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ok im in high school and i was wondering what's more useful? 1-2 inch binders or folders?


ps - and why one is better than the other (link)
Actually, I go for the 1 1/2 inch binders. They usually have enough space and aren't too big to carry. Hope this helps!


heyy i was just wondering if anyone could tell me if clear mascara actually looks good? Is it really worth buying? Where can you buy it? thxxx

Clear mascara looks best if you have fairly dark eyelashes. It's just like the other mascara except obviously without the colour. You can buy it from any drugstore or places like Wal-Mart etc. I use it and I love it.
I hope I helped.

I am just wondering what exactly a pelvic ultrasound is. I know what an ultra sound is, but what exactly is the procedure for a pelvic one? Will I need to take my pants off for it? (link)
im not sure but i just want you to know, dont listen to a word that thingy just said.... it wont make u unable 2 have children etc..

im really nervous to have sex with my boyfriend it'll be my first time and i feel really ready cus i really do wanna finally lose my virginity but im not sure sumone please tell me what i should do?!?! thnx (link)
i think that your not ready to have sex! if your questioning it then you need a little bit longer, dont lose your vaginity in a rush because most people end up regretting it in the end... remeber it is illegal to have sex under the age of 16 and always use protection!! hope i helped x

im embarrassed to have an orgasm infront of my boyfriend, any helpg etting over the fear? (link)
just be yourself, if he loves you enough he wont care and it will all be fine. if your still scared/worried then just talk to him about it. but i think being yourself is always the best option. hope i helped ~*~Lucee~*~

i've been told told by my boyfriend and his causin that my friend some lies about me she says she didnt but they keep telling me she did i dont want to put them before her but i cant really trust her since she slept with my ex so what should i do who to believe (link)
Family should ALWAYS come first, no matter what.

what are some things to do by yourself on summer
hi i am 13 years old and it seems like i never go anywhere with my friends i guess its because they are to young there like 12 i was wondering if i am just going to stay like this with my friends never going anywhere without there parents and i dont no how to ask my parents like not to come with me everywhere (link)
Start slowly, by like going to the mall with your parents and meeting your friends there, and get your parents to walk around for a bit and meet you at a certain location at a certain time. Show your parents how you can be independent by being on-time, doing chores without being asked, etc. Just keep being a good daughter [i'm assuming you're a girl], and soon they'll trust you enough to do things on your own.
I hope I helped.

alright, i have really long half wavy, half straight hair, and i really would like to be able to scrunch it and curl it. preferably without any heat styling, because my hair can't take very much heat even with the protectants.
one of my biggest problems is that it will fall out of the curls half way though the day, and i really don't like looking cute some of the time, and sloppy the rest.
so i was wondering if there are certain gels or whatever that would help me with that, hopefully not too expensive (like $1-$6).

i really appreciate it (link)
I have naturally curly hair. I usually use Aussie brand mousse. It's pretty cheap, I'd say around like $3-$4, maybe cheaper? You can get it from drugstores, Wal-Mart etc. Just try to put it even and I'd say put more than 'a dollop' since your curls fall out.
I hope I helped.

My best friend N and me went out. we were mad about each other. we would chill all the time, and just talk about things. Well I loved him and he loved me but than i started hanging out with B my neighbor and I fell for him. than i didnt like him but me and n had broke up already. He doesnt want to date me cuz it will mess up our friendship were still super close. I want him back sooo bad. How should I go after him or should I give up on him?
Sorry this was long. Please answer seriously (link)
honestly? I think you should leave it I mean you left him for someone else before so you know you may just do it again...

but then again you could talk to him about it if you REALLY think you wanna give it another go...

another possibility is they are "made up" feelings cause you see you are single and you have said that you and this guy are really close so therefore your brain clicks into thinking ohh I dig this guy when really? you don't it's just you don't like the feeling of being alone... anyway my point is make sure you like him and it's NOT just cause you have no one else cause it really is NOT fair on the guy to be a spare tire? if you need more help leave me a message in my inbox okay?
xxx Krissy xxx

I know a lot of people ask questions about how to do stuff, and I usually use those to help me with it. I'm getting tired of this, and can anybody just give me a website that has all the stuff I need to know? (link)
the sites i use are
for layouts and also this is basic stuff like music,color,layout,etc.

and also this is a very good one

im 13/f and i am a very strong believing catholic. i masterbate once in a while. im wondering if that is a sin. i read in books and stuff that its completley natural but i wanna make sure that its not a catholic sin. please help. i rate high!! (link)
In the Catholic Religion it is recognized as a sin yes, BUT anything we do based on the "old catholic ways" is a sin haha eating chocolate? It's a sin we all do it though "gluttony,greed w/e" oh yeah protected sex is a sin? haha most people are wising up to that one i'd say but anyway what you are doing is a sin to the "old catholic religion" SO I WOULD PAY NO ATTENTION TO IT unless you are a religious freak then I would tell you you might be going to purgatory for masturbating? haha yeah...
ask me any thing else if you want
Krissy xxx

hey all.. i have a quick question about anorexic girls. how come they eat so little and burn so many calories but their boobs dont get smaller? i'm on a diet now nad it's safe and healthy and i'm loosing about 1/2 a pound a week and it seems my boobs are getting smaller! any way i can prevent it? why doesn't it happen to them? (link)
this is because most of your boobs are probably made of fat...maybe the anorexic girls just have big boobs in their genes and they are not made of you know what i mean?

im 13/f and i am a very strong believing catholic. i masterbate once in a while. im wondering if that is a sin. i read in books and stuff that its completley natural but i wanna make sure that its not a catholic sin. please help. i rate high!! (link)
no it is not a sin at all...

Ok so my friend had a guy she barely knew go down on her like 2 months ago...and yesterday she noticed a red bump on her vagina..she was sorta worried about it but wasnt sure if it was an std from the guy or just a bump. If someone transfer an std to you..will symptoms show up right away? (link)
they could show up right away somtimes...and somtimes they can take years....depending on what you expose it to....she most likely has genital herpes

i keep going for a wee the last few days, i've been at least 8-10 times just today i did have unprotected sex just over 2 week ago but he did pull out before he came i know people do get pregnant from the "pull out" method also im 10 days late for a period it isn't unsual for me tho but could i be pregnant? (link)
i think that you are most likely pregnant...expecially if you are 10 days sorry....

I went to to create a site, and then we went to Pagebuilder "help" and it said the minimum System requirement was 133MHz Pentium. What does that stand for? And also, can someone recommend another website-making site that's user-friendly, free, and doesn't require a lot of system stuff? (link)
MHz stands for mega-hertz, but I have no clue what it means. As for the other part of your question, I'd recommend, it's SUPER easy and they have a lot of great backgrounds, etc.
I hope I helped.

if you talk to a boy online and you never saw him and you love eachother and have soo much in common and stuff, is that considered have a boyfriend even though you have never saw him and stuff?? bc i really love this guy and he feels the sam way but he lives real far away. is this like a boyfriend? and if it is say i went out with him and then i have a boyfriend here, would that be cheating on my online boyfriend?
please help me quick!!

young, curious and in love (link)
ya that's considered cheating, but i wouldn't even want one online like that in the first place. there's so many bad peeps online, so he might even be an old man trying to find out info about you so he can kidnap you. even if he is who he said he really was, if you don't know who he is, you've never seen him before, and you've never talked to him in real life before, then what's the point? things like that don't last forever anyway.

im sure everygirl has the problem but i am confused me and my bf were at a party on the golf course and there was the bench like away from everyone he asked if i wanted to go up there with him and i said we went up there and all he did was sit there and barely even talked...i was kinda let down if u know what i mean.. but finally he started to talk and all of our freidns came up there being there nosey little seems like im making the first moves ..... i know he likes me but how or what can i do to make him come out of his shell (link)
the more and mroe you guys do things together he will start being comfortable making the first move

im 14 and going into the 10th grade and ive never kissed a guy. and all my friends all have lost it. and i feel like im being left behind. and when my friends talk bout it they ask me hats the most uve done w/ a guy and i cant say anything cuz i havent even kissed 1! what should i do? (link)
deffinantly go at your own pace but dont lie...if you wanna kiss somone etc. then when they ask say well...i havent done anything but i wanna do this " " and then say it...go at your own pace...who cares what everyone else is doing?

My dog's throwing up blood, and I need to know, is there anything we can do??? & We can't go to the vet. (link)
You absolutely HAVE to go to the vet!!! if it's a money thing let the Vet know and I'm sure they can sort something out! but if you want to make sure your dog is REALLY okay you deff have to bring him to the vet I mean how would you like it if you were coughing up blood but your parents said they can't bring you to the doctor?
Krissy xxx

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