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hey everyone!im kayy,im always here to help.i love giving advice and one day i hope to be a therapist or something like that :]ive been thru alott and pretty much know what im dealing with. i couldnt live without my is liife. need help?!feel free to ask
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Hey there! Ok, first off, yes this is under the wrong category...but what can you do if there isn't the right category for it. Anyway

So, I can upgrade my cell to get a new one. But I have a problem...I don't know what cell to get, I have Verizon and I really do want to Juke. But...I don't know if I should get it because of how new it is and if there are any problems and yadda yadda. I love cells that can have something that entertains me, like how the Juke opens, I would have so many ADD moments with it.
However, I really want a full keyboard thing for my I have a problem cause I don't know what cell to get...

So if any of you guys can help me out, I would really love it, and if anyone has a Juke or a certain phone, please tell me the pros and cons for it so I can get a really great phone!

Thanks so much!! ^^ (link)

^ok click this link and it has like alll of the verizon cell phones that you can get...and next to each phone there is a box that you can check off and next to it it says compare..

click the box next to the juke and click the box next to the ENV and then click compare.

i personally recommend the has music speakers and alot of other stuff.

hope i helped :]

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Thank you so much for the link! It really helped me choose what I want! And I'm getting the ENV...all the other phones didn't ahve anything that it had!

read advice get advice make favorite read feedback advicenators

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