I'm 21 years old, have had my share of different types of relationships so I enjoy answering love life questions. Whether it's about getting closer emotionally or physically don't hesitate to ask, hopefully I'll be able to help. I also love the medical field and will be a registered nurse soon. If you have any questions regarding a recent medical diagnosis (don't ask for one please, not a doctor) I can help you better understand it and the treatment as well


I raped someone I want to turn myself in immediately. Tell me what I need to do. I need to be punished. I will not say how it happen and why. I can't make up any excuses. I was drunk but it doesn't change anything. The person who was hurt doesn't want to do anything and prefers to just forget and move on, but I can't . I need to be punished and I want to turn myself in. The person wouldn't have to worry about trial or publicity. I just need to know what I have to prepare for.

Going to jail for a couple of years doesn't make things right. you hurt someone in a way that you'll probably never be able to make up for, but you should atleast try, how are you suppose to do that if your behind bars? make things right with her; start off by apologizing for the really stupid and hurtful thing you did and then make it up to her. It's not going to be easy but it is possible


I was talking with my best friend about my boyfriend and told her that I had sex with him and that the condom broke. She then said I was becoming a slut and that she was gonna ask my mom to get me help. I was so upset and dont kno why she would say that she made me cry. Why would she say that? It really hurt my feelings and now she wont talk to me.

Your friends a moron, tell her to look up the word's meaning before she uses it. A "slut" is a girl who has sex with many different guys and has low standards. You had sex with your BOYFRIEND, one guy.
Yes 13 is a very young to be having sex:
1. You have no idea what your doing
2. You cannot deal with the consequences
Meaning you would be a horrible mother ( your immature and don't have a career, your still a child yourself)
You dont know if your ready for it; if you did you wouldn't be here worried about who might find out and what they'll say

If your going to be having sex I suggest you stop before getting to home plate (oral at the most). You might also wanna read up on stds


I was a party at my friends house and there was this guy that came up to me and he was lik hey and he asked me how old I was and I said 14 and he asked me if I wanted to have sex. I said no, but im lik really freaked out and I cant stop thinking about what happened that night.

Time to grow up, if your going to be going to high school party's there going to be sex, alcohol, and drugs.
If you don't want to be around it DONT GO, simple


i am a 16 year old female and I'm gay. It's a girl I like that i knew for a few years now. She's not gay though but she said she'll think about it for me. It's been a few weeks and I want to see where we stand now. i want to know if she wants to continue being friends or if she wants more from our relationship. How do i ask her this without me sounding so desperate and without making her feel forced into the situation?

You don't, right now there's nothing you can do. She already knows how you feel about her because you went out and said it; which was the best thing. Because now there's no confusion there. Give her sometime to think about it and for now be the friend you've been since before you told her. GL


Okay, well there are these girls who claim to be my friends and such. They really hurt me last year in the seventh grade. It was a whole dancing incident I'd rather not go into, but anyways my birthday is coming up, they've been acting really nice to me, and I'm still working on getting over the dancing thing, I want to invite them, well all but one, a girl who's the cause and source of drama, she's one of their best friends, but anyway If i do then they'll tell her and we'll have another problem, so what should I do? I don't want to hurt anybody or cause problems even if they have wronged me.

Well if they hurt you then they're really not good friends. I can give you 2 good choices.
1. Don't invite any of the girls who wronged you, and you wont have any problems. And a good birthday part without any drama.
2. You invite all of them even the girl who was the source. Honestly the other girls are just as bad as she is. And if you invite them and don't invited her one of 2 things is gunna happen. They're not going to go because you didn't invite the other girl. Or they will go and ask you why you didn't invite her.

If i was in your position then i wouldn't invite those girls. They aren't good friends and you can have a good time without them. I hope i helped, if you have any other questions feel free to ask. Gl and have a great birthday :)


well iv'e been feeling that not many people like me recently.
i don't really see any signs.
but this guy that i would talk to forever online and at school asked me out. i said yes and broke up with him 5 days later because i do not want an online relationship.
he took it hard and hasnt talked to me since.
it makes me feel really bad about myself.
and that ill never ever find a guy.
cuz im too picky :/
ugh. please help in any way.
some advice.
thank you.

Breaking up with someone because you don't want a online relationship isn't really being picky, its understandable. But i don't really understand, didn't you say you would talk to him in school?
I don't know how picky you are when it comes to other things, but maybe you should put all the things you need to be happy on paper (No plus's things that you need). Mine would be nice, pretty, smart, honest, and no drug or alcohol use. If yours comes out to more then... 8 things then you should start crossing out some stuff. Send me your first and final list if you can. Gl


My best friend since like forever won't talk to me! Well I mean she does, but not like she use to. We use to tell each other everything and now she won't tell me what's going on with her. She doesn't talk to me on the phone anymore as much as she use to. I know it's probably something she doesn't want to talk about, but I really want to help her. I should probably drop it. What do you think I should do!?

She's the type of person that just wants someone to be there to talk to. As if there was nothing wrong don't keep trying to ask her whats wrong. You can help her by just being there.


this guy and i liked each other, and it was going great. i had the feeling that he liked me more. i was scared to hurt him so i told him i only wanted to be friends. do you think he'll see me the same?

What do you mean see you the same? Do you mean be as close to you as he was b4? Well if that's what your asking it depends how it ended and if he did like you. If he liked you alot he probably will stay close. But it also depends if the 2 of you have had problems in the past. Was this the first time you stopped talking as more then friends? If its not and if he didn't make a effort to stay with you hes going to want to get over you and that means staying away from you. Can i ask you a question? If you do like him why would you hurt him and how? It sounds like your a great person from the choice you made but you should also pay attention to what he wants. Good Luck and you can answer my question on the feedback thanks


ok so do guys think its hot if girls like kiss each other on the cheek or sleep in the same bed? my friends and i are just like that and hold hands and hug and kiss each other on the cheek and occasionally sleep in the same bed if we have sleepovers or w/e. my bf said it doesnt bother him and he understand cause we are friends. (tho guys would NEVER do that hahaha) but i have heard some guys think girls r hot when they do things like that-but my friends and i dont like makeout! we are just friends who love each other a lot and show it :) thanks so much!

It all depends on the guy most guys like that or dont mind it. There are hardly any guys that would say that they think thats wrong or nasty. Me i dont mind it. Hope i helped


Basically I was sent a text saying that My best friend didn't want to talk anymore. I was saddened its been about 4-5 months that we have not talked. Funny though because he still wears a shirt i bought him and he is always staring at me. No matter what he looks at me and last semester asked someone how i was doing. Another he told that i did a great job on my project and funny thing i was in his class. i don't know what to do.. he held the door today for me but i used the other door. im confused as to what to do...i wrote him a note but im not sure if i should even bother giving it to him somehow...or sending it via email. whats a girl to do? I miss him and I have frequent panic attacks.

-Lost Apart of My Heart

I think you should send him that note it can't hurt. And try talking to him it seems like he is just confused about starting to talk to you again. good luck


16/f. god i am so sick of this --okay, so myself and my closest friends are all eachothers pretty much close friends ("clique" --yet I hate that word) but whenever like 3 of them hang out, and I don't get invited to hang I always feel like I don't have friends. I feel like they don't like me and don't want to ask me. I know that I should ask them to hang out, but I feel like they already have plans and I don't want to be the tagalong when they already had this planned.
but it's so hypocritcal.. when I was out with my two friends, we had to lie to my other friends because they would freak out if they knew where we were .. and us three were like "its so gay how we can't do anything without like all 10 of us being invited."

but it's the fact that I just get so like depressed, I seriously feel like i have nobody. what's wrong with me.

Its the same thing with my friends im not the one 2 tag along. But i don't take it as bad as you do. What i do is just seem like i don't care if they call me to go to the movies or whatever. I actually feel that way so you basically are going to have to act like you don't. They should notice that and i know it sounds weird but ask you to hang out more.

If you don't like that then you can be the one to make the plans. Just ask them to go wherever that you wanted to or just hang out if they already have plans most likely they will ask you to go with them.
Best of luck if you have any questions don't hesitate to message me back


Ok so my so my three good friends got into a HUGE fight and now they hate eachother and always ask me about the other. The fight is two against one but the one person is really to blame for the situation. But the one girl turned a lot of people against the two so now people hate them. But the fact is the one girl is a complete liar sometimes and she manipulated people to make it seem like she was right. Right now i am playin both sides of the field. I know that soon i will have to choose. It may seem like an easy choice but if remain friends with the two i am afraid that people will hate me too even though i didnt do anything. If that happens it will be us three against my high school. On the otherhand if i am friends with the liar i could be friends with her friends and not be hated. I need advice quick!

Make the right choice you know what side is right and which side is wrong. I don't know about you but id rather have 2 real and good friends then a whole high school of fake friends quality is better then quantity. Choose wisely and best of luck plus the manipulators are probably gunna back stab you sooner or later.



Okay, so me and my 2 best friends usually have like a jealousy issue. All of us. If me and Sarah hang out, Katelyn will be jealous of it. And then always ask me to hang out with her. At lunch its torchur. I can not stand it, cause theres always gossiping and whispering going on. I just cant stand it. Sorry if this is confusing. But, i reallyyyyyy need advice on what to do to stop all the jealosy going on.


You can hang out all together my friends are the same way. What we did was just always ask everyone if they wanted to hang out so they would have nothing to be jealous about if they couldent go. As for the gossiping part that really doesnt make sense good friends don't gossip about each other. Just make it look like you don't care about it and eventually it will stop. Best of luck


I have a friend who is going through a tough time at school. She's constantly made fun of and she has anger issues. She shows people someone she's not and doesn't know who to change. I have no idea what advice to give her even though I've been through that but never really cared. She's afraid of herself and doesn't know who to trust besides me. She's afraid she'll do something horrible to herself and she's on the edge of killing herself. I don't know what to say to her. HELP!

Just let her know that your always going to be there for her if she ever needs to talk (she can tell you anything). And when she is getting made fun of say something stick up for her. Don't let it lead to fighting just make then feel bad for making fun of her. If you think she is going suicidal you need to tell her parents and the reason for it. Best of luck


Okay, I needed somewhere to vent this out, and I need advice. So I thought advicenators would be perfect! Sorry if this is long!!

Okay, well, about a year ago this guy was stalking me really badly. He had it baaaad for me, but I would never like him. He hated that, so he started stalking me. He also did crazy stuff, like if he said something to me I didn't like, and I'd tell him to go away he said he would ring my school and say I did all this crap I didn't. He even got so psycho that when he said he was in love with me, and I said I didn't like him like that he said he would ring my mum and tell her I was dating a guy 6 years older than me over the internet (Which I wasn't)

Anyway, it's over now and I'm glad so don't feel sorry for me.

Throughout the 'friendship' with this guy, he hated my best friend. He always called her ugly and an attention seeker (the last bit is true, I know it's horrible to say that about her but she lied 5 times about her dad dying) but recently they became friends (after he pretended to like her) now, if any guy even talks to her, she'll instantly fall in love with them. So this guy was pretending to like her and she fell head over heels. He told her to hate me, and she did it. We didn't talk for a few weeks. But even before this, she was a bit narky with me because of mine and his' history. She would constantly blog saying I'm a bitch, I need to get over the feud with him and she hated the fact I could probably still get him with a click of my fingers.

Anyway, I started talking to her again and she told me how controlling he was (When he used to stalk me I knew straight away he's going to be a wife basher) and she didn't like it. I told her that's how it started with me, and she needs to be extra cautious and get him out of her life. She then emailed him saying she was in contact with me (didn't say anything rude, just casually I was friends with her again) and he told her he would never speak to her again.

Then she tells me about all this crazy stuff he said to her. But she doesn't just tell me...she BRAGS about it. As if she's proud some guy was saying weird stuff to her. Then she brags about how he's stalking her. I told her he wasn't, because he hadn't said anything about calling her parents/school like he did with me, and didn't look up her address. She got angry at me. Like I was ruining her dream? Then she told me he was stalking her.

But it made me feel sick. She's bragging about something that made me live in constant fear for half a year. Something that made me feel so low. She's acting as if it'd something to be prided about.

And now, it gets worse. She thinks she's better than me, cos he said some effed up things to her. Like he wants to get her pregnant and stuff like that. Now, I'll let you know he said some stuff like that to me. It even got worse than that. But I'm pretty much a feminist and I told him if he wants to say those things to go to a chatroom and not say it to me, so he stopped because he didn't want to be blocked. But being the idiot she is, she thinks it's cute he wants her, and she even wrote in her LiveJournal she sort of regrets talking to me again, and doesn't understand why I hate him, and was implying I'm a bitch.

Anyway, sorry for the longness of that but I want you to understand the full story before answering.

Well, the question is, I sort of understand why I'm so pissed, but why am I so angry? It's not jealousy, but I'm really angry. Shouldn't I be scared for her? Or proud she isn't talking to him?

Also, what do I say to her to stop her bragging, it's not something to be bragging about? I don't care about her feelings if she doesn't care about mine, but I don't want her to blow up and block me and say she wasn't bragging. I want her to understand being stalked is terrible, and it's something you don't want to happen in your life.

And last, how can I get over this anger? I don't want to be angry at her. But I can't help it =\

If i where you i would drop her as a friend. Bragging about the worst possible thing that you could be bragging about thinking it will make you feel bad what kind of friend does that. And the name calling thats not a true friend. If you keep being her friend your past most likely will come back. If it does tell somebody (parent, teacher or anybody that can help)you don't have to live like that. Best of luck


Heyy do you have an AIM screen name? If you do, what is it? thanks.



so. my friend and i are kinda in a big fight. and.. he's winning. i mean. he has a good reason. he called me a poser [[well, that's not the good reason]] for cutting and he said i cut to get attention or what'ev.. so like. he's really mad at me for cutting. and he posted this on my myspace.
"You're such a fucking idiot
I wish you'd fucking stop
You think you really are
But you're really really not.

You've got no-one fooled
So stop tryin to put on you're little act
Put your notebook on the shelf.
You're really fooling no-one, but yourself, in fact.

Cut the fuckin drama
I will no longer tolerate this stupidity
Seconds after reading this you'll be cryin to your mamma
I refuse to tolerate your imbecillity.

You're such a fucking idiot
You make me wanna shout
You're such a fucking idiot
Find a gun, and blow your fucking brains out.

Get out of my life
Leave me alone
Bitch, you're whack
Take that shit home."

and this....

"If you really wanna kill yourself that bad
Go a-fucking-head,
Put your finger on the trigger
Of a gun full of lead

The people close to you
Feel the same fucking way I do
Go ahead, do it, you'll fill out lives with bliss
I highly doubt you will be missed"
and it hurts

It doesnt seem like his is a good friend a good friend would help you out of this. A good friend wouldent give up on you i wish i could help you out but id need the real reason why you cut.


does anyone know where to get good best frined quotes or know any good ones??

I found this website of best friend quotes i think there pretty good. Best of luck finding the perfect one for you here it is...


this boy i know really believes in God. It's a good thing that suppose to make him a better person. HOwever, I feel he has so much hate inside of him. He is anti-social; doesn't consider others' feeling when he talks or make comments about others; he told me to "go to hell" when all i did was rush him to work.

I don't think we are friends anymore (we don't talk or txt or anything now). But I want to help him. what should I do?

I dont know anybody thats like that without something a problem most likely that is at his house he can have other sibling that arent so nice to him or at one time he could have had a bad experience being the "nice guy" i had the same problem but i couldent get myself to be like that and not care anymore about ppl. If you want to help him try to be friends with him even if he is anti-social and rude just one person can have a big impact on someones life for the better for the worse. Some ideas on getting to talk to him try to find a common interest im sure he has a friend or 2 that you can talk to about him. Best of luck if you have any questions dont hesitate to ask.


Well it going to be my 14th birthda soon and i was just going to invite a bunch of friends to the movies and then to coldrock.Well its my friends birthday is the day before and i wan't going to invite her to the movies but what if she invites me to her and i don't invite her to mine..And she can pretty bitchy and get all my friends agaginst me.What should i do should i invite her or not?

If she invites you it would be nice to do the same but if she is going to ruin your b day then dont go to hers and dont invite her to yours.


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