Hey my names Michelle.Im pretty much just an average teenage girl who loves to give advice.I have a wonderful boyfriend so if your going to try and hit on me or something im not gonna respond!Thank You!


I really need advice. I'm so low in self esteem its crazy. I'm dating my bestfriend and im completely depressed. I love him SO much and he seems to be happy and he loves me too. But, I'm not happy. I get so jealous all the time, because he hangs out sometimes with his ex-girlfriend. Then i feel like i'll never compare to her, and i push away from him and put up this emotional wall. I'm not always unhappy, but im afraid of loosing him and thats when i get upset. Is there anything i can do, to stop getting jealous and start being more self confident? I also hang out with my ex too, and i know its not fair that i get mad when he does. Oh someone please help me!
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Im not always happy but not always depressed either. i get jealous a lot and dont mean to. I put up that "wall" as you say to and sometimes do get afraid of loosing my boyfriend to. He gets jealous just like me but he's gotten a lot better now a days and isnt as much as he used to. How long did your boyfriend date his x. If its not that long of relationship i wouldnt worry about it. They could be just good friends now. Talk to him and ask him if he still has any feelings for her.



I'm a 20yr old female and my boyfriend is 21. To try to cut it short i've never met his parents but they hate me they tell him i'm using him and manipulating just every bad thing. We've been dating for almost 6 months we've been best friends for a little over a year we have everything in common but his parents they want us to break up it's his first serious relationhip and i just think that his parents are worried we want to fix the problem with his parents and i but we aren't sure how. another problem is he can't stand up to his parents thanks for your time please help!

I know what your dealing with. My parents are the same way right now with my boyfriend its hard cuz i dont know what to say to them to make them realize how much i care about him. We've broken up because of them but are now back together. You are 20 yrs old! You are an adult and so is he! You should be able to make your own decisions and if it gets to the point where you both are talking about marriage then forget his parents! Its your decision if you love eachother eventually they should go along with the idea of having you in the family.



alright well i've known this guy for about a year or so but i just started really talking to him recently. we talked on the phone constantly and i saw him pretty much everyday. over the week that we REALLY got to know each other, he told me he couldnt stop thinking about me and that he thought he was in love. of course, being a girl, i thought it was the sweetest thing and i loved it.he asked me out and i told him to let me think about it and stuff. i promised him i would tell him the next day whether i would go out with him or not. well the next day i went over to my friend's house where we met up with her boyfriend. i went upstairs to grab something and while i was gone my guy called me to see what the answer was. my friend's boyfriend answered and my guy asked to speak to me and my friends b/f said that he was my boyfriend. then he said just joking and handed the phone to my friend. well my guy thought it was me and he said " well whats the answer?" my friend, being a total retard, said " i need another day." and hung up the phone. when i got back downstairs i tried called him back but there was no answer. he hasnt called me since. its been about a week or so since that happened. i really miss him and i do want to go out with him. i wish my friends wouldnt have answered the phone. all i want my guy to do is just call me so we can get everything sorted out. what should i do? help please

Keep trying to get hold of him .He probably got hurt by what happend and a lil confused that you would do that. do you know where he lives. mayb you could stop by his house to surprise him when you know he'll be home and tell him that you are sorry for what happend and that it wasnt your fault. and if he truly "Fell in love with you" he will listen to you and be okay with everything.



ok i know you guys have all heard this before i like my best guy friend i am 14/f and he is 16/m we are neighbors and i tottlay like him i try flirting with him but i tottaly get mixed messages he is so supportive in what i do he goes to all my softball games and basketball games even when i don't ask him to my friends think he is to old for me i want to tell him how i feel but i just can't please help me he is perfect for me p.s. we go to diff skools

hey hun. aright it seems like hes a real nice guy. does he do this with other girls or is it just you. if its just you he probably likes you. you should probably talk to him and see what is on his mind. you are only 2 yrs apart. thats nothing. your friends could be jealous that you could get a boyfriend thats 2 yrs older then you. good luck.



How do you know when you are in love with someone? And how do you know if it is true love?

if your in love you will know yourself. theres not an answer for a question like that. everyones different.


hey, well on may 27th that will be a month for me and my boyfriend. we ALWAYS talk in school. together we are very romantic and flirtasious. but out of school i only talk to him online. we NEVER go out anywhere and weve only talked on the phone once and it was for 15 minutes. this weekend he is grounded so he cant go online. i havent talked to my boyfriend since friday. we didnt have school today where i am because we got this bad storm and everything was flooded. so if today is monday and i havent talked to him since friday that means thats 2 day without speaking to him. the floods are still pretty bad and we might not have school tommorow either. what should i do? p.s the fact that he is grounded isnt stopping us from speaking because even when hes not in toruble we dont speak either. cait♥

hey you should find some time to talk. i wouldnt worry to much about it though because you cant be always together you know. sometimes not talking makes you guys stronger. so hopefully when things start to become more on a regular sched. you will go out and be with eachother. I see my boyfriend every weekend. We dont go to the same school so it is hard but we get through it. Im a busy girl. I work and was in volleyball. So there would be nights where we wouldnt talk either. Good luck. I hope i helped.


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