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Hey mixed_feelings here =]] Well i like to give advise and yea i have my moments when i need avvise myself but uther then that aske me anything! no matter how dumb you think the question is =]] Im here to help!
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so me and this guy
[who i am in love with, dont tell me im not cause of my age, iknow wha tloe is.]
started having sex
and it takes him like forever to cum
is their a way to speed it up
make him climax faster? (link)

OK first Im f/14
I have a few questions,

1.ok my parents are 50 and 51, so they are old fashioned, well my bf and i have been going out for a year, and my parents always watch us like hawks to make sure we arent doing anything "inappropriate" well, so is there any way to escape them?!?!

2. My boyfriend and i kiss, just a little peck, how do i get him to start making out with me??? and i know he wants to make out with me!!!

3. Well so how do i get him to do more? not sex! but like more than just kissing, like idk what, but any ideas and advice?

4. ok, so really confused with like EVERYTHING to do with guys, b/c he is my first bf, and my parents hide me from the world of anything like that, so explain to me EVERYTHING you can think of! ok?

please help me, and im sorry that im kind of out of the world of guys, sex, and relationships.
Thanks for the advice!!! (link)
to get him to kiss you more lick his top lip a lil bit or hold the peck for a while and go for more pressyour lips more against his and open ur mouth a timy bt while kissing or pecking ;] =]

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