. (I was kind of shy at first because i was "inexperienced".) Now that I have done that about 7/8 times, whenever he sees me he wants it. Before I used to do it only when our parents were not home at who evers house we were at, because you know, we were alone. But now even when there are people around he wants it. And sometimes, you know, I'm just not up to it. He says okay but then he always gets a little depressed. And it makes me feel bad, feeling like I haven't satisfied him. So most of the time I give in and give him oral sex. But another thing he complains about is if I don't give him oral sex as long as he wishes. I mean, I know it must feel good for them, but I don't want that to become a habit everytime I see him that I do that to him. He does things to me to, and I get satisfied, which is why I like to satisfy him too. Does anybody have any advice on what I can do to make my boyfriend less "horny"? (link)
he thinks you are the key to take him out of depressing himself. so really, i thinkk hes useing you to feel good.

You cant be afraid say "no" because really, he is useing you. just for the great feelings. If you really think about it, its true.

But sence you've been togeather for about 2 1/2 years, it means you must be a GREAT couple.

He wants to go into bigger things. he wants more really. he wants to get really "close" to you, maybe have a night where you explain your feelings to him about giving oral sex everynight. it is always to answer to anything, but if he is depressed. ask him why.

if he doesnt listen to you at all, maybe its time to look for a newer guy, a new friend, a new boyfriend. Because its becoming a habbit to him && you also. so when ever you get a new boyfriend you will want to give oral sex or you might expect sex.

just all im saying to talk to him and he sould listen to you afrer 2 1/2 years togeahter. its not right that you gave it to him every day about. thats serisouly a bad habbit.

so talk to him okay?

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my pup is 7 months old so he is a BIG BABY! but i was wondering what is the best way so that i can control him when:

-he walks
-when he is being potty trained

HELP! thanx (link)
if he goes potty in the right spot, give him a GOOD treat, like a cookie or chicken (all dogs LOVE chicken) or even a greenies cookie, they clean the teeth and has a irrestibistle taste to it!

just walk him for the heck of walking walk him ALOT.

i want to get one of the music download things for my computer... but my dad is really iffy on it... how do i let him know it wont harm our computer, and that its not illegal... also what are some ones other than limewire... i tried that before and my dad was really mad aboutit... and are there any of them that cant get into the cookies? that was the only thing my mom was worried about.. so can u please just tell me some of the sites i can visit that cant interfere with all the personal information?!?! thanks so much!! (link)

you can download ANYTHING programs, anti viuris wear, movies, video trailers, music videos, music, games etc! for FREE! and everyone under the sun usues it!

need help on deciding one of the things i really love a puppy or laptop please help me thanks ill rate high (link)
well first off: you should DECIDE wich one you would want...

for a puppy think about

1) a cute little puppy that will last forever, and you dont have to scan for viuris'
2) all of your friends will be impressed
3) you will have more fun and get exersize
4)you will be giving a puppy a life that it will love you for (if stores dont sell them they kill them)

about the labtop:

1) you can always save up your allowence for one after you buy the puppy
2) they are not worth it, after one year, they slow down, theres no memory left. all of the memories should be in your head about you buying the puppy.
3) it wont do you any good if the power goes out, no one would be on becasue they lost their power.
4) it only lasts 1 hour off the charger
5) they can range up to over 600 bucks

think about it!

ok well im thinking of starting softball again, but now since i have my period it will be alittle different. i dont want to use pads because its too shall i say messy? but ive never actually used a tampon before, so i was wondering if i could have some info about it, and how do i get some with out asking my mom.. cuz thats always a hassle.
i rate, thanks for those who help (link)
look in your moms tampon box, it gives you alot of info on it

or you can go to

at school, dont you have a tampon thing where they have that machiene and you put 25 cents in and it gives you one? well if so, bring like about 3 dollars in qarters, and take some!

I just started a brand new school, and met this girl & she asked me to sit with her so I did, she said "Bring 5 dollars or so tomorrow & we can get a Subway." Um, basically my question is, she is asking me to sit with her again right? lol Thanks! (link)
shes eing REALLY nice! she knows you are new and all. so really. she wants to get to know you.. good luck!

and yeah she is!

ok so my family has 1 computer that has internet..and me and my sister fight constantly about it. so my mom decided that we get the computer every other day. so like i get it today all day and she gets it tomorrow all day..then i get it the next day...and so on..but i think thats totally unfair..cuz i like to talk to my friends everynight/day. so can someone help me with coming up with a plan or somethin to make it so we both get time on the computer everyday? thanks (link)
you andd your sister have to share? okay heres a plan

One day you get the late afternoon hours (like 5 PM-3 AM) one day

your sister has it early into fading early hours (9AM-3PM)

your mom gets atleast 2 hours between you two

then you switch it off... its only fair! but your mom always gets the 2 hours in between you two

okay this is mainly a question for guys. girls if you want to put in your own input go for it. these are random questions ive always wanted answers for;

1. is it okay for a girl ask out a guy first
2. is it okay for a girl to ask out a guy for a informal/formal school dance
3. do guys find girls who burp un-attractive [and yes i burp but not like all the time]
4. do guys find people who are overweight or fat un-attractive in a way to go out. but can be friends with them. [im nto overweight just wondering]
5. what type of girl do guys really want to go out with.
6. is a smart girl a type a guy wouldnt go out with.
7. what age to guys usually loose their virginity compared to girls.


1. is it okay for a girl ask out a guy first
*i infact, id rather ask the guy, because i think some guys are impressed she has the guts to ask!

2. is it okay for a girl to ask out a guy for a informal/formal school dance
* oh yeah! deffinetily!

3. do guys find girls who burp un-attractive [and yes i burp but not like all the time]
* use a napkin or something to act approperit
or if hes a goofy kind of guy, then what the heck go for it!

4. do guys find people who are overweight or fat un-attractive in a way to go out. but can be friends with them. [im not overweight just wondering]
*some guys are like that, they cant be seen with a girl that overweight, they just think its discusting, or they wont go out with a girl thats underweight! they want average most of the time

5. what type of girl do guys really want to go out with.
* usually cute, rich, has boobs, a nice ass.
* some dont really care!

6. is a smart girl a type a guy wouldnt go out with.
* they would acually want a smart girl with them, if they get in trouble or something, her we cal help!

7. what age to guys usually loose their virginity compared to girls.
* im 13 and still one.. but i expect to loose it in high school or something not middle!

okayy. well im 13/f and im about 5.4 - 5.5 and i weigh 115 - 118 and i think im really really fat! i can hardly fit in my jeans with are a size 1 and im very mad. mostly beacuse i think my legs are the problem.. can anyone help me at all?! i will rate 5's for good advice! thanks! (link)
you are average.... my sister is 12 and shes under 65 pounds, you dont wanna be that! you are in PERFECT shape!

14/f...Sometimes i feel as if i were cursed... (lol), Well my life just sucks for me sometimes... HEres the dillio (haha) I live with my dad and four other brothers... WHICH sucks because i dont have any privacy what SO EVER!! my mom left us when i was two so i never new her, but i do give my dad credit on growing us up.. But my brothes suck i mean all they do is play sports and talk about girls, i cant even have a normal conversation with any of them without them doing stupid boy crap (farting,joking,burping) i mean eww i hate living with BOYS hah... My dad i love him too death he just doesnt understand me at all, i mean i cant talk to him about personal or girly stuff because he just doesnt know it, ive tried and he has failed... and I cant even talk about boys with any of them because they dont even understand themselves so how the hell are they gonna understand another boy... But like i just get aggervated because all my dad does is go too their damn sports game and their in every sports game fucking possible so i never get too hang out with my dad... all he does is work,sleep,cook,and go too their shitty sports games... I try too make his life easier because i know its hard being a single parent and raising 5 kids... like i clean the house,dishes,vacumm,sweep,all those other chores but everything gets ruined eventually and im tired of doing it all over again... My brothers treat me like shit and i get no respect for anything..... I just feel so unwanted... and i feel scared too talk to my dad about everything because its just weird spilling out all your feelings too a guy when its about them... HMMM ANY ADVICE ON ANY OF THIS???? (link)
ahh, my dad is upsesed with my sister, when i am with them, they only talk about the yankees, baseballl, her grades, her popularity. etc

then im there being quiet...


dont clean anymore, just clean after yourself.

yeah my dad works in brooklin and thats about 3 hours away from home, then it would be atleat 6 hours with that gay traffic. so all he does is work, sleep

but when hes home he does everyhitn i want him to do. but i cant explain my feelings to him at ALL. but just go in there, ask him to go shopping for stuff you need.

&& you arent unwanted, you sound like someone that is respectful, a great friend, and would do anything to please someone in your family.

♥ kiss me

I've been Depressed like forever. When i was little i got really bad mentally abused by my mom and to top this all off i'm fat. Well i'll use the Word Big. I'm not ugly or anything and I look normal, well, Good porportioned, not like a big stomach and stuff...I'm 5'8" at 200 :( It really isn't fair. I've been Depressed and Very low self esteem. Right now i'm trying to do exercise and eating less. But I don't know what i can do to cheer myself up or Feel better about myself. I have plenty of Friends, I get along with anyone, I'm the funny girl...But i just don't feel the way about myself as people see me. I just got rid of my addiction of self mutilation to myself and I need to cheer up to become Happy and get the energy to lose weight. I just want to feel good about myself...and It's quite hard :( (link)
well you are beautiful, no matter what they say. if people start being like "you are so fat, why is yo momma 2X as bigger?" just walk away from them because their words WILL bring you down, but they wont change who you are

ahh my sister is 5'0 12 and weighs less the 60 pounds, etc, her life is a wreck! she always wants to kill herself. she has no friends. well she does but not great ones

dont let that happen to you.

go on a simple diet or something, eat less jusnk food. drink ALOT of soda, trust me thats what my sister only drinks, diet coke. it makes your matibulisuim high and you go hyper and run alot and stay in shape!

hope i helped a bit

16/f. I recently wrote a loooong thing about how my mom was making me mad. I was the one doing all the cleaning and stuff and they weren't doing anything.

Well, all week I've been doing some major cleaning (because thats all I EVER do...) and getting ready for this yard sale we're supposed to have on Saturday (which I keep thinking we're not going to have because thats how my parents are... they'll say that and then come Saturday they'll say "Oh we woke up too late" or "Lets just have it next saturday"). So I've been spending my last full week of vacation, inside, cleaning out things, etc. Today I talked to my cousin about how we were going to Disneyland Saturday night (we're passholders) after the yardsale since she was coming home after 2 weeks with her dad. Since her dad is at the half way point from our house and Disneyland, she asked if I would pick her up on the way. I said of course since it was on the way and it would be helping her dad out with gas and all. Meanwhile, I wasn't even planning on staying outside doing the yard sale since I've been getting everything ready, doing all the cleaning all by myself. I didn't think my parents would make me do the yardsale since I've been doing all that. Well, I go in the computer room (where else would my mom be?) to tell my mom how I would pick my cousin up on the way. She said "No, no, no, no... you have to help with the yard sale". I tell her how I've been cleaning and I didn't think I had to stay out there. And she said that they would need me (my mom and dad will be there, why do they absolutely need me?). Then I told her, that we were going at night anyways and she was like "Well, I don't want you to be obligated with picking your cousin up." Yardsales usually end at like 3 or 4 and I was going to pick her up around 5 or 6 and head over to Disneyland. And she was like "Call her and tell her you can't do it". I told her I didn't want to, it was pointless since I was going to anyways whether I was tired or not (she said "What if you get too tired at the yard sale?"). And she said she would call her and tell her, herself. Then she tells me, not to tell my cousin any of this... if I talked to her, don't have an attitude or anything (basically, don't tell her how you feel). She wanted to make it seem that I couldn't pick her up (I drive my own car btw...) because I was going to be too tired (which isn't likely). Well, I talked to my cousin later on and she was like "What is up with your mom? She's being stupid... I ended up getting mad at her and hanging up on her. She basically screwed up the whole situation since I already told my dad that you would pick me up, now my dad has to waste gas on taking me home and its stupid since picking me up is on the way to Disneyland.". My mom never said I COULDN'T pick her up. She just said she didn't want me telling her I can because if I 'got too tired'. So she basically called my cousin and said "No, she can't pick you up". But I'm going to do it, since I already told her (even after my mom called her) I would, because we already made plans on going to Disneyland that night of the day she came back (which would be saturday). My question is, is my mom being unfair? I've spent this entire week cleaning the entire house (and this isn't the only time, I'm supposed to clean the house every day--but this week I have to clean and clear out things for this yard sale by myself) and I make plans/ask to go to Disneyland on the same day as the yard sale (its not even the same time) or to go pick up my cousin and she's basically saying "Don't make plans on Saturday because we're having the yard sale". I'VE CLEANED THIS ENTIRE WEEK. Sure she works from 9-5 but she doesn't go to bed until 12:30 because she's on ebay. Why can't she take time off to help me clean? And then I have to help with the stupid yard sale and I just think the whole thing is unfair. And this isn't the only time she's told me to tell people certain things. Anytime I accidentally tell someone something, like "Oh yea, you can borrow it" she'll say "Just tell them that you can't find it... I didn't want to you go and lend that out, its brand new. Tell them that." So I tell my cousin "Yea, I'll pick you up on the way to Disneyland" and she says "Just tell her you can't go on Saturday, you'll be too tired after the yard sale. Nevermind, I'll tell her". I know she's my mother and I know she has a say so in what I do, but isn't that a little too much for a 16 year old? I'd never tell her "No, I'm not going to do that" or "Well, I'm going to do it anyways!" because she's my mom... but isn't she being a little ridiculous? And when I try to tell her that I start school on wednesday and I want to be able to go out, she just keeps saying "I know! Just don't make plans on Saturday". Then she gets me all worked up and I start yelling, she starts yelling and I end up going to my room crying because she won't listen to me. When I say "Excuse me?! Can I talk?!" She shuts up and looks away at the computer screen. She won't even look at me when I try to talk and get my feelings out. I don't know what to do anymore. I went to my room and wrote out a long thing about how I felt on paper, but that barely helped. I can't talk to my father, because he's always been the type who'll listen to me, but since its his wife he feels obligated to take her side. He always falls asleep after work downstairs while all of this goes on upstairs, so he has no clue whats going on, except my mom probably told him when they went out to dinner this afternoon. I just don't know what to do anymore. I have no one to talk to about all this, so I keep everything inside of me. I've tried writing my feelings down, crying it all out, punching pillows, nothing helps. When I've talked to my cousin about it, she'll back me up and then my mom gets mad at me, so she's always like "When you talk to your cousin, don't have an attitude or talk negative" blah blah blah. Her and my cousin are close (she's like a second mom to my cousin, we're all close), but she'll be on my side and back me up. Right now she's even pissed at my mom. What the hell am I supposed to do? what should I tell my mom? She never listens to me and she always shuts me off. I can't stop crying... sorry this is so long. (link)
yeah, your mom is being unfair. she should loosen up.

do what you want to do. if she stops you, you have the right to live alone (at the age of 16 you have the right to do what you want to do that doesnt break tha law)

dont tell her your plans, dont talk to her. leave her alone.

what i did when my mom was addicted to the computer.. i took the dial up/phone jack, outt of the computer. she had no idea!!

hide the mouse also.....

you shouldnt be doing all of the cleaning!! thats unfair!! just dont clean, she doesnt deserve you to be a maid then boss you around!

you dont deserve a life like that. try talking to someone like your cusins mom or something... get some freedome for once!

sorryy hunn, this is life

Kiss me ♥

Okay, I'm getting braces in a couple of months, and I was wondering how they would feel. Can anyone tell me what they're like, and what to expect? (link)
well i have braces and when you first get them on it feels sore and it may hurt. you feel like you cant eat for about 2 weeks so eat lots of soft foods. after you get them on drink a milk shake! yum!! if you dont do good with paim then take some tylonal or whatever. when you get them tightened it doesnt hurt it will just feel tight!

My boyfriend sits by like all girls in most of his classes, and he always seems to be flirtin with them. It also doesnt help that they're prettier than me. I was wondering if it's normal to feel jealous about this, and if so what should i do? I already tried talking to him about it, and he just kind of blew the subject off saying 'o no we werent flirting', evne though it looked like him and the girls were. Help please! (link)
well honey, when boys say that they werent doing something they usually were doing it. but you need to sit him down and talk firmly and say were you flirting or no? then say dont blow me off like you did last time. look at him with a staight face and dont whine! but just to let you know boys do have friends that are girls so you know he will talk to them. other than that just spend more time wih him and it will be all good!

I'm thinking about getting my cartilage pierced.. but im afraid its gonna hurt a lot. Does it? How much does it hurt? (How much more than getting ur lobe pierced?) (link)
It doesnt hurt me and my sister both have ours peirced and to tell you the truth it feels pretty good i like it actually. Just when you first get it done it bleeds a lil bit but truly it dont hurt!
Hope i helped

is there anything wrong with being a guy and listing to britney spears. (link)
no there is not it is just like a girl listening to a guys music i mean i am a girl and i like alot of the music a bunch of boys like just look at it this way if they dont like you they can lump it. In other words the less people that like you the less you have to please!

Hope I helped

I'm getting my belly button pierced either today or tomorrow and I'm really kinda freaked out. Some people tell me it dosen't hurt at all and some people tell me it hurts like hell. Is it different for everybody? Has anyone gotten their belly button pierced and they piercer got it crooked or something? Thanks! (link)
I got mine pierced about 2 weeks ago. I guess it is different for everyone, because some people can handle pain well and others can't. In my opinion it didn't hurt a lot, it was just a pinch and a tingle that lasted for about 2-5 seconds. I don't think it is worse than getting your ears pierced, but that's just my opinion. Actually, when the piercer did mine, it did look kind of crooked. She said she'd do it again on another angle but still go through the same hole. I didn't end up getting it redone, and now it doesn't look crooked at all. I guess it just has to settle or something.
If you do happen to get your belly pierced, please please PLEASE clean it twice a day with saltwater and clean the 'crusties' with Saline solution. Do NOT play with it and don't touch it if you hadn't washed your hands first.
I hope this makes sense, and I hope I helped.

Hey Everyone..k i have a really weird problem..i can not do a push up. any tips? maybe im not doing it correctly or something? ive tried but like just one pushup takes so much effort, and i can barely do one! please help! thanks! (link)
Yeah, I can't do pushups either. But last year in gym when we were doing weight training EVERY Thursday, I took advantage of the equipment and worked really hard. By the end of the year my muscles were strong enough for me to do more than a couple of pushups. I suggest that you strengthen your arm muscles with weights etc. Don't give up and try really hard. Oh, and once you can start doing the pushups, don't quit cause that's what happened to me and that's the reason I can't do one anymore. Hahaha. I hope this makes sense and I hope I helped.

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