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im karlyn.
i love volleyball.
and soccer.
and my boyfreind.
people tell me im good at giving advice.
so i joined this page.

ask any questons you have. cuz i will answer.
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Hey! does anybody have any good activites to do with kids..ages..4 and 6??? im babysitting n lil n i want to do something fun!!!XOXO (link)
kids love it when u play games with them. i would suggest hide and go seek...but not outside, who knows where the lil kids would go at that age. wheni babysit we play board games alot...its not the funnest thing, but it keeps you busy! also kids arent to good at keeping secrets so if they luv it when u babysit they will prolly tell their parents...which is a bonus for you!

Rating: 5
Thanx!:) i will give it a try!! XOXO

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