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my name is Nat .. ppl call me Noodalie =) um. and i can help you w. some problems your having =)havnt been through everything but i have experienced it through muah friends. im sure i can help in anything. most of my friends come to me anyways. =)
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does anyone know any really good shampoo and/or conditioner that works well and is good for oily hair?

Thanks! (link)
I heard head and shoulders is pretty good. I use dove and i think it works great. If you want fluffy hair dove is the stuff to go for

My boyfriend is always asking me what i am doing because he is scared i might cheat or dump him for someone else. What do i tell him? (link)
i think you should calmly tell him that your are annoyedthat he is bothering you about cheating on him. It is o.k. for him to be worried but enough is enough. Tell him that you would never leave him for someone else or that you are happy with him and your are not going to be splitting up any time soon if that is true. Just tell him to calm down and i'm sure things will go a lot smoother.

Does blue and orange go together or can i not wear them together? (link)
d3pending on wat colors, yes. aqua and light orange go great together. mix and match your own colors to see if they go. if u hav any other questions feel free to ask!

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