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im karlyn.
i love volleyball.
and soccer.
and my boyfreind.
people tell me im good at giving advice.
so i joined this page.

ask any questons you have. cuz i will answer.
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Age: 23
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what is the quickest way to get abs or lose a little bit of stomach fat? if its at all possible i want to have atleast a hint of abs in about 2 weeks, how can i do this? do i need to do like 700 crunches in one day everyday until then, because i will seriously do it, if need be? (link)
hey you need to do like a cardio work out as well as sit ups and leg raises. you may have rock solid abs but if there is a lot of fat over wont show. so you need to burn fat off of your stomach, but also build up your abs.

i suggest running, or swimming, they are very good cardio work outs.

good luck :)

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thank you so much

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