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hey everyone!im kayy,im always here to help.i love giving advice and one day i hope to be a therapist or something like that :]ive been thru alott and pretty much know what im dealing with. i couldnt live without my is liife. need help?!feel free to ask
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So I'm getting kind of tired of dressing like everyone else. All of the stores have the same things around here. Everyone is either wearing Abercrombie, American Eagle, or Aeropostale. Anybody else have any ideas? Even if you dont think I'd like them.. just throw them out there so it is something I could consider. Thank you :] Any ideas are appreciated.

P.S. 15/F Avg. Body (link)
well you could try going to stores like mandee and fossil..or even just go to kohls. mandee and fossil have really cute clothes without those little logos all over them. they dont have writing all over them like "hco" or "abercrombie" on them.mandee has like vintage clothes too and also just like cute different stuff. same with fossil. and you can get some of the same stuff from mandee at kohls for like $5 less. goood luck!

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Thank you soooo much!

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