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i'm going to get a tattoo on my lower back. But im not sure of what i want. i kinda have an idea..i want a rose or something in that sort. can anyone give me a site that has picture of tattoos!
Thanks (link)
I like some of the one's on this site

why are all the good people on the site being banned? anyone know? (link)
well some of the people look at the picture, and say "HEY THEY ARE UNDER 13 IM TELLING!"

my friend was banned for no apperent reason. she was a GREAT advice giver and everyone alwys asked her questions.

but then she got banned and some people were protesting and not going to the site for a while

and so she made a new account and they caought her again (she made it for her firend so her and her friend haley shared it) and yah

but idk people just like the feeling. they want to be the big shot probally!

How can Something infuence your identity??? easy 5's for first 5 people (link)
like the way you are?

its how people look on the outside and not the inside?

how you look is usually how people do it.

ok i have 2 boys madly in LOVE with me and i loe both of them/ one is like my bestfriend and the other is such a cool friend that i've made out with in the past. the bestfriend gives me the feeling that the other boy doesn't. and the other boy shows me such a GREAT time! who should i pick??? i can't follow my heart because my heart is telling me to love both of them. I WANT TO GO OUT WITH ONE OF THEM. I DONT KNOW WHO?!! PLEASE HELP!!! no shitty advice and ill rate you 5! thanks. +kim by the way... my bestfriend's anme is corey and my friend friend thats cool is cristian. PLEASE HELP! (link)
What a lucky girl: you like them, they like you. someone is popular :o

heres something brilllient you should answer for yourself!

1) wich one makes you feel like a princess?
2) who has cleaner record (like beating up someone, anger managements because it wouldnt be good if you broke up with one of them if they had anger managements!)
3) whos hotter?
4) do both of them go to school?
5) if any of them in your same classses?
6) does their parents like you?
7) do your parents like them?
8) who is what youve wanted for YEARS && YEARS now?
9) who is nicer
10) who gives you that look?
11) who lives cloaser to you?

write the answers down on a piece of paper. befor you go to bed. think about it. place the paper under your pillow. and you might have a answer when you wake up not stressed out!

(no this is not a chain letter wow)

whats the song called? (i'm not sure if i heard the lyrics right)

you and me and all of the people with nothing to do, nothing to prove and its you and me and all of the people and i don't know why but i can't keep my eyes off of you (link)
you and me by lifehouse

i got my belly button pierced 2 months ago and its still red/swollen i think its infected wat do i do? i heard u arent supposed to put neosoprin on it? what should i put on it, and can i treat it without removing my belly ring? (link)
mix water and salt to it.... my sisterhas hers pierced and she puts that on EVERY day :)it wont get infected unless if you do that


I've had a really upset stomach for about 2 weeks. I've been throwing up and then just dry heaves. I can't eat much, I used too eat like normaly and then some. But now I barely have a sandwhich a day. I don't know what's up or what too do.

Any advice?

Should I just go to the doctors? (link)
you probally have the stomach bug, its going around.

yup see the doctors anyways..

ok wellmy bff is going out with this guy who is my frien well he came to my house to hangout and then well he started flirting with me and well i kinda flirted back on accident all of sudden he is makein out with me and i like kissed him back and he is really hot and i love him i have since like 3rd grade and so now he comes over and we kiss all the time is that really bad should i tell Alison (mi bff) ??????
tell her because if she sees you, thn she will be PISSED

When do you guys think its approiate to wear a thong?? I want to wear one but don't know how to ask my mom. I rate. Girls only please! (link)
Well this is how it worked out for me. Me and my mom went shopping and we stopped to look at lingerie and then I was just like "Mom I want to try a thong because I don't like when people can see panty lines through my pants." And she was like "Okay." So try that and let me know if it works.
I hope I helped.

if ur reallly bored please help me...ahah. ok for the first day of school i wanna hav the best outfit...better than every1 else. It's gonna be around 80 degrees. I have no clue what I am going to waer. I love abercrombie and hollister..and i want to do something wild and fun... and hav people be like...whooaa. but not too whoaa. What should I wear. jweleary and shoes inlcuded. could u please giv me the links that the clothing is on and stuff...thank-you so much. I'll rate!! I do have a more than like $$150. thank-you (link)
wow really strict!

okay these jeans are cute:

and then maybe a abercrombie vintage shirt! or one with a hott quote, i saw one, it was like "why do i have to go ot school, im too stupid" so yeah look at the stirts

and then maybe converses! in any color!

I saw my ex-boyfriend when we went back to school. He got way hotter over the summer (that's not it) he grew up a lot like matured. I was shocked and like "turned on" or attracted. So I started to become his friend again. We talk and flirt and laugh together with each other and people think we're going out. in a few classes hes in 5/8 classes of mine. We went out for 7 or 8 monthes and we mutally broke up. I think i like teen love him but hes in love with r and stuff. So today I was like K your madly in love with R arent you? but he wouldnt answer and just smiled. I like him so much and I dont know what to do and if he likes me or R. Should I go after him? If I do how do I do it without doing something stupid or slutty? (link)
Well, to get after him, ask him back out and say "i still like you and stuff, and i cant live without you!" thats deffinitally NOY slutty.

if you wanna "go after" like sex. talk to him if you go out with him.

but you like him becasue hes hot??

techno pop rock a lil r&b (link)

behind these hazle eyes
dont speak

Almost- bowling for soup
1985- blowing for soup
BYOB- system of a down
i hate everything about you
mr bright side
welcome to paradise- green day
99 red ballons- goldfinger
take me out
stacys mom
the party song- blink 182
i miss you- blink182

pimpin all over the world

hope i helped a bit

i wanna make a couple of cds can any one suggest songs
thx (link)
what kind of music do you like? add more please!

Me and my boyfriend have been dating for a while now. A little over 2 1/2 years. We had sex multiple times, but recently I just started giving him oral sex. (I was kind of shy at first because i was "inexperienced".) Now that I have done that about 7/8 times, whenever he sees me he wants it. Before I used to do it only when our parents were not home at who evers house we were at, because you know, we were alone. But now even when there are people around he wants it. And sometimes, you know, I'm just not up to it. He says okay but then he always gets a little depressed. And it makes me feel bad, feeling like I haven't satisfied him. So most of the time I give in and give him oral sex. But another thing he complains about is if I don't give him oral sex as long as he wishes. I mean, I know it must feel good for them, but I don't want that to become a habit everytime I see him that I do that to him. He does things to me to, and I get satisfied, which is why I like to satisfy him too. Does anybody have any advice on what I can do to make my boyfriend less "horny"? (link)
he thinks you are the key to take him out of depressing himself. so really, i thinkk hes useing you to feel good.

You cant be afraid say "no" because really, he is useing you. just for the great feelings. If you really think about it, its true.

But sence you've been togeather for about 2 1/2 years, it means you must be a GREAT couple.

He wants to go into bigger things. he wants more really. he wants to get really "close" to you, maybe have a night where you explain your feelings to him about giving oral sex everynight. it is always to answer to anything, but if he is depressed. ask him why.

if he doesnt listen to you at all, maybe its time to look for a newer guy, a new friend, a new boyfriend. Because its becoming a habbit to him && you also. so when ever you get a new boyfriend you will want to give oral sex or you might expect sex.

just all im saying to talk to him and he sould listen to you afrer 2 1/2 years togeahter. its not right that you gave it to him every day about. thats serisouly a bad habbit.

so talk to him okay?

♥ Kiss me ♥

my pup is 7 months old so he is a BIG BABY! but i was wondering what is the best way so that i can control him when:

-he walks
-when he is being potty trained

HELP! thanx (link)
if he goes potty in the right spot, give him a GOOD treat, like a cookie or chicken (all dogs LOVE chicken) or even a greenies cookie, they clean the teeth and has a irrestibistle taste to it!

just walk him for the heck of walking walk him ALOT.

i want to get one of the music download things for my computer... but my dad is really iffy on it... how do i let him know it wont harm our computer, and that its not illegal... also what are some ones other than limewire... i tried that before and my dad was really mad aboutit... and are there any of them that cant get into the cookies? that was the only thing my mom was worried about.. so can u please just tell me some of the sites i can visit that cant interfere with all the personal information?!?! thanks so much!! (link)

you can download ANYTHING programs, anti viuris wear, movies, video trailers, music videos, music, games etc! for FREE! and everyone under the sun usues it!

need help on deciding one of the things i really love a puppy or laptop please help me thanks ill rate high (link)
well first off: you should DECIDE wich one you would want...

for a puppy think about

1) a cute little puppy that will last forever, and you dont have to scan for viuris'
2) all of your friends will be impressed
3) you will have more fun and get exersize
4)you will be giving a puppy a life that it will love you for (if stores dont sell them they kill them)

about the labtop:

1) you can always save up your allowence for one after you buy the puppy
2) they are not worth it, after one year, they slow down, theres no memory left. all of the memories should be in your head about you buying the puppy.
3) it wont do you any good if the power goes out, no one would be on becasue they lost their power.
4) it only lasts 1 hour off the charger
5) they can range up to over 600 bucks

think about it!

ok well im thinking of starting softball again, but now since i have my period it will be alittle different. i dont want to use pads because its too shall i say messy? but ive never actually used a tampon before, so i was wondering if i could have some info about it, and how do i get some with out asking my mom.. cuz thats always a hassle.
i rate, thanks for those who help (link)
look in your moms tampon box, it gives you alot of info on it

or you can go to

at school, dont you have a tampon thing where they have that machiene and you put 25 cents in and it gives you one? well if so, bring like about 3 dollars in qarters, and take some!

I just started a brand new school, and met this girl & she asked me to sit with her so I did, she said "Bring 5 dollars or so tomorrow & we can get a Subway." Um, basically my question is, she is asking me to sit with her again right? lol Thanks! (link)
shes eing REALLY nice! she knows you are new and all. so really. she wants to get to know you.. good luck!

and yeah she is!

ok so my family has 1 computer that has internet..and me and my sister fight constantly about it. so my mom decided that we get the computer every other day. so like i get it today all day and she gets it tomorrow all day..then i get it the next day...and so on..but i think thats totally unfair..cuz i like to talk to my friends everynight/day. so can someone help me with coming up with a plan or somethin to make it so we both get time on the computer everyday? thanks (link)
you andd your sister have to share? okay heres a plan

One day you get the late afternoon hours (like 5 PM-3 AM) one day

your sister has it early into fading early hours (9AM-3PM)

your mom gets atleast 2 hours between you two

then you switch it off... its only fair! but your mom always gets the 2 hours in between you two

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