I'm 21 years old, have had my share of different types of relationships so I enjoy answering love life questions. Whether it's about getting closer emotionally or physically don't hesitate to ask, hopefully I'll be able to help. I also love the medical field and will be a registered nurse soon. If you have any questions regarding a recent medical diagnosis (don't ask for one please, not a doctor) I can help you better understand it and the treatment as well


I'm sorry, shallow jerk who thinks she's better than everyone else because pathetic losers worship her,I don't need to have the “queen b" notice,I only put the B, standing for something, say I'm cool, and have approval by others. I prefer my 5-8 real friends, than 45-69 friends who really don't like me. I read the blurb for a middle school guide, just for some help, but found out it was just about how to be popular. Please, people, what is the point? What is your deal? I'm not saying that if a popular girl who seems nice offers to sit with me at lunch, I'll say no, in fact, I'll say yes. But why try so hard with bitches who don't want you?

I understand where your coming from, for me it also didn't make much sense and often wondered why some of my friends strived to be popular in junior high and high school. I learned in college while taking psychology courses as well as my recent nursing ones that it's a normal phase of psychosocial development.
Simply having many friends gives them a sense of belonging. There are many odd things children do before growing up into adults that don't always make sense but most of them are considered normal as long as they don't persist after a certain age.
I don't know how old you are but it's good that you understand that having a few friends that you are close to is better for you than having a 100 that don't know you. Don't worry too much about the other people at your school, they will found out for themselves


Hi I am a junior in high school and I am wondering what studying in college is like. I do well in school now but I want to know what I need to do to do well in college, I am leaning towards an engineering major at the moment. Any first hand experience or study techniques would be helpful, thanks.

It really depends on the course
Science: i learn very well with powerpoints (if my teacher doesnt go off of powerpoints ill make them myself) or filling out outlines if they have them

Math: DO THE HOMEWORK! Its as simple as that. If your like me and are "ok" at math you have to do the homework to pass. Some teachers wont give you an end of the semester grade on it but you still need to do it.
I took a math course last semester did very little homework and ended up having to drop the class. This semester im taking the same course and im ranked 1 in my class and have a 97.5 to a 100 in it because i do ALL of the homework.

English: Taking notes during class is a good idea and do not procrastinate on essays

Everything else: Is just what you learn with the best. If you like reading printed powerpoints then put the info in one. The last piece of advice i can give is to make sure to study atleast one thing everyday. And when tests are coming up to schedule when you will study each chapter and a review day.

Engineering majors should look into joining a program. In one of my classes we had a presentation about a company called "proctor and gamble" who offers paid internships over the summer (you should look into that). To find out about other programs there should be someone that is incharge of engineering programs for that college. Ask your teachers, somebody should know who he or she is.

Good luck


I sit with some of my friends during lunch that I have known for over 10 years and now there is this one guy who has started sitting with us and he kinda creeps me and my friends out. I had one class with him last semester and 2 of my guy friends we sit with kinda knew him from football and he is a grade ahead of us so we really don't know him and he really doesn't know us. He said he was going to sit with us because he didn't know anyone else in that lunch period since it was mostly a freshman lunch and he is a sophmore. He creeps us out and is really annoying. We have jokingly told him to go sit somewhere else and kinda been hinting that we don't really want him to sit with us, but he isn't really getting it. How can we nicely tell him we don't want him sitting with us at lunch. We don't want to be mean, he really doesn't know that many people in this lunch, but we DO NOT WANT HIM SITTING WITH US!

I don't think there is a nice way of telling someone that you don't want to be around them. Just tell him straight up that you don't want him sitting with you and your friends but make sure that your friends say something too or he probably won't listen and think you are joking again. Best of luck


I'm 15-f and if I have to hear about another person's relationship problem in my school I'm going to explode. I understand that high school is the time to "test the waters", but people would rather talk about who they screwed last night then keep private matters PRIVATE. It's different when a couple's life get's spread by rumor, but it's getting annoying how in EVERY class there is always a couple talking about 'What they want to do to each other.' I'm not exaggerating either. How am I gonna survive High school when I can't even hear the teacher over someone's moaning and giggling infront of me?


There's not much you can do about this i have the same thing at my school but its alot worse. I just learned to ignore it. Best of luck


I'm in high school, 15/f, a freshmen and it seems like everyone in my school besides me drinks and does drugs. I will NEVER drink or do drugs because it ruins your life...but at lunch one day, my friends were all talking about how they went to one of my friends house, let's call her A, and how A's mom was home and they still got away with drinking vodlka and beer and getting crunk together. Only one of my friends had a sip of vodkla and nothing else at the party but all of the sudden I was sooo mad. The day before the party, my friend who only had a sip of vodlka [lets call her F] was like, to A, "yeah, I'll have a drink, and I'll get close to drunk." and A was like, "F! I am sooooo proud of you! You don't know how proud I am of you that you are going to get drunkk!" and I got sooo mad at that I just bursted out and said to A, "Why is that something to be proud of?!" and A was like, "Because F swore off everything remotley related to drinking and drugs, so I am sooo proud of her that she even said that right now." and I was like, "well, I'm not going to drink and I'm not doing drugs." and everyone at the lunch table just looked at me except for my other friend, lets call her S, agreed with me. Then I didn't go to A's party and Monday I heard some pretty bad stories like of the people getting drunk and how they got it all on video...it like made me mad.
I'm mad, and I thought higher of my friends and now they all think I'm a loser, except for F and S, because I don't want to drink and do drugs. What should I do? any comments will be greatly appreciated and thanks ot all of you who read all of that because I know it was confusing and long.

That is really good that you didt give into peer pressure keep it up. You should try and talk to your friends that got into drinking and, tell them what there getting themselves into. Most likely they wont pay attention to you until they get themselves into alot of trouble. When they come around try to help them even after all they did and said to you "everyone deserves a second chance". Best of luck


Someone [my sorta kinda friend] asked me if I wanted to go smoke weed in the woods with him...I was with my other friend and she is a big flirt and is all like okay! [she didn't actually smoke anything, she was just playing around] but she walked off with him and I had said no. My kinda sorta friend was like, but you need a buddy to smoke with and I said, well I'm not that buddy. [I know the repructions of doing drugs and drinking and all that, so I declined on his offer knowing I could get hooked on it and throw my life away]
So then, my friend ditched me afterwards, not even telling me she had gone and didnt even say sorry the next day! She left me alone by myself, and i felt like a loser. How could my friend ditch me and say I'm uncool? Am I uncool because I don't want to do drugs? because I know I'm not uncool for doing that, so what's her problem? She always calls me emo and a downer, and I'm not even emo, I have friends that are "emo" but I'm not. what did I do to deserve this?? Any comments and answers would be greatly appreciated because I'm completley confused.
thanks in advance for whoever read that and took the time to answer my question.

Your not a loser that was a good decision you made not to do it. Just wait in a couple of years whats life gunna be like for your 2 friends. Your life is gunna be on track and theres is gunna be mest up. As for the emo and downer thing that just means you dont do what your peers tell you to do which is a good thing.


I'm in middle school, 8th grade, and I need a 6.0 to go to high school. My school is year round. So first trimester I had a 1.8 and now, 2nd trimester I had a 2.5. History is my worst subject and I have a plain F. Then in Science a D. And all the rest is A's and B's. I am really trying to keep my grades up and trying to get the rest of my grades to go up. I've been trying to study for tests but what I study is completely off. And I really don't know what to do. I talk to my teachers but I don't understand. My friend is helping me with the rest of my classes that she has with me but she doesn't have history and science with me. I am really in trouble and I don't know what to do, I can't let my grades go any lower. Any idea's what to do? And any studying tips? Thanks a whole lot!

I had the same problem the reason why i didn't get what the teacher was talking about was the class room size to many student. I suggest tutoring go in after school so you can have one on one time with your teachers while your there im sure they can give you advice on studying. Best of luck


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