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I'm 16 years old and a junior in high school. I like giving advice so feel free to ask me any questions. Everybody has been through different situations and I could try and help you by what I've gone through. Ask away :)
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I USED to have a girl i call best friend. Needless to say, i didn't realize that no such thing exists at the time, and worse i didn't realize how much I put into the relationship to keep it going. She lives in a book (literally she thinks this world is a fairytale) i am prone to be a stepover but i am not week i just don't know how to be in the middle... i am either so wicked or soooo nice. anyway i got in trouble needed her help (which wasn't worth the roller coaster ride she made me take). she didn't really help me out - i.e i didn't need her help i just told her in case something happens this this and that and it had NOTHING TO DO WITH HER at all!!!!! She then made it seem like i owed her the world and that i gave her so much to do and so much trouble and what not (which is so not true!!!) anyway it's my fault for allowing this to get this far... I am so mad at her and i don't want reconciliation. i dont want to be vengeful but i can't help it!!!

she is so self-absorbed but doesn't see it!!! (link)
It sounds more like ranting here but if she is gonna act like this then you should drop her. She doesn't deserve a friend like you. Your gonna make other friends and better ones. You will lose friends and gain new ones. It happens all the time. You don't want to be stuck with her if she doesn't treat you like a real friend. Don't go and do something to hurt her but just stop hanging around her or you could sit down and have a talk with her about this. Don't keep stuff bottle inside. But don't go and blow up on her and complain and complain. Just tell her how you feel in a calm way. Good luck!

my names Emma, Im 13, And I need advice?

I like this lad, and when I meen like, I meen basically Love..
Because well, sometiimes when I thiink, I just seem to think of him, and when I see him I feel different around him, and I always wanna be with him, and when he comes on msn I proper wanna say hi straiight away ?! Do I love him?
And what do I do ?

Please help
xx (link)
You probably don't "love" him. Its more like a crush and liking him more than a friend. Love is more like you would do absolutely anything for them and would commit yourself to them forever and completely. There is more for that but that's a big one. I think you should talk to him more and you guys can be friends if you aren't already. I've felt this way with a lot of guys, I never loved them. I just liked them alot. Good luck!

i smoked pot with my friend and one of her friends i didn't like it but we are gonna do it again. should i do it or not??? (link)
My answer, no. Why would you want to? You didn't even like it. For one thing, its disgusting and unhealthy. This could ruin your future and your life. You might get addicted. Think of the consequences. Just say no. You don't need it anyways, you could do so much better with your life if you don't. Good luck!

Okay, well for Valentines day my boyfriend bought me this really pretty necklace. It wasn't an expensive expensive type, however it was from a jewellers store, not an accessories store so it's worth a bit of money.

Anyway, he's not one to throw around his money. He comes from a very poor working-class family, and he doesn't make a lot of money himself, so for him this was probably a big thing.

I'm gonna guess the necklace was between 30-50 dollars, and that's what I'm really hoping with what I'm about to ask...

He slept over at my house last night. When we went to bed I took the necklace off and put it on my bedside table. In the morning, I went for my phone to check the time and I flipped everything off it. Including the necklace.

I just came home from work and realised that my necklace was part of the stuff that flipped. I found the chain, but the pink pendant/charm thingy (the thing that makes the necklace a necklace) is gone.

There's abosolutely no way to find it. My room is HELLA messy, plus I'm fair sure it dropped into a box full of absolute crap, and even if I took everything out I wouldn't be able to find it, it's so tiny and would fall out once I move around stuff.

So now I'm really nervous about telling him. As I said, that's a big deal to him, and I'm scared he'll react about the sentimental value as well.

I could always not tell him...but I always wore it, and he'd eventually ask why I don't wear it anymore... (link)
Try looking for it before you tell him. Go slow but really look. I think this means alot to you too. So look slow and go carefully and try. If you couldn't find it act as if it really meant something to you and you feel so upset about losing it. You do feel bad because you are asking this question. So go slow and go really slow while looking for it. Good luck! I hope you find it!

At a recent school function, I met a new group of friends visiting from another school and we all still talk. The other day, I was informed at school by somebody that one of the boys in my new group of friends likes me, and people think I like him too. Now, this boy is nice, has a good sense of humor and we are friends, but I do not see him the same way. My problem is that for whatever reason, I only find myself romantically/sexually attracted to my own Caucasian race and the boy is not Caucasian, so I do not find myself romantically attracted to him. People now think I am racist, which is simply not true! My mother assures me that it’s a matter of personal preference. I can justify that I am not racist, because I have multiple friends that are from races other than my own. My attraction to only Caucasian men is not something I chose, it’s just the way I am. Kind of like if someone was gay. They don’t choose to only be attracted to men, it’s just how they are. Is it wrong of me to feel this way?

I am almost 16 years old, and a female. (link)
Well your obviously not racist. So let them know, you hang out with other people of different races. Its normal. Like last year for some reason I was attracted to asian guys. I don't really know why but that's how I was. Then turns out my next boyfriend was white. So its just your preference. Just let them know you see him as a friend and nothing more. Good luck!

Its like this I really like this girl but I'm not in her class or have never talked to her so here's the pitch I get someone to tell her that I like her not to ask her out I'll do that myself but just to see if she likes me back which I think she does You know the slight glance every single day at lunch time and so on and don't worry I'm not just imagining it in my head.I'm not a fool.I was going to ask her out myself but figured why risk getting rejected and embarrassed like that for no reason when I could get someone to see if and that's a Big If she liked me in return so then i would ask her out myself.Finally here's the question what I said above an ok way to go with it and secondly I'm 17 and she's 14 just wondering if that's alright.Bear in mind I'm from Ireland which has a completely different culture from America. (link)
I think having to find out if she likes you is a good idea. Although the age has a pretty big gap there. Even though I know people who got married like 10 years apart. But in teen years its pretty big. I don't really know if 18 is considered an adult in Ireland but I'm just guessing so. You'll be turning 18 and she might not be able to date you. Her parents may not like it either. So if you really like her then go along with your plan and see how it goes. Good luck!

Okay i'm also 14 so this will hopefully work out. My name is Logan (i'm a girl, it's a guy's name, deal with it.) anyways, there's this guy, let's just call him "Michael" I've always been fond of that name. Anyways kinda getting off topic, my bad. Okay so "Michael" likes me alot i guess, he always tells me that i have pretty eyes & he told his brother that he likes me and his brother told my best friend. Let's just call his brother "Brandon" so, i don't know if i really like "Michael" i can't say anything bad about him except for that he wears skinny jeans (i know looks dont matter) but the only thing i know that i like about him is that we have the same taste in music. So i know he wants to go out with me but i'm not so sure about him because we kinda talk a lot but not about real deep stuff you know? Do you think I should give him a chance to see if this could potentially go anywhere or should i let time tell?
I think you should give him a chance. He seems really into you. Or you could try talking a little more and see how well you guys get along. If you decide to just go with it and give him a chance then you could see where it goes from there. If it doesn't work out then you guys should break up. I think you should try to get to know him a little more though. Good luck!

i have this new boyfriend, who i've been dating for a month. but recently my ex texted me, and i saved his number in my phone under a girls name. so that i could text constantly while i was with my boyfriend and he wouldnt think it was suspicious. well yesterday we went to the movies and my ex asked me back out, and my current boyfriend read it and dumped me. he said he knew it was a guy, even though i called the girl who's name i used, and i told her to help me out. but he doesnt believe me and he broke up with me and he called me a hoe. he gave me a ring in the beggining and he even took that away. he doesnt really have proof that i cheated on him though.. do you think that he might come back to me? i really need help cause i love him alot and i messed up big time. (link)
There might be a chance that you guys might get back together. It might be awhile but it probably hurt him alot. Imagine if that happened to you and you were in his position. I would be hurt so bad. You need to admit you did wrong. You messed up. People make mistakes and then it comes with consequences. You need to go apologize and tell him your sorry and you'll never do that again and you messed up big time. He will probably have some trust issues though. He did trust you and he thinks you cheated on him right? You need to be clear about everything that happened. But he might not come back. Things happen and we learn from our mistakes. I hope you learned from yours. Just tell him everything and when you tell him your sorry, mean it. Don't lie to him. Good luck! I hope everything works out for you.

Okay so i have a boyfriend currently who has been my boyfriend for over a year now, we have had some hard times but i love him with everything, Well i also have this guy friend that i have been friends with since 5th grade that likes me and he always calls me and comes over and i dont mind becuase we have been friends forever but recently him and his girlfriend broke up and he has been flirting with me like crazy and keeps trying to tell me to break up with my boyfriend i deserve someone so much better and all of this and he wont listen to me when i tell him that i dont want to leave my boyfriend and that me and him are just friends. Can someone please help me??? (link)
Talk to him. Let him know that this is your boyfriend and that you really like this guy. I know you don't want to lose him as a friend but if he doesn't respect your choices then he's not that great of a friend. If he's only done this once its not that big of a deal but since he keeps saying this then its time to have some talk with him. It will finally hit him if he doesn't stop he will lose you forever. So I say talk to him and hopefully it will work. That's the most you can do. Good luck and I hope everything works out for you!

i cheated on my ex with my current boyfriend, but my boyfriend and i just broke up. and i decided to go back and talk to my ex. he told me he loves me still and that he cares about me, but i want things to back to how they were with me and him. his family hates me, but either way we had a secretive relationship. and i dont know how things are going to turn out with me and him. is it possible that me and him MIGHT get back together? we went out for 4 months, and i took his virginity. (link)
You know you hurt him. If I was him I would've been crushed to death if someone cheated on me. If you guys do get back together it probably won't be exactly the same. Your gonna have to apologize to him if you haven't already. You need to tell him that you are completely sorry for what you did and you won't cheat on him ever again. But don't lie to him. You have to mean it. You don't need to hurt him again and if you love him then you won't. But its all up to him to take you back or not. You can't really do anything to make him want you. The most is apologizing. Good luck! I hope everything works out for you!

16/F. I just got together with my boyfriend yesterday. We've been off and on for years, though it seems dumb considering we're so young. Anyway, my last boyfriend and I broke up like a month and a half ago. Current boyfriend and his ex broke up about two weeks ago.

We hung out yesterday and he's so excited about us being together. I am too. The only thing that makes me feel a little uncomfortable is that he wanted to do a ton of kissing and stuff (he wasn't pressuring me into anything). I think he's used to being so far with his ex, that he's just kind of picking that stuff up with me. Is it normal for me to feel weird? That, and I think I'm making myself feel weird somehow. Usually I'm very aggressive with that stuff, but I was very shy, while he wasn't. Like, obviously we're not in love yet, but is that okay that I need time? I know it takes time, I guess I'm just used to my ex a little, too.

Maybe this is adding to my situation too.. We have to be secret for like, another week. Considering he and his girlfriend just broke up, it'd look a little bad if we got together right away. So having to sneak around might be changing my outlook, too.

I really want this to be perfect for us. Just trying to figure out how to go about with starting that :P
Its fine to need some time. Just let him know how you feel about it and he should be ok with it. And its definitely normal to feel weird about that. You guys are both used to your ex's and soon you guys will be use to each other. Good luck!

Hi, I'm 16/f and I've been going out with my boyfriend for a little over a year. I'm not considered “popular” at school or anything, but pretty much everyone in my grade knows Mark and I are going out. And we're like "the cutest couple." I'm a perfectionist (yes, I admit it :-P) and the club I'm in after school (which my boyfriend is also in) is going to Disney World in a couple of weeks. Which should be a really fun vacation for us ...he and I aren't big on PDA so that is not a concern.

But what the concern IS is that I started taking this new class this year, which my boyfriend is not in, and I met this really nice guy who is totally different from my boyfriend... he wears really expensive clothes (I wear, like, KOHL's!) and he looks I guess gangsta (hat backwards, hoodie, etc.) yet he is a really nice person. As soon as I started liking him a little, I confronted my boyfriend (who I can really trust) and he said "it's that guy with the fancy clothes, isn't it?" and I started to tear up. I don't want to like Josh (we'll call him) because I've been going out with Mark for so long, but I just wanted to be honest with my boyfriend. We decided to stay together for Disney at least because we just want to be the happiest we can be. And I truly can’t wait to go, though there are other issues such as my ex being at Disney as well, who still loves me, and my best friend (a guy) who admitted last year to having loved me for years. I'm extremely flattered as you might be able to imagine, but it's also stressful because I feel like every move I make has the potential to hurt someone. I feel like going after Josh will just be too much, since I’ve already got three guys’ feelings to worry about. I try to make sure each of them is happy. Leaving my boyfriend and going after Josh might be a lost cause, however, because Josh might not like me back and then I’ve gone and lost my boyfriend (though he might take me back, however I did that to my ex and, I don’t know, it’s just awkward. I feel bad looking back on it, having probably made him feel like the rebound.)

So my questions to you are:

What should I do about my crush on Josh? Should I leave Mark…and crush his heart (Mark called me, crying, the night of the day I told him about my crush on Josh (a couple of nights ago)…he is a very sweet boy and I still love him, but I know I can’t have feelings for two people at once without being honest…this isn’t The Bachelorette, or anything. It’s real life. But don’t worry, I wasn’t that blunt with him!)

I am scared to be single, because I have not been since I was 12 years old (mind you, Mark is only my second boyfriend…every one has been a long relationship. I don’t know if I’d be able to handle a hook-up (not the intercourse kind of hook-up, just making out), though my mind sometimes toys with the idea of doing that with Josh…)

I guess you’d call me insecure, but I just don’t know how to be without knowing there’s someone who loves me close by. At the moment, my heart skips a beat when I’m working on projects with Josh…but I don’t think he likes me back and I don’t want to cause sorrow for anyone, including me.

Thank you so much for reading all of my story, and I look forward to your honest responses. :-) (link)
Your boyfriend sounds like a very sweet and nice guy. He doesn't deserve to have his girlfriend crushing on another guy hurting him. You know he doesn't want to lose you. Nothing is wrong with being single. Although since you've always been with a guy it might be hard for a little. I think its time to split since your heart isn't fully with your boyfriend. Or maybe you could take a break to sort out your feelings and get them in line and see how you feel about these guys. You also sound like a nice girl since you care if you hurt someone. But right now it might hurt him and at times your gonna be hurt too. Your hurting yourself right now because of your mixed feelings. Just take some time to sit and think about how you feel about this guy Josh. It might be just a crush. You never really know until you think about how this is gonna turn out. Try talking more to this guy Josh because he may not have the same feelings in return. Good luck and I hope everything works out for you!

This is kinda long,I know.
I have been very good friends with a boy(let's name him D) and a girl(let's name her M).
Now,about M:
She was my good friend since kindergarten. She's the same age as me,we got along pretty well,always had things to talk about,etc.Recently,she got a bf(let's name him E) and he's bad news.Me and my other guy friend don't like him at all.In fact,I haven't heard a single good thing about him.Not only that,but she started avoiding me and that other guy,and even came up to us and told us to stay away from them,and she gave me a death glare.I tried to tell her he'll really hurt her-he's a player,exactly like my ex,and I don't want her to go through the hell I've been through when he leaves her for no good reason,but no,she wouldn't listen.She thinks I am jealous!If I was,I would've been with him any time I wanted and she wouldn't be able to do anything about it.Could she be afraid that he'll start crushing on me?Before I even told her all of these,she was ignoring me and running away from me whenever he was around.
Now,here's the case with D:
I met him in 5th grade,we were really good friends,then in 7th grade he moved away and I haven't seen him for a year.A week ago,there was a competition in English,where we met,and after the test,we talked and had fun,then out of the blue he kissed me on the cheek and I did the same.I had a strange feeling-I used to have a little crush on him,but nothing happened.Later I had a few boyfriends etc.We were texting next day and I teased him about how soft his lips were and he said "I think you're saying that because you like me" I said "kinda" and we both laughed.That's the problem:for no good reason,he started ignoring me.He doesn't text me,he's never online,and when he is he never talks to me,I have to send him about 50 msgs before he replies to 1...I haven't argued with him so I really don't know what to do.Any advice will be appreciated. (link)
People learn from their mistakes. Your friend might get hurt by this guy and you know that. But she doesn't see that, its like she is blinded by love or whatever. She probably thinks he is the best guy in the world. She won't realize he wasn't until he breaks her heart. Your gonna have to be there for her if that happens. You've already told her what you thought about him so she either believes you or not. So just be a good friend and be there for her when she needs it.

Now with you friend I would just keep it as friends. You won't be able to see him alot right? So just give him some space and see what happens from there. He might just be confused about how he feels about you. Good luck!

ok so I've liked this guy since last year and well one of my friends had a bf and they broke up. Well she's been talkin 2 the guy I like a lot and well the other day she came up to me and said "this has been buggin me because 7 people have said that the guy I like likes her. It's really annoying cause when ever he walks by us or whatever she's like O my gosh o my gosh and I get so mad. Now I have another friend that Iz really good friends with him and she said she does not think he likes her cause he would of told her and he's just not dating type yet. So my question is how do I avoid her saying oh my gosh he's soo cute and freaking out and stuff . By the way she still text her old bf and she really just needs to pick one. Sometimes I look at him in
science class and I catch him staring at me but idk I really like him ALOT help plzz.. Thx (link)
Does she know you like him? If she does I don't really think she is really being a good friend by jumping around and saying stuff when your right there knowing how you feel about him. So if she does know, you need to tell her to not say stuff like that when your right there because it bugs you and you like him. Rumors go around fast and half of them are lies. You won't know who he likes unless you hear him say it and not someone else. You should go with your other friend and ask them to introduce you to him and maybe you and this guy can be friends. But your friend is being inconsiderate of your feelings. If she doesn't know how you feel then you might want to tell her. Unless of course she will end up telling him or something you won't want to happen. It all depends if she is trustworthy. If you don't want to tell her then you should just ask her if she would mind stopping saying, "oh my gosh he's so cute, ect" because its starting to bug you a little. Good luck!

long story short, my best friend was acting really strange and un-like her usual self, so since i know her myspace password & email i logged into her account. I read her messages, and found out she had been forwarding some of the private, personal messages i sent to her, to other people! she was also talking really badly about me to behibnd my back.
My question is, do you agree with my being mad at her? I mean, she asked me what I thought about this guy, so i messaged her the answer, and then she forwarded my message to him! thats just one example. shes telling people things ive done and said that she promised to keep quiet. so, who is wrong here? (link)
I've had something like this happen to me with my best friend. But it was with her email. She was talking about me behind my back. I was so mad and I didn't know how I should handle it. I mean, it was wrong first of all to go through her account. I didn't mess with it though but it was still wrong. Here is one thing, do not trust her with anything of yours again. I think you know that now but don't tell her anything about your personal life. Best friends don't do that. You can't exactly confront her with this kinda thing unless you want her to know you went through her messages. Your just gonna have to dig it out of her. Somehow get her to admit to it or just forget the friendship. I mean you guys could still be friends, but best friends...your gonna need more trust for that. But I get what you mean. You have a right to be mad at her. Just don't tell her anything else. Good luck! I hope everything works out for you!

So I don't really know why but
today in science class we were pricking our fingers to draw blood and test our blood type, and I couldn't get my fingers to bleed enough to fill this little tube. so this guy, we'll call him adam, offers to help me and i say ok, because i really do need the help.
well ive been mildly attracted to adam for a while, sort of off and on, but today when he pricked my finger and it started bleeding it really turned me on. I think it might have had something to do with him causing me minor pain. But when he did it I cried out in..well i guess it was pleasure rather than pain. I have been thinking about him ever since. I flirted with him the rest of the day. Is there anything...weird about this turning me on like this? (link)
I don't think its really weird about that turn on. Probably because you are attracted to him and the pain that he gave you, you enjoyed it because well its him that gave you that pain. So you liked it. Haha I hope I made a little sense there.

Okay, well me and my "now" boyfriend just started going out today. Valentines day is in less than a week and i have NO IDEA what to get him! He dosen't wear stuff from hollister or abercrombie or basically any mall clothes for that matter. He has a very different style and i just dont want to get him the wrong thing. We have no pictures or anything so i dont know what to do! today is the first day we have been going out so i am a little confused! Any help would be great! thanks! (link)
Maybe you could talk to him about what he likes, ect. Maybe music? Maybe you guys can take a picture together sometime and then put it in a cute frame. You can be creative and get him a cute card since you guys just started going out. If you like baking then maybe little heart cookies would be cute too. Good luck! I hope this helped a little.

So, I'm in such a wierd place right now, any advice would be great.
My (first) girlfriend broke up with me a few months back, and she wanted to stay friends(so did I), but she hasn't made a single effort to stay in any part of my life. Not one call, anytime we've talked, it's because I texted her. I haven't even seen her since a couple weeks before we broke up.

I miss talking to her and I miss having a girl, but I don't want her back. Even before she dumped me she was never around, she basically dumped me in her mind and let me know over the phone later.

Part of me wants to still talk, she was my only friend outside of my family, but the other part says 'screw you, I'm worth more than that, if you wanted to be friends maybe try to make an effort'

Am I being an ass because I kinda gave up on trying? I know I deserve better than that, I'm an amazing guy (not conciet,judging from most guys, I'm the nicest guy I've met :p )

Thanks! (link)
I would ask her. So many things go on in a girls head that it gets so confusing. Ask her whats going on and if she still wants to talk to you and be friends. Because if she won't make an effort then you shouldn't be forcing it. So I would say talk to her and see what happens there. Good luck! I hope everything works out for you!

okay well my best friend is a boy and he likes me and has sence 8th grade. but i dont see him like that but everyone says we look cute together but im just not into him like that. but he has this friends Behzad and hes cute and so much fun to hang out with. and well i think i have a samll lil crush on him. and we hung out on friday at the park in our hood. we laughed alot and had a blast but it wasnt just us it was with my friends. and one of his. how do i know if i really do like him and how do i let my bestfriend down and tell him i like his friend or should i not tell him and forget behzad? (link)
If you haven't already you should tell your best friend you don't like him that way and like him as your best friend. If you guys are really comfortable together then you should ask him what he thinks about you liking his friend. Be aware that if you do end up going for his friend that your best friend will be hurt since he does like you and all. Good luck!

i had this dream.... that me n my friend were going to this beach place and my friend was driving us in a big white work truck. well when we got there there were some guys working on like construction. They like were staring @ me and one took my picture. we got back in the truck and they were still staring @ me. then 3 guys(teens)came out of a house and a guy showed them a picture and then then the guys started walking to the truck and then all of a sudden we were oin a random house with them. i cant really remember what happened there but when we were leaving i hugged the first guy and we randomley kissed and the other guys were like "oh, so he gets a hug+kiss. weres our hug and kiss?" so i hugged another guy who didnt want to kiss and the third i hugged+kissed him 2. then i was my house and i got a text from the first guy and it said something like he missed me. had a great time today and goodnight. What does this dream mean?
thank you so much.... 13/F (link) could try going to and type in the keywords there and they'll give you a meaning to those. Not all dreams have meanings though, this one might. Its all up to whats going on with your life.

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