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im karlyn.
i love volleyball.
and soccer.
and my boyfreind.
people tell me im good at giving advice.
so i joined this page.

ask any questons you have. cuz i will answer.
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i'm 19/f, going into my sophomore year of college. last night 2 of my friends & i got a minor in possession charge at another friend's house in the small town where we live. the guy's house we were at is of age and his dad was home so we were on private property. there were several people there drinking but most were of age and it wasn't anything crazy, just people standing around drinking beer. the cops rode by and heard music playing from one of the guys trucks. we all ran in the house but they came in the house & did search and seizure. they IDed everyone and the ones over 21 they let go. my friends and i got breathalyzed and cited. i blew a .007 [i had less than one beer all night] and none of our cars were there so we weren't planning on leaving. we have a court date next month and i'm curious as to what could happen. i've looked up stuff online but most of what i could find is about minors who are driving while intoxicated. this is our first offense. i'm expecting fines, but what about probation or all that? is there any chance they'll go easy on us since we blew so low? my one friend blew a .01 something and the other a .022. any advice here? the guys house we were at is well known in the county so they're trying to help us out, but i just don't know what to expect and i'm scared =/ (link)
this is what happened to me when i got an mip...but mine was in michigan so i'm not sure what could happen exactly to you, but im assuming it will be somewhat similar.

my situation was kinda the same when i got the ticket, and i really don't think it matters whether or not the guys dad was home or not, because your ticket is for just drinking? and not being on private property im assuming? any ways. I had to go to court and talk to the prosecuter. basically what they did was either give you the option to pay a fine & plead guilty & have the mip go on your record, or go with the other plan to get it taken off because it was only my first one. i didnt want it on my record so i took the other route, whcih most people do. this included being on probation for a year, meaning i could not get in any trouble. I also had to do 12 hours of community service & go to one drunk driving class. (the class was dumb just because like in your situation no one was planning on driving.) overall i don't think it was that bad, but if often depends on the county you are in and the judge you get, because i have friends who have gotten an mip & had it a lot worse. you can either get reportive or non reportive probation, and if you have reportive you have to meet with someone once a week.

again, it just depends on your judge & the prosecuter, normally they have a pre set plan that they give everyone. but wehn you go talk to them make sure you are apologetic, and say that you know what you were doing was wrong & you've learned to make better decisions since then. don't go in there acting like its not a big deal & you shouldnt hvae gotten a ticket.

good luck, & let me know if you have anyother questions!

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thank you!

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