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my name is Nat .. ppl call me Noodalie =) um. and i can help you w. some problems your having =)havnt been through everything but i have experienced it through muah friends. im sure i can help in anything. most of my friends come to me anyways. =)
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kay well, my (old) best friend was a guy his name was ryan.. he liked me..but he loved his ex girlfriend victorea (they were going out for a year on and off) me and him were soo close.. i liked him too.. but he is going back out with victoera. me and her are not friends AT ALL, she told ryan he cant hang out with me,But he still does but he tells people he hates me,and when i ask him he said brb to me (online) and idk who to belivie my other friends or ryan. but anyway i really really wanna be his friend is there a way maybe i can say something to him that can make us friends again? or tell him i love him or some thing?? please help

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ask him wtf is going on. why would you want him as a friend if hes listening to his g/f. thats so rude and if he was was really your friend then he wouldnt ditch you and all. yea you can be loyal to your g/f but not to the extent where she is making you give up one of your good friends for her. they might not even go out for that much longer. my best suggestion is to talk to this "victoria" and ask her why she is being so rude. tell her you are just friends. shes obviously jelious so add that to the conversation. and there is no point in liking a guyyy who is going to totally cruch your heart by not talking to you. hope you kick victoria's ass!!


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lmao i will kick victoera's ass!! lol she is a b**Ch

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