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im karlyn.
i love volleyball.
and soccer.
and my boyfreind.
people tell me im good at giving advice.
so i joined this page.

ask any questons you have. cuz i will answer.
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Im thirteen and I have babysat my younger sister and some kids down the street once, also my cousin who is four but i dont see her much. Anyways, I have given out flyers and stuff about a hundred times and noone will respond and noone will let me babysit. It s not like im a bad sitter or anything because ive only babysat those kids down the street and they had alot of fun and nothing went wrong. I dont get allowance and I cant get a job for a couple more years. I petsit but very rarely, and I dont have any money at all except for whats in the bank and Im saving that for college. Does anyone have ideas for jobs I could do or ways I can advertise my babysitting more?
Thanks! (link)
No offense to the younger kids like you...but parents tend to like the older babysitters. people who a. have more expeiecne and b. who can drive.

also...have you taken the red cross babysitting class? that helps parents want you to gives them more confidence that you know what youre doing.

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Thanks alot!

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