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I did not write the book of love,
and I do not claim to be full of wisdom.

I sure do make mistakes,
but I live and learn!

I try to let no one come to me,
without leaving happier. [:

"Exert your talents,
and distinguish yourself.
Don't even think about
retiring from the World,
until the World will be
sorry that you retire!"


♥[?]♥ So, my eyeliner now [covergirl] has been looking bad lately. I'll put it on, and it will be crusty a couple hours later. Anyone know a eyeliner that goes on smooth and looks nice?

Let me know

I think the two best brands of eye liner out there are "Meryl Norman" and "Beautique". "Meryl Norman", which can only be purchased at "The Meryl Norman Cosmetic Studios", is pricey [typically $8.50 - $15.00], but it really is good stuff. It goes on wonderfully, and it stays on all day. On the other hand, I happen to think that "Beautique" is better. However, I've only seen "Beautique" at "Sally's". Good news though, it's only .99 cents. Trust me, I wouldn't ever buy crap make up, so do not let this dollar price throw you off. You'd be cheating yourself out of the best product out there! "Beautique" glides on smoothly and really lasts all day. I probably could not promote this item enough; as I am very satisfied with it's results. And if you still have doubts... for only .99 cents.. it's worth a shot. :)

(Rating: 5) THANK YOU !!!!

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