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I'm 16 years old and a junior in high school. I like giving advice so feel free to ask me any questions. Everybody has been through different situations and I could try and help you by what I've gone through. Ask away :)
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And lately I've realized that've been crying a lot lately. And over the stupidest things and sometimes for nothing at all. I don't know if it could be my period. I had that a week ago and I'm done. So could there be something wrong with me? I dont know I'm just scared about it. I've been really moody around my friends and family lately. I've been bashing myself and I want it all to stop. Is there something wrong with me? (link)
I'm your age and I'm the same way, although I've been like that since I was in 8th grade. It could be different reasons for that. It's normal for most people though. Except mine was for a couple other reasons that just added to growing up :P So I got a little worse. But overall most girls go through that. If you end up getting worse, talk to someone about it before it gets out of hand. Trust me, don't let it get that far.

I've stayed up all night tonight, i can't sleep. i just drank this situation away,but i know that never lasts, i just need to vent and ask for some advice on here.
I've loved him for 5 months, and yesturday i had so much hope. I talked to his bestfriend, and he told me straight up that *he really did like me. his best friend, said it was always me. i was going to talk to him today. But ah, today. One of my bestfriends comes over, and i mention him to her (they're related- so they're close) and how i felt about him. Then- she tells me her other good friend made out with him just the other day and he was interested in her. (yet his BEST friend told me that *he only "flirts" with her to make her feel better). I feel mind fucked, hahah. I can't sleep, i can't stop thinking about him and that girl making out (any possibly doing more, but i dont want to know). Now i really just want to hate him. I do, i feel nothing for him anymore..but i dont know why i still feel like shit. I don't know what to do now, i've spent so much time hoping for this-to realize it was all for something that was just in my head. Every time i have hope, it comes crashing down.I'm incapable of relationship. I just have no more will anymore. I dont even care. I just don't know what to do next and i'd really like some help from anyone at all, thankyou (link)
It's ok, you'll make it through this. Lots of people have times like this. Even though you feel nothing for him right now, deep down you still do. It's still there and probably won't go away for awhile until you really don't want him anymore. Keep yourself together and don't let yourself go. Your stronger than that because everybody has the capability to hold themselves together. It's just their choice. This is just now. There are so many guys out there, believe me. He's not the only one so you will find someone else if not him. Good luck!

i hope this is the right category.
sorry its so long.
so this is the story: my (ex)bofriend and i met in a class that we have together and we fell hard and fast for each other. i love him. he has a terrible home life and he told me was moving so we decided to break up so it wouldnt so hard when he left, but i still loved him and it was sohard to see him everyday and know that i'm not with him. shortly after we got back together because he said hes not moving. i was so happy, the happiest i've ever been in my life. i was attracted to him in everyway physically and mentally. i loved about him the most that we had the same perspective on EVERYTHING and we could talk forever and about everything, it was astounding. but because of his deteriorating health and home life he says he cant be in a relationship but he still has feelings for me. i never cry because it doesnt solve anything and i hate it, but i cried so hard the night we brokeup i'm so crushed. i used to cut and i feel so depressed that i just want to go really deep but i dont want to start that addiction again. i really dont know how get past this, everyone says its going to get better, i'm sure it will but i dont know how to deal with my broken heart. any words of wisdom is welcomed. thanks (link)
I get what you mean about the cutting and being depressed over a guy. Trust me, this will pass. I know you want to do it in the moment but think about the future before you do. You don't want to get into the habit again right? Your thinking ahead of time. Don't let it get to you. You care about this guy alot. You have to understand there are reasons for your break up. You still know he has the feelings, he didn't blow you off. Just stay strong and hold yourself together. If you can stand the suffering it will make you stronger for the future. Good luck!

How do you get over someone you still love but you know you aren't right with? (link)
It would take awhile. But get out there and get your mind off then. Finding someone else would help most. Don't try to force yourself onto someone else, or else you'd just end up jumping back to the old person. So just go naturally with it and you might find someone else. Go out with friends to get your mind off the person and slowly it will fade. Good luck!

Ok i now i usually give da advice, but when i give advice to myself bout guys i usually end up pickin the wrong thing but when i do it for other people i give da right advice and they dont have any regret it so please help.

Ive told my bf (19 year old) that i feel like he dont love me anymore because he never talks to me and when i email him he dont email me back he says he has a lot of emails like a 100 or some sh** and deletes all of dem and when we do talk much we have a short converstation unless i contiune it and it always takes him bout 2 mins to answer. He said hmm am i sure its him losing love and not me i wanted to slap him cause i love him so much and dont wont to lose him but on the other hand it doesnt seem like he loves me anymore. We've been dating for 5 months now. BTW im 14. Anyway i screamed at him tellin him why would he ask that stupid question and that i loved him dearly i told him he hated me and he said no he didnt but i feel he does so i ran off and he didnt come after me this happened yesterday so idk. I tried dumping him about 3 weeks ago and he made me feel guilty about it and its so easy to make me feel guilty about it cause i love him so much. Tell me what i should do!

Q1:Does he still love me? If so why is he acting like this?

Q2:What should i do?

Thank you :(

Jay (link)
Don't freak out about it. I have the hardest time believing someone really cares about me. If he did care about you he will show it. If it seems like he really doesn't care about you then either calmly talk about it without walking off and acting dramatic about it to see if he'll do anything. You could probably do better anyway if he doesn't even show he cares. Maybe give him some space for a little then see what happens. Good luck!

I was friends with this girl last year. She seemed like she liked me back then and we hung out. This year however, is different. She ignores me and never seems to talk to me anymore. I have never lied to her or talked about her behind her back. She gave me a note that reads, "First off, let me say I am not doing this to be mean Cuz everyone knows I am not a mean person." It goes on to say, "...or let alone do I want to be your friend. I don't want to be your friend because you lie to me and talk behind my back." Then it says, "You talking behind my back is bull****." I have never in my life talked behind her back and I sure as snot didn't lie to her. My ex friend, her BEST friend, does that. Lastly, it says "I will only tell you this once. LEAVE ME ALONE! This is no joke." She then signs her name and has her sister hand it to me. After reading it, I realized that my mom was right in saying that she wasn't going to be a very good friend. My heart is now broken and my spirit torn. She was my only friend and now I have none. What should I do? Should I forget her? Should I write her a note back saying that I never lied to her or backstabbed her in any way? I already know that I am going up to my mom and telling her she was right, but what should I do with the note? What should I do that would make her understand I did none of these things?

Janie93 (link)
Maybe just write her a note back or something and tell her your opinion. Don't act mad or anything with it just write it calmly and then give it to her. If she doesn't accept it or is still mad forget about her. Even if she is your only friend you'll get through it. You'll make more friends, it will be alright. Eventually people will realize she overreacts and if she has never spoken to you about this to your face then she just doesn't want to face you either. So forget her and try and make some new friends who will accept you.
Even better, go to her face and ask her about this and ask if you two can calmly talk about it. Good luck!

ok so my two friends are going out. Before they started going out my guy friend would flirit with me a lit I knowhe had a crush on me. When they started going I thought this was all going to stop but it didn't. So I told my friend about what her boyfriend was doing. I think she told him to stop and he did for like two days but then he started flirting again. He texted me after school two days ago and I didn't reply because I didn't have my phone but i found out he tested me because my brother told me and he had my phone. So after i didnt text him back the flirting stopped but he didn't seem mad he just dosnt flirt. I think I am getting feelings for him I miss him flirting with me. I want to tell him so badly but I can't he is going out with my friend. What do I do? I feel like I don't want to get between him and my friend but at the same time I want to be with him.
You want your friend to be happy right? Just back away from the guy. I mean your gonna be around him and everything because they're both your friends but just watch what he does. You might just miss him flirting with you. I mean if they broke up, would you still go out with him? Even if she is your friend? I think maybe finding some other guy to get the attention from would be better than your friends boyfriend. If you sit back and look at your situation it makes sense and you would know what to do. Good luck!

does anyone know some really sad songs,
like ones that you listen to by yourself when your sad and sometimes even make yu cry?
just for a friend who likes sad songs
thanks (link)
These are just some songs that if you sad they may make you cry, or mad :P Some are love songs too.

Just a Dream-Carrie Underwood
Concrete Angel-Martina Mcbride
Go-Boys Like Girls
Stand in the rain-Superchick
A little too not over you-David Archuleta
Its not over-Secondhand Serenade
Get over it-Avril Lavigne
Gone Forever-Three Days Grace
Never Too Late-Three Days Grace
Slipped Away-Avril Lavigne
I hate everything about you-Three Days Grace
Last to know-Three Days Grace
When it Rains-Paramore
Teardrops on my guitar-Taylor Swift
Someone wake me up-The Veronicas
Leave me alone-The Veronicas
The Last Night-Skillet
Why do I love you-Westlife
Alone-Avril Lavigne
Bye Bye-Mariah Carey
Far away-Nickelback
Happy Ending-Avril Lavigne
Here without you-3 Doors Down
How to save a life-The Fray
I don't give a damn-Avril Lavigne
I wanted you-Ina
Life Starts Now-Three Days Grace


i've been going out with a guy for a little over a year. were best friends and have an amazing relationship. the only problem that i have though is that his mom is really overprotective. i haven't seen his room..ever and he has a relatively early curfew. it's frustrating for me because i hate to see her treat him like he's in 5th grade. she's really nice to me and loves having me around, but i think what she does is ridiculous. what should i do?! (link)
That would be really annoying. But you should just stay out of this or just talk to your boyfriend. You don't want to ruin your relationship with his mom. Eventually it will get better.
Most parents are overprotective, even some are over the top. Just leave it to them and go along with it till it gets better. Good luck!

what are some signs that this girl, who i like and she likes me back, might give to let me know that she wants a kiss? im kinda worried about it cause i dont want to do it too soon or she might get creeped out by it or something, but she doesnt seem like the type of girl who would, but anyways what is some body language that she might do to let me know, like playing with her hair or something

thanks (link)
Like the rest of them said, staring into your eyes, looking at your lips, biting hers or something to do with that. I would start with kissing her cheek and see how she reacts to that, then keep that up for a couple days, then you can kiss her. Good luck!

okay (this is a little long, just a warning. sorry.) so like I'm a freshman in high school, (I'm also a girl in case you were wondering LOL) so I know I shouldn't be taking relationships too seriously yet, but this is my first boyfriend so I really don't know what's going on.
I met him in october, and we were good friend, online at least. we talked on AIM whenever we had the chance. then near the end of october he asked me out. we got along well, but the problem was we never really talked a lot in school. we usually said hi to each other or ask how we did on tests, and I sat with him at lunch once, but that was before we were dating. he said he felt bad that he couldn't take me out becaue he didn't have enough money, and I offered him that I could pay but he said that's not right.
so anyway its been almost a month that we haven't spoken and my friends are bothering me about it. I don't wanna end it with him because I think we have something, but maybe it was just too rushed since we've only known each other for like 3 and a half months. and also, he's never on AIM anymore, and he's barely on facebook, so I can't even talk to him like that. and I have 3 classes with him at school, and sometimes we just give each other these blank glances, but not in a bad way. and sometimes when we say something funny we turn and laugh at each other. otherwise, we don't say anything, so I have no idea what's going on between us. just say what you think, as long as it doesn't pretain to punching him in the face and dumping him like a total ass. :P
so yea, thanks if you answer. :) (link)
If you want to find out whats going on between you two then your gonna have to talk to him or you won't know whats going on.
I've been in a situation somewhat close to this. We were with each other alot but we had a whole communication issue there, which led to the break up. So if you want to save this then you should talk to him. It might be hard to talk to him in person since your more use to talking to him online. If you can't catch him online, send him a message or either talk to him at school.
Just ask him where you guys stand. Good luck!

what are some cute love songs? i would like new ones...from like 2005 and up (link)
All American Girl-Carrie Underwood
Baby It's Fact-Hellogoodbye
Because of you-Ne-yo
Best I ever had-Drake
Check yes Juliet-We the Kings
Crazier-Taylor Swift
Deja Vu-Beyonce
Everytime we touch-Cascada
Fall for you-Secondhand Serenade
Fall to Pieces-Avril Lavigne
Fallin For you-Colbie Caillat
Fearless-Taylor Swift
Heart Beat-Skyline Stereo
Her eyes say yes-Hit the Lights
Hold my Hand-New Found Glory
Hot-Avril Lavigne
I will be-Avril Lavigne
I'd Lie-Taylor Swift
Just so you know-Jesse McCartney
Knock you down-Keri Hilson
Let me hold you-Bow Wow
Miss Independent-Ne-yo
My Life would suck without you-Kelly Clarkson
Next to you-Jordin Sparks
Our Song-Taylor Swift
Paparazzi-Lady Gaga
Pretty Baby-Vanessa Carlton
Secret Valentine-We the Kings
That's the way I loved you-Taylor Swift
The best day of my life-Jesse McCartney
The Great Escape-Boys like Girls
The perfect scene-Mercy Mercedes
Things I'll never say-Avril Lavigne
Who knows-Avril Lavigne
You Belong with me-Taylor Swift
You can get it all-Bow Wow
You're the one-Rev Theory

So I am a freshman in college and I've been on a couple dates with this guy who really likes me a lot. I think hes adorable and sweet and stuff, and it's not like there are any other guys in my life right now, it's just that I don't want to be tied down in a relationship, at least for my first year in college. Is it selfish of me to want to continue dating him but not be labeled his girlfriend? and even so, i have a feeling hes going to ask me to be his girlfriend soon, so how on earth do i tell him how i feel without hurting his feelings? (link)
You should just tell him now before he asks you. It would hurt more. So now is better. Just let him know that you don't want a relationship yet because of everything that's going on. Good luck!

i like this guy. i shouldn't say like because i haven't had much of a chance to get to know him. i thought everything was going good. he flirted with me in school. and we hung out at sporting events. than he kind of stop showing interest in me and more in another girl my age who im calling sam for now. im not very close with sam but i say hey when i see her and ive never had a problem with her....until now...i find her irritating and conceited. i don't know, i think it could just be jealousy but im not sure. what should i do? (link)
Haha, I've been like that. I think I figured that since he is showing interest in her that I wasn't good enough or something. So I started picking out things I thought were bad about her.

Since she isn't exactly one of your friends you don't really have to deal with her. Just ignore it, I mean, he has talked to you before so obviously, your not that bad so there is no reason for him to stop talking to you because of her. Just give him a reason to talk to you. Like make it seem like your one of the best. Don't go overboard and act like your all that but just show him that your a great girl and that he should continue talking to you.

ok this question is for my best gal friend :](jen for this website)

jen broke up with her boyfriend about 1 month ago and she feels she is ready to move on. i support her in finding a new guy. how should she go along with showing interest in a new guy? jen is interested is one guy in school but she isn't sure if he is single or not...should she ask? or just let things go....? (link)
She should take it slow. Like not put things out there too fast. If she doesn't talk to this guy already then she should introduce herself and start getting to know him. She'll find out if he is single that way. Flirt a little and see how it goes.

It seems as though the world is upset with beauty. I feel as though I am. People often neglect people who aren't as "beautiful" and they grow insecure.

I understand that we all admire beauty, and we all like beauty but why have we become so obsessed with it? Even in religion -- For example, Islam; obsessed with the idea of perfect women in paradise that the women of this world are like trash compared to. (I say that because I was muslim at some point, and learned this all.)

Even when we're little kids; The focus is beauty.
How would someone not be obsessed with beauty? (link)
I agree with you. People just don't see beauty as the beauty we should say. Inner-beauty. And it just got pushed into most peoples minds that you have to look a certain way to fit in and to feel as though you mean something. They think that if you don't have beauty, you don't have anything.

I was like that too for awhile. It affected my self esteem alot. I thought I couldn't compare to so many, until I learned that it doesn't really matter. It's just stupid that people think that.

And yeah, with kids too. That would probably be the worst since they are the next generation. I think its because of what we see on TV and so on. Like if you see some kid shows, some girls dress horribly and all they care about is how they look. And those are some of the role models. Then looking in magazines.

Alot of people aren't that way and they could care less how they look because some have realized there is more to that. It's ok to look nice but that it's not all there is.

I'm 18 now, but my parents and I have stopped getting along so well since I was about 15. I miss it terribly.

They always say they're so good to me because they're always giving me things (it's true). I really do appreciate those things but I want more than material things from them. I want to feel loved. I want hugs and kisses and long talks about school and boys.

I'm always a little depressed over this. I know sometimes I give them a bit of an attitude because of this frustration. I want to explain to them that I need more than things bought for me. I want to develop a good relationship with them again.

How do I explain this to my parents? (link)
That's exactly how it was for me. Still dealing with it but it went to a further extent than that. But that's another story. Just sit down and talk to them. Tell them exactly what you told us here. My parents were always wondering why I don't talk to them anymore. They always complained, "we give you everything!" But obviously, what I wanted wasn't "stuff" it was just to feel wanted by them. So just sit down and talk to them and let them know how you feel about this.

its like part of his personalty.
if hes upset he goes off on a crazy rant on whatever is pissing him off and you cannot say or do anything to clam him down or make him happy. seriously nothing.
for instance-work.
he works with me and hates his job with a passion. heres the deal-i host/bus(make tips) and make a great deal of money(usually 70$ plus) compared to him-making exactly 40$ a night for busting his ass doing dishes and prep. our resteraunt is always busy so you have to rush to do everything-no matter what position you are. he usually has to hustle twice as hard as everyone else in the resteraunt. we work under the table by the way. everyone else makes a great deal more than he does. he knows this and he is totally over it yet he wants to have some money so he keeps the job.
today he was called in (he hates being called in no matter what) and had school all day so he was extra pissed.
no matter pisses him off he is livid about it and like i said i cant calm him down at all!

me and his mom are going to get him these vitamins=fish oil, vitamin B12 and a nerve tonic to help with anger and nerves.

i dont know what to do! he knows he has anger probs so its not like i can talk to him about it.

like okay i dont know what to do about today either-when he got called in like he was crying when we pulled up to work and cussing at all and when we were there i went in to get a drink at the bar and he came out saying he wanted to go home and all and then the boss was walking up so he kicked open the door back to the kitchen and yeah! i was like shit. then i was walking out to my cae to leave after dropping him off and he called me from the work phone bitching he wanted to leave.
he just called me again crying an hour later saying he is over it and yeah


any advice?
im like wtf

any is appreciated (link)
He's stressed out. Apparently he has alot to deal with. You have to be there for him if you care. Haha, have you noticed how many girls do that to their boyfriends? Guys do have the same emotions, some just hold it in better. In this case, he just can't control it. But just let him poor it all out to you and then after he is done and is calm then talk to him. Your being pretty a pretty good girlfriend for staying through all this. Good luck!

So i have a crush...he never looks into my eyes. when he looks at me. my heart feels weird. and he looks away as soon as possible and i do too. Before, he used to hate me since i like him. but now, he's getting kinder. I was like so obsessed with him. Over obsessed..i used to dream him and stare at his face and name for hours :) but..i want him to like me..and not hate me..what should i do? impressing him does not work. (link)
I agree with the person below. You should start off as friends and see where it goes from there. You can't make someone like you more than a friend. It just comes to them, so your gonna have to show him what a great person you are. Don't try to show him how obsessed you are with him or it will creep him out. Just try being friends and don't act like you like him in the beginning. Start off new. Good luck!

so there is this boy i have a huge crush on he knows that i like him and sometimes me him and my bestfriend have a joint convo on msn and even though m friends alway says thing that are so embarising i really enjoy it to be honest he is jst so nie to talk to but i really wont to tell him how much i love him and then mybe ask him out but im just not strong enough to do that what cold i do ?? (link)
Well you don't actually have to ask him out. I think that would be harder. You could just bring it up. Like sometimes my friends would text the guy they like and say, "i would like to hang out with you sometime" If you tell him how much you like him, to be honest, it might be a little awkward if he doesn't feel the same way. So suggesting it would be better. Good luck!

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