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im karlyn.
i love volleyball.
and soccer.
and my boyfreind.
people tell me im good at giving advice.
so i joined this page.

ask any questons you have. cuz i will answer.
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I'm a middle hitter on my 8th grade volleyball team.

I would really like to increase my vertical jump so that I can spike the volleyball with greater force.

Any tips or tricks on increasing your vertical jump?

Thank You! :) (link)
heyy im in 12th grade and ive been playing volleyball since 7th grade..and yeah jumping higher will definitly help.

we did "jump training" as part of our off season training.
jump rope
boxes (jumping on and off a box maybe like 1.5 feet tall)
weight lifting for your legs
tuck jumps
do really anything to build up your calves and thighs

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Thank You :)

read advice get advice make favorite read feedback advicenators

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