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What are good ways for a female to masturbate, have lots of pleasure, and not break your hymen

Clitoral masterbations; that is to rub your clit and orgasm that way. I don't see why you want to keep your hymen though, some girls break it without having sex so it doesn't make much sense to me


(Rating: 5) ummm... i want to keep my hymen because it is the only way your husband is going to know you are not a slut silly! everyone else i know has already broke theirs and all my friends lie to each guy and tell them he is the first but they broke it some fake ass way like horse riding! LOL! my best friend has tell 14 guys that she is a virging each time. why would ANY guy be stupid enough to believe you if you have no hymen? if i was a guy i sure as hell would NEVER believe her!

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