I'm 21 years old, have had my share of different types of relationships so I enjoy answering love life questions. Whether it's about getting closer emotionally or physically don't hesitate to ask, hopefully I'll be able to help. I also love the medical field and will be a registered nurse soon. If you have any questions regarding a recent medical diagnosis (don't ask for one please, not a doctor) I can help you better understand it and the treatment as well


i have screwed my bf over 2 times in the past year and we got back together, but i want to breakup should i?

I have to disagree with pook. I don't think it's that your unhappy or trying to sabotage the relationship, I think it's that your not mature enough to handle a relationship. You can tell yourself that your not happy, have some issues, or whatever but none of its really true. Your young and you have no idea what it is that you want or what your doing.
See what's suppose to happen is you get to know the person, if you want a relationship with them you do that, if it doesn't work it doesnt and your done. He likes you and wants to be with you but doesn't quiet understand that no matter how much he does things won't work because of how immature and inexperienced you are.
I think if you care about him even a little bit you should tell him that yourself and stop fucking with him like a child that doesn't know the difference between right and wrong


(Rating: 5) Thanks! you are the only one that understood! i just like doing a bunch of different guys and not letting them know about each other but my boyfriend really loves me so i didn't knwo what to do.

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