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my name is Nat .. ppl call me Noodalie =) um. and i can help you w. some problems your having =)havnt been through everything but i have experienced it through muah friends. im sure i can help in anything. most of my friends come to me anyways. =)
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I kinda need some help. I am thinking about breaking up a long-time friendship with someone, that I have (of 1 1/2 years), ..who used to be my girlfriend, actually. But she broke up with me- and I'd rather not say why.
Look, I know it will be quite difficult to confront her on this, though I have my reasons, but somehow it just doesn't seem right to just keep a "friend-to-friend" relationship going on between us, even after the break-up and because.... everything is really awkward now when we're together (we never even speak to each other as much). It even hurts me to be near her now, whenever I am.
Anyway, I don't even know what to say to her since I haven't said anything to her about this yet, and I was wondering if you could help me... please. I'm kind of desperate.
If I don't solve this matter, I fear that it might get to my head, ..eventually causing me to commit suicide.
tough situation. well if you both feel the same then she should understand right? she should if she does. maybe this whole thing could be worked out if someone just spoke up. i think that should be you. tell her that things just arnt going to work out and that you guyys just cant be in the same room together. hope it works!!


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Thank you for your feedback, I think that it (you) has/have kind of helped me, in part. And I'll consider what you've said before I carefully choose my words and make a move on this situation.
Again, thank you for your help and consolation.

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