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hey everyone!im kayy,im always here to help.i love giving advice and one day i hope to be a therapist or something like that :]ive been thru alott and pretty much know what im dealing with. i couldnt live without my is liife. need help?!feel free to ask
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school started like a week or so ago, and there is this guy who sits next to me in one of my classes, and i think he is so nice and irrisistable. I want to get his attention and be able to talk to him, and him want to talk to me. I have started one conversation about his favorate sport football, and it went well, but the thing is is that he is one of the really nice popular boys, and he probably gets this attention all the time. so i want to know how can i be that special girl? how can i be that one girl that he cant resist?
start talking to him more about things you know he likes.and whatever subject your in,if your struggling a bit you can always ask him to tutor you :]
but dont seem desparate where like youre just dying to find anyway to talk to him at all every day.
definitely become more outgoing and flirt a little with other people in the class besides him too, and he'll notice your personality. if you can,become friends with his friends and get into his group.he'll definitely notice you then.

hope i helped!!

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yeah thanks. that realy helped :)

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