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I did not write the book of love,
and I do not claim to be full of wisdom.

I sure do make mistakes,
but I live and learn!

I try to let no one come to me,
without leaving happier. [:

"Exert your talents,
and distinguish yourself.
Don't even think about
retiring from the World,
until the World will be
sorry that you retire!"


♥[?]♥ I have a livejournal which I update like every day. I change my layouts a lot but my selections are limited because I don't know how to upload pictures onto my own server. A lot of the layouts require you to upload pictures for the layout to your own server and I have no idea how to do this. Could someone walk me through how to do this? I would really appreciate the help.

Go there, and they will upload it for you. It will provide you with three links, but select the bottom one. The bottom link is called the URL. Simply copy and paste the URL within the following code and place it on your LiveJournal:

(Rating: 5) thank you! I'm so computer retarded when it comes to these things. This helped a lot.

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